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Monday, March 6, 2006

Neil walked into the Winters' apartment to find Dru and Lily arguing. When Neil demanded to know what was going on, Lily was goading Dru into telling him. Neil said he had a right to know, Lily agreed and stormed off to her room. Dru tried to cover for their fighting by saying that it was teenage rebelliousness, but Neil thought it had something to do with Daniel. Dru protested, and Neil accused her of keeping secrets. She told him he was being paranoid. Neil called for Lily and demanded that she apologize to Dru, but saw that Lily was upset and asked if something was wrong. Lily asked for a few minutes alone to speak with Dru, telling Neil it was "girl stuff." Neil left. Dru, literally on her knees, told Lily she never meant for her to find out that Malcolm was her biological father the way she did (overhearing her conversation with Phyllis.) Lily told her not to blame Phyllis -- that it was Dru's fault. Lily learned that Malcolm knew about Lily's true paternity and left town so as not to break up their family. Dru said that she and Malcolm were devastated when they learned the truth, but that Neil had been her father in every way possible. Dru said she withheld the truth so the family wouldn't be hurt, but Lily told her that she was hurting Neil by lying to him. Lily then told Dru that she and Daniel were still together -- that they had been acting out a charade, including Daniel's involvement with Colleen. Dru was shocked and told Lily she was lying. Lily said, "like mother, like daughter" except that Lily had hated sneaking around and was on her way to tell Dru the truth about her relationship with Daniel when she overheard the conversation with Phyllis. She also told Dru that Phyllis knew that she and Daniel were really together and was okay with it -- and even Nick and Sharon had forgiven Daniel. Dru told Lily that Daniel was all wrong for her. Lily told Dru that she needed to find a way to convince Neil that her relationship with Daniel was okay; otherwise she would tell Neil the truth about her paternity.

Paul ran into Ashley at the Athletic Club and teased her about how much she was working. He told her that what she had tried to do for John was one of the most beautiful acts of love he'd ever seen. Paul asked what she was doing and suggested (tongue in cheek) some possible activities -- skydiving at night, bowling, or a movie. When Ashley said that she really needed to get back to the lab to work on a facial cream that might give Jabot's sagging business a boost, he told her that she needed to focus on her own life -- that she was too young and alive to spend all her time working. He kissed her, which convinced Ashley that the lab could wait -- but she wanted to go home to change. Paul told her to call him when she was ready and they could make plans.

Downstairs at the Abbott House, Phyllis was alone in the living room in her bathrobe, on the verge of tears, and told herself to pull herself together. Jack came down (also in a bathrobe) and Phyllis (hiding her tear-stained face from him) said she had come down to get some wine. He asked her what was wrong, and she apologized to him for making such a mess out of everyone's life. Jack asked if it was about the run-in she had with Dru earlier. Phyllis said it was that and other things -- that her life was just a mess right now. Jack said his life was a mess as well and they should work together to straighten their lives out. Phyllis told Jack she didn't want to mislead him, and that she should really go home, as she went upstairs.

A few minutes later, a fully-dressed Phyllis returned and Jack told her how incredible she had been that night and how glad he was to have spent time together with her. Phyllis told him that he was an amazing man and not to let anyone tell him differently. She left, and stood outside the front door looking upset, leaving Jack inside upset.

Later, Ashley returned to a darkened living room and found a dozing Jack on the couch. They reminisced about when they were kids with John, and how John would comfort Jack when Jack thought there might be monsters in the house. Ashley said how weird it was not to have John there, and Jack agreed. He then showed Ashley a letter that John had left for the two of them -- they looked at it silently while John's voice read it. It was an emotional letter, with John telling them how blessed he was to have such loyal children, and he knew that his company was in good hands. He went on to say that by now they must know that Gloria had his proxy, and they needed to show Gloria the respect she deserved as his wife. He went on to tell Jack that he was truly the head of the household now, but he promised that he would be home some day, as the Abbotts were made of strong stuff. He told them he loved them both. Jack, with tears in his eyes, comforted Ashley.

A depressed Phyllis returned to her empty apartment and called for Daniel -- when she received no response she assumed he was with Lily. She turned on the TV, but when the movie turned out to be "Lonely Night Blues" she quickly turned it off and sat there, with a forlorn look on her face.

At Crimson Lights, Brad and Colleen came in from a night at the movies. Colleen was trying to cheer Brad up, as he seemed a little down to her since he and Victoria broke it off. Brad told her that he didn't blame Victoria -- that she was under a lot of pressure, and that she was so in love with him that she didn't know what to do. When he said he hoped they would reconcile, Colleen reminded him that there were a thousand women out there who would love to be with him. He said he knew Victoria had feelings for him, and he wasn't ready to move on yet. He asked her if she still had feelings for J.T. Colleen said that she had moved on -- Brad asked if she was moving on with Daniel. Colleen said she and Daniel were good friends, but it was nothing like she had with J.T. Brad said that he and Victoria would still work well together and remain friends. Colleen said that she and J.T. were friends -- but that she had to get over it since he was with Mac now.

At Victoria's apartment, J.T. and Victoria made love. After they finished, Victoria asked him if he was thinking about Mac and told him that he should be. J.T. wondered how they ended up like they did, and she said she didn't think their "break-ups" were comparable. When J.T. asked if it was all about trust, she said that if Mac had betrayed his trust then it was indeed a difficult situation. She told him that Brad was noble but she was tired of playing second fiddle to Ashley. When they talked about Ashley not going to prison, Victoria told J.T. what a wonderful father Brad was and generally sang his praises. J.T. told her that if she wanted to forget about him she was doing a lousy job. They talked about love -- Victoria said it was the most potent drug in the world and changes people, yet people always come back for more. She asked if J.T. wanted something to drink and he said yes. She left to get the drinks.

She returned a few moments later to find J.T. asleep on the couch. The phone rang and Victoria let the machine pick it up -- it was Brad saying that he was hoping he would catch her, that he missed her, and that he would see her tomorrow at work. Victoria had a sad look on her face when the message completed playing.

At the loft, Mac thought about the fight she had with J.T. and how he had stormed out telling Kevin that if "he wanted her he could have her." Kevin then asked Mac if she had heard anything from J.T. She hadn't, and Kevin told her he needed to go to Crimson Lights to close, although he really didn't want to leave Mac alone. Mac urged him to go, saying she would call Katherine to come over and keep her company. Kevin left as she wondered, to herself, where J.T. was.

Later, Katherine consoled Mac about her miscarriage, and asked if she had been alone when it happened. When Mac told her Kevin helped her, Katherine asked her if she had told J.T. Mac told her that she had just told J.T. about it this evening. When Katherine wondered where he was, Mac told her that he was so upset that he hadn't told him about the pregnancy and miscarriage that he had stormed out. When Katherine started to blame J.T. Mac asked her not to -- that J.T. had a right to be furious, and that she should have told J.T. much earlier as Katherine suggested. Katherine said he had a right to be upset with her, but he should not have walked away from her right after she lost the baby. Mac told Katherine that J.T.'s storming out had more to do with her confiding in Kevin than with losing the baby -- he thought she had chosen Kevin over him. Katherine said that she probably did -- Mac felt safe with Kevin but didn't know where she stood with J.T. Katherine told her to consider this just a setback -- that J.T. would never throw their relationship away just like that. When Mac told her that she had made her feel better, Katherine told her to get some rest, and reminded her that she would always be there for her, as they hugged.

Later, Katherine stopped by the Crimson Lights patio to thank Kevin for helping Mac through the miscarriage -- and that he was a godsend. Kevin said he was glad someone saw it that way and Katherine asked him if he had any idea where J.T. was. He told her that Mac was better off without J.T. Colleen started entering the patio and overheard most of the conversation between Katherine and Kevin. Katherine told Kevin that J.T. was going to have to answer to her for the way he treated Mac -- that she was disappointed in him. Colleen stood there, eavesdropping, deep in thought.

Back at the loft, a despondent Mac was still waiting for J.T. and clutching the bracelet he had given her.

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Tuesday, March 7, 2006

Nick fantasized about having a romantic breakfast with Phyllis -- they were sharing pancakes with whipped cream when he came back to reality -- in actuality Nick, Sharon, and Noah were having breakfast. Noah remembered that his class was having a bake sale today and asked Sharon to whip up something quickly. Because Sharon needed to get to work, Nick suggested that they stop by the Athletic Club for some of Gina's pastries and Nick would take him to school. The phone rang and Brad asked Sharon to check up on Victoria on her way to work. When Sharon told Nick, Nick made a snide remark about her doing errands for Brad now, but Sharon said she was doing it for Victoria.

At Victoria's, J.T. was just waking up. They discussed their sexual encounter, and Victoria said that it had been somewhat therapeutic for her. J.T. said that was done was done and he would figure out a way to deal with it. Victoria assured J.T. that Mac wouldn't hear about their tryst from her, and J.T. said he would never tell Brad, as perhaps she and Brad still had a future together. Victoria told J.T. there were too many complications for that to happen and left to shower. J.T. stared at his cell phone and as he opened the door to leave, he found Sharon standing there. Surprised, she asked him what he was doing there -- he said he was discussing some security issues with Victoria. J.T. tried to rush off but Victoria yelled to J.T. that she was done with the shower and he could use it now! Victoria quickly shooed J.T. out. A guilty Victoria told Sharon that the fact that J.T. was there was none of her business. Victoria hustled Sharon out, telling her she needed to get ready for work.

Sharon returned to her house and told Nick that she was worried about Victoria -- that she had stopped by Victoria's and found that she had spent the night with J.T. Hellstrom. Nick thought that J.T. was still with Mac, and Sharon said she hoped that they had broken up -- if not this would break Mac's heart. Nick said they needed to forget about it, as people might get hurt if they found out. Sharon was particularly concerned about how Brad would feel.

When Victoria arrived at her office, she found Brad waiting there with a painting of a farm in Tuscany he had gotten for her. Victoria read the card: "a beautiful woman is like a work of art." Victoria said that the gift didn't change anything and asked him why he couldn't accept the fact that they were through -- they had serious problems that wouldn't go away. When Brad asked her to look him in the eye and tell him that she didn't love him, Victoria became angry and told Brad that this was all stupid and that he refused to take no for an answer -- she needed him to back off right now. Brad silently walked out of her office.

Later, Brad ran into Sharon at Newman and asked him how it went with Victoria. Brad said that she wasn't giving an inch, but he knew that he could win her back. Sharon told him that maybe that wasn't such a good idea -- in light of what she found out that morning!

At Phyllis and Daniel's, Phyllis came downstairs to face a sullen Daniel, who was angry with her for confronting Drucilla when he had specifically asked her not to. He continued to tell her that Lily had overheard the conversation and that she now knew that Neil wasn't her biological father. Phyllis was upset that this occurred and Daniel told her that Lily was devastated and he didn't know how to help her. Phyllis suggested that he let Lily know that this information didn't change anything, and that Neil was her father for all intents and purposes. She added that she knew what it was like to lose your family over a stupid mistake, and that she wouldn't wish that upon anyone.

Kevin was looking at the newspaper at the Crimson Lights counter when Mac came in and told him that J.T. never came home last night. Mac left for the patio as a bubbly Gloria came in. When Kevin told her how stylish she looked, she thanked him and said she needed to look this way because she was working woman now. For a moment Kevin was upset, thinking that Gloria was job-hunting -- but she let him know that John had given her his Jabot proxy and she was on her way to her first board meeting. Gloria noticed a headline in the paper that read, "Victor Newman Banking N.V.P. Retreats," and commented that Jack was running Jabot into the ground and she planned to do something about it. Gloria told Kevin about the spas and how Jack had passed on that "wonderful opportunity." After Kevin learned that "N.V.P." stood for Nikki/Victor/Phyllis, he told Gloria that the situation was out of her hands now, but Gloria said she was going to take the paper to the meeting so everyone could see the mistake Jack made. When Kevin suggested she relax (as this was her first day) she said that John had given her his proxy for a reason -- to look out for Jabot's best interests. She gave Kevin a quick kiss and left for her meeting.

Out on the Crimson Lights patio, Mac called J.T. and left him a message that she knew he was angry with her, but asked him to call her. She wondered aloud where he was.

A while later, J.T. showed up on the patio and apologized to Mac for worrying her -- he told her he just needed a little space. Mac said she had been wrong and asked for J.T.'s forgiveness. They began arguing, primarily about Kevin's role in Mac's life -- he said that obviously Kevin was more than just a friend, and that she had feelings for him. He accused her of wanting Kevin around more than she wanted him around, and that she always turned to someone else in times of need -- that they were just "pretending" to have a relationship. Kevin entered the patio and apologized for interrupting, but J.T. said they were finished with their conversation and left. Mac asked Kevin for some time alone but Kevin refused to leave, telling Mac she needed to talk it out. She told Kevin that she felt like she might fall apart as she was on the verge of losing J.T. Kevin told her that anyone who loved her would help her and not make her feel worse, in light of the fact that she had just miscarried. Mac was worried that she and J.T. might not get past this.

Later, as Victoria was staring at the painting Brad bought for her, J.T. called to find out how things went with Sharon -- Victoria said they were awkward, and they told each other about their respective fights with Brad and Mac. Victoria hoped that tomorrow would be a better day for both of them.

At the Athletic Club, Jack and Ashley looked at the article about the N.V.P. project, which concerned Ashley. Jack told her not to worry about them -- that the spas were a losing proposition for Jabot. Ashley told him how excited she was about a new moisturizer they were working on and Jack shared her enthusiasm -- that a hot new project was just what Jabot needed. When Ashley said that Gloria was a loose cannon and might mess things up at Jabot, Jack suggested that they "tie the loose cannon down."

Later, Jack ran into Nick and Noah, who were stopping by to pick up pastries for Noah's bake sale. Gina took Noah off to the kitchen. Nick expressed his concern to Jack about John when Phyllis came in. Jack said if there was a silver lining in John's situation, it was that it had brought him and Phyllis closer together and that he wouldn't have gotten through the last few days without her. Nick and Phyllis appeared awkward as Jack was speaking. Noah returned and said that he was as excited about the bake sale as he was about going to Paris with his mom and dad. Phyllis reacted, as Noah once again went off again. Jack got a phone call and left in a hurry, kissing Phyllis before he walked out. A clearly uncomfortable Phyllis told Nick that Noah seemed excited about the trip to Paris and Nick said that he, Sharon, and Noah hadn't done anything as a family in quite a while. Phyllis said she was happy for him -- that they were both lucky to have amazing people in their lives, but nobody could take away what the two of them had shared. Noah returned and left with Nick.

At Jabot, Gloria entered the boardroom and was surprised to see that no one was there yet. She "rehearsed" her presentation to the board, and she was clearly planning to bash Jack. Jack and Ashley entered and Jack informed a shocked Gloria that he had cancelled the meeting.

Dru was preparing breakfast at the apartment when a depressed-looking Lily entered. Lily accused Dru of being a liar, and Dru replied that telling Neil that he wasn't Lily's father would kill him. When she told Lily how much Neil loved her, Lily said that was how she felt about Daniel -- and that she was counting on Dru to convince Neil to let her and Daniel be together -- or else. Dru flipped out and told Lily that she wasn't going to be blackmailed. Lily told Dru she loved Daniel more than anything in the world and that Dru needed to accept that. An agitated Dru said she wasn't going to let anyone pull the family apart and slammed the door violently as she left.

Neil came in from his run and asked what was wrong -- that he had passed Dru in the elevator and she was livid. Lily said that Neil expected her to be his perfect little girl, and when she wasn't he became angry and disappointed. After Neil told her of his unconditional love for her (since she was his own "flesh and blood") she told Neil that she and Daniel were still seeing each other, and that she was coming clean now as she hated having to lie. Neil told her that Daniel was nothing but trouble, and that he could not condone a relationship which had caused her such problems. He told Lily that if she continued to see him then he had no choice but to send her back to boarding school. Lily said that she wasn't going back -- that she would be 18 in a few months and then she could do as she pleased. She also told him to talk to Dru about the situation. Neil told her that he and Dru were in complete agreement regarding Daniel, as she left for school.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Dru called Malcolm and left him a message saying that as soon as he got the message he needed to call her -- that it was important.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2006

Outside the CEO office at Newman, Brad asked Sharon what she had found out about Victoria that morning. She told him that Victoria was not as committed to him as he thought she was – that she would never marry him. As he pressed her for a further explanation, Victoria opened the door and overheard the last couple of words of conversation. Sharon covered by saying that she was bringing Brad up to speed on a change in their media campaign. Victoria said she wasn't able to get anything done at the office and was going to work at home, and left. Brad continued to press Sharon to clarify her remarks regarding his and Victoria's future, and they went into the CEO office where Sharon saw the painting that Brad gave Victoria earlier that morning. Sharon thought it was a romantic gesture, Brad said that was the reaction he had been hoping to get from Victoria, but hadn't. Sharon told Brad she didn't want to see him hurt, but Brad defended Victoria, saying that she was just being overly cautious because of Brad's on-again, off-again divorce from Ashley. Brad got a little irritated with Sharon, saying that he knew she had rebuilt her relationship with Nick, but that she didn't have any right to undermine his relationship with Victoria, and asked her to keep any negative comments about Brad and Victoria's relationship to herself.

Colleen knocked at the door and came in. As Sharon left, she once again told Brad that he should take her advice. Colleen informed Brad that she decided not to return to New York or NYU – that she would finish up college at Genoa City U. When Brad asked her why she didn't tell him last night, Colleen thought about overhearing Katherine and Kevin discussing J.T. and Mac's problems earlier that morning. Colleen told Brad that she missed her life in Genoa City – most of her friends and her family were there, and she wanted to be able to see John as much as possible. Brad asked her if this had anything to do with her relationship with Daniel, and she said that she and Daniel were good friends but their relationship hadn't progressed past that. Brad agreed to let her stay and then prepared to leave. Colleen correctly guessed that he was going to see Victoria, and told Brad he would win her back.

At the Athletic Club, J.T. thought about his night with Victoria and the conversation where she said their sexual encounter had been therapeutic for her and J.T. said that sometimes you don't know how much someone means to you until you try to get over them.

Victoria, at home, realized she left an important file at the office and was on her way back when she found J.T. on her doorstep. J.T. wanted to touch base with her to see if she was okay, as he had called the office and was told that she left. She told him that she had seen Brad, which was harder than she thought it would be, but made her realize she was single. J.T. said he didn't know what he was, and she said that he wasn't unattached. J.T. still couldn't believe they did what they did, and asked her if she had any regrets. She said she felt a little weird, but no regrets, and asked J.T. if he had any. J.T. said that no guy could ever regret being with her.

On the Crimson Lights patio, Kevin and Mac continued their discussion about whether it was really over for Mac and J.T. Kevin once again expressed his opinion that perhaps she was better off without him. Mac felt the fault was partially hers – that since she hadn't been up front about the pregnancy J.T. had a right to be angry. Mac felt like her world had been turned upside down – that she had a terrible feeling about where J.T. spent the night. Kevin asked her if she thought J.T. had been with Colleen. Mac said that Colleen and J.T. had gotten close since her return. Kevin told her not to jump to conclusions: that J.T. could have spent the night at his parents, been driving around, etc. Mac wondered then why J.T. wouldn't tell her where he had been, particularly since he knew that she had been worried sick – she felt that could mean only one thing. Kevin said that Mac was dreaming up a worst-case scenario, and Mac resolved not to let this get her down – that she was going to get back to work.

A few minutes later at the counter, Kevin told a more upbeat Mac that he had finished up the work on their taxes and was going to take off. She told him he was the best friend she could ever ask for, and he told her to call him if she needed him, and left.

Colleen came into Crimson Lights and with a smile on her face asked Mac how things were going with J.T. With clearly no love lost between the two of them, Mac asked Colleen if there was anything she could do for her. Colleen said she was there to meet Lily – Mac told her Lily wasn't there and Colleen said she was leaving. Point blank, Mac asked Colleen if she had spent last night with J.T.

At the loft apartment, J.T. came in, saw Kevin, and asked him if Mac was still at the coffee house. Kevin asked if he wanted to know so he could apologize for being such a jerk to her. J.T. accused Kevin of not wanting him and Mac to patch things up, so that Kevin could weasel his way into Mac's life. Kevin told J.T. he was giving him too much credit – that he had been there for Mac because Mac didn't think that J.T. could handle the news of her pregnancy. When Kevin said that Mac was hurting and needed someone, J.T. that "someone" wasn't going to be Kevin – and warned Kevin to back off.

At Jabot, Gloria was still upset that the board meeting was cancelled – even Ashley thought it was a bit extreme, though Gloria thought that Ashley was in cahoots with Jack. Gloria reminded them that John had given her his proxy and that she had a right to be there. Gloria and Jack argued, and Ashley told Gloria to not even think about going to John to discuss this matter. Gloria said she never would – that it would break John's heart. Jack said that he was trying to protect his father's legacy – Gloria said Jack wasn't going to do that by forcing her out. When he asked Gloria if she thought John expected her to run the company, with no business experience, Gloria said that she had a "woman's unique insight." Ashley told her she didn't have the necessary skills. Jack told her to take her designer purse and leave and max out John's credit cards. Gloria told them that they were making a big mistake and she wasn't going to let them get away with it. After she left, Jack and Ashley argued about how Gloria should be handled – Ashley said the meeting should have been held, but with a bare-bones agenda that wouldn't allow Gloria to do any damage. Jack said that if Gloria continued to go to board meetings that she would get her foot in the door and they wouldn't be able to stop her – he wanted to stop her before she could make any trouble. Ashley asked if he was concerned about Gloria, he said she was making idle threats, but Ashley again told Jack he should have been more diplomatic with her. Jack remarked that Gloria's agenda was to carve out a place at Jabot, and Ashley agreed that they couldn't let that happen.

At the Athletic Club, Katherine received a call that the Jabot board meeting had been cancelled and wondered aloud why it had been. A few minutes later Gloria joined her – Katherine told her she just received word that the meeting was cancelled. Gloria told her that Jack did it to shut her out, because she realized what a mistake Jack made by passing on the spa project that Victor then scooped up. Katherine reminded Gloria that Victor could afford to take huge risks. Gloria then informed her that John gave her his Jabot proxy so that she could have a voice in Jabot, and she was being treated like an outsider by Jack and Ashley. Katherine told her that being a shareholder didn't necessarily mean she would play an active role in the company. Gloria said that she wanted to be appointed to the Jabot Board of Directors, and asked for Katherine's help. Katherine called Jack, told him that she was with Gloria, and that in light of recent events she wanted the board meeting to take place as scheduled. As they hung up, Jack told Ashley the meeting was back on, and Gloria thanked Katherine.

At Phyllis and Daniel's, Lily told Daniel that she told Neil about the two of them still being together, and that Neil threatened to send her back to boarding school. When Daniel grew concerned, she told him she had things handled – that she told Drucilla that if she didn't get Neil to back off that she was going to tell him that Malcolm was her real father. Daniel thought that this was a mistake – that Lily didn't want to hurt her father or do this to her mother. Daniel suggested a milder approach – this wasn't something that she could take back once she said it, and asked her if she really wanted to punish Neil for a mistake that Drucilla made. He added that the Lily that he knew wouldn't hurt the people she loves. When Lily said she loved Neil a lot, Daniel told her to talk to Dru and find another way. Lily said that Drucilla had to come through for her.

At the Winters', Neil told Dru that Lily told him that she and Daniel were still seeing each other – and that by the way she had stormed out earlier, he assumed that she had told her as well. When Neil said that he felt like he was losing his little girl, Dru suggested that they take a step back and cool off. Neil said they needed to send Lily back to New Hampshire, but Dru said that wasn't an option – that she wouldn't let him send Lily away again. Neil was shocked at Dru's attitude, and compared Lily's obsession with Daniel to his own alcoholism. Dru started to defend Lily, saying that at least she had come clean with them, and that she was almost 18 and then could do what she wanted to do anyway and that sending her away could alienate her from them for life. She suggested they simply keep an eye on Lily. Neil felt that some day Lily would thank them for keeping her away from Daniel. He asked her why she was changing her attitude – he thought she was 100% on board with keeping Lily and Daniel apart. Dru said she felt differently now, but Neil didn't buy it. He demanded to know what was going on or he would put Lily on a plane and send her straight back to boarding school. A while later, they sat in sullen silence as Lily came in and said, "Mom.... Dad..... "

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Thursday, March 9, 2006

Nick teases Victoria for sleeping with J.T, and is relieved to hear that her relationship with Brad is over. She admits that she slept with J.T. to prove to herself that she was over Brad, but it didn't work. Nick suggests that she talk to Brad and try to figure out a way to make their relationship work again. At the loft, Kevin and J.T. trade insults. Colleen reluctantly tells Mac that she wasn't with J.T. last night. Later Kevin demands for Colleen to admit that she was with J.T. last night. Brad goes into Victoria's office and hands her his letter of resignation. She tries to give it back, but Brad walks out the door. In the Jabot boardroom, Kay and Gloria enter and tell Jack and Ashley that they need a strategy to put Jabot back on top. Kay decides to call an ad hoc meeting to determine if they should slate Gloria for a position on the board. Gloria makes a speech about what she could bring to this company—knowledge of the way that most people without money live—and when it is time to vote, all three vote no. Gloria is stunned, and Kay says that she was outvoted because the boardroom is not the place to train for a job. Gloria leaves, upset, and Kay says that bought them some time, but they are going to have to find a way to involve Gloria in the company where she can't do any damage. Lily asks what is going on, and Neil says that the family is on the verge of falling apart because she continues to want to be with Daniel, and that he needs to send her back to boarding school. Lily demands for Dru to tell him that won't happen. Dru and Lily talk alone, and Dru says that she's done what she could to convince Neil. Michael asks Phyllis if something is wrong with her relationship with Jack, and she admits that although she loves him, she's not in love with him anymore, but still wants that relationship to work. Victor surprises Nick when he tells him that he reserved a chateau outside of Paris for his family if they want a quick getaway from Paris, and Nick becomes emotional, thanking Victor for doing that for them.

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Friday, March 10, 2006

Michael gave Gloria advice about her attempts to work with the Jabot board members, saying that it is all about alliances, and it would be smart of her to create relationships instead of creating trouble.

Back at Jabot, Katherine insisted that Jack and Ashley treat Gloria with respect and "humor her", so to speak, so that she didn't cause problems for the company as a whole. They weren't happy about it, but knew they had no choice.

Following Michael's advice, Gloria returned to the board room to apologize to Katherine. She made a deal with her, promising to keep her mouth shut and cooperate. If she stepped over the line, she would agree to back away and "take up golf". Kay warned her that she had better not be disappointed.

Later, Michael confronted Ashley at the Athletic Club about the way they had treated his mother at the board meeting. Ashley abruptly answered him with offers to include her in memos, meetings, etc. -- they would even print her business cards and stationery -- just like they were supposed to. Michael still had doubts about her brother Jack, but she didn't have more to say and walked off.

Kevin and Colleen talked at the Coffee House about J.T. and Mackenzie. It was almost as if they were agreeing on something -- that both J.T. and Mac belonged with other people -- them. When Kevin finally accepted the fact that J.T. had not been with Colleen the night before, he was discouraged and figured that the lovers could be making up at that very moment.

Daniel came in with a long face. Lily's parents were sending her back to boarding school and there was nothing that he could do about it. Colleen talked of making plans to return to New York and invited him to come along.

At the loft, J.T. admitted that he had been with someone the night before. Mac immediately chastised him and within minutes she was telling him to leave. Trust had been breached on both sides.

Later, Kevin heard the news from Mackenzie that her relationship with J.T. was over. She was questioning herself. Maybe she shouldn't have reacted so quickly. They both screwed up, not just him. Kevin tried to help her move on, complimenting her and assuring her that many men would consider themselves lucky to have her. He told her that he'd always be there for her -- she appreciated his loyalty.

Meanwhile, before Brad could walk out on his job and Victoria for good, she called him back. She did want to give their relationship another chance. He would have to hang on to the engagement ring for awhile -- she wanted to have some fun together for now. They kissed and happily made plans for the evening.

Soon, J.T. showed up at Victoria's office with his bad news. He was sure that it was over for good and just wanted to see how she was doing. She was hoping to get her life back together. Before he left, Nikki arrived to visit her daughter. After J.T. left right away, Nikki asked her daughter about having her "boy toys" hanging around her place of business. Victoria answered angrily, "Is there anyone in this town that doesn't know that I slept with J.T.?" Outside her door, Brad overheard those words. . .

At Newman Enterprises, Phyllis agonized over the pictures that Michael had given her of the wedding. Soon Sharon paid her a visit, bragging about her "new" husband -- he was so attentive -- they were like newlyweds again. Then Neil showed up with harsh words about her terrible son, telling her that she couldn't control him. She told him to get over himself -- the kids were almost 18 and he needed to let go of his baby daughter once and for all. Her next visitor was Jack. He had caught her talking to herself (wondering why she always wants something that she can't have) and offering to help pull her back together with attention and love. She didn't commit to a date that night, but he promised to hunt her down at sunset. After he left, once again she sat down with her picture of herself and Nicholas.

Nick had asked his mother to bring over a photo album of his early years with Sharon. He told her that he wanted to reconnect with his life. They reminisced about the past 10 years and she left him alone to browse the pictures. He reflected on his beautiful wife and wonderful life -- why could he not stop thinking about Phyllis? Sharon arrived home and was happy to see him with the album. "Ours is an incredible love story, isn't it?" she asked. He looked up blankly without answering.

Dru and Lily argued as Lily was supposed to be packing to return to New Hampshire. Lily tried one last time to convince her mom that she could prevent this and eventually became hostile. Dru told her to get back to packing and left the apartment to pick up Lily's new dress at the cleaners. When she returned, Lily was not there. Neil came home after Dru had called the Athletic Club and the Coffee House with no luck.

Lily found Daniel at the Coffee House with her suitcase in hand. She asked him to find her a place to stay -- they were sending her away and she just couldn't go. . . .

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