Y&R Recaps: The week of March 22, 2004 on The Young and the Restless
Kevin freaked out when he had to spend a night in jail. Lauren posted bail for Kevin. Despite Jack's objections, the Jabot team decided to accept Victor's offer. Sharon took too many sedatives and fell out of Nikki's atrium window.
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Monday, March 22, 2004

Damon and Phyllis are happily snuggling under a blanket on the couch. She tells Damon that she really needed him. He says he is glad to be of service. Phyllis wants to make sure Damon knows that their little fling was a lot more than that. He tells her to look into her soul; this is only the beginning of her life's plan. Damon's words motivate Phyllis. She decides to get up and take action of her life.

Phyllis shows up at Victor's office only to find Nick there. When she asks him where Victor went he tells her that Victor isn't there. Nick wants to know what Phyllis wants. Phyllis tells him that she wants her old job back. Nick doesn't think that is such a good idea. Phyllis isn't too happy about Nick's negativity towards her. He says she has closed the door on her job and she can't be trusted. Phyllis tells Nick if Victor was there she's not sure he would see it that way. Nick doesn't care because he's the one in charge now. Phyllis tells him that may change.

Katherine goes to the athletic club and sits down at the bar. When the bartender asks her what it will be, she sighs and says that she would like a coffee. He tells her that is a good choice. As Katherine is telling the bartender that there is a man in her life that is trying to help her, a loud crash interrupts her speech. The bartender rolls his eyes and says they have a new bus person. When Katherine sees that it's Esther she comes to talk to her. Why is Esther bussing when she has all sorts of money saved? Esther tells Katherine that she met a guy who had gambled away all of her money. Katherine wants to know why she didn't come home. Esther doesn't want to get in the way of Katherine and Jill's relationship.

Jill tries to make Arthur understand why she's upset that he wants to move in with Katherine. Arthur is optimistic that the three of them will someday be a family. He promises to Jill that he will always be there for her. When he finally convinces Jill that he's not going anywhere, she gives in. He tells her that he is happy that he now has her blessing.

Jill goes to visit Jack, who isn't too happy about being overruled by his family. He thanks Jill for going on the trip for him. Jack asks her how things are going with her newfound mother and father. Jill tells him that Katherine isn't drinking anymore for now, and that's good, but there is still something that's bugging her. She wonders what it is. Jack suggests to Jill that she may be jealous of Arthur's relationship with Katherine.

Danny and Chris are eating at the Athletic Club when Danny tells her that Daniel is coming to town soon. He says that Daniel and him will be sharing a room because he couldn't book another room on such short notice. Chris offers to let Daniel stay with her for a while. Danny is worried about security because of Phyllis. Just as he mentions her name, Phyllis appears, asking when Daniel is going to be in town. Danny says that Daniel does not want to see her. Phyllis says she is Daniel's mother, she will wait for him to show up. Danny tells her that Daniel isn't going to be staying at the hotel. Phyllis becomes angry when Danny wont tell her where Daniel will be, saying that she will hire a private detective if she has to. Chris tells Phyllis that Daniel will be staying with her.

Michael informs Kevin that if he wants his help as his lawyer he must calm down and listen to him. Kevin agrees and Michael asks Kevin to tell him the truth about Brittany. Kevin tells him that he had nothing to do with it. Besides, Kevin points out, he never went back to Marcino's that night he was fired. Michael says Weber must have more evidence up his sleeve more than just a wire cutter and a pair of shoes. Kevin asks Michael if he will have to go to jail. Michael cannot promise anything. Kevin starts freaking out and puts his hands over his head telling Michael not to hit him. "I wont hit you," Michael says, "I'm your brother." Michael tells Kevin to act if he has to. Just then Detective Weber comes in. He tells Kevin that he will have to go to jail. Kevin can't take it anymore. He begs Michael but the guards grab him by the arms kicking and screaming into the jail cell. Kevin is terrified.

Tuesday, March 23, 2004

In Jack's office, Jack and Jill argue over her true feelings about Katherine and Arthur. He speculates that Jill doesn't want to share Arthur because she deep down still hates her mother. She eventually vents that Katherine blew her chance with both Jill and Arthur years ago and doesn't deserve it again. Jill should get to have him all to her herself. Jack assures Jill that she is entitled to be bitter but he also asks her to give it all a chance. Her father promised that he will be involved with Jill no matter what. She should take that and enjoy it. That and share with others. She thanks him for the wonderful advice. Later Brad shows up and Jack tears into him for turning on Jack at the meeting and switching sides. Brad had a change of mind about it and it had nothing to do with Ashley. Jack tosses him out. Jack reveals to Brad that Ash is pissed that Jack vetoed her and reinstated the hair-straightener. Brad is skeptical but won't make waves. He cautions Jack to take things slowly. He just broke up with his wife and needs time. Brad lectures Jack that as much as he hates Vic they have to stop short of destroying themselves to spite him.

Katherine returns home and tells Arthur about her run-in with Esther. It's all because of Jill that they can't help Arthur. She doesn't want him dragged into the hostility between Kay and Jill. He doesn't care. It means so much to him to be involved. Kay finally gives Arthur the green light to move in with them. Jill arrives home to hear Art and Kay talk about horse back riding. He wants to go out with her. Arthur wonders if they've both changed their minds about the living arrangement. He will take full responsibility if it doesn't work out. The women don't want him to blame himself. He laughs that they finally agree about something.

At the Athletic Club Phyllis is stunned that Daniel will be staying with Chris. She's furious that Danny seems to be broadcasting to the world that she is a bad mother and her son hates her. Danny assures Phyllis that he will talk to Daniel and do his best to insist that he see his mother. She doesn't trust Danny fully.

Victor returns from another long walk on the ranch. He tells Nikki he is finally ready to emerge from seclusion and face the world again. He still doesn't see himself as a criminal. He never will. Later they have sex and are grateful that they won't be separated for a whole year. He asks about Nick and Sharon is not convinced by her lackluster response. Nikki eventually admits that she's actually helping Sharon through something traumatic. She won't divulge much about it. He also asks about Jack's plans for suing but she can't divulge what she knows.

Damon finds a trinket of Phyllis' at his apartment from their night together. He is surprised when Vanessa shows up out of nowhere. She tries to seduce him and he turns her down. He makes it clear he's not interested in pursuing her right now. She asks who the other woman is. He tells her he is involved. She is annoyed that eh never bothered to tell her before she stripped half-naked. She accuses him of being a player and hides when she hears someone knock. When Phyllis storms in Vanessa emerges and is stunned that she is the other woman. Phyllis sees through Vanessa's trench-coat routine. The women spit arguments at each other. Vanessa rails at Damon for sleeping with his friend/boss' wife. She finally spits that he and Phyllis deserve each other. He could have had any woman and he chose the boss' wife. Not smart at all.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004

It was a busy morning at the athletic club. Victor went in to get a cup of coffee and ran into Ashley, who'd just had breakfast. The two sat down for a little chat. Ashley said his time away had obviously been good for him. Victor said he'd done a lot of soul searching. He thought Ash was looking well, too, and Ashley said she was feeling much better. Both she and Brad were grateful for Victor's help in getting her well. When she told him she was back in the saddle at Jabot, Victor joked that might be bad news for him. Although he tried to find out why things weren't running as smoothly for her at work as they could be, Ashley diverted the topic to the potential lawsuit. She and the board didn't want it to come to that. As president of Jabot, she was asking him to sit down with them and discuss an out-of-court settlement. Victor's ears perked up and he asked if they could do it that afternoon. Ashley agreed. She then said that after all of that was settled, she wanted to get together with him to talk about something more personal. Victor was intrigued.

Across the room, Drucilla was waiting for Lily at a table and glanced at the paper. She was startled to see that Kevin Fisher had been arrested for the attempted electrocution of Brittany. When Lily joined her, she tried to keep the paper from her daughter but Lily was supposed to see at least the headlines for her class. Once Lily spotted the article, she began to express her feeling that it would be great if Kevin would rot in jail for any crime, since he'd gotten off scot-free after what he did to her and Colleen. Dru tried to reason with her daughter, not letting Kevin off the hook and saying it was clearly statutory rape, but Lily had some part in it. She'd thought Kevin loved her. Lily was furious that her mother seemed to be saying that she was to blame for what had happened. Dru disagreed, saying it wasn't good for Lily to feel so much hatred and be so obsessed with Kevin.

Downstairs in the workout area, Glen Richards approached Christine during her workout to discuss the Kevin Fisher case. Fisher would be in court that morning to get bail set. The DA wanted to keep him in jail. Outraged, Chris said there was no legal justification for keeping him in jail. He had no prior arrests. Richards reminded her that he'd stuck up for her in the Newman case, taking the heat when the feds and members of the public wanted to see Victor receive more punishment. If she wanted him to be able to sleep nights, Christine would see to it that Kevin stayed in jail. She was smart. She could figure out a way.

Paul and Lynne were talking in his apartment about Kevin's arrest. Paul said it was good to know he was off the streets. When Lynne wondered how Lauren had reacted, Paul said she didn't know. He didn't want her to. Lauren overheard them as she came in from a run. After Lynne left, she demanded to know what was going on. Paul finally told her about Kevin's arrest and his bail hearing that morning, and Lauren wondered how he'd endured his night in jail. Paul scolded her again for worrying about Kevin. When Lauren decided to take a shower, Paul said he had to get to an appointment. He hoped that he could reach Lauren at the boutique. Lauren didn't tell him where she'd be one way or the other.

Michael talked to Kevin after his younger brother's night in jail. Kevin said that once the other inmates found out that he'd met an underage girl on the Internet, things had gotten so bad that he'd finally persuaded the police to give him a cell alone. He couldn't take another night in jail; was Michael going to make sure he got out on bail? Michael said that Kevin might be considered a flight risk, but he was going to do his best for him. Kevin admitted that if he thought he was going to prison, he might take off. But he wasn't guilty, so that couldn't happen.

In court, Michael was startled when Christine argued against bail for Kevin. After questioning Kevin herself, the judge finally agreed to set bail--at two million dollars. Michael told her that would make it impossible, as Kevin didn't have access to that kind of money. Because Kevin was Michael's half-brother, the judge agreed to drop it to one million on the condition that Kevin live with Michael and be supervised by him. As they led a panicked Kevin away, Michael gave Christine a disbelieving look and walked out of the courtroom. Lauren had slipped into court and heard part of Kevin's proceeding, and she caught up with Michael. When she found out that it would take a few days for Michael to raise the bail money, including getting another mortgage on his condo, Lauren offered to post the hundred thousand dollars herself. She didn't care what anyone said. After some resistance, Michael agreed.

Nick was surprised to see Sharon taking pills when he came downstairs. After he persisted in questioning her, she finally admitted she was taking sedatives for her nerves because she couldn't sleep at night. Nick warned her not to drive and wished she'd tell him what was bothering her. He was sure it had something to do with Grace. She had nothing to worry about. He wasn't talking to Grace. He didn't even like her. Sharon agreed that Grace wasn't helping matters, but she was grateful for Nikki's support during all of this.

After Nick left for work, Sharon kept getting spooked by the dining room windows, whirling around to see if Cameron's ghost was looking at her again. She was so nervous that she took two more pills. Then she decided to look for Nikki. By the time she got to the main house, her vision was blurred and she could barely walk. She tried to get control of herself, and that's when she started seeing Cameron again. After staggering around in an effort to get away, constantly trying to reassure herself that she was hallucinating, she thought he was coming toward her. She climbed on the windowsill, then her boots slipped on the wood and she crashed through the windows and onto the ground outside.

Thursday, March 25, 2004

Nikki returns home to find that Sharon had fallen through her atrium window. As Nikki tries to revive Sharon, Sharon wakes up and throws her arms out screaming, "Don't touch me, don't touch me!" When she finally realizes that it's Nikki, she lets Nikki walk her into the house. Nikki wants to call 911 right away but Sharon begs her not to. When Nikki asks Sharon to recall what happened, Sharon seems confused. Nikki insists that they go to the hospital. After some tests at the hospital, Olivia tells Nikki that Sharon is going to be fine. Olivia says that Nikki should know that Sharon had a lot of sedatives in her blood.

Victor asks Ashley what it is that she wants to discuss. Ashley says that they should wait until after they have the business meeting. Victor tries to get Ashley to tell him, but she won't. Jack walks into the athletic club and can tell that Ashley and Victor are speaking privately. Victor finally gives up and lets Ashley leave it a mystery for now. As Victor leaves, he stops and looks up at Jack wickedly.

Jack sits down next to Ashley and wants to know what her and Victor were talking about. They begin arguing when she says that they will be meeting with Victor to discuss his offer. She also tells him that she decided to tell Victor that Abby is his biological daughter. Jack is shocked.

Lauren tells Michael that the money is being transferred and that they should go down to the courthouse. Michael hugs her and thanks her for being such a good friend to Kevin and himself. Lauren asks Michael to tell her that she won't regret this. Michael wants to know what Lauren will tell Paul. As they are leaving, Paul is surprised to see that Lauren is home and not at the Boutique. He is even more surprised when he sees Michael. Lauren stays behind to talk to Paul. She tells him that he's not going to like what she has to tell him. She tells Paul that she went to Kevin's bail hearing. Paul isn't too happy to hear this, but when she tells him that she posted bail, he's furious. He tells her that she needs to think about this long and hard before she does it. Paul leaves, furious.

Nick comes home early to see if Sharon is okay. He calls out her name, but assumes she went for a walk or is up at the main house since her car is still in the driveway. Victor shows up, wondering how Sharon is doing. Nick says she's fine, that he has everything under control. Victor said he's been thinking about a lot of things since he went on vacation. He tells Nick that he will find out later. Nick mentions that Phyllis had come by wanting her old job back. Nick says that he told Phyllis to go away, she can't be trusted. Victor isn't happy about Nick's attitude. Victor tells Nick that he has let the business get to his head.

Damon and Phyllis slept in late. She tells Damon about her horrible day. When she had tried to get her old job back, Nick had laughed in her face. Then she saw Danny and Christine at the athletic club and found out that Daniel will be staying with Chris. Damon says the only way to feel better about things is to think of the most pleasant fantasy possible. The trick works and she feels better.

Nikki and Sharon return to the main house and Nikki thanks some workers for fixing her atrium window. When Nikki asks Sharon why she had been taking sedatives, Sharon finally admits that she had been seeing Cameron's face everywhere. She also admits to Nikki that Larry had been the one to hide Cameron's body for her. Nikki wonders if Sharon really is losing her mind. Sharon says there is only one way to find out and that is to see Cameron's body to be sure he really is dead.

Friday, March 26, 2004

Sharon told Nikki that it wasn't the sedatives that made her lose her balance. She felt like she was being stalked by a dead man. That day wasn't the first time she'd thought Cameron was looking at her. She'd seen him before. Nikki understood why that rattled her, but she reminded her that even if the blow to his head hadn't killed Cameron, he couldn't have survived being out in the freezing snow for days. She refused to take any part in Sharon's desire to see Cameron's body again to convince herself that he was really dead. And she warned her not to make Larry go out on a limb for her even more by going anywhere near the body.

At Nick's house, Victor was disgusted by his son's attitude about Phyllis. He thought power had gone to his son's head, and as soon as he could find a replacement, he expected Nick to step down. Nick insisted Victor's opinion wasn't based on what was best for the company. He was still angry with Nick for turning him in, and he wanted to punish him. Victor said that it wasn't Phyllis or anyone else who'd betrayed the company. It was Nick. The two men's argument was interrupted by Sharon's arrival. After she explained her cuts and scrapes by saying she'd tripped in the atrium while watering plants, Victor left, telling Nick they'd finish their talk later. Nick then questioned Sharon again about what was going on with her. Had she fallen because of the pills she was taking? Sharon insisted they weren't that strong, and if Nick really wanted to be supportive of her, he'd stop grilling her all the time. Nick finally left to go back to work, and Sharon called Larry. He agreed to meet with her as soon as he could when she told him it was important.

Raul tried to make love to Brittany after he woke her up, but she pushed him away. She said he deserved the kind of life he'd dreamed of, and she would only hold him back. Raul insisted that no one thought Brittany's life was over except her. He left the room, disappointed by her defeated attitude. Brittany went to the park to mope about her miserable existence, where she was confronted by Rose, whose cerebral palsy made it difficult for her to control her motor functions. When Rose figured out what was bothering Britt, she asked if she had some time. There was a story she wanted to tell her.

Ashley told John about the scheduled board meeting with Victor. They agreed that Jack wasn't happy about the way things were going, but John hoped they could all present a united front to Victor later. After he left, a pensive Ashley went upstairs and took out the tape she'd made when she had cancer. Unaware that Abby and her nanny had returned to the house to get Abby's mittens, she put the tape in and began to watch it. Just as it got to the part where Ashley discussed Victor's paternity of Abby, her little girl came upstairs and stood listening outside the bedroom door.

Jack and Brad argued about the decisions Ashley was making. Brad said that Jack just had a case of sour grapes. Jack said Ashley's judgment was impaired by her feelings for Victor. It had started with the decision to accept Victor's settlement offer, and for all he knew, Ashley's next move would be to block the whole Tuvia line. Brad said that he and Ashley had been through too much; he was not going to oppose his wife just because Jack wanted him to. Jack then told Brad he knew that Ashley was going to tell Victor the truth about Abby. Brad had to put a stop to that. Brad finally exploded, vowing support for his wife, and walked out, telling Jack he'd see him later at the board meeting.

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