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Monday, April 26, 2004

Detective Weber enters the boutique to find Kevin and Lauren talking. Kevin insists that Lauren had just found out he had returned. Weber says that doesn't really matter because now Kevin is going to jail. When Kevin realizes he has no other choice, he pulls out a knife and says he'd rather die than go back to jail. As Lauren tries to convince Kevin that he is going to get himself killed, Michael comes into the boutique and races to Kevin. He tries to make Kevin give him the knife. He says that jail isn't like the closet he was locked into so many times, there is light and when you call out people will come and talk to you. After much coaxing, Kevin finally agrees and gives Michael the knife. Weber and two other cops grab him and lock him into handcuffs. Michael screams at the way the cops are roughhousing Kevin, but they don't listen or stop. As they drag Kevin out the door, Lauren hugs Michael as they watch in horror.

Dru is looking in the mirror at her curly locks wondering how she's going to get her hands on the infamous hair-straightener. Neil comes in and says he needs to talk to her. He says that he is sitting on a piece of proof that Kevin is actually innocent. As Neil explains the details of Eddie's investigation, there was no way Kevin could have returned to the scene of the crime the night Brittany was electrocuted. He tells Dru that they are the only one's who know this bit of information. He wonders what they are going to do about it.

Brittany is practicing her singing when Raul walks in on her. He tries to convince her not to sing at Marcino's, but she tells Raul to trust her. Besides, Bobby is counting on her. Raul tells Brittany that he hooked her up as an opener at an open mike gig at their school. At first Brittany doesn't want to do it, but then decides that she might as well give it a try. Raul is happy until he realizes that Brittany is still going to sing at Marcino's tonight. He makes her promise to tell Bobby that tonight will be the only night at Marcino's.

Sal is extremely angry upon seeing Marcino's all decked out for Marylyn's exclusive return. As he and Angelo try to get Bobby to cancel the show, Bobby becomes suspicious. Why are they so intent on not having Brittany return? Did they have something to do with Brittany's accident? The two deny having anything to do with the accident, but Sal tries to threaten Bobby's club. Bobby tells the two of them to get out and go have a beer or something.

Brittany is really happy when she comes into Marcino's and finds the place all special for her return. Bobby has even discarded the stripper pole, saying he never wants to see that thing again. Brittany says it's the nicest thing anyone has ever done for her.

Phyllis sneaks into the lab at Jabot looking for the hair-straightener. She finds it, but is interrupted by Jack, who assumes she is waiting there for her new beau. Phyllis plays along with his hunch and apologizes for him finding out the way he did. Jack tells her that he cannot fathom how quickly she got over him and moved on. Phyllis tries to explain that her moving on to Damon was helpful for her, that she needed a sympathetic ear. She says that he shouldn't be talking considering the whole Jack and Diane situation. Jack tries to say that his situation is different because Diane has his child and that they are not dating already. Jack tells Phyllis she is crazy if she thinks she can trust Mr. Porter. Phyllis says she will leave now before she says anything she might regret. Jack tells her to let him know ahead of time if she's planning on being in the building.

Diane comes to visit Damon claiming to be there on business purposes. But once Damon tells her that the orchid project is toast, Diane concludes that Jack executed the project due to Damon and Phyllis' newfound relationship. Damon can tell she's searching for gossip, but Diane won't admit to anything. She warns Damon to watch out for Phyllis, he's playing with fire.

Ashley goes to see Nikki to find out if she knows what Victor plans to do about Abby. Nikki says she doesn't want Ashley's baby in her home and her life, but there's not much they can do about that now. Ashley wonders how Nikki can think she is still a threat to Victor and Nikki's marriage. Nikki says Ashley and Brad's marriage is on shaky ground; Ashley needs to open her eyes and see that. Nikki says that Ashley needs to prepare herself and Brad for the worst. Ashley wants to know if Victor is planning on taking Abby away from her. Nikki says that Ashley needs to get a good lawyer and find out what she can do. But whatever happens, Ashley can blame no one but herself.