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Monday, December 12, 2005

With security highly visible, Michael and Lauren's wedding continued at the Colonnade Room. Victor and Nikki congratulated Gloria and John. Nikki told Gloria what a lovely ceremony it was.

Nick was at the Colonnade Room bar when Phyllis joined him. Nick ordered a martini and Phyllis ordered a 'hot bad mama' which she described to Nick as being tequila with white chocolate liqueur. Nick and Phyllis got a laugh out of Phyllis' declaring herself a chocoholic. Phyllis said she could have gone home, eaten ice cream and watched "Sex and the City" but decided to stay. Jack brought some champagne over to Phyllis and Nick left. Jack and Phyllis toasted to marriage and she asked Jack if there was any sign of Jennifer/Sheila. Jack told Phyllis about her disguises and Phyllis agreed that she sounded dangerous.

J.T. and Paul talked in the lobby about how the ceremony went well but that they were going to have to keep their eyes and ears open. J.T. expressed his concern that something didn't feel right. He didn't understand why Jennifer would go for a ride with Tom, then tell Lauren that she was afraid of him, and then they found all the wigs and disguises in her room. Paul said they would all like to know the answers to those questions. Ashley approached and told Paul that Abby had gone home with Francis. J.T. left. Ashley asked Paul if Tom showed up -- when Paul said he hadn't yet, Ashley said she didn't think he would. Paul told Ashley that she was surer of that than he was.

David the photographer took a picture of a group of the wedding guests, including Jill. Jill said that she was a sucker for weddings -- after all she has had so many of her own!! Gloria told her not to give up -- that Mr. Right could still turn up. A slightly annoyed Jill walked away. When John told Gloria that it looked like everything was going well, Gloria told him to stop worrying and enjoy the evening.

Mac, Kevin, and Scott were together when Mac told them what great jobs they did. Kevin and Scott told her how nervous they had been during the ceremony. Paul approached Scott and told him they needed to discuss Brenda -- Paul felt that Scott didn't know her as well as he thought he did.

Eric Forrester and Nikki were discussing Lauren's dress -- Nikki told Eric she knew it had to be one of his designs. Victor introduced Victoria and Eric. When Eric mentioned that he thought that Victoria was studying art in Italy, Victoria said that she had done that but was now running Newman Enterprises. Victor amended her remark to say that Nick and Victoria were sharing the responsibility. Eric wished that his sons Thorne and Ridge could work together. Victoria said that some saw it as competition but she preferred to think of she and Nick as equals. Nick snidely agreed, and the men adjourned to the bar. Nikki apologized to Victoria for Victor's snubbing of Victoria. Victoria said that if Victor wanted to make this into a contest, she hoped that the best Newman would win. Nikki told Victoria to remember the key word was 'Newman.'

In the lobby, Mac checked on J.T. J.T. told Mac that things were boring, but that was a good thing. Mac asked if J.T. would save a dance for her. J.T. said he would when Paul gave the OK. They kiss, and J.T. told Mac to go back in as she was distracting him. Mac left.

Inside the Room, Gloria told the bartender that she wanted plenty of champagne and sparkling cider for the toast. Joanna approached and told Gloria that she thought they should start pouring as Michael and Lauren were about to come in. Gloria thanked Joanna for her concern, but told her everything was being timed perfectly.

Paul and Scott were continuing their discussion about Brenda -- Scott wanted to know why Paul was still on her case.... and that she had simply left behind her day planner when she checked out. Paul told Scott he wasn't sure that Brenda had checked out, and that he wanted Scott to avoid Brenda until he could gather more information on her.

Onstage, Kevin asked for everyone's attention and introduced, for the first time Mr. and Mrs. Michael Baldwin. Chris Botti played "Someone to Watch Over Me" as Lauren and Michael greeted their guests. Eric told Michael that he'd better take good care of Lauren. Michael said that he would, and Lauren reintroduced Eric and Scott. As Scott was telling Eric that the book was going well, Joanna grabbed Eric away for a minute. As Eric was leaving, Lauren said she wanted him back soon so he could tell her about the spring collection. Michael teased Lauren about not working on her wedding day.

Nikki, Victor, and Jill congratulated Lauren, who told them she had never been happier in her life. Gloria, Michael and Kevin shared a tender moment together where Gloria told them how proud she was. Michael told Gloria that she had outdid herself and gave her a big hug. When Gloria told Michael how much that meant to her, a teary-eyed Michael left to be with Lauren. Kevin mentioned that the best thing was that Tom hadn't interfered. Gloria told Kevin to not even mention Tom, that John was already upset. John said that they couldn't count Tom out yet. Ashley told John not to get upset -- that Tom would be back in jail soon. Kevin left to work on his toast.

Nikki told Nick that he looked happy and Nick said that it was a great party. She asked him whether he had heard from Sharon, and Nick said he hadn't. Nikki asked him if he regretted not going to St. Louis to be with her -- and that it wasn't too late for him to go. Nick said that it was.

Nick and Victoria found themselves alone. Victoria asked if they were having fun yet, and reminded him that he could have gone on the business trip. Nick said that Brad was the logical one to do it, but he was sorry it "ruined" Victoria's romantic plans for the evening. Victoria told Nick that she didn't understand why he didn't jump at the chance to be with Sharon and that she wondered where his priorities really were. Watching this scene, Victor and Nikki express their happiness that Victoria isn't with Brad this evening. Nikki said that one evening didn't matter and that Victoria and Brad were more involved than they realized.

Jack was with Phyllis when he made a snide remark to Nick about Victoria making a deal with Eric Forrester right under Nick's nose. Nick asked Jack if he ever took a night off and walked away, annoyed. When Jack asked Phyllis what was up with Nick, Phyllis said that maybe it was because Brad was on a business trip with Sharon.

Phyllis complained to Nikki about how stubborn Jack is. Nikki told Phyllis that she needed her support for the new project they were about to begin at Jabot. She invited Phyllis to come to the ranch tomorrow to discuss a game plan for the project.

Scott and Paul were still discussing Brenda. Paul asked Scott for a physical description and asked if he had ever seen Jennifer and Brenda together. When Scott suggested that if wanted to find out more about Brenda he should read the book (as it is Brenda's story,) Paul asked for a quick summary. Gloria came up just at that moment and pulled Scott away, as Lauren wanted to see him.

On stage, Kevin began his toast to Michael and Lauren. He told everyone how wonderful Lauren was, how she had brought his family back together again and that she was the only one who hadn't given up on him when everyone else had. He said that Lauren made it possible for him to connect with Michael again. He talked about the wonderful things happening to his family -- that Gloria was married to John, that he and Michael were best friends -- and that Michael was his hero. Kevin said he only hoped to have a relationship as good as Michael and Lauren's some day. As Kevin actually made his toast, an alarm sounded, the power went off, and the guests panicked. John put his hand on his gun.

A few minutes later, with the power restored, a fireman told Paul that the problem was with an old circuit breaker and that it was not deliberately tampered with -- and they were now running on emergency generator power. John told Paul he didn't believe that Tom Fisher didn't have something to do with the power going out. Paul ran to tell Michael and Lauren and then told the crowd what had happened. The wedding cake was cut and Michael and Lauren "fed" each other the first pieces. Lauren and Michael share their first dance as husband and wife with Chris Botti playing. After a few minutes many other couples join in. J.T. sees Mac dancing with Kevin and J.T. leaves. Mac tells Kevin how eloquent he was. Out in the lobby, Victoria and J.T. run into each other. They commiserate about their lack of dates. Victoria offers to get J.T. some wedding cake.

Eric said goodbye to Lauren and Michael -- he had to leave for an early morning meeting in Los Angeles. Michael told Lauren it was time to get changed to leave on their honeymoon. When Victor told them again how nice it was to see them together so happy, they thank Victor for allowing them to use his private jet.

Jack told Nick to cheer up -- that he knew about his situation with Sharon. Nick told Jack it was none of his business and walked away. Phyllis was shocked when she learned that Jack had told Nick that he was turning a blind eye to Brad Carlton. Phyllis can't believe Jack did that and she walks away from him. Jack asked Victoria to tell Phyllis that he had left if she asked.

Lauren tossed her bridal bouquet and Victoria caught it, to Victor and Nikki's chagrin. Paul talked to Lauren and Michael and told them that it looked like neither Tom nor Jennifer had interfered with the nuptials. Joanna sends them off by saying there was still time for more grandkids. Michael and Lauren left.

Nick found Phyllis asking a bartender to call her a cab. Nick volunteered to give her a ride home in a limo. As they left Nick saw Victoria with the bridal bouquet and told Victoria that she shouldn't get her hopes up.

In her hotel room in St. Louis, Sharon was thinking about Nick saying that the trip to St. Louis was their last chance. Brad arrived and Sharon invited him in, as his room wasn't ready yet. Sharon told Brad the tour was going great and would be better now that he was there. Brad told Sharon that he was a little disappointed at not going to the wedding -- not so much because he wasn't with Victoria but because he missed seeing Abby as flower girl. Brad told Sharon how upset Abby was that he and Ashley didn't go to the wedding together. Brad asked Sharon if he could send Abby to her when she was acting up -- that Sharon seemed to have a way with her. Sharon agreed. They decided to order room service and go over tomorrow's schedule. Brad suggested they also order a bottle of wine.

As they ate, Sharon told Brad about an experience with a customer that reminded her of Cassie -- the girl was wearing too much makeup and she remembered how helping Cassie with her eye shadow was one of the last moments they spent together. Sharon starts tearing up. She and Brad hugged and she told Brad that it was great to have someone to confide in. Brad told Sharon he was glad she could share his memories of Cassie with him. After finalizing tomorrow's schedule, Brad decided they needed to get rest and he was going to leave for his room. Sharon said that she wasn't tired. When Brad said that he thought he should go, Sharon touched his arm, whispered "Brad," and they made heavy eye contact.

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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

After the wedding reception, Mackenzie, J.T., Kevin, Scott, and Victoria go to the coffeehouse. Kevin kisses Mac, and he realizes how deep his feelings are for her. Michael and Lauren head off on their honeymoon in the Newman jet. Paul tells Ashley about Jennifer Mitchell's disguises that he found in her room, and that he's going to fly to Toronto to meet her personally. He shocks Ashley when he tells her that John has a gun to protect her from Tom. Devon and Yolanda are surprised when Dru arrives home from St. Louis, and Dru reminds Devon that fighting is unacceptable behavior. In her St. Louis hotel room, Sharon and Brad discuss how much they have come to mean to each other, and they kiss passionately. Realizing that they've already gone too far, they pull apart. Brad goes back to his room and Sharon leaves a phone message for Nick. Nick takes Phyllis home and she invites him in. They drink wine and play video games. They kiss passionately, undress, and make love.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Phyllis came downstairs to an empty apartment and thought it was best that Nick wasn't there. When Jack arrived with breakfast for her, she hid Nick's champagne glass and told Jack she had a meeting with Nikki that she needed to get to. Jack apologized for his behavior at the wedding and seemed a little confused about Phyllis rushing him out.

Nikki was curious about why Nick was at the main house that morning still wearing the clothes he'd had on the night before. Before he could explain, she said that he must have been exhausted and fallen asleep on the couch. While Nikki was helping Noah get something to eat on his way to school, Phyllis arrived for her meeting with Nikki. Phyllis seemed to want to talk about the night before, but Nick told her to wait there. He'd see her later and they could talk.

After Nick and Noah left, Nikki and Phyllis talked about the business proposition they wanted to pitch to Jack. Nikki noticed that Phyllis was distracted, but Phyllis assured her everything was okay between her and Jack. Nikki had to leave, but she told Phyllis to stay and have a cup of coffee. When Nick came back, he told Phyllis they needed to talk about what had happened the night before. Phyllis stared at him and told him that nothing had happened.

Sharon and Brad agreed that they were glad nothing had happened between them in St. Louis. Brad said that their kiss had been nice, but he knew it shouldn't have gone that far. Sharon said she never wanted to lose him as a friend. When Nick called Sharon, she told him things were going well and she'd see him that night. Later, after their meetings, Sharon and Brad boarded the Newman jet to return to Genoa City. Sharon said she almost didn't want to go home.

Drucilla and Neil were worried about the influence that Yolanda was having on Devon. When Yolanda came out of her room for breakfast, Dru commented about how late she'd slept. Yolanda said she hadn't been sleeping. She'd been looking at the classifieds because she wanted to find a job. Dru and Neil were glad about that since they'd privately decided that Yolanda needed to move out soon. Devon went with Yolanda to Crimson Lights, where she told him that the reason she was eager to get a job was so she could afford her own place and Devon could move in with her.

Kevin came to the Abbott house to find his mother nervously pacing. She was worried that John had only been supportive until the wedding was over, and now he might want her to leave. But when John came downstairs, he assured both Gloria and Kevin that they no longer had to live in fear about what Tom might do to them. He was going to make sure they were safe. Later, alone with his mother, Kevin expressed his gratitude for the way John had spoken to him. Gloria had always known that John would eventually accept Kevin. Gloria said that John obviously loved her, and she'd been wrong to worry.

When John brought in the mail, he found an envelope addressed to him with no return address. He opened it to find a letter from Tom, who told him the reason Gloria had been giving him money. It was so he wouldn't tell John that Gloria and Tom's divorce had never been finalized. Gloria was still Tom Fisher's wife. John was obviously upset and angry about this news.

Scott told Kevin that he was making a trip to Toronto to finish the novel he was writing with Brenda. Afterward, he planned to make Genoa City his permanent home. Scott was beginning to wonder if everyone was right about Brenda; she seemed to be hiding something. Scott also called Lauren on her honeymoon cruise to tell her that he planned to move to Genoa City permanently. Lauren was excited and promised that she was going to start reading the first ten chapters of his novel as soon as possible.

Michael was thrilled to wake up with his new bride, but he was disappointed later when Lauren said she didn't want to go snorkeling. She encouraged him to go without her, promising that she'd go the following day. For now, she just wanted to read Scott's manuscript. But after Michael left her alone and Lauren began reading, she was shocked and confused to realize that she was reading the story of her life. There was no way that Scott could have known the details, because she'd never told him. She looked up and was startled to see Sheila standing in front of her.

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Thursday, December 15, 2005

On the yacht, Lauren is stunned to see Sheila standing in front of her. They start to wrestle, and just as Lauren's about to hit Sheila, Tom enters and grabs Lauren back. They grab her and tie her up. Tom calls Sheila "Brenda," and Lauren is horrified to connect the dots that Scott's friend Brenda and Sheila are the same person. Tom says that she also goes by the name Jennifer and wears disguises, and Lauren tells Tom that Sheila is out to kill her, and will most likely do away with him too once she is done using him. Sheila stashes a bomb right next to the yacht's fuel tank, and sets a timer. Nick and Phyllis reluctantly agree to put what happened last night behind them, and never mention it again. On the plane, Sharon tells Brad that their close encounter together has shown her that she needs to make more of an effort in her marriage. J.T. makes a pitch to Victoria to renew Newman Enterprises' contract with Williams Investigations. She toys with him, then stops kidding and says that she will. At the tack house, Nick tells Victoria that if she is really getting serious with Brad, he'll find a way to get along with him. Sharon arrives home and embraces Nick. Mac and Esther argue over Esther doing J.T.'s laundry. Jill enters and wonders what J.T. was yelling about outside last night. J.T. asks Mac to move back into the loft with him. She agrees, but is worried how she will tell Katherine this news. When they do, Kay, Jill, and Esther are sad, but Mac promises to still come by often. After Ashley reads the letter that Tom wrote to John, John says that it is just a technicality and that Gloria paid off Tom to protect their meaningful relationship. He says he hates Tom for trying to sabotage some happiness in Gloria's life. Just as Michael and the captain are about ready to swim back to the yacht, they are horrified to see an explosion from the boat.

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Friday, December 16, 2005

Michael was horrified as he watched his honeymoon yacht explode. Later, at the police station, he begged the authorities to put more people on the search team. He was sure that they'd find Lauren alive. After hearing that the explosion might have started at the fuel line, Michael vented his rage at the boat's captain. But later, one of the police searchers came in with a piece of the boat. It seemed to indicate that the explosion might have come from a device that was deliberately set. Michael immediately guessed that Tom had something to do with it. He ordered the search to go on all night, promising that he would cover the cost. They couldn't give up until Lauren was found.

Ashley met Jack at the athletic club restaurant to tell him John's news. A letter from Tom exposed the fact that Gloria and Tom were still married. Ashley and Jack wondered what their father planned to do. While they were talking, John called Jack and asked him to come home with Ashley. Jack was glad that Abby was at a friend's house, because he thought they might have an intense night ahead of them.

When Gloria came home, John asked her how much she loved him. She was a little confused by his question, then he handed her Tom's letter. For the first time, Gloria told the truth: She hadn't known until Tom came to Genoa City that they were still married. She apologized for keeping that news from John. John told her that he realized that it was this information that Tom had been using to blackmail Gloria.

J.T. and Mac arrived at the loft to find the refrigerator empty and the cupboards bare. Mac wanted to go to the grocery store and fix them a special dinner to celebrate moving in together, but J.T. had promised to play basketball with some friends. Kevin came out of his room to find them there. He had no problem with them moving back in, but he wondered how it would affect Scott. J.T. said Scott could still have his own room, because Mac and J.T. would be sharing a bedroom. Kevin covered his disappointment and said he had to leave. John Abbott wanted him to see him at the Abbott house.

Jill and Katherine talked over Mac's decision to move in with J.T. Katherine was worried that Mac would be hurt again. Jill knew that Mac was vulnerable after being hurt by Billy, but she reminded Katherine that Mac was at an age where she had to make her own decisions. It would be a mistake for Katherine to try to make Mac change her mind. Later, Katherine was gone when Mac came back to the house to get a pillow she'd left behind. Esther was disappointed to find out that Mac wasn't home for good. Jill asked to speak to Mac alone, and then asked Mac what was bothering her. Mac wondered what her grandmother really thought of her decision. Jill said that Mac should know Katherine well enough to realize that if Katherine wanted to say something, she wouldn't hold back.

J.T. came back to the loft because he felt guilty about leaving Mac alone. He was ready to go shopping with her and have their celebratory dinner. He was surprised to find Mac gone and Katherine there. Katherine said that she wanted to talk to him about his and Mac's decision to live together.

Phyllis was furious to find out that Nikki wanted to pitch their project to Jack by herself. She accused Nikki of taking her idea and edging her out. Nikki said that the anti-aging project had been hers to start with, and she was afraid that tension between Jack and Phyllis would affect his decision to approve the project. Phyllis insisted that she had a right to go to Jack with Nikki, and there was no strain between her and Jack. Nikki finally agreed to wait until the next day to meet with Jack. Meanwhile, she said that Phyllis should make the most of a night with Jack, getting him in a more receptive mood.

Victoria wanted to talk to Brad about how well business had gone in St. Louis, but Brad was uncomfortable talking about Sharon. Instead, he turned off his phone, saying Abby was with Ashley, and he and Victoria went upstairs and made love. Later, they snuggled on the couch and he noticed that she'd caught Lauren's bouquet at the wedding. Victoria worried that he might want to bolt out the door, but Brad assured her there was nowhere he'd rather be than with her.

Sharon tried to get intimate with Nick, but he kept remembering what had happened between Phyllis and him. When he rejected her, Sharon exploded. She said that she desperately wanted to feel connected to Nick again, but all she got in return was his silence. Nick reminded her that he was there with her and Noah. Sharon said it wasn't enough. She felt so lonely that it had made her reach out to someone else. Although nothing had happened, Nick needed to realize how desperate she was feeling to have done that. Nick correctly surmised that the man she was talking about was Brad. He immediately began berating Brad, in spite of Sharon's protest that the incident had been entirely her fault, not Brad's, and Brad hadn't allowed anything to happen between them.

When Ashley, Jack, and Kevin converged at the Abbott house, Kevin found out about Tom's letter. He knew that his mother must be devastated. All of them were curious about what John planned to do. John joined them, but instead of telling them his plans, he answered the door when a minister arrived. When Gloria came downstairs, John said that the minister was there so they could say their vows. Jack pointed out that they couldn't be married legally if Gloria was still married to Tom. John said that he knew there were formalities and papers to take care of, but he wanted all of them to see how deeply he loved Gloria and could only see the good in her. Ashley and Jack seemed to be at peace with John's decision, and Kevin looked happy for his mother.

As the Abbotts and Fishers were celebrating after John's and Gloria's renewal of their vows, Kevin's cell phone rang. He answered, teasing Michael about calling him while he was on his honeymoon. A devastated Michael asked Kevin to be quiet; he had some terrible news to tell him.

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