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Scotty and Michael worried that 'Brenda' could be in danger. Abby told Sharon that she didn't like Victoria. 'Terrible Tom' tried to negotiate a deal. The hospital found Lauren's necklace. Brad kissed Sharon.
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Monday, November 14, 2005

At the Athletic Club, Tom and his lawyer met and had a drink. Tom told the lawyer that he had to get next week's hearing postponed because he needed time to prove that Michael set him up. When his lawyer recommended that he take a plea bargain, Tom got angry and said he wouldn't plead guilty to something he didn't do and that the lawyer needed to do his job and get a postponement

In Sheila/Brenda's motel room, Lauren found the manuscript of Scott's book and was reading it when Sheila/Jennifer walked in. Sheila/Jennifer accused Lauren of breaking in, and that the manuscript didn't belong to her. Lauren told Jennifer/Sheila that the manuscript was her son's, and that she had come to talk to Brenda, her son's writing partner. Jennifer/Sheila told Lauren that Brenda wouldn't appreciate this invasion of her privacy, and she also told her that Brenda and she are acquaintances who talk from time to time. Jennifer/Sheila told Lauren that she would tell Brenda that Lauren stopped by. As Lauren was leaving with the manuscript Jennifer/Sheila stopped her and told her it wasn't "polite" to take things that weren't hers. Jennifer/Sheila told Lauren that maybe Brenda would let her look at it some time, and that Lauren should be happy that she didn't call the police on her for trespassing. As Lauren left, she didn't notice Gloria, who was lurking in the hallway outside Jennifer/Sheila's room.

Gloria looked at the "Do Not Disturb" sign on Sheila's door and knocked. An irritated Jennifer/Sheila let her in and Gloria told Jennifer/Sheila she just saw Lauren leaving. When Jennifer/Sheila assured Gloria that she would never hurt her family Gloria insinuated that maybe Tom already had. Jennifer/Sheila told Gloria that she had spoken to Michael who also thought that Tom may have played a part in poisoning Lauren. When Gloria asked Jennifer/Sheila what part she may have played, Jennifer turns the tables on Gloria and asked her why she bailed Tom out -- Gloria said it was a complicated situation but Jennifer/Sheila wondered if Tom frightened her so much why did she bail him out when she could have kept him in jail. Tom entered and asked Gloria why she was harassing his friend. Gloria started to warn Tom not to harm anyone but Jennifer/Sheila cut her off and assured Gloria that she would keep an eye on Tom. Gloria left. Tom reminded Brenda/Sheila that he needed proof that Michael framed him and that he needed it now -- if he went to prison Brenda/Sheila might be going as well -- there were a lot of people who wanted to know how Lauren was poisoned, and that all he had to do was show the necklace to the cops and that Brenda/Sheila would be facing an attempted murder charge. They began bickering and Brenda/Sheila reminded him that they had agreed to work with one another. Tom's problem, he said, is that Brenda/Sheila wanted him to murder, and he wasn't going to do that. Brenda/Sheila told Tom that would no longer be necessary. When Tom asked her what she meant, she said there were many ways to take care of someone. She promised Tom that he wouldn't be in jeopardy telling him that she was a woman on a mission and she didn't like being denied. Tom told her if she did this (found evidence exonerating him) he would be forever grateful. After Tom left Brenda/Sheila thinks to herself that she was on a mission and that Tom was her secret weapon -- and that Tom had no idea what she had in store for him and Lauren. She began laughing diabolically.

At Michael's condo, Michael informed Paul that Jennifer Mitchell was upset about even being asked if she was involved with Lauren's poisoner. Michael told Paul he thought Jennifer would sell Tom out if it meant saving herself. Paul and Michael went over the theory of Tom and the necklace -- that the necklace was the only item not tested, and they knew that Tom was in the hospital the night Lauren had the second hallucination, although they couldn't prove he was in her room. Paul asked why Tom would want to steal Lauren's necklace, which Tom may have poisoned with a substance that was absorbed through the skin. Michael reminded Paul that the first hallucination occurred the day after Scott gave her the necklace and that the second hallucination occurred after Michael put the necklace back on her in the hospital. Paul said they needed to link the necklace to Tom or Jennifer, but Tom may have destroyed it.

Michael was nervous about Lauren being out so long -- she said she went out to get food. A preoccupied Lauren came in and wondered why Paul was there. She wanted to know if they were closer to finding out who poisoned her. Michael told Lauren their theory about the necklace. When Lauren reminded them that the necklace was a gift from Scott, Michael and Paul remind her that she remembered Tom's hands around her neck at the hospital and that the next morning the necklace was missing. Lauren thought that it was an interesting theory but it didn't add up because Scott gave her the necklace the same night that he bought it, and there wouldn't have been the means or the time for Tom to have gotten hold of the necklace and poisoned it. Paul realized that Lauren had a point. Michael was sure that Tom is somehow mixed up in the poisoning and told Lauren he would find out how as they embraced.

At Crimson Lights, Brad, Ashley, and Victoria were still frantically searching for the missing Abby. In the Crimson Lights office a tearful Sharon looked at a picture of Cassie and reminisced about her life and death. Abby entered the office and Sharon wanted to know what she was doing there. Abby told Sharon that she was upset that Ashley and Brad were fighting. Sharon told Abby that Brad wanted to be there and that he had sent her to tell Abby that he was going to be a little bit late -- and he was there for the best part -- the cake and blowing out the candles while she was making a wish. Abby told Sharon that her wish wouldn't come true now -- that she wanted Ashley and Brad to reconcile. Sharon hugged the upset little girl and told her that Brad and Ashley would always love her. A frantic Victoria entered the office and barked at Abby and Sharon that Brad and Ashley were frantic with worry about Abby. Ashley and Brad came in and were relieved that Abby was safe. Abby and Brad left the office with Ashley, thanking Sharon. Victoria was angry with Sharon because Victoria was trying to build a relationship with Abby. Sharon suggested to Victoria that ordering the little girl around while she was upset was hardly the best way to build a relationship with her.

Back in the main room at Crimson Lights, Abby, Ashley, and Brad came in -- Abby went over to talk to Noah on the patio. Brad and Ashley realized they had broken their promise not to fight in front of Abby. They apologized to each other for the way they acted. Sharon and Victoria come into the main room. Ashley informed Brad that she was going to take Abby home for the night. Brad apologized to Abby once again for being late and wished her a happy birthday. Ashley and Abby went to help Noah and Sharon clean up the decorations. Victoria asked Brad if he wanted a bite to eat. Brad agreed, but as they left he looked wistfully at Sharon with Noah and Abby on the patio.

Ashley again thanked Sharon for what she did for Abby. Sharon told Ashley that Abby had overheard Ashley and Brad fight and was worried that her birthday reconciliation wish wouldn't come true. When Sharon suggested that Victoria wanted to be closer to Abby, Ashley asked Sharon if she thought that Victoria really cared about Abby -- or if she was just using her to try to impress Brad.

Sharon thanked Abby for inviting her and Noah to the party. As Noah and Sharon left, Noah asked Sharon if Nick would be at home. Abby told Ashley that she wished her daddy was at home. Ashley consoles Abby and they hug.

Victor and Nick were in the CEO office at Newman Enterprises when J.T. and Kevin enter. When Nick asked what's going on, Victor informed him that he asked J.T. to have the website checked out since Phyllis had worked on it. Nick asks Kevin and J.T. to leave and asked Victor if he cared to explain what was going on. Victor informed Nick that he didn't have to explain anything to Nick -- Nick wondered why Victor had hired a private investigator behind his back. Victor reminded Nick that he still controlled the business and that he didn't trust Phyllis. They bicker about Nick asking Phyllis to work with the website. Victor reminded Nick that she works for, and sleeps with, their arch-enemy Jack Abbott. Nick told Victor that he didn't think Phyllis would sabotage the website even if Jack asked her to -- that she's fed up with the Newman vs. Abbott feud. Victor still doesn't trust her, and said that if she did nothing wrong she had nothing to worry about.

Kevin admired the computer setup at Newman and J.T. wanted to know if Kevin could handle all of this -- or if he was out of his league. As Kevin informed J.T. that he knew what he was doing, Nick entered and told J.T. and Kevin that they could begin work immediately.

J.T. and Kevin were working when Victor entered. Victor questioned J.T.'s selection of Kevin -- he didn't know that Kevin was a computer security expert. Kevin told Victor that he would find any problems on the website. Victor reminded them that everything was confidential and not a word was to be said to Phyllis or anyone in the Abbott family. Victor began to leave but then doubled back and asked Kevin where he learned about computers. Kevin nervously told Victor he took a class at Genoa City University. Victor eyed him suspiciously and told them to carry on as he left to return to the CEO office, where he told Nick to go be with his family -- that family always came first.

At the Athletic Club, a sullen Jack joined Jill and told her that she blew it, and that Phyllis had blown it by not tampering with the Newman website. Katherine and Phyllis enter and Jack is surprised to see Phyllis. Katherine informed Jack that she was anxious to hear about the Jabot website, and who better to explain it than Phyllis? The four of them were at a table where Phyllis started explaining the website. Katherine told the Jabot team that she was aware of the Newman product launch and wanted to make sure that Jabot's website was competitive when they launched their new product line -- Katherine wanted their website to be innovative and original. They toast. Jill seconds the toast and said they have nothing to fear from the competition. Jack snidely said that the competition had nothing to fear from them. Phyllis said that she didn't want any doubt about who did what and why. Katherine sensed that something was going on. As Jack left to freshen his drink, Phyllis told Katherine that Jack is upset with her but it has nothing to do with the company.

Brad and Victoria were at the Athletic Club and noticed Jack guzzling a drink. They joked about Jack drinking when he learned of the successful Newman product launch. Victoria apologized about what happened with Ashley and Abby. When Brad told her it wasn't her fault, Victoria said she would have functioned better if not for Sharon being so protective of Abby. Brad told Victoria that Abby and Sharon were close -- that Sharon was a mom and knew what kids went through. Victoria reminded Brad that she worked with children in Italy and that when she was Abby's age Victor and Nikki were having problems. Brad thought that Abby's situation was different -- that until today Ashley and Brad were civil but today things got out of hand and Abby overheard. Victoria hoped that Brad could explain his side of the story to Abby so that she wouldn't only get Ashley's and Sharon's version. Brad stares at Jack with the drink.

Jack rejoined his group at the table and compliments Katherine on infusing Jabot with cash. Brad was still staring at the group and told Victoria that this was too good an opportunity to pass up. They go over to the Jabot table and Brad told Katherine how delightful it was to see her again. When Katherine thanked him, Brad said he should be thanking her for loaning Phyllis to Newman to fix the website. Katherine looks very surprised, and the whole table looks incredibly uncomfortable.

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Gloria asks Lauren why she was in Jennifer Mitchell's room. Lauren says she went to Brenda Harris' room, and everyone is confused to learn that they are both staying in the same room. Michael thinks that Jennifer is the one who poisoned the necklace for Tom. Lauren breaks down, wondering why Tom would want to kill her. Lauren leaves a message on Scott's voicemail, telling him to bring Brenda to Michael's apartment. Abby tells Ashley that Brad was late to her party because he was with Victoria. Ashley tries to defend Brad, but Abby won't change her mind, saying that all she wants is for her parents to be together again. Tom arrives with a birthday gift for Abby. Ashley hides her disgust as Tom tells her that he hopes he will be cleared of his charges soon so that he can spend more time with them both. At the G.C.A.C, a smug Brad tells Kay that, thanks to Phyllis' work, the Newman Enterprises website is running better than ever. Kay is furious that Jack would put the stake of their company on the line for something so foolish as his personal vendetta against Newman Enterprises. Jack assures her that Phyllis didn't plant any bugs that could be traced back to Chancellor Industries. J.T. gets restless watching Kevin inspect the Newman website. When he leaves, Kevin drops his confident façade, wondering if he can really pull this project off.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Ashley and Paul met briefly at the athletic club, and Paul said that he almost thought Tom had been set up. None of the facts of his case added up. Ashley confessed to Paul that she had helped Michael plant the crystal meth materials on Tom's motorcycle. She'd done it to protect her father, but now she felt like she was in over her head, and Tom was starting to creep her out. Paul promised Ashley that he would protect her.

Tom went to see Gloria to apologize to her. Gloria figured out that he was just trying to make inroads with Ashley, and she refused to believe he'd changed. She also told him that there was something suspicious about Jennifer Mitchell. In fact, Michael suspected Jennifer of poisoning Lauren. For the first time, Tom found out that Brenda was associated with Lauren's son, Scott. As Tom was leaving the Abbott house, he reflected to himself that he didn't care what Brenda/Jennifer was up to, as long as she helped him bring down Michael.

Michael and Lauren told Scott that they thought Brenda might be in danger because she was associated with Jennifer. Scott had never seen Jennifer in Brenda's room and at first didn't believe them. When they told him that the necklace might have been poisoned by Jennifer before Scott gave it to Lauren, Scott began to think back about whether the necklace had been out of his possession.

Daniel and Phyllis talked at Crimson Lights, and he again advised his mother that if she'd done anything to the Newman computers, she should undo it. Phyllis admitted nothing, but she did seem troubled about it.

Kevin had fallen asleep in Newman's computer room when Victor came in and woke him. Kevin said that he hadn't found anything yet that Phyllis might have done, and Victor wondered if Kevin was in over his head. Victor told Kevin that he had a 24-hour window of opportunity to get evidence about Phyllis. When Kevin went to Crimson Lights to get some coffee, he ran into Daniel and Phyllis. In attempting to get information from Phyllis about computers, he inadvertently made her suspicious. Kevin called Paul and told him they needed to talk, while Phyllis called Victor and demanded to know if he was having her web site work investigated. Victor reminded her that it was his responsibility to ensure that everything had been done correctly and hung up on her. Later, when Phyllis saw Kevin and Paul talking, she vowed that Paul and Kevin would not be able to bring her down.

Abby had come to work with Brad and went to visit Victor. When Victor found out that Brad and Ashley had fought at Abby's birthday party, he spoke to Brad privately. He told him that he regretted not having spent more time with his children when they were young, and he advised Brad to give Ashley full custody of Abby because he'd be so busy with his career. Brad assured him that Abby was well taken care of and walked out.

Victoria admitted to Nikki that Abby was causing problems in her relationship with Brad. It reminded her of her feelings about Ashley when she was a little girl. Nikki was sorry to hear about their problems. Victoria wondered if Sharon was making things worse by turning Abby against her.

Sharon was nervous about her upcoming web cast, but she admitted to Nick that the reason she hadn't slept well was her concern for Abby. Nick told her that maybe she should keep some distance from Abby, who was already confused about her parents' situation. Sharon was angry and walked out on him.

When Sharon got to work and found out from Brad that Abby was there, she wondered if she should spend less time with his daughter. Brad said that a child couldn't be loved by too many people. Later, he left Sharon and Abby alone to take care of a business matter. Abby told Sharon that she didn't like Victoria. Sharon told Abby that maybe if she spent time with her, she'd like Victoria more. But she said that sometimes, people just didn't like other people and there was nothing wrong with that. Nikki overheard the last part of their conversation, and when Sharon was alone, Nikki confronted her, sure that Victoria was right about Sharon turning Abby against her.

Victor went to Nick's house and told him the advice that he'd given Brad about Abby. Nick told him how involved Sharon was with Abby, and Victor suggested that maybe Sharon and Nick should have another child. Nick remembered that Cassie had told them that they would one day have another little girl, but he wasn't ready to think about that yet.

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sharon and Nikki continue their argument about Abby and Victoria. Sharon defends herself by saying she was validating Abby's feelings. Brad walks in and asks what's going on. They both say nothing is wrong. Nikki says that she apologizes if she was wrong and they begin the argument again. Brad tells them to table whatever they are having problems with.

Victoria and Dru are talking about the webcast and about Sharon. Dru wonders if Sharon is ready. Nikki walks in and tells them that she has just left from talking to Sharon. She tells Dru and Victoria that Sharon is very confident. She says that Sharon looks like she has been speaking in front of millions of people all her life.

Nikki tells Victoria that she thinks that she might have overreacted. Nikki says that the problem is most likely the stress over the webcast starting. Victoria tells Nikki that she is going to go check on the webcast.

Brad and Sharon talk about the webcast and Dru walks in. Dru tries to make changes to some of the opening statements that Sharon is going to make. Both Sharon and Brad decided that is not a good idea. Dru decides that is fine and leaves. Victoria comes in to check on the webcast. Sharon and Victoria talk about Nick and why he is not there. Victoria wishes Sharon good luck.

After a glitch, Sharon is ready and begins the webcast.

Paul and Kevin are talking at the coffee house about the Newman Enterprise computers. Kevin explains to Paul that he might have messed things up by talking to Phyllis. Phyllis overhears them talking and confronts them. Paul doesn't understand why Phyllis is upset with Kevin. She explains that she knows that Victor thinks she did something to the computers, but does not understand why they would take that job, why they would "rat" her out. Jack walks in the coffee house, and sees them all talking.

Paul gets a phone call and it is Michael Baldwin. He tells Michael that he has a "bone to pick" with him and that he will meet him to talk.

Jack sees Phyllis and they talk about the computer system. Jack asks again what Phyllis did to the computers. Phyllis says she doesn't know what he is talking about. She tells him that she doesn't want to go to jail and that there is nothing to tell him. She assures him that she did not plant a bomb on the computers at Newman. Jack continues to push Phyllis. She mentions something about a "binary shell code" Phyllis tells Jack that she feels as if they live on different planets. She explains to Jack that he has changed. She tells him it is as if he is obsessed about bringing down Newman Enterprises. She tells him that she is leaving to go have coffee on the terrace and that if he wants to talk about anything else besides Newman she will be waiting for him.

Phyllis calls Nick and tells him she needs to meet with him. They agree to meet in the club. Jack watches Phyllis as she leaves the coffee house.

Jack sees Kevin. Jack says that he heard that Kevin is working for Newman.

Michael and Lauren question Scotty about the necklace. He tells them that he didn't have the necklace in his possession the whole time. He tells them that he lost the necklace in Brenda's room. Michael and Lauren then try to connect Jennifer, Tom and Brenda. Scotty defends Brenda by telling them that he knows her, that there was no way she could be involved. Michael tells Scotty that there is no way for any of them to be sure Brenda wasn't involved. Michael says he is going out to put and end to this "mess" once and for all. Lauren begs Michael not to do anything stupid.

Scott and Lauren talk about a wedding date. It is December 9th. She is very worried about Michael. Scotty tries to assure her that is ok.

Tom asks "Jennifer/Brenda" about the trip. Tom talked to Brenda about his legal problems and how she promised to help him. He uses the necklace as leverage. Michael tells her that he will go to Michael Baldwin about the necklace. "Jennifer/Brenda" says that Tom is stabbing her in the back. She tries to assure him that she is his friend. He threatens her again and walks out. "Jennifer/Brenda" is very upset.

Michael and Paul show up at the hotel and Michael begins banging on Tom's door. Jennifer hears this banging from her room and goes outside to see what is going on, when Michael spots her. He talks to her and asks her where Tom is. She claims to have no idea. He also talks to "Jennifer" about posting Tom's bail. Michael says he has reason to believe she helped Tom poison Lauren. "Jennifer" tells Michael she had nothing to do with it. After kicking Michael out of her room, "Jennifer" says to herself, "Tom you are becoming too much of a liability."

Once in the hallway again Paul talks to Michael about what he did to Ashley. Paul says he can't believe that he dragged Ashley into this scheme. He tells Michael that he is worried about Ashley and what would happen to her if Tom found out. Michael tells Paul not to worry. He also tells Paul to stake out the parking lot t look for Tom.

"Jennifer" sneaks out of her room and goes in to Tom's room. She begins looking through his things. She then is tearing his room apart when she thinks she hears voices. She is determined to find the necklace.

Lauren is thinking back to a conversation she has with Michael about her relationship with Scotty. She explained that she kept Scotty at a distance so that she could protect him from Sheila. Scotty comes in the room and Lauren awakens from her daydream. Scotty wants to know about Lauren's life to make up for old times. Lauren tells Scott that she is not sure when to start. Scotty tells her to pick a spot, because he wants to know everything. She tells Scott that whoever it is that poisoned her with the necklace wouldn't be the first person who tried to kill her.

Michael goes to the club to look for Tom. He finds Tom sitting at the bar. He calls Paul to let him know that he has found Tom. After hanging up with Paul, Michael goes to Tom and tells him he has something he wants, and he wants it bad.

Friday, November 18, 2005

Although Sharon wished Nick could be with her during her web cast, she was handling things quite well as Brad looked on. A caller who wanted to know what it was like to be married to the boss's son nearly threw her, but Sharon said that she was the wife of the co-CEO and loved her husband very much. After a few more calls, however, two back-to-back callers questioned Sharon about Cassie's death and offered their sympathy. Sharon tried to redirect the topic to cosmetics, but when she faltered, Brad stepped in and took over, saying it was time Sharon took a break. After the web cast, Sharon began to doubt her professionalism. Maybe she'd only been fooling herself to think that she could do the job. Most people probably thought she'd married her way into it, and she should have been able to brush the questions about Cassie aside. Brad assured her that she was perfect for the job, and no one would blame her for not wanting to be questioned about Cassie. As he tried to build her confidence, Brad told Sharon that she was the real thing, then he leaned over and kissed her.

Having refused to succumb to Jack's questions about the Newman web site, Phyllis called Nick and asked to meet him. When he arrived, she told him the truth. She hadn't planted a bomb or a virus in the computer software. She'd just left herself access to the site. She reminded Nick that she wasn't the only one who'd done something wrong and didn't make it right immediately--without bluntly reminding him that he'd withheld evidence that exonerated Daniel. What had happened to Cassie and Daniel had changed her. She wanted to be the kind of person who could be trusted, and it would upset her to know she'd lost Nick's trust. Although Nick wondered if Phyllis had only come to him because his father was having her work investigated, Nick asked her to go with him right then so they could fix the problem before anyone else discovered it.

When Jack figured out that Kevin was the one trying to detect what Phyllis might have done to the Newman computer system, he offered Kevin a deal. If Kevin reported his findings to Jack instead of Victor, Jack would make sure he was fully embraced and accepted by the Abbott family. Kevin said that even if he was willing to do something unethical and risk Victor's anger, he had no idea how to expose Phyllis. Jack told him that Phyllis had mentioned a particular computer term. Although Kevin never formally accepted Jack's "offer," he did go back to Newman Enterprises to start working on the site again with the new information that Jack had given him.

Michael and Paul tried to make a deal with Tom. Paul would use his contacts to help make the charges against Tom go away, if Tom would give Michael the poisoned necklace and the name of the person who had tried to kill Lauren if it wasn't Tom himself. At first Tom tried to bargain with them, but he finally agreed to provide them with a name.

Sheila ransacked Tom's motel room looking for the necklace. When she saw a lot of dead roaches on the floor under his bed, she realized where the poison was. She cleaned up the mess she'd made searching his room, retrieved the necklace, and took it back to her room, where she cleaned all the poison off of it. After she disposed of anything that had come into contact with the necklace, she left her motel room with the necklace.

Lauren told Scott that Tom's attempt on her life wasn't the first time someone had tried to kill her. The first time had been when he was a baby. She felt guilty about how that had impacted their lives, but Scott assured her that he hadn't had a bad life. When he saw how upset his mother was, Scott asked for more details. Lauren just told him that a very twisted woman had been obsessed with Scott's father and had therefore tried to kill her. She promised that after his first book was published, she would tell him the entire story. As they were talking, the hospital called Lauren. The necklace had been found at the bottom of a large laundry cart. Lauren told Scott, and they deduced that Michael had been wrong to suspect Tom of poisoning the necklace.

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