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Monday, December 26, 2005

Phyllis entered the Crimson Lights terrace and found Nick staring at the memorial to Cassie. Nick again told Phyllis how great it was for Daniel to have coordinated it and that it meant a lot to Noah. Phyllis said it meant a lot to Daniel too. They discussed their Christmases and Nick told her that things were going well with him and Sharon, which pleased Phyllis. Nikki entered and admired the tribute to Cassie. Nick left and Phyllis and Nikki prepared for their meeting with Jill about their project. Nikki told Phyllis that Victor offered to fund the project if Jabot wouldn't. Phyllis said she didn't have a problem with that, particularly since Jack had rejected the project. Jill joined them and they discussed how horrible Lauren's death was. Nikki and Phyllis then pitched their idea to Jill -- that it was a focus on the total woman including cosmetics, treatments, and minor surgeries -- the totality of a woman's well-being. Jill was excited about the idea and said she would immediately pitch it to Katherine. Jill was upset when she learned that Nikki and Phyllis had pitched the idea to Jack before they came to her -- Jill felt it showed a lack of respect, but she still loved the idea. She said the next step was for Mark in Research and Development to start looking at the idea. Jill said she would deal with Jack, and that Nikki and Phyllis' idea would blow everyone out of the water.

Victoria welcomed Brad at the Newman house. Sharon was there as well, and they were wondering why Victoria wanted to see them. She showed them the fantastic Beauty of Nature sales figures and pointed out the huge spike in sales in St. Louis after Sharon's appearance there. Victoria decided that Brad and Sharon worked really well together and that she wanted them to start a West Coast tour. Brad and Sharon didn't think that was a great idea -- they thought that Drucilla should primarily travel with Sharon and that Brad should join them occasionally. As Victoria asked if something had happened in St. Louis, Nick came in. Victoria asked Nick to help her to force Sharon and Nick to work on the West Coast tour. Nick became upset and said it wasn't an issue that he felt Victoria would want to force. Sharon then showed Victoria the ring that Nick had given her a little early for their 10 year anniversary. An upset Nick left. As Victoria asked what that was about, Brad followed Nick out. Victoria wondered why there was so much tension between Nick and Brad, and why Nick thought Brad was manipulating her. Sharon said she didn't think Brad would do that, and that she thought Victoria and Brad were really good together. Victoria told Sharon that her relationship with Brad was getting serious and that she wished Nick would back off. Sharon said that whatever was going on with Nick that it would work itself out. Victoria asked Sharon to help her out and Sharon said she would as she didn't think Nick had any business interfering in Victoria's love life. Victoria was pleasantly surprised at Sharon's offer to help, and hoped that she and Brad would become as great together as Sharon and Nick used to be. Sharon said that she and Nick would be that way again.

At Nick and Sharon's house, Brad knocked and came in to find Nick. Nick told Brad he wasn't welcome there, and Brad told Nick he was sick of Nick glaring at him -- that he was dating Victoria and that they all work together and would be spending a lot of time around each other. Nick told Brad that he knew about what had happened in St. Louis, and Brad accused Nick of making something out of nothing -- that he was a good friend of Sharon's and that she was confiding in him. Nick said that Brad was taking advantage of Sharon and Brad said that Nick was looking for trouble. When Nick said that Brad was using both his wife and his sister, Brad said Nick felt that way because he hadn't been there for Sharon for months. Nick told Brad he wasn't going to talk to him about his marriage, and that he didn't want to see his sister hurt. Brad told Nick to take care of his marriage, and that he would take care of Victoria.

At Michael's condo, Paul informed Michael that traces of the explosive found in Florida matched chemicals found in Tom's garage. Paul said that there was no doubt that the bomb that killed Lauren was made in Tom's garage. An irate Michael shouted that Tom Fisher killed his wife. Michael's cell phone rang, but he ignored it. Paul told Michael that the FBI had issued a warrant for Tom's arrest. When Michael said that that wouldn't bring Lauren back, Paul said that at least the responsible man would be punished. Michael told Paul that the police had better get to Tom before he did. Paul and Michael argued about Tom's ability to make a bomb. Paul continued to espouse his theory that Jennifer/Brenda was primarily involved in making the bomb but Michael said she may have played only a minor role -- that Tom was capable of murder -- he was a child abuser, he hated Michael and killing Lauren was his way of getting back at Michael. J.T. thought that perhaps Tom had some kind of hold on Jennifer. Paul felt that Jennifer may have had a reason of her own to plant the bomb. J.T. reminded them that they knew a lot about Tom, but next to nothing about Jennifer/Brenda. Paul hoped that the second set of fingerprints found on the glass in Tom's motel room would help in the investigation. Paul spoke to his old partner and asked him for help with the prints, then sent J.T. to the office to wait for a fax from the FBI with information about the prints. After J.T. left, Paul asked Michael how he was doing and Michael was running the gamut of emotions from angry to sad to numb. When Paul told Michael that Tom would be caught Michael cynically thought that Tom might have escaped to Cuba or somewhere else south. Michael reminisced that just a few days ago he had been walking down the aisle with Lauren, and said that he should have killed Tom the first time he saw him in Genoa City. Michael's phone rang again and he didn't answer it.

Upstairs at the abandoned farmhouse Tom thought about how Michael had set him up on the phony drug charges and that now the Feds would think he was mixed up in the explosion. He remembered how Jennifer first revealed herself as "Brenda," how Jennifer/Sheila told him that they would make millions from ransoming Lauren, and then remembered Lauren telling him that Sheila was a cold blooded killer. He heard Lauren pounding on the door from downstairs and screamed at her to shut up. Tom told himself that he needed to make a deal with Michael to get the charges against him dropped so that Michael could get his wife back, and that Sheila had tried to kill Lauren -- not him. He told himself he would turn Sheila in and collect a reward and that maybe Eric Forrester would sweeten the pot a little. Tom turned up the volume on the television and heard a newscaster saying that the Miami police had ruled Lauren's death a homicide and that Thomas Fisher was wanted for questioning. The newscaster went on to say that traces of the chemical used in the bomb had been found in Tom's garage. Tom reacted badly to this news, picked up a tire iron, and headed downstairs.

Downstairs at the farmhouse, Sheila told Lauren to shut up -- that she was giving her a headache. Lauren reminded Sheila that she was in no position to order her around. Lauren wondered where Tom was and Sheila said that if were smart he would be halfway to Brazil now, and sarcastically added that that was giving him a lot of credit. Lauren hoped that he hadn't left town for if he had if was just Lauren and Sheila and all the years of misery between them. Sheila told Lauren that she didn't have the guts to hurt her. Lauren told Sheila she never wanted to see anyone suffer the way she wanted to see her suffer. Sheila said that even if Lauren hurt her, that Tom would never come back for Lauren. An infuriated Tom came downstairs with the tire iron and tried to strangle Sheila, but Lauren stopped him, telling him that he didn't want to go to prison for murder. Lauren pleaded with Tom to let her go, assuring him that she would see that he wouldn't get into any trouble and that he would probably even get a medal for releasing her and turning Sheila in. Sheila kept putting doubts in Tom's mind saying that Lauren wouldn't help him if he released her. Tom realized that Lauren couldn't make any guarantees and Sheila and Lauren got into another shouting match. Tom yelled at them and left, saying he couldn't even hear himself think. Lauren screamed after Tom not to leave her there. Sheila smugly said that the one good thing that may happen is that if she died, Lauren would die with her. Lauren said that would not happen -- that Sheila's life was over and that Lauren would be back with Michael and Scott -- and that Scott would hate her forever after he learned what she did.

At the Abbott house, Gloria and John happily arrived home from their second honeymoon. Ashley welcomed them home, and Gloria was surprised to see all the Christmas decorations gone. Ashley then told them about what happened to Lauren. Gloria became hysterical and frantic. When John questioned why the yacht hadn't been checked out mechanically, Ashley told them that a bomb had deliberately been placed on board. When Gloria asked who would do such a horrible thing, John deduced that it was Tom Fisher. Gloria tried to call Michael, but just got the machine with Michael and Lauren's happy voices on it. John asked Ashley if all the evidence pointed to Tom. Ashley told them that they hadn't found Tom and they thought he might be headed to South America. Ashley told John that Paul thinks that Jennifer Mitchell may have had a hand in it. Gloria reacted with shock when she heard that. Ashley said she thought Paul was right -- she knew that Tom hated Michael but didn't think he hated him enough to kill Lauren. John thought it was possible as Tom had tortured his kids. A disgusted John thought his family may be next and headed upstairs as Gloria asked him what he was going to do.

Gloria tried to call Michael but got the machine again. She grabbed her coat to go talk to him and the phone rang. It was Tom on the phone, calling from outside a restaurant, and an irate Gloria told Tom that he was going to rot in hell for what he had done. Tom kept insisting he didn't do it, and what they were saying about him on TV wasn't true. At this point both Ashley and John heard the rest of Gloria's side of the conversation. Tom told Gloria to meet him in the alley behind Roman's Steak House on Euclid and Morrison -- not to call the police -- and that he would tell her everything. Gloria repeated the location and both Ash and John heard it. Gloria said she felt like she was going to explode and ran into the other room. Ashley picked up the phone but then heard a car start and leave. She realized it was John and ran out after him. Gloria re-entered the living room and finally got Michael on the phone at the condo. She told Michael that Tom had just called her and wants to meet her in the alley outside the restaurant. Michael reacted calmly as Paul looked on. Gloria told Michael she was going to call the police. Michael calmly told Paul he had to leave for a while, and did so.

J.T. returned to the condo with the FBI fingerprint fax. Paul reacted with shock when he saw that the prints belonged to Sheila Carter.

In the alley outside the restaurant, Tom thought that Gloria pulled up but it was clearly someone else as Tom said, "What the hell are you doing here?"

A little while later, Ashley was in the alley, looking down at Tom's apparently lifeless body.