Y&R Recaps: The week of July 12, 2004 on The Young and the Restless
Nikki had memories of past times in a room at the recreation center. Detective Weber learned of Sharon's past with Frank and Cameron. Nick told Cassie about Frank. J.T. found a skeleton on the recreation center grounds.
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Monday, July 12, 2004

At the coffeehouse, Dru stops Devon from stealing a sandwich. She warns him to shape up or risk getting into trouble. She tells him the story of how Nathan helped her become the person she is today and hopes he'll find her testimony inspiring. Later, Devon goes to rec center. He runs into Lily and argues that it must be a drag to have a mom like Dru, but Lily disagrees.

Meanwhile, Dru goes home and recounts to Neil what happened with Devon. She feels the source of his problems is that he has no family. Neil thinks Dru wants Devon to move in and firmly tells her, "no."

Cameron informs Grace that Frank Barritt's body was found. He thinks Grace doubts his role in the situation, but she insists she trusts him. Meanwhile, Sharon and Nick feel they must tell Cassie the truth about Frank before she finds out another way. Weber calls and requests Nick and Sharon come down to his office to answer some questions in light of new evidence.

Brittany returns home from the hospital and is pleasantly surprised when J.T. gives her a present of a rhinestone tiara and a sash that reads "Princess."

At Damon's apartment, Phyllis is surprised when Daniel arrives and asks to stay with her for the night.

Tuesday, July 13, 2004

As Sharon and Nick prepare to go to Weber's office, Grace arrives and exclaims they were right: Cameron is a killer! Grace asks for protection and nixes the idea of going to Weber's office. Nick tells her to stay at the house and when they return, they'll all sit down and figure out what's next.

Neil is adamant about Devon not moving into the apartment, but Dru pleads her case.

At the rec. center, Devon apologizes to Lily for his comments about her parents. Lorena reveals to Devon she knows he's been causing problems in the group home and states he's on the verge of being kicked out and will probably end up in jail. Nikki arrives at the rec. center, and meets Jamal. She mentions she used to come to the building a lot as a child because her father worked there. Cassie finds Nikki, who asks how Cassie is doing, then realizes Nick and Sharon haven't discussed Frank with her yet. Nikki covers and agrees to a tour of the rec. center. Cassie shows Nikki the storage room where she found the earring.

Danny is worried Daniel will want to live with Phyllis. Danny thanks Chris for her support and encouragement. Daniel tells Phyllis he couldn't spend another night at Chris' apartment. She introduces Daniel to Damon. Damon agrees to let him stay.

Weber questions Sharon and Nick about their encounters with Frank while he was in Genoa City. Weber explains the lab used Luminol on the sheet Frank's body was wrapped in which revealed the name "Sharon" written in blood. Weber declares he cannot let Sharon leave and arrests her.

Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Michael showed up at the police station to get the details of Sharon's arrest from Nick. Nick said the police thought they had evidence. He needed for Michael to take care of Sharon; he had to go home and talk to Cassie before she heard the news from someone else. After Nick left, Michael went to see Sharon in her jail cell, where she was reliving all her contacts with Cameron since their first meeting in Denver. Michael told her not to tell the police anything else, and heard about the evidence the police had found, Sharon's name written in blood on the sheet that was wrapped around Frank's body. Although Michael told her she'd be spending a night in jail, he promised to get her released the next day. He urged her to have faith in the system. She hadn't killed anyone. He needed that night to weigh their options and decide what to do next. Sharon hugged him gratefully, then Michael gave her one last encouraging look before leaving.

Cassie and Noah were planning some kind of surprise for their parents when Nick came home. He sent Noah upstairs to watch a video so he could talk to Cassie. She was stunned to hear that her mother had been arrested for murder. Nick told her that a bad man was framing her. When Cassie speculated that the man might be Frank Barritt, Nick told her that it was Cameron Kirsten, but she couldn't tell anyone that. He then gently explained that Frank was not only the murder victim, but was her biological father. Cassie then understood why Sharon had been so freaked out at seeing him the year before. She told Nick she felt nothing about his death. He'd abandoned her mother. When Nick said he understood about feeling anger toward a father, Cassie said that Frank had never been a father to her as Victor had been to Nick. Nick was the only father she'd ever known. Nick said that he didn't hate Frank. If not for Frank, he wouldn't have his little girl. When Cassie tearfully hugged him, Nick admitted that he was worried about Sharon, but they'd all get through this together.

Nick went to see Sharon in jail and told her about the talk with Cassie. She felt guilty for not being there with her daughter and apologized for all the trouble she'd brought his family. Nick assured her that Cassie had taken the news better than he'd expected. In any case, she'd be home the next day. For that night, she should just close her eyes and feel Nick holding her in her imagination. He reminded her that he loved her and promised to love her forever.

Jill told Jack she was going to have to attend the Chancellor board meetings while Katherine was in rehab. Jack told her to take good care of the company; it would be her inheritance one day. Jill worried about how Jack was doing, but he assured her that he was enjoying his days of leisure. He appreciated her loyalty. Jill had almost talked him into coming home for a relaxing night with her while her father and Esther were out, but Jack spotted Ashley and Brad across the restaurant and said they'd have to make it another time. Jill warned him not to get involved in what was going on with Ashley, then left him alone.

While Gina took Abby for some ice cream, Brad expressed his dismay that both child psychologists had agreed that Abby wouldn't be harmed by visits with Victor. However, they felt both Ashley and Brad should be present during the visits. Brad wondered how long this was going to go on, and Ashley admitted it might be forever. Brad said that wasn't acceptable. He hated the way Victor had disrupted their lives; they were never going to have the happy, peaceful home he'd envisioned for them. After he left to take Abby to the playroom, Ashley spotted Jack across the restaurant and joined him. She told him the situation with Abby and asked what she should do. Jack reassured her that everything would be fine. The one thing Victor could never do was take away Abby's good fortune in having a mother like Ashley. He wondered how Jabot was doing with Victor's money. Ashley said $75 million didn't go as far as he'd think, but Jabot was fine. She was glad he didn't hate her. Jack said he'd tried, but he never would. Ashley left him to find Brad and Abby while Jack appeared thoughtful.

Damon tried to calm Phyllis down as she worried about how things would go with Daniel. She was so thrilled that her son wanted to get to know her. But would things work out? She knew nothing about a teenager. They didn't have anything but bottled water and juice in the refrigerator. Damon said they could get some soft drinks, but suggested they be caffeine-free, so both Daniel and Phyllis wouldn't be bouncing off the walls. Phyllis snuggled against him on the couch, thanking him for letting Daniel stay and for the calm he brought to her life. She didn't know what she'd have done without him.

When Danny and Christine arrived home with groceries so she could cook dinner, Danny was surprised to find Daniel packing. Daniel explained that he was spending the night with Phyllis and Damon, and Danny flew into a rage. They were strangers to him. Daniel said that Phyllis was his mother. Originally, Danny had encouraged him to form a relationship with her. He couldn't stop him from doing so now. When Christine tried to persuade him to wait and talk things over, Daniel lashed out at her, saying she had no power to ruin his life any further. She wasn't his mother and needed to stay out of it. Christine finally talked Danny into letting Daniel leave for one night, and Danny looked at her with hurt and exasperation as Daniel picked up his bag and left the apartment.

Thursday, July 15, 2004

Michael gets Sharon out of jail and brings her to Nick, who is waiting for her in Detective Weber's office. Sharon thanks Michael for helping her get out of jail. She suggests to Nick and Michael her idea of telling the whole truth, so that justice works in her favor. Michael doesn't think Sharon should tell Weber everything, but says that the decision is hers. When Weber comes in the office, he can tell Sharon wants to talk. She tells him everything. Weber says this makes her responsible for even more crimes now. He still lets them leave, but warns everyone not to leave town. Detective Weber goes to see Cameron.

When Cameron opens the door at his hotel room, he tells Detective Weber that he was expecting him. He says he knows about the murder of Frank Barrett. He assumes that Sharon would run and try to say he had something to do with the murder. When Cameron admits to Detective Weber that his story about leaving town wasn't true, Weber asks him if he is confessing. Cameron nonchalantly laughs at Weber's accusation, and says the only thing he is confessing to is that he didn't run off with some girl to an island. He was merely hiding out from the media who was after him because of rumors that his job wasn't legit. When Weber leaves, they both stand at either side of the door, thinking.

Gloria is really enjoying her breakfast at the Athletic Club with Kevin. Kevin is nervous that someone who doesn't like him will see him, and wants to leave. Gloria tries to convince him to relax, saying what he needs is a good job. Kevin says even his closest friend wouldn't give him a job. Gloria says she will try to help him with that. Kevin says to worry about her, not him. Gloria thinks maybe she can do both.

John Abbott comes into the Athletic Club and sits down for breakfast. Gina is ticked off because she hasn't seen John in a long time. John tries to say he has been going through a lot with Jabot, but Gina doesn't seem too pleased. Gloria watches John through her compact mirror. When Gina leaves, she walks by and pretends to fall. John helps her up, and Gloria says she was amazed to overhear that he is John Abbot, founder of Jabot cosmetics. John seems flattered. When she introduces herself as Gloria Fisher, the name Fisher gets to him a little. He pawns it off like the name Fisher is common, and asks Gloria if she would like to sit down with him and have some coffee. Gloria is delighted to accept.

Daniel wakes up on the couch and Phyllis happily serves him coffee and breakfast. He wonders where Damon is. Phyllis says he is working out. Daniel says he's not surprised, considering what a big guy Damon is. When Damon comes home, sweaty and without a shirt on, Phyllis is delighted. They all sit down together, and Daniel asks if Phyllis cooks breakfast often. Phyllis laughs and says they both have hectic work schedules. Daniel wonders if the fact that they work for separate companies could be dangerous, especially considering that it didn't work with Phyllis and Jack. Damon says they will handle it. Daniel wonders if Phyllis would like to find an apartment with him. Phyllis says they could take stuff out of Damon's office, but Daniel seems to want to have Phyllis and him be by them. When Daniel leaves for them to talk, Damon says that Daniel is taking advantage of Phyllis. She doesn't know what the right thing to do is.

Bobby is stressing over paperwork at Marylyn's when Angelo sees the ring he bought for Brittany. As Angelo once again tries to convince Bobby that they are losing serious money on the club, Bobby says he needs to do this as a present for Brittany.

Brittany opens the door at the loft and it's her surgeon's assistant. He says that the itching she has been complaining about is normal. She will be able to take her cast off in a couple of weeks. Brittany hopes its sooner because she wants to dance at Bobby's club again soon. Raul isn't too happy about this news. When Brittany goes to lie down, Raul tells J.T. he has decided to move out.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Angelo warned Bobby that the club couldn't stay open much longer without money. Although Bobby paid the liquor delivery man out of his pocket, he admitted he couldn't keep doing that. He finally agreed to let Marilyn's remain open a few nights a week as a strip club. Meanwhile, he wanted to take his diamond ring to Brittany and propose.

After J.T. made Brittany feel guilty about Raul's plan to leave town, she swore she'd find a way to stop him and sent J.T. away. When Raul came home, she confronted him with J.T.'s news. Raul said he'd been lucky enough to get back his scholarship to Pemberton. There was nothing in Genoa City for him now, and he was ready to find new opportunities and explore the world. Brittany asked if this was all just about an education. He assured her that she'd given him quite an education already. When she worried about how bitter he sounded, Raul told her not everything was about her. He'd promised to see things through with her scar, but after that, he was leaving Genoa City. After he left the loft, Brittany was thrilled that Bobby showed up and took her mind off Raul. She had all kinds of ideas about her act at the club. Bobby told her to slow down; there was another reason why he was there. She gaped as she saw the engagement ring he was holding.

Gloria was using her wiles on John Abbott at the athletic club restaurant, flattering him and talking about what a wonderful company he had. John warmed to her and even talked about how difficult running a family business could be. When Gloria slyly ascertained that there was no Mrs. John Abbott in the picture, John smiled and asked if she wanted to have dinner with him the next night. Gloria agreed, but evaded his request for a phone number or his offer to walk her to her car. To keep him from knowing that she'd been taking the bus and that she was living with Michael, she said she'd call his private line at work the next day to make plans.

Across the restaurant, Jack and Jill were having a fruit drink after their workout. They spied John, and Jill suggested that they go check out the woman he was with, but Jack said they should leave him alone. He was happy to see his father enjoying a little female companionship. Their conversation was interrupted by Brad, who was annoyed that he'd had to track Jill down. They were making decisions about all the Jabot divisions, and he needed some reports from her within three days. When Jack pointed out that he was springing it on Jill at the last minute, Brad asked why he was interfering. After all, he no longer worked for the company. Jack was obviously not happy with Brad's attitude.

Daniel approached Mac at Crimson Lights, but she still wanted nothing to do with him. When Daniel tried to reason with her, Mac said that he should never have lied to her. All the pain in her life had been caused by lies, including the loss of her one true love. When she left for the rec center, Kevin joined Daniel and they talked about their troubles. Daniel said that Kevin needed to find something big to do to try to change people's attitudes toward him. He could start by volunteering at the rec center. Kevin went to the rec center with his resume and connected with Jamal, who took him in the back office to show him their bookkeeping setup. Kevin said he was willing to volunteer without pay because he wanted to give something back to the community.

Also at the rec center, Lily was dismayed when her attempt to talk to Devon was rebuffed. Meanwhile, J.T. noticed that Cassie was still mesmerized by the earring she was wearing on her necklace. She wondered what the connection was between the earring, the filing cabinet, the old home movie, and the building. Neil came in and motioned for J.T. to join him without letting the girls know he was there. He just wanted to keep an eye on Lily and make sure everything was okay. While the two men looked on, Jamal came from the back with Kevin, who came face to face with Lily. With Cassie and Sierra flanking her, Lily told him to leave. Not only was he not welcome to volunteer there, but she knew her parents wouldn't allow it. When Kevin tried to apologize, Devon stepped in, ordering Kevin to leave Lily alone. Neil continued to watch with interest as J.T. joined the group and asked Kevin to leave.

After Kevin was gone, Jamal had to run errands and left J.T. in charge of things. The construction foreman came in and explained to J.T. that he'd had to send his crew home. He asked J.T. to come check out what they'd found. In all his years of working construction, he'd never run across anything like this. J.T. followed him outside and into the excavation pit, where the foreman pointed out the skeleton of a child. J.T. told him to call the police, then squatted down to look at the skeleton, where he found an earring that matched the one Cassie was wearing.

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