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Ashley confronted Kevin, Michael, and Gloria with the truth about who they really were. Sharon found a condom in Cassie's purse. Jack tried to win Phyllis back. Michael fired Paul. John learned that Kevin and Michael were Gloria's sons. Victoria returned to Genoa City.
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Monday, March 28, 2005

Brittany tells Bobby not to leave right away. She wants to talk to him. She lets him know that if he doesn't really think they should be together don't stay with her because of the baby and their marriage. Bobby tells Brittany she has it all wrong. He knows she is the right woman for him. She asks him if he can promise never to cheat on her again.

At Michael's apartment, Ashley tells Gloria that she knows she's there for a friendly little visit with her two sons. At first Gloria tries to say it's not true, but Michael tells Gloria to knock it off. Ashley says that she thinks Gloria, Michael and Kevin are in a conspiracy against her father. Michael admits that he kept the truth about his identity a secret against his best wishes because he knew his mother was in love with John. Ashley asks to be alone with Gloria.

Ashley tells Gloria that she must tell John the truth about Michael and Kevin or she will tell John in the morning.

Kevin doesn't think it will be so bad now that Ashley knows that they are Gloria's sons. Michael disagrees; he thinks John will throw Gloria out in the cold. As they realize that Ashley may have hired an investigator to check Gloria out, Michael sees J.T. He goes to him and threatens him about who pays J.T.'s paycheck.

Kevin goes to talk to Mac but warns her that she may see something in the paper that might not be true. When Kevin doesn't want to tell her what it is, Mac leaves angrily.

Sharon asks Nikki if things are lonely for her now that she has no houseguests. Nikki wishes Sharon would leave her alone. She warns Sharon about being a "too curious cat." Sharon annoys Nikki even more as she begins babbling about Nikki and Victor's real reason for visiting Victoria. Nikki says that their sole purpose was to see their daughter, whom they hadn't seen in months. Nikki changes the subject when she finds some double black mascara on the ground. Nikki says it must be Cassie's. Sharon denies that Cassie is having any problems.

Sharon returns home just in time to hear a car speed away. Cassie comes home and Sharon wonders why Cassie didn't take the bus home from school. Cassie admits that a boy had taken her home. When Sharon finds out she doesn't know who the boy is, she warns Cassie that she will call his parents. Cassie runs off downstairs to do her homework. Sharon realizes that Cassie forgot her purse. When flowers arrive at the door for Nikki, Sharon doesn't have cash on her. She opens Cassie's purse and finds a condom.

Phyllis goes to see Jack and is furious with him. She is upset that he lied to her about his real intent to see Victoria. Jack still tries to lie, but his lies don't add up. She knows that Jack's whole reason to see Victoria was to ask her to be his CEO. He had an agenda and used Phyllis to pull it off. Later, Phyllis goes into Victor's office and writes an email to Victoria from Nick telling her he's glad she's happy now and he has everything taken care of at Jabot.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

Michael comes home to find Gloria drowning her troubles in his liquor. She tells him of her harrowing experience with Ashley. Gloria fully expects to hear 'I told you so' from her son, but Michael says he would rather work on a plan for damage control, recognizing he's also become deeply involved in this. Michael encourages Gloria to tell John herself about her deception rather than letting Ashley do it. He explains that this may be the one way she can save herself, by explaining it to John her way and not allowing Ashley to put her own spin on it. He encourages Gloria to explain to John about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her first two husbands, thinking John may feel bad for her. Gloria doesn't feel this can happen and fears her marriage is over. Gloria tells her son that her love for John is genuine, that he's not just her meal ticket. She knows John cares for her, feels she's important, and doesn't want to hurt her; she finally has some self esteem. Michael embraces his mother as she begins sobbing. After composing herself, Gloria leaves to confess her deception to John. Michael assures her she can stay at his apartment that night if she needs a place. He reminds her that she's a survivor who has been through a lot worse. Gloria leaves with a heavy heart; Michael seems to finally feel empathy for his mother.

Ashley is in Paul's office telling him about all that took place with Gloria and that she feels responsible for the pain her father will endure over learning the truth about Gloria since she instigated the digging into Gloria's past. She does, however, admit she felt Gloria's emotions were genuine when talking about the abuse of Kevin by his father.

Sharon is pacing the floor up at the main house. Cassie comes in, and Sharon confronts her about the condom she found in her purse. Cassie looks on as Sharon pulls it out of her purse and demands that Cassie explain to her why it's there. Cassie wants to know why her mother was going through her purse. Sharon said she only looked in there to find some change for the deliveryman. In an effort to appear casual about the situation, Cassie told her mother that they were passed out at school and that all of her friends took one because they thought it would be funny. She assured her mother than she's not having sex. Sharon is also worried because Max, a senior, drove Cassie home from school; Cassie says they are just friends. Sharon tells Cassie she's not sure if she believes her. Cassie is told by her mother that she has way too much freedom, and that will change.

Kevin and Mac are together at the coffee shop. Mac still thinks Kevin is hiding something. Kevin admits there is something. After more coaxing from Mac, Kevin agrees to tell her. Daniel joins them as Kevin shares with Mac that he won one million dollars in the Powerball Lottery. Mac is thrilled for Kevin and congratulates him. Kevin confesses that the ticket was really Michael's, that he had bought it for him, and that he has given it back to Michael. Mac was curious if Kevin would have given back the ticket if Michael hadn't found out. At this moment, Jack walks up to the group and invites Daniel to sit down at a table with him for a chat. After Daniel leaves, Kevin assures Mac that he would have returned the lottery ticket to Michael even if he hadn't gotten caught.

Sharon is in Nick's office, obviously very upset. Dru comes by and asks if all is okay. Their usual tension is present, but they are able to begin discussing PR campaigns. Nick is surprised to find them using his office for their meeting. Dru leaves and Sharon relates to Nick the current issues involving Cassie. She reminds him that she herself wasn't that much older than Cassie when she became pregnant with her. Nick assures Sharon he will talk to Cassie.

Phyllis walks into Damon's office. He knows right away that something is bothering her. She relates how Jack has lied to her and used her. She asked Damon's advice on what she should do. Damon says he has no doubt that Phyllis will think of a payback.

Jack joins John downstairs at the Abbott home. Jack tells his father how he messed up with Phyllis. To Jack's surprise, John asks why he just doesn't ask her to marry him and encourages Jack to propose. John says he can't picture Jack with anyone except Phyllis. After hearing John say how very happy Gloria has made him, Jack promises to make an effort to look for the good in his father's new wife. Jack leaves, and John finds a card; it's an anniversary card from Gloria for their six-month anniversary. John is obviously touched by the note Gloria wrote inside the card, expressing her love for him. John smiles as he continues to read....Gloria comes in the front door and looks lovingly at her husband sitting there.

At Crimson Lights, Jack tells Daniel he wants to spend time with Phyllis. Daniel said he would be in favor of that. Jack then says he wants to do something special for Phyllis and may need Daniel's help.

In Florence, Italy, Victoria is relaxing with the newspaper when she notices she has received an email from Nicholas informing her that all is well at Newman Enterprises.

Nick is leaving his office when his phone rings; it's Victoria telling him she received his email. Nick says he didn't send it. Victoria says it's from his computer. He checks and is very surprised to see that it was indeed sent from his computer. Victoria coldly tells her brother not to be worried about her coming back home, that she knows where his head is.

Michael walks into Paul's office, finds him with Ashley, and states icily that he wants to talk to Paul; Ashley leaves. Michael angrily tells Paul that he just has these three words for him...."You are fired!"

Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Sharon stopped by Nick's office on her way out to remind him to talk to Cassie. Nick agreed, then he asked her why she'd sent the email in his name to Victoria. He wasn't mad; he knew she was only trying to cover for him. Mystified, Sharon denied sending the email. When she found out what it said, she suggested that maybe Drucilla had sent it to head off a possible return by Victoria. Dru came in, and Sharon left. Nick reaffirmed his faith in Drucilla to do the job he'd hired her for. He wondered if she was going overboard trying to feel safe. Drucilla was startled to hear about the email and denied sending it. She wanted Nick to trust her. Nick finally seemed convinced that Dru was telling the truth. After she left, it occurred to him that maybe the person who sent the email hadn't been trying to keep Victoria away but to goad her into coming home. He rolled his eyes and muttered Phyllis's name.

Brad caught Phyllis before she could leave the Jabot building after she saw Damon. He dragged her into his office to question whether she had any inside information on Jack's plan for the CEO position. Phyllis evaded his questions, but she did finally tell Brad that he should know that if Jack really wanted him to be CEO, he'd already be in the position. After Phyllis left, Brad muttered that he knew that.

At Crimson Lights, Adrian remembered Damon telling her that just being friends wasn't enough for him. After all they'd shared, he couldn't settle for that. Adrian wondered aloud why Damon had given her the silent treatment for so many weeks if that was how he felt. Damon walked up and warned her that talking to herself wasn't a good sign.

Lily, Sierra, and Daniel were also hanging out at Crimson Lights. When Cassie walked up to them, Daniel took note of her suggestive outfit. After she went to get something to drink, he asked the other girls if Cassie seemed to be trying too hard. When Cassie came back, Daniel again looked at Cassie's short skirt and asked if she was going out or something. But he had to leave the girls' table when his mother came in and gave him a warning look.

On the patio with Phyllis, Daniel was annoyed when his mother started in on Lily. He told her that Lily was just his friend. He couldn't stop hanging out with all his friends just because Lily was part of their group. As they were talking, Nick came in. He told Phyllis he'd like to see her in his office in one hour, upping Phyllis's stress level another couple of notches. Daniel suggested that after her meeting with Nick, she should go work out at the club. He'd go home and do his homework, then the two of them could watch a movie together later. Phyllis agreed that was a good idea, not realizing that Daniel was helping Jack set up a special evening for her.

Cassie mentioned a party taking place that weekend and that Max Powers had given her a ride home from school. Sierra noted that Max was a senior, and both girls were alarmed to hear that Cassie had a condom in her purse. Lily warned her not to get in over her head with an older guy; she could get hurt. Their conversation was interrupted by Nick's arrival. After he took Cassie away, Sierra asked if Lily had been thinking about Kevin. Lily said yes; she didn't want anything like that to happen to Cassie. When Sierra said that Daniel seemed to care about Lily, Lily said the problem was that Phyllis and her mother didn't get along, so Phyllis didn't want Daniel hanging out with her.

Nick had a heart-to-heart talk with Cassie in the office of the coffee house. Cassie understood why her mother was freaking out; she'd gotten pregnant when she was a teenager. Cassie thought her parents should be relieved that she had a condom. Even if she was having sex, which she wasn't, at least she knew about protection. Nick said there were other ways Cassie could be hurt by not waiting until she was older to have sex. It was his and Sharon's job to protect her; when Cassie took that step, it would change everything for her. He seemed to be getting through to Cassie, who hugged him and asked him to talk to Sharon so she wouldn't keep getting hysterical about the situation. Cassie said that her father seemed to understand her better, and it was easier to talk to him.

Jack found Ashley in the lab and told her that he'd done something stupid that hurt Phyllis's feelings. He was surprised when Ashley was supportive of him. Ashley said that no matter what personal feelings she had about Phyllis, Jack had been happy when he was with her. If they could find their way back to each other, Ashley was all for it. Jack hugged her and asked what was going on with her and Paul. Ashley smiled and said it was mostly business. In fact, she had something to tell her brother. Jack begged her to postpone it until the next day. He wanted to stay focused on making up with Phyllis. Ashley agreed to wait.

Michael was furious at Paul for his part in helping Ashley expose the truth about Gloria's past. Paul pointed out that he hadn't known that he was going to uncover that Michael and Kevin were Gloria's sons. Yes, he'd been curious about what was going on between Michael and Gloria, but he'd only been doing the job Ashley had hired him to do. Michael said that as his business partner, Paul could have given him a heads-up before telling Ashley everything. It wasn't the first time Paul had withheld information from him. He'd helped Christine conceal information in Damon and Phyllis's legal case. Michael could no longer trust Paul and wanted him out of their offices by the next morning.

At the Abbott house, John thanked Gloria for their six-month anniversary card and suggested they go somewhere special for dinner to celebrate. Gloria declined, saying she just wanted to stay at home because she had something to tell him. She'd been keeping a secret from him for a long time. John was baffled when Gloria began talking about her past, because they'd had discussions about the way the men in her life before John had treated her. Gloria said it was about her sons. John said that he knew they were estranged and that Gloria had been hurt by their distance. When he mentioned having met them, Gloria finally said that the men he'd met weren't really her sons.

Thursday, March 31, 2005

Paul goes to see Ashley at her work. She is worried about her father. Paul says that he's there to help her if she needs him.

Michael comes home to find Kevin trying to call Gloria. He makes Kevin hang up the phone and explains the ultimatum that Ashley gave Gloria. Kevin is optimistic about the situation, saying that he'd like the chance to get to know John. He says he'd bet Michael the lottery ticket that they kiss and make up. Michael thinks Kevin is crazy; there is no way that John will forgive Gloria. Michael warns Kevin not to go over there.

Gloria explains to John that the two boys he met were not her sons. She says that she hired them to play her two sons because she didn't want John to know the truth about her real sons. John is upset that Gloria lied to him. He asks her to tell her the truth about her sons. He wonders what their names are. Gloria says that John already knows them. Just then, there is a knock at the door. It's Kevin; he says he would like to speak to Gloria. John wants to know why Kevin would want to see Gloria. He tells him to leave. Gloria stops him. She tells John that Kevin is her son.

Damon sees Adrienne at the coffeehouse. She is upset that Damon hasn't visited her in weeks and wonders if she should go back to Africa or Georgia, someplace where she feels she belongs. Damon kisses her and asks her for dinner. Adrienne says she will be busy working out. Damon promises he will see her again shortly.

Nick tells Sharon that he doesn't have time to speak with Cassie. Nikki overhears Sharon talking about how worried she is about Cassie. When Nikki asks what Sharon is worried about, Sharon doesn't want to talk about it. Nikki says that if something is wrong with Cassie she wants to know.

Nick asks Phyllis to meet him in his office. He reads her the email and tells her that he knows she wrote it. He tells Phyllis that he doesn't want to fire her, but he needs to know that she is on his side.

Victor goes to visit Nick. He is upset with Nick's business decision to put Drucilla on an executive contract. He says that it goes against company policy. Nick wonders if Victor is going to pull the reins on him again. Victor leaves with a warning.

Jack visits Brad in the office. Brad is looking at other potential executive positions available outside of Jabot. He tells Jack that if he is not named CEO by the following business day, he will leave Jabot for good.

Jack asks for Daniel's help cooking dinner. When Daniel realizes that Jack may be doing it because Phyllis is angry with Jack, Daniel isn't so sure he wants to be a part of it. Jack apologizes for putting Daniel in the middle of things, and they decide to have dinner anyway. When Phyllis arrives, she wonders what Jack is doing in her kitchen. When he asks if she's hungry, she wonders if he is going to poison her.

Friday, April 1, 2005

Lauren was hoping for a romantic evening with Michael, but he warned her that Kevin was in the other room. He told her that Gloria was even then telling John the truth about her sons. John could come storming through the door with a shotgun any minute. Lauren defended Gloria's decision about keeping the truth from John, who probably wouldn't have married her if he'd known who her sons were. Wouldn't Michael rather see his mother happy with a man like John instead of back in Detroit with more losers like her former husbands? Michael received a call from a client in Oakdale. He was going to have to leave town at once for a case. Lauren promised to keep an eye on Kevin while Michael was out of town. They figured out that Kevin wasn't in the apartment, which meant he was probably at the Abbott house.

John couldn't believe his ears when Gloria told him that Kevin was her son. He began to wonder if everyone else had been right, and Gloria had been using him all along. Kevin came to his mother's defense, insisting that Gloria really loved John. She hadn't married him for money; Michael and Kevin would take care of her, after all. In fact, she hadn't really even lied to him so much as kept something from him. John lashed out at Kevin, saying that he wasn't surprised by Kevin's ability to make the truth be whatever he wanted it to be. It was exactly what he'd expect from someone like Kevin the arsonist.

As Gloria tried to convince John that what they shared was real, Ashley brooded in the lab about what her father was going through. She called home to check on him, but as soon as John realized that Ashley knew the truth, he said he couldn't talk and hung up the phone.

Phyllis eyed Daniel and Jack apprehensively when she found them in her kitchen. Jack finally talked her into going upstairs for a massage he'd arranged while he and Daniel finished cooking dinner. Afterwards, while they ate, Phyllis was charmed at the way Jack and her son had worked together on their surprise for her. When Daniel left to spend the night with a friend, Jack and Phyllis cuddled on the couch. He told her that he'd never gotten over her or found anyone who could measure up to her. Jack wanted them to find their way back to each other. Phyllis told him they'd have to wait and see how things went. Their evening was cut short by a call from Ashley, who demanded that Jack meet her at the Abbott house.

When Ashley arrived home, she wanted to know what Kevin was doing there. Kevin again defended his mother and said she wasn't to blame for the things he'd done. He was beginning to think that all the Abbotts were stuck up. As Ashley hotly defended herself to Kevin, Jack stormed in and demanded to know what was going on and who Kevin was. When he learned Kevin's name and asked what that creep was doing there, John told him "that creep" was his stepbrother.

Sharon was stressing out to Nick about Cassie, but he told her not to worry. He felt like Cassie was okay after the talk they'd had, and Sharon would only make things worse if she kept the conflict going between them. When Cassie came home, she brushed off her mother's attempt to talk to her and went upstairs with plans to turn in early. Sharon told Nick she felt like sometimes she didn't know her little girl anymore. They then talked about Victor's disapproval of Nick's decision to give Drucilla an executive contract. Nick insisted that his decision wasn't based on fear that his sister would return. He did regret that he and Victoria weren't as close as they'd been once, but he felt like she'd never forgive him for turning their father in to the feds. Sharon urged Nick to make overtures toward his sister and find some common ground. She reminded him that Victoria would eventually come home; wouldn't he rather greet her with a hug and kindness?

Victor had a talk with Drucilla about her plans for the cosmetics division. Put on the spot, Drucilla wasn't able to answer all his questions with quick answers. Victor wondered if she was really up to the job that Nick had hired her for, and Drucilla insisted that she was. Later, Victor was getting rid of his frustration by working out when Nikki joined him. Sensing his pent up anger, she reminded him that he'd promised not to interfere with Nicholas's decisions at Newman Enterprises. Nor should he turn his disappointment over Victoria's refusal to return home into a reason to doubt Nick. They had to let their children live their own lives and hope for the best. Victor told Nikki how grateful he was to have her in his life.

Meanwhile, Victoria arrived at her parents' house and was disappointed to find no one there. She mused aloud that she wasn't sure if she was really happy to be home.

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