Y&R Recaps: The week of April 12, 2004 on The Young and the Restless
Colleen was crushed when J.T. told the press that he was not dating anyone. Jack spotted Phyllis and Damon holding hands. Sharon and Nikki found Cameron's decomposed body in the sewer. Victor announced that he wanted custody of Abby.
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Monday, April 12, 2004

Nikki is upset that Brad didn't let her go with Ashley. Brad says that Victor and Ashley need to talk to each other alone. Nikki wonders how Brad is so calm. Doesn't he realize that both of their relationships are in jeopardy? Brad thinks that this could possibly be a new beginning for the both of them. Maybe Victor will not be able to forgive Ashley. It could finally be the end of Victor and Ashley.

When Ashley goes to see Victor he doesn't want to speak to her. She begs to come in and let her speak. Victor tells her to say what she's got to say and leave. When Ashley comes inside, Victor asks her how she could do this to him. She explains that she needed to do this to feel whole again. Ever since she had the abortion when she was with Victor, there has been an empty place in her heart that she could not fill.

Michael wonders if Kevin's confession to Lauren was a lie. Lauren says she's sure it was the truth. Michael starts talking about Paul and Paul interrupts their conversation, saying if Michael has something to say he should say it to his face. Paul tells Michael that he and his brother were cut out of the same cloth. Michael says that he's paid his debt to society. Michael wonders why Paul didn't go to the police upon finding out about Kevin's confession. Paul says he went to Kevin instead and tried to get him to turn himself in. Michael is upset saying now Kevin has run. Paul says he has to do what's right and go to the police with the information. Lauren tells him she has to do what she feels is right and show Kevin a little compassion.

Neil talks to his private investigator about Kevin, but finds that no real evidence had been found. When Dru comes home Neil tells her that he will look over the paperwork with a fine-toothed comb. Dru says it's all good, Kevin is in jail and he's going to get what he paid for. Neil wonders if justice will be served considering Kevin won't be tried for what he did to Lily. Dru doesn't seem to mind as long as he goes to jail. When Dru goes upstairs, Neil notices something in the paperwork he hadn't considered before.

Kevin asks his mom why she seems so nervous that he is there. Gloria says she is just surprised to see him, she hadn't expected to ever see him again. When she asks how long Kevin is going to be in town, he says that depends on whether Terrible Tom is still around. Gloria says no, and she doesn't expect him to come back any time soon. Kevin seems more relaxed and sits down. He mentions that he went to college for a while. Then he says that he never took a suicide course though. Gloria wonders why Kevin would say that. Kevin wonders how Gloria can still live in the same place with all the horrible memories. She says she has been able to move on. Kevin can't fathom the idea of letting go all the things that happened to him in the past. When Gloria mentions that she read a book that really helped her, he is even more upset. Kevin tells Gloria that sometimes he wishes she were dead.

Sharon goes to Nick's office in tears. She tells him that Grace accused her of killing Cameron Kirsten. Nick says that Grace had told him the same thing, but then he had escorted her out by security. Detective Weber walks in the office, and says he wants to ask more questions. He asks Nick where he was the night Cameron was killed. Nick tells him again and seems angry that he is being asked the same questions over and over again. Sharon is upset too, until Weber mentions that Nikki hadn't quite said that she was there with Sharon that night. Sharon says maybe Weber needs to ask Nikki again. Weber wants to know Sharon's relationship with Grace. Sharon begins telling the story of Grace accusing Sharon of murder. Weber seems to find Sharon's reaction amusing. Before Weber leaves, he tells the both of them that they had better not leave town.

Tuesday, April 13, 2004

Ashley explains to Victor why she inseminated herself with his sperm. Her abortion of his baby years ago left a whole in her heart that she has never been able to fill until Abby. He understands and isn't mad at her but things must change. He is her father and that must be acknowledged. He has another child and he wants her. He suggests she leave and think about what needs to be done. She begs him not to go down this road.

Colleen, Sierra and Lily talk about J.T.'s L.A. trip. The girls think Colleen should go out and visit J.T. He could use her support. Brad has a lot going on in his life and could use time with Ashley but he'll never let her go to L.A. alone. They decide that he doesn't need to know. She could say she's staying with Sierra. Sierra isn't a big fan of the idea but goes along with it. Lily makes Colleen's flight reservations and the girls head out.

In Los Angeles, J.T. and Shiloh go over his schedule. They meet with the Beach Front execs and they like him. He gets wardrobe and make-up, takes photos and cuts some samples of his songs. Later Shiloh tells him the exec loved his stuff and he is to go in to record a full single!

Paul and Lauren continue to argue at her apartment over Kevin. Lauren thinks that Paul pushed Kevin to flee town and jump bail. His hard attitude towards Kevin disturbs Lauren. She just thinks Kevin needs to be treated with fairness. Paul counters that he did treat him fairly. He could have gone to the police but didn't out of respect for Lauren and her promise to Kevin. If only Kevin hadn't run away.

Kevin and his mother Gloria argue about her forgetting their past. They talk about Michael and his life. She misses him. Kevin can't live in her world of denial. His father treated him horribly. He decides he needs to go. He can't pretend everything's okay. After he leaves she almost frantically brushes her hair trying to 'brush' off the uncomfortable feelings.

Wednesday, April 14, 2004

Jack was having a drink at the athletic club when Damon joined him. They discussed the problems at Jabot. Although they both agreed that Ashley was causing a lot of trouble, Jack assured Damon that Jabot would weather the storm. Furthermore, he outranked Ashley. When Damon sensed that something else was on Jack's mind, Jack admitted it was Phyllis. He'd seen her earlier and it was clear she'd cut her losses and was moving on. Jack wasn't hoping to see her cry, but he wasn't recovering as quickly as she was. When Damon tried to tell Jack something, Jack said he had to go, but he thanked Damon for being such a good friend to him.

When Phyllis showed up at Diane's hotel room, Diane pretended to think she'd gotten a job with a messenger service since she'd just called for one. After a few minutes of being teased, Phyllis told Diane she was there, with Jack's permission, to see Kyle. The two of them sparred for a few minutes about Jack, then Victor (Phyllis claimed to be his confidante; Diane told her that Victor had summoned her to the ranch but wouldn't say why), then the subject of Damon came up. When Phyllis found out that Damon had once asked Diane out, she assured Diane that she wasn't Damon's type. Diane said that Phyllis was obviously trying to wallpaper over the mistakes of her past with another man. When Damon called Phyllis and asked her to join him at the athletic club restaurant for dinner, Diane asked if that was "Wallpaper" calling.

At the restaurant, Damon said that he heard Phyllis had put on her brave face when she'd seen Jack. But he said he didn't want her to ever feel that she had to do that for him. Phyllis told him about the bad day she'd had, including talking to Jack and Diane. She said her track record with relationships was bad. Maybe Damon would like to pay the check and leave. Damon took her hand and said he wasn't going anywhere. Jack came back to the restaurant to pick up his reading glasses that he'd left by accident and witnessed Phyllis's intimate moment with Damon from across the room.

In L.A., J.T. and Shiloh went to a recording session. Afterward, J.T. was subjected to a press conference. Shiloh had warned J.T. not to tell the press that he had a girlfriend, because that would put off some fans. Instead, he should just say "No comment." J.T. was reluctant to go along with this idea.

On her way to L.A., Colleen called Sierra a couple of times to remind her to cover for her with her father. Brad had actually seemed to be relieved that Colleen would be spending a couple of days with Sierra, as this was a bad time to be around him and Ashley. Sierra scolded Colleen for having second thoughts about surprising J.T., and Colleen finally agreed that going to L.A. was a good idea. She arrived at Beachfront Records just in time to catch the tail end of J.T.'s press conference. Instead of saying no comment, when the reporters asked if he had a girlfriend, J.T. miserably said no. Colleen began to cry and left the building without ever letting J.T. see her, whispering a goodbye to him. Later, J.T. said he felt terrible about lying. He wouldn't do it again. The next time he was asked, he was going to tell the truth about Colleen, whether or not Shiloh liked it.

Nikki hadn't talked to Victor all day, after he'd spent the night away from her in the guest room, so she was in no mood to hear Sharon discuss her problems with Grace. Sharon asked Nikki what was wrong, and Nikki said Victor knew that Abby was his daughter. Sharon was sorry to see Nikki so upset, and Nikki said she probably regretted not having any leverage over her anymore. Sharon denied that, saying that in the long run, Victor knowing about Abby could be a good thing. Nikki just needed to give him time to let everything sink in. Nikki said she didn't want to give Victor time without having heard her side of the story. She was appalled when Sharon told her she'd made up her mind. In order for her to have any peace, she had to see Cameron's body. Nikki tried to reason with her, insisting that she was merely having hallucinations and Cameron had to be dead. Sharon said the only way she'd know was by seeing the body -- and she asked if Nikki would go with her to see it.

Thursday, April 15, 2004

Nikki can't believe Sharon wants her to go with her to see Cameron's body. She says no way. Nikki asks Sharon if Victor had confided anything to her. Sharon says her and Victor haven't talked in a long while. Nikki looks at Sharon and asks her if she'll be there for her. Sharon seems very endearing and promises to help Nikki in any way she can. Nikki feels that she can trust her at first, but then thinks about the fact that now Sharon is holding nothing over her head. Sharon asks if she really wants them to always be enemies. Nikki realizes that that's not what she really wants; she's just feeling at the end of her rope. She also decides that Sharon can't go alone to see Cameron's body-she will go with her.

Raul makes a nice dinner for Brittany and notices her mind is somewhere else. She says she keeps thinking about J.T. and how wonderful he must feel being a star. She remembers her fantasy of driving in the car and hearing her song on the radio. Raul says that can still happen, she doesn't need to have looks to sing. Brittany says if it can't be her, she would be happy if it were J.T. Raul tells her not to give up on herself. He believes in her.

As they finish their dessert at the Athletic Club, Phyllis tells Damon that he has great taste in sweets. Phyllis wants to know if Damon really wants to deal with her with all her problems. Damon reassures her but also says that he has to go back to work for a while. They share a passionate kiss and Damon leaves. Phyllis sees Daniel come into the Athletic Club and give Gina a big hug. She watches them talking. Daniel tells Gina he has to go because Danny is waiting in the car. Phyllis comes over to Gina and demands to know whom Gina was talking to. Gina tries to play coy, but Phyllis figures it out. When she realizes it was Daniel for sure, she wants to run after him. Gina tells Phyllis not to rush and let Danny deal with this. But Phyllis can't help it. She runs to find Daniel.

Jack thinks about seeing Phyllis and Damon holding hands. Drucilla comes in and wants to talk about Jabot but Jack can't think about anything else besides Damon. He asks Drucilla to tell him everything she knows about Mr. Porter. Dru says she knows they are friends but she wont say anything else. Just then Damon comes in. Jack says he will just have to ask the devil himself. Damon wonders if his ears should be burning. Drucilla says her and Jack was just leaving. Jack asks Damon what's up with him and Phyllis. Damon says they are friends and Dru says Jack saw them holding hands. Damon says that's not a crime, Jack and Phyllis are getting a divorce. Is he not allowed to date her? Jack is angry. When Drucilla says Damon needs to get back to work on the project, Jack says the project is finished. It's dead and buried.

Michael tries to get Chris to postpone the hearing in case Kevin calls him. Chris says no way can she do that. Michael says he feels mixed up because he has to be a lawyer and a brother at the same time. Chris tells him that feelings cannot get in the way of the law. Just then the district attorney shows up. When he sees Michael he is outraged. Michael admits that he was asking Chris to postpone the hearing because he can't find Kevin. The district attorney asks to speak to Christine alone. The DA tells Chris he wants to make sure she knows he is the boss and what he says goes. "If Kevin doesn't show up you better throw the book at him," he says. After he leaves there's a knock at the door again.

Chris answers the door and it's Phyllis. "I never should have opened the door," Chris says. Phyllis tells her that she has to see her son.

Friday, April 16, 2004

Jack told Dru and Damon that the orchid project was dead. He insisted that it wasn't personal. They had no idea how hard he worked upstairs to keep Jabot going. It wasn't all about Dru's job or Damon's project. When they asked about Tuvia, Jack said it was holding on by a thread. He then told Damon to give his regards to his redheaded friend and left the lab. Dru turned on Damon in a rage and accused him of endangering both their jobs by his liaison with Phyllis. Damon reminded her that he'd said from the beginning that he didn't want to be involved in corporate politics. What he did in his personal life was his own business. Furthermore, he wasn't finished with the orchid project yet.

At Christine's apartment, Phyllis and Christine bickered over Phyllis's desire to see Daniel. Phyllis blamed Christine because she'd lost custody of him in the first place. During the course of their argument, Christine encouraged Phyllis to threaten her, since that would give her a legal reason to make sure Phyllis didn't come near any of them. She had work to do and she was tired; she asked Phyllis to please leave. She'd talk to Daniel and Danny about what Phyllis wanted, because when Phyllis wasn't being her own worst enemy, Christine actually hoped she and Daniel could work out their relationship. After directing a few more insults at Christine, Phyllis finally walked out with the promise that she'd be back.

At Crimson Lights, Daniel wasn't happy when Danny brought up the possibility of his seeing his mother. He just wanted to spend his time in Genoa City with his dad and his Aunt Gina. As the two argued, Raul came up to introduce himself to Danny on the basis of their mutual friendship with Lauren. Daniel took the opportunity to walk back to Christine's, then Raul told Danny all about Brittany. He was worried about her state of mind and didn't want her to give up her dreams of singing. Danny finally said he'd try to talk to Brittany the next morning at the loft and see if he could be of any help.

Bobby came to see Brittany, but she refused to talk about singing. When she expressed how tired she was of friends telling her what to do or how to feel, Bobby said she was right. No one needed friends to try to pull them out of a bad time. Therefore he was leaving. Brittany apologized and said she didn't mean to drive him away, but Bobby just said for her to give him a call sometime and let him know how she was, then he walked out.

Larry directed Nikki and Sharon to a sewer drain close to the Lakeside Bar, which is where he'd dumped Cameron's body. The three of them fended off rats, filth, and an awful stench to go into the sewer tunnels and look for the corpse. Nikki faltered several times and threw up, but Sharon insisted they keep looking. They finally found the sheet-wrapped body, ran the rats away, and Larry pulled back the sheet. Sharon screamed and fainted in Nikki's arms.

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