Y&R Recaps: The week of November 15, 2004 on The Young and the Restless
Jill asked Arthur about the life insurance policy that he had taken out on Katherine. Brittany told J.T. that Mac had feelings for him. Ashley and Brad planned to separate. John and Gloria were married. Malcolm wanted nothing to do with Neil.
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Monday, November 15, 2004

Neil is shocked to finally see Malcolm alive. Malcolm gives Neil a cold stare but Neil hugs him anyway. Neil thanks god for bringing Malcolm back to them. Malcolm says that it's no thanks to Neil. Neil says that he understands from Drucilla that Malcolm blames Neil for a lot of things. Malcolm thinks that Neil left him for dead. Neil tries to explain that the search party went on for days before he was convinced that Malcolm was dead. He then tells Malcolm about his alcohol addiction and how he almost lost everything. Malcolm claps sarcastically and Neil says that no matter how Malcolm feels about him he is his brother and he loves him. When Lily returns from the bathroom she is pleased to see her father and uncle talking to each other. She tries to get Neil to sit down with them but Malcolm is ready to go. He tells Lily that he will come say goodbye to her before he leaves for good. Lily wonders why Neil doesn't make much of an effort to keep Malcolm around.

J.T. watches Brittany and Bobby go upstairs together at the Athletic Club. He starts to leave but is stopped however, by a girl that he met recently at a party named Robin. Robin is pleased to see J.T. and asks if he would like to sit down with her for dinner. J.T. agrees. They start talking about a class they had together and J.T. teases her about her knowledge of Neil Armstrong. Mac comes into the Athletic Club and when she sees J.T. and Robin she comes over. Mac and Robin have a class together and Mac is surprised that she knows J.T. When Robin runs off to get a call, J.T. tells Mac that he would rather be alone. Mac looks embarrassed and goes off to sit at the bar.

Brittany wonders what Bobby is up to when Gina escorts them to a private room at The Athletic Club. Bobby tells Brittany that he wanted to do something special for her. He suddenly gets a call and has to leave. Brittany is disappointed once again. When she goes downstairs she runs into Mac and is surprised to see J.T. sitting with a girl nearby. Brittany tries to convince Mac that J.T. will never change. He won't be able to have true love with anyone. When Mac disagrees and mentions Colleen, J.T. looks up and sees Brittany.

Kevin apologizes to Michael for going crazy on him. Michael thinks that the fight helped Kevin deal with his past. He thinks that he had an amazing breakthrough and he feels that Kevin has changed.

Nick goes to see Nikki because he is worried she would feel all alone now that his father took off. Nikki is just about to leave to go help with the business at Marsino's. Nick doesn't approve, but Nikki says that she is doing it for herself. She congratulates Nick on his position at Newman and leaves.

Detective Weber thinks that Phyllis and Damon planned to kill Dominic. Damon realizes that Weber has probably already spoken to Dominic and believes his story. Phyllis and Damon try to explain their story, but Weber is skeptical. He tries to use past knowledge of Phyllis' relationships against her. She explains to Weber that he had been wrong about that story and he shouldn't go there again with her. When Weber leaves, Phyllis tells Damon that she is afraid that the truth might not set them free.

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Phyllis imagines killing Dominick in his hospital bed. When he wakes up, she promises to kill him someday and he won't even see it coming unless he tells Webber the truth about what happened. She vows that she has nothing to lose. She later goes to see Christine at the Athletic Club and explains that she's in trouble. Christine listens to the story and she says it doesn't look good at all. Phyllis should have stayed out of it from the start. She tells Phyllis that she won't be taking the case. She doesn't need this headache in her life.

Bobby is surprised to find Nikki in his office first thing in the morning. She was there all night since she has nothing to go home to now that Vic is away. She congratulates him and Brittany on their marriage. She is surprised when Jack shows up. He heard that Victor took off. He asks her about her job there at the club and thinks it's a good substitution for Victor. He asks to be invited over to the ranch to spend time alone with Nikki, which they haven't done in a long time. She thinks it's a great idea and promises to do so soon.

Neil, Dru and Lily go to the Rec Centre to see Devon off before he goes to the foster home. He wants nothing to do with them as his life only went downhill after meeting their family. He was never part of their family which hurts and angers Lily & Drucilla. He's even more bitter than he was before. Neil tears into him for speaking to Lily and Drucilla that way and calls him out for being an ungrateful punk. He will teach him how to appreciate good things: grab your bags. He's moving in with them again.

Brittany shows up at the loft to get a bag, surprised to see that J.T. had an overnight guest. She tells him that Mac is interested in him but he doesn't buy it. He reminds her of the time they spent together but she doesn't think about that anymore. Mac arrives home, conscience of the fact that she interrupted something. Britt leaves and Mac questions J.T. He assures her he didn't tell Britt about his feelings for her but also tells her that Britt suspects Mac is interested in him. Mac laughs it off but it seems like she's holding back.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Neil decided to take Devon home to the Winters' house because he said he was tired of Devon not appreciating friends who cared about him. Neil wanted to help him get that chip off his shoulder. When Jamal went to call Mrs. Davis and tell her, Devon said he wasn't going. Neil was just trying to prove something to Dru and Lily, but when Neil got tired of him, he'd be out again. Neil didn't even like him. Neil denied it, saying he intended to help Devon grow into the man he knew he could be.

When Dru and Neil walked away to give Devon time to think it over, Lily told Devon that when her father made a promise, he kept it. Devon would be crazy not to take advantage of this offer. Dru watched them from a distance and told Neil how much she wanted to make a difference in Devon's life. When Dru and Neil returned to Lily and Devon, Devon agreed to stay with the Winters. Neil talked a little about Devon's responsibilities to the family, then he hugged him. Later, at Newman Enterprises, Dru and Neil agreed that what they'd been through with Devon had made their marriage stronger. From now on, they just needed to take things one day at a time.

Sharon went to see Nikki at Jabot on her first day of work. Nikki had assumed that Sharon wouldn't take the job since Nick had been appointed CEO of Newman and she had children at home who needed her. Sharon said that she'd rehired their old babysitter; she needed to do this for herself, but she wasn't abandoning her children. Nikki reminded her that she'd done that before. After the two exchanged harsh words, Nikki told Sharon that she, not Brad, would be at her side when Sharon had her first meeting with reporters as Jabot's spokeswoman. Sharon reminded Nikki that she'd once been in her shoes, and no one had thought she could cut it, either. As Nikki watched, Sharon deftly fielded the reporters' questions, including their curiosity about how Nick felt about Sharon working for the competition.

Ashley packed all her things so she could move into her father's house. She asked Brad if he was going to tell Abby all of this was her fault. Brad said that Abby didn't need to know what had happened between them; the only thing that was important was for Abby to feel secure, know she was loved, and that none of this was her fault. Ashley said that maybe the two of them should live in the house together for Abby's sake. Brad said no; he wasn't going to play house with her even if he was still in love with her. He would never forget that when push came to shove, Ashley had put Victor before him. Ashley said she'd made a mistake, but Brad wouldn't back down. As much as it hurt, there was no going back. When the two of them talked to Abby, Abby was crushed. She didn't want to go to school, and Brad told her she could spend time in her room. Abby hugged Ashley and ran out. After Brad left, Ashley sat on the couch alone, crying.

Arthur was surprised when Katherine approached him at the athletic club restaurant, especially when she said that she wanted to take a leap of faith and set a date for their wedding. Arthur wanted to know if she was ready to ignore all the newspaper clippings that Harrison had shown her. Katherine said she'd discarded all her doubts, and whatever happened in Seattle was no longer an issue for her. Arthur said he wasn't going to move back into Katherine's house until they were married, which he hoped would be soon.

From across the restaurant, Jill watched Katherine and Arthur while she was having breakfast with Jack. When Jack tried to talk about his personal life or the situation at Chancellor Industries, a distracted Jill wondered if she knew the real Arthur Hendrix. Jack was shocked to hear the whole story and asked what her gut was telling her. Jill said she loved her father and wanted the accusations to be the rantings of a bitter man. But she was desperately afraid for her mother and wanted Jack's advice on what she should do. As they were talking, Arthur and Katherine walked over to tell Jill that they were definitely getting married. While Jack congratulated them, Jill stared into Arthur's eyes, wondering if she was seeing something sinister.

Thursday, November 18, 2004

Ashley and Jack talk about her moving back into the Abbott home. Jack tries to make her feel better by saying that he never left and that he knows Brad still loves her. He says if she would only have stayed away from Victor their marriage would have been saved. Ashley disagrees but says that she is happy to have him as a brother. They are interrupted by an enthusiastic Gloria and John who have just returned from their trip. John wonders what Ashley is doing home. She explains that her marriage with Brad is over and she will be staying there for awhile. John tells her that she is welcome there as long as she wants and he hugs her. John doesn't understand how this could have happened. He wonders who is at fault. Ashley says she has made a lot of stupid mistakes but she doesn't want to get into it. She says that there is nothing she can do to change it; she just has to make the best of the situation. Abby is going to be staying with Brad for awhile until she can get herself together. Suddenly, Gloria runs downstairs to tell Jack and Ashley that while they were away they got married.

Nick talks to his secretary about his business meetings for the day. The secretary explains that a man is waiting for him downstairs. Nick says he is too busy. Suddenly Michael walks in nonchalantly. Michael seems surprised to see Nick there. Nick explains to him that Victor has left town and now he is head of Newman Enterprises. Nick says he would rather not have someone like Michael involved in the company and that he doesn't want him in the building. He explains to Nick that he works for Victor and Nick shouldn't shun him so quickly. He will never know when he may need someone like him.

Phyllis is none too pleased when she finds out that Nick has been named head CEO of Newman Enterprises. She tells Neil that she will probably be getting her pink slip soon. Neil doesn't necessarily think Nick will fire her. Nick knows on the door and says hello to Neil and Phyllis. Phyllis tells him congratulations. She tells Nick that she has really been pulling her weight around the company. Neil sticks up for her too. Nick sarcastically asks Neil if he is her agent. Then Nick tells her that she has nothing to worry about. He is keeping her on at Newman. Suddenly, Phyllis gets a phone call from Daniel. He seems really worried. Nick understands and lets her go. Nick talks to Neil about a business deal that he has decided not to go through with. Neil doesn't think it's a good idea and is upset that Nick is going over his head to make a decision. Neil says that Victor told him that Nick wouldn't go against him on his original business dealings. Nick says that he is not trying to undermine him. Nick's secretary interrupts them and says that the man downstairs won't go away. Nick says just deal with it, he is too busy right now. He then turns to Neil and asks that he call the buyer. Neil says that he will and Nick thanks him. Neil whispers under his breath that he is not welcome.

Kevin tells Lauren that he feels that he is a changed man. Lauren says that he has said that before. She knows that he wants that to be true, but violence won't change anybody and it won't change her feelings about him. Michael shows up and Lauren rushes to his rescue when she sees his face all beat up. He tells her that all he needs is her. Kevin watches them and smiles. He says that it's hard for him to say, but they are a great couple. Michael says that Lauren should have seen Kevin fight. He says he looked like a real champ during their fight. Kevin thanks Michael and says he has to go.

Jill can't wait to discuss Arthur with Katherine when they return home. She wants to know why Katherine is in such a rush to marry Arthur. Katherine says that she is tired of all the suspicion surrounding the man who loves her. She will marry Arthur come hell or high water. If Jill can't be happy for them, she doesn't have to live there.

Harrison comes over to talk to Jill at her request. She thanks him for coming by and says that she is running out of time. Her parents are getting married and she needs to find out the truth about Arthur very soon. Jill says that Harrison has to be straight with her. Harrison tells Jill he has a way for her to find out if his story is true. Arthur may have taken out an insurance policy already. He tells Jill to think about it and leaves. She hopes to god that he isn't right.

Friday, November 19, 2004

Katherine wondered what was upsetting Jill, but Jill didn't tell her that she'd found an application that appeared to show Arthur was trying to get life insurance on her mother. Katherine went to tell Arthur that she wanted to get married as soon as possible; Arthur hoped that by the time they married, Jill would be as happy about it as they were. Meanwhile, Jill went to the hospital to confront Harrison. She thought it was a little too coincidental that she'd found the application right after receiving Harrison's warning. He scoffed at her for thinking he had any means of planting the papers to implicate Arthur in wrongdoing. If anything happened to her mother, it would be on Jill's conscience, not his. He'd done all he could to warn her. Jill left and went to see Arthur, asking that he explain the papers she'd found in the back of his desk drawer at the Chancellor house.

Jack and Ashley were dumbfounded by the news that their father had married Gloria. While Jack tried to appear supportive, Ashley insisted that she couldn't live there. She wanted Jack to take her back to Brad's. She couldn't believe that this woman had just swept into her father's life only a few months before, and he trusted her enough to marry her. It made her sick. Gloria pulled John out of the room and suggested that Ashley was bringing a black cloud to hang over their heads. She wanted John to agree to tell Ashley it was best for her to live elsewhere. When they rejoined Ashley and Jack, Gloria told Ashley that she and John wanted to be happy in their new relationship, so maybe Ashley's decision not to stay was for the best. Ashley asked her father what he wanted, and he said that Ashley should do whatever she wanted. Ashley hugged him, saying that she'd changed her mind. While Gloria looked on in dismay, Ashley said that she thought it was best if she stayed right there and gave Gloria a challenging look over John's shoulder.

Nick asked Michael to return to his office at Newman so he could tell him about the threat from Mr. Gunderson. After making Nick eat a little crow for kicking him out earlier, Michael said that there was no evidence that Victor had ever greased Gunderson's palms. He thought this might be an effort to take advantage of Nick when he was new to the position, especially after he made a phone call and found out that Gunderson's community was still thrilled about the plans to build a distribution center there. With Michael at his side, Nick got Gunderson to come back and bluffed him, saying they'd decided to build elsewhere. When Gunderson said they should just forget they'd ever had the meeting, Nick said that the office had a surveillance system. When he saw Gunderson make a public statement about more affordable housing, he'd forget he had the tape. Defeated, Gunderson left. Michael gave Nick an admiring look and congratulated him on how he'd handled things. The two men shook hands with a new respect for each other.

Phyllis tried not to tell Daniel the truth about Hank Weber's investigation, but when Daniel persisted with his questions, she leveled with him. She told him not to freak out, but Daniel asked what he'd do if she was arrested. Phyllis jokingly said she hoped he'd pay her bail. Daniel was upset that she didn't seem to be taking things seriously and wondered if she had an attorney. Phyllis said that Michael was too busy and Christine had turned her down flat. After Phyllis left to buy groceries so she could cook him a nice dinner, Daniel called Christine. He was upset that she wouldn't help his mother. Christine said that Phyllis was the client from hell and her own worst enemy. After Daniel made a passionate plea about Christine's promise to always be there for him, Christine finally agreed to represent Phyllis, if Phyllis agreed. But she asked Daniel to try to keep his mother from reacting emotionally to everything that happened.

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