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On his birthday, Devon became trapped in a lion cage. Malcolm and Neil rescued Devon. Lily lost control of her car, and she accidentally hit Neil. Victor revealed that Nick had been paying Sharon's salary. Colleen and J.T. broke up.
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Monday, February 7, 2005

Mac tries to make Kevin see a psychiatrist. Kevin refuses to go in. He thinks the psychiatrist will tell him he's crazy and then he will never have the hope to change. Mac says that this is something he must do. If he doesn't go in he will never see her again.

Michael is amazed that Mac convinced Kevin to go to the psychiatrist. They talk about Kevin's life growing up. Michael feels guilty for leaving him alone in that situation. Mac says that he should forgive himself.

Nikki begs Victor to leave Jabot. She pleads for him to do it for her, so they can finally spend time together. Victor says leaving is something he can't do. Sharon interrupts them and tells Victor that she has decided to resign. Victor says if she stays they will pay her salary. Sharon and Nikki wonder who was paying her salary previously. Victor admits that it was Nick. Sharon leaves angrily.

Nick is happy to see Sharon when she comes home early. He thinks she has decided to resign from Jabot and wants to throw her a party. Sharon says there's nothing to celebrate. When she admits to him that she found out Nick has been paying her salary, Nick apologizes. He says that he wanted her to have the job so badly he made a temporary deal with Brad. Sharon says she is embarrassed that everyone knew. She feels betrayed. Sharon feels that this is something Victor would have done. She tells Nick she doesn't want to work for any Newman anymore, including her own husband.

Colleen goes to see J.T. and tells him about her parents taking a trip to Europe. She wants to know if J.T. wants her to stay. J.T. says he can't tell her what to do with her life. As they talk, they both realize that they have moved on with their lives. Even though they still and will always love each other, their relationship has changed. Colleen wonders if they are saying goodbye. J.T. says this time it will be different. He will always want to know about her life. Except however, new boyfriends and dates she might have. Colleen agrees. As she leaves she clutches her necklace in her hands.

At the coffeehouse, Drucilla thanks Neil for calling to see about Devon. Malcolm overhears and asks if they have found him yet. Drucilla is worried sick; she has no idea where he could be. When Lily shows up Drucilla tells her about Devon. They talk to Sierra and go through his paperwork for school. Drucilla realizes that it's Devon's birthday. Sierra admits that Devon may have gone to the zoo because Devon's grandmother used to take him there every year for his birthday.

At the zoo, Devon thinks about his grandmother. It's getting cold and dark, but he enjoys watching the animals. Suddenly, a security guard appears and Devon starts running. Devon starts jumping fences to get away and hides in the snow. When the coast is clear, he gets up and almost falls. He hears a noise and becomes face to face with a lion.

Tuesday, February 8, 2005

Bobby and Brittany have returned back to the ranch after attending Joshua's burial service in Cleveland. Bobby is concerned that Brittany is still not feeling well. He thanks her for accompanying him to Cleveland, for supporting him and making the burial arrangements. Brittany tells Bobby she needs to get some air, says she wants to go visit a friend. She leaves, causing Bobby more concern because she is still not feeling well. He picks up the phone, ready to make a call, when he notices a sheet of paper next to the phone. He begins reading it; its contents have definitely peaked his interest.

Brad has stopped by the Abbott house and is discussing Jabot business with Ashley. To her surprise, he admits that Victor did indeed find some unnecessary expenses that could have added to Jabot's downfall. Ashley asks him if this is actually a compliment to Victor. Ashley notes that Brad seems to be relenting about Victor being at Jabot, but adds that she doesn't buy it. Brad proceeds to try to convince Ashley that he's willing to work with Victor and that he now realizes he can't continue fighting him. Ashley is still suspicious about the sudden change in Brad. She observes that he's acting strange and questions what really brought this about. Brad tells her that Jack was instrumental in bringing about this decision, making him realize that he was outnumbered.

Jack is in the CEO office at Jabot talking to Traci by phone about her signing a proxy. As he hangs up the phone, a workman tells him that the window is now repaired. Jack quietly mutters to himself, "Next time it will be Newman instead of a chair." His muttering was loud enough for Nikki to hear as she entered the office just at that moment. They then begin discussing Victor. Nikki accuses Jack of being there at Jabot only to bait Victor. Jack says he knows she wants him out of Jabot too. Jack stresses to Nikki that he needs to know he can count on her support to help oust Victor from Jabot. Jack further tells her that he's now got the money and the power to get Victor out and admits he has a plan to oust Victor. Nikki says she's worried about being pitted against her husband; she needs Victor home, especially now, she adds. Jack senses something might be up, but Nikki just tells him she just wants out of the corporate rat race, as there's no fulfillment in the board room. They conclude they both want Victor out of Jabot, although for different reasons.

Michael and Mac are in the reception area of the doctor's office waiting for Kevin to complete his first session with the psychiatrist. Michael is explaining to Mac why Kevin didn't tell her about his past sooner, including the legal ramifications which might have ensued for her if she actually had knowledge of this. She inquires about the fire at Gina's and the fact that Kevin was never convicted. The reason for that, he explains, is that they could find no evidence. Michael then mentions the time Kevin did spend in jail when he was suspected of electrocuting Brittany until the real culprit was found. He was then released, he tells her, but not before he was brutally beaten there by a gang of prison thugs. Michael shares that he wants to believe there's now hope for Kevin. Kevin then emerges from the doctor's office and is rather surprised to find his brother there with Mac waiting for him. Michael assures Kevin he will always be there for him. Kevin is also pleasantly surprised that Mac is still waiting for him too. Michael says he is ready to take Kevin home, and all three leave together.

Mac, Kevin and Michael have arrived at Mac's loft. Kevin is quiet and seems very pensive and reflective about his session today. Mac leaves the room for a while so the two brothers can talk. Michael tells Kevin how proud he is about him taking this step and asks him how the session went. Kevin replied that it was "amazing." Kevin tells Michael that he's grateful to him for coming, to which Michael again assures Kevin he will always be there. Kevin tells Michael he was very nervous about seeing the doctor but is now glad he went and thinks Dr. Woods is really nice. Michael again lets Kevin know he is proud of him for taking this step for himself, but Kevin states he also did it for Mac. He playfully teases Kevin about liking Mac. He encourages Kevin to continue with his therapy, to which Kevin replies that he has another session booked. Mac then comes back in the room. Kevin wants to stay a while and talk to Mac. She assures Michael that she will drive him home, so Michael then leaves. Kevin then thanks Mac for making him see the doctor. He says that he's been doing a lot of thinking and feels they shouldn't see so much of each other for a while. This surprises Mac, but Kevin explains that he will need to concentrate on his therapy, but Mac feels he will need someone to count on during this time. Kevin again expresses surprise that Mac would still want to be there for him. She gives her word she will continue to be there; Kevin is touched to finally have someone he can count on. He then, rather awkwardly, gives Mac a kiss. He says he should go... they leave and Mac takes him home.

The entire Winters family (Neil, Dru, Lily and Malcolm) arrive at the zoo in their car to look for Devon. The guard tells them he's sure no one is still left at the zoo, but they beg him to look for their son. They are discussing amongst themselves about today being Devon's birthday. Just a short distance away, Devon is trapped in the lions' den, with a lion coming dangerously close to him. Two of the guards are talking to each other, when one mentions to the other about just seeing a kid on the zoo grounds. The other one says he thinks this kid's family is looking for him. The guard then finds the Winters family and tells them he thinks their son may be somewhere in the park after all. Meanwhile, the lion is moving closer and Devon is trapped.

At Crimson Lights, J.T. joins Brit. Brittany tells J.T. about Joshua's burial, to which J.T. replies that this may be a new beginning for the two of them. He then goes on to tell Brit that he and Colleen have broken up again, that she's going to accompany her mother on a book tour in Europe. Brit is surprised... she thought he loved Colleen. He assured her that he still does but says things have changed and that this time they are over for real. J.T. mentions Colleen's friend, Zack, from New York and how he and Colleen both once thought that there could never be anyone else for either of them. J.T. then changes the subject back to Cleveland, but Brittany isn't really listening... she's replaying in her mind about when the doctor in Cleveland informed her she was pregnant. J.T. knows there is something wrong with Brit and inquires about what is bothering her. At first, she says she's fine but then caves and confides to J.T. that she learned from the emergency room doctor in Cleveland, after collapsing at the burial site, that she was pregnant. J.T. is obviously shocked but tells her he thinks it's great, although with some hesitation. He guesses that Bobby must be happy about it... Brit informs him that Bobby doesn't yet know about it.

Nikki has now arrived home... she hangs her coat in the closet. She then notices that Bobby has returned home. She inquires how the funeral/burial went, and Bobby replies that he was sure it was everything that his parents would have wanted. Nikki assured Bobby that she too would visit Joshua's grave at some time in the future. She says she wants to start a scholarship in Joshua's name. Bobby then hands Nikki a little black box. Upon opening it, she finds the ruby earrings given to her on her 5th birthday. Bobby feels it's right that she should have them. Nikki is extremely touched at receiving these. Bobby tells her it's all about forgiveness... "Josh forgives you; you need to forgive yourself; put this behind you." Nikki begins crying and tenderly embraces Bobby. Bobby can see that Nikki is also upset about something else, so she finally confides that she's sad about Victor and how they never seem to be on the same wave length. Bobby wants to help, but Nikki says she just wants to change the subject; she then inquires about how Brittany is feeling. He tells her Brit went out to see a friend. Bobby then informs her of the paper he found next to the phone earlier; a list of funeral arrangements... and he knows she made them.

Back at the zoo, everyone is frantically calling to Devon. Devon then calls out to them. They hear him and run towards his direction. The lion moves closer, his growl increasing. Devon is utterly terrified...

Wednesday, February 9, 2005

Bobby confronted Nikki with the paper that had some of Joshua's burial arrangements written down, asking why they were in her handwriting. Nikki explained that she'd known he was in no shape to handle things, so she'd done it. Bobby understood that she'd felt the need to do that for Joshua and for him; what he couldn't understand was why she'd asked Brittany to lie to him about it, or why Brittany had agreed. Nikki told him that Brittany was sometimes too young to know the right thing to do. Even though she was confident on the outside, she was still very young and a little threatened by Nikki. Bobby needed to just let things be, and not tell Brittany that he knew. Bobby finally agreed and hugged Nikki, thanking her for all that she'd done for him and Brittany.

Brittany tearfully confessed the truth to J.T., that she was pregnant. J.T. listened to her express her fears about how Bobby might react, and how bad the timing was because of their financial situation and living arrangements. He then held her, reassuring her that everything would be fine. She needed to trust her husband and go home, telling him everything she'd just told J.T. Comforted, Brittany promised to do just that. But when she walked in the door of the Newman ranch, she saw Nikki in Bobby's arms.

When Michael tried to get details about Kevin's therapy session from him, Kevin was evasive, saying it had been a very positive experience and he was looking forward to going again. It was nice to have someone to unburden himself to. He also said he was looking forward to Valentine's Day and hoped he could do something special for Mac, since she was the reason he was in therapy. Michael reminded Kevin that he needed to be in therapy for himself, not for anyone else. Kevin agreed but said that Mac was just really special for standing by him. He reminded Michael that on Valentine's Day a year ago, he'd still been with Lauren. Michael was a little alarmed by Kevin's choice of words and seemed skeptical about Kevin's attitude. Kevin gave Michael a little thank you gift of a lottery ticket then said he was going for a walk.

When Lauren came over later, she was surprised to find that Michael was having a little celebratory moment with champagne and canapés. Michael told her it was in honor of Kevin's decision to go into therapy. However, he still wasn't entirely sure that everything was on the up and up. He reminded Lauren of Kevin's former infatuation with her and wondered if Kevin's feelings for Mac were just as unhealthy. Lauren said that at least Mac was Kevin's age and she seemed to really care about him. Michael should just relax and stop worrying so much about Kevin. She was also touched by Kevin's gift of the lottery ticket. Michael agreed that deep down, Kevin had a good heart. But he expected his brother to be little less upbeat after talking about his childhood abuse and all the problems he'd brought on himself the last couple of years.

Mac arrived home to find a pensive J.T. She fended off an argument between them about Kevin, saying they'd never agree so it was best not to talk about it. When she asked J.T. what kind of day he'd had, he told her about his and Colleen's decision to break up and Colleen's intention to travel to Europe with her mother and stepfather. Mac could tell something else was bothering him, but he didn't tell her Brittany's news. Mac suggested that since J.T. was now at loose ends, maybe they could spend Valentine's Day together. J.T. smiled and agreed that he didn't have any plans for Valentine's Day.

Ashley had a lot of questions for Jack about Brad's change in attitude, which Brad attributed to Jack's calming advice. Jack said that it was in the best interest of the company for Brad to at least try to work with Victor in those areas where they could find agreement. While Ashley agreed, she wasn't buying Jack's sudden role as a peacemaker, especially since she'd also heard that Jack had irresponsibly flung a chair from the CEO's office window. Jack said one didn't have anything to do with the other. Whereas he could see the need to help Jabot by everyone working together, Victor had gone too far by trying to have Jack banned from the building, so Jack had reacted angrily. Ashley didn't buy it for a minute. She knew Jack was up to something. Jack assured her that no one cared about Jabot any more than he did, and one day she'd believe that.

Nick went to Jabot to talk to Victor about Sharon. He wondered why his father had told Sharon the truth about who was paying her salary. Victor acted outraged that Nick would question his motives in telling Sharon the truth. He claimed that he hadn't known Sharon didn't know and he was offended at Nick's implication that he would cause trouble in his son's marriage. Nick wasn't buying it, and he said he wasn't the only one who knew how ruthless Victor was. Victor argued that the Abbotts had done Nick a favor by hiring Sharon, and now Nick was stabbing them in the back by trying to steal Sharon away. He ordered Nick to go home and tell Sharon that she should stay at Jabot until Victor was finished restructuring the company in six months to a year. Nick stared at him with disbelief.

At the zoo, the Winters and the zoo guard finally found Devon frozen in fear in the lion's cage. Malcolm slipped over the side into the enclosure and slowly moved in front of Devon to protect him from the lion. When Devon was too frightened to back away and climb the wall, Neil also jumped inside the cage and gently pulled Devon back and away to safety. Malcolm then told Neil to get out. After everyone else was safe, Malcolm kept his eyes fixed on the lion and slowly backed away. He was able to make it to safety before the lion became aggressive. Outside the zoo, Devon thanked Malcolm and Neil for saving him and apologized for the jeopardy he'd placed them all in. Dru said they could talk about that later. When Lily and Devon went to get the car, Neil and Malcolm, giddy with relief, began horsing around with each other, teasing in a brotherly away about how brave they'd been. They were standing in the street playing around when Lily lost control of the car on the ice, sliding until the car hit Neil and knocked him into the snow.

Thursday, February 10, 2005

Brittany sarcastically apologizes to Nikki and Bobby for interrupting them as they are hugging. Bobby says they have nothing to be sorry for; they have been doing nothing wrong. Bobby admits that he found out that Nikki was the person who handled the arrangements for Joshua. Brittany thinks Nikki tricked her to make her look bad in front of her husband. Brittany shouts out that she's pregnant and runs upstairs. Nikki tells Bobby it will be okay, Brittany isn't thinking clearly.

Later on, Brittany comes downstairs and says that Nikki was right. She is confused and wonders how Bobby feels knowing she is pregnant. Bobby says he is scared to death. This has thrown him a curve ball; but through better or for worse he will roll with the punches.

Drucilla, Malcolm, Lily and Devon wait at the hospital for Olivia to tell them how Neil is doing. Olivia says that Neil is too unstable for them to perform surgery, but they can see him now. Neil tells Drucilla how much he loves her, and asks Devon that he take care of Dru and Lily while he is in the hospital. He tells Devon that he is a great addition to their family and he is their son.

J.T. can't believe after everything he told Mac she still wants to be friends with Kevin. Mac tells him that she convinced Kevin to see a psychiatrist; but J.T. still thinks Kevin should be in jail. Mac asks that they talk about what they will do on Valentine's Day. She says it was a special day for J.T. and Colleen and she wants to make sure he doesn't dwell on the past.

Michael and Lauren worry that Kevin may be taking his infatuation of Mac too far. When Kevin appears, he confirms it. He is planning a Valentine's Day surprise for Mac. They warn him that girls may not appreciate such spontaneity, but Kevin isn't listening.

Nick and Sharon talk to Victor about her position at Jabot. She tells Victor her decision is certain, she will work for Newman Enterprises if they will still have her. Victor is disappointed, but Nick is thrilled. He tells Sharon how proud he is that should stand up to Victor that way. Sharon says Nick is still on thin ice with her. She makes him promise that he won't turn out to be a controlling and manipulative person like Victor.

Friday, February 11, 2005

At a signal from Olivia, Malcolm awoke Dru in the waiting room. Olivia told them that even though Neil wasn't really stable yet, they needed to go ahead and do surgery. She thought it would be a good idea for his family to see him first, and Dru understood that Liv was saying Neil might not make it. Drucilla saw him alone; when Neil asked her to promise to make the children her top priority, Dru begged him not to talk like that; they were going to grow old together, and he'd always be there for their children. Later, Lily and Devon woke up, and Lily visited her father. He told her that the accident wasn't her fault. All the best and worst things in life could never be expected, but the journey made it all worthwhile. Lily was afraid her father was telling her goodbye, but he said he'd never say goodbye to her. Neil then talked to Malcolm alone, and the two brothers vowed that all the bad feelings were behind them. Malcolm promised to take care of Neil's family if it came to that, but he assured Neil that it would not. After Neil talked to them all and to Devon one last time, he was taken to surgery.

J.T. went to the boutique and asked Lauren to help him pick out a Valentine's Day present for someone. When she thought it was for Colleen, he told her that he and Colleen had broken up again and she'd left town. This was for a special friend who was going to keep him from moping over the holiday. Without knowing that J.T.'s date was with Mac, Lauren helped him pick out a gift.

Gloria came by Michael's, but Michael had already left for work, so she visited with Kevin. When Kevin told her that he was in therapy, she apologized for the part she'd played in his bad childhood. Kevin insisted that she was a victim, too, and he didn't blame her. When he told her that he was going to surprise Mac for Valentine's Day, Gloria said that she'd help him put something together. Her approval of Mac, however, seemed to come mostly from the fact that Mac was a Chancellor.

After confirming by phone with J.T. that their date would be at the athletic club, Mac received another call. She thought it was J.T. calling her back, but it was Kevin, who wanted to know what she was doing. Mac told him that she had a lot of homework that she'd be spending time on. She offered to go with Kevin the next time he went to therapy, and he told her to get her studying done then clear her decks. Mac didn't realize that he was asking her to keep herself free that night. Later, she received a package. Mystified, she opened it to find a red dress. First she thought it was from her grandmother, but as she read the note, it seemed to be from J.T., since she was asked to wear the dress on her date that night. It wasn't until she saw Kevin's signature that Mac realized he might be expecting her to go out with him.

Brad, Ashley, John, and Victor were in a meeting to talk business. Keeping his promise to Jack, Brad seemed to approve of Victor's suggestions. John wasn't so sure that all of Victor's decisions were good ones. Ashley kept reminding them that it was Victor who was keeping Jabot from certain failure. Gloria walked in on their meeting, and against Ashley's wishes, John let his wife stay in the room. Gloria interrupted several times, getting on Ashley's nerves, especially when Gloria disapproved of Ashley's decision to go to France. She accused Ash of taking a vacation just when the company needed her most. Ashley defended herself, saying that she was going to research a possible new product that could help rebuild enthusiasm and confidence among Jabot's customers. John and Brad agreed that it was a good plan.

While Sharon and Nick were getting ready for work, Nikki showed up. Left alone with Sharon, Nikki said it was too bad Nick had felt that he had to buy Sharon's way into a job. Sharon accused Nikki of trying to start trouble and disagreed with Nikki's belief that Sharon was neglecting her family by working. Nikki was surprised to hear that Sharon was holding firm about taking the position at Newman. When Nick came back downstairs, Sharon left for work. Nick asked his mother to be supportive of Sharon and him, and Nikki said in some ways, she envied them the opportunity to work together. She'd hoped that once Victor made Nick CEO, it would mean she could spend more time with her husband. Instead, Victor was immersed in the business of Jabot. After Nikki left, Nick went to Jabot and confronted Ashley, telling her that if Jabot was on the right course, it was time for Victor to leave. Ashley told Nick that Victor wasn't a doddering old fool. No matter what Nikki might want, Victor wasn't the kind of man who'd be happy if he was idle. She had no intention of discussing it further with him, and Nick warned her that if she didn't take action, he might have to do something. Ashley told Nick that the harder he tried to push his father, the more determined Victor would be to stay at Jabot.

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