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Monday, August 16, 2004

Nikki seems upset when Victor tells her that he's worried that Ashley won't let him see Abby. She tells him that she has other things on her mind, things he cannot help her with. She hints that he might as well go see Ashley, considering that is all he has on his mind lately.

After Victor goes to see Ashley, Nikki sits by the pool. She hears children laughing and has a vision of herself blowing out her candles on her fifth birthday in the water. She tries to erase the picture in her mind. She shivers and runs into the house.

J.T. tells Paul that he is bored because Raul is gone. He needs something to do now. Paul asks him about the case. Paul thinks Nikki has a lot to do with it, but wants to protect her from getting hurt. They suggest talking to Nikki more about the investigation. Suddenly, Paul gets a fax. It's from the police station. The skeleton they discovered is the body of a boy. He was shot in the head.

Sharon is relived to finally have Cameron out of their lives. She is still in shock. Nick says that the kids have planned to let them have another evening to themselves. After they go for a night swim, they relax by the pool. Sharon is reminded of the wonderful time her and Nick shared on the island by themselves. Nick says that seems like a long time ago. They think about what the future will hold for their lives, and hold each other closely.

Gloria is on the phone trying to set up escorts to play her "sons" for her date with John. When Kevin comes home he finds out from Gloria that her sons will be on her date, but that he doesn't have to worry about anything. Kevin wonders how Gloria will pull this one off. Michael comes home and is irritated when he discovers that Gloria is going on another mysterious date. He thinks she is in love with some loser, but Kevin says that's not true. When Michael asks if Kevin knows who Gloria's date is, he tries to change his story, but Michael can tell that Kevin is lying. Once Kevin leaves, Michael starts to get ready for his date. When Gloria asks who he is going with, Michael won't tell. He asks her if she likes how it feels.

When Gloria's "sons" show up they think they are there for Gloria's behalf. She asks them if they know how to act, because they are in for the best acting part of their lives. She needs them to play her sons for the evening. The men look at each other.

Michael shows up for his date with Lauren. He seems nervous when she asks if they are on a real date together. They begin to enjoy each other's company, and Lauren tells him that she changed her mind about him when she saw what a good brother he is to Kevin. Michael teases her and asks if a certain private investigator would approve.

Kevin goes to visit Daniel, who has just asked his mom for 20 bucks. She gladly gave him 50. Kevin explains that he hitchhiked to get there. Daniel wonders why he didn't just ask his brother for money. Kevin says it's too hard already living with Michael. They discuss Kevin getting a new place, and implementing their plan to change everyone's opinion of Kevin.

Jack goes to visit Ashley and can tell that something is weighing on her mind. When he hears that she is worried because Brad has left with Abby and not dropped her off at daycare, Jack says they are probably just having a good time at a park somewhere. Ashley can't shake her fear that the situation may be much worse than that. Jack continues to taunt Ashley about how and why she got pregnant with Victor's child. Ashley doesn't want to hear it. She asks Jack to leave.

When Ashley comes home, she is frightened because Brad and Abby are still not home. She calls Damon, hoping that he has heard from Brad. Damon says he hasn't been in the office, but if he hears from Brad he will tell her. The doorbell rings and Ashley runs for the door. It's Victor.

Victor is upset; he thinks that Ashley is trying to keep Abby away from him. Ashley says that she will not let Brad's feelings get in the way of their relationship. Victor isn't convinced and he tries to pry more information out of Ashley. Ashley finally breaks down and admits that she doesn't know where Abby is. She corrects herself, saying that she knows that Abby is with Brad, but that she doesn't know where the two of them are.