Y&R Recaps: The week of September 22, 2003 on The Young and the Restless
Raul broke up with Brittany. Lauren told J.T. about Raul's kiss. Victor reconsidered mentoring Nick. Jack gave Diane a job at Jabot. Victoria shared kisses with both Damon and Michael. Paul admitted to Todd that he had raped Christine.
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Monday, September 22, 2003

Once Fred realizes Marilyn is actually Brittany, he began to panic. He told his colleagues he was ready to leave right away, but they were too busy enjoying the show to listen. Bobby came over to find out what the commotion was about, pulled Fred aside. Fred told him he wanted Brittany off the stage, immediately-that she was his daughter. Bobby got Angelo to escort his colleagues out as he went onstage and got Brittany off the stage. He told her to put something on and meet him in his office right away. Brittany was upset and demanded to know what was happening. She told him he was an amateur for letting one drunk patron ruin her act, and told him he just cost her a whole lot of money. He reached into his pocket, pulled out a huge wad of cash and gave it to her. He told her he wasn't thinking about the money; he was thinking about protecting her. Feeling guilty, she gave back the money, saying she didn't really earn it, so she didn't feel right taking it. He urged her to keep it and to take Raul out to a nice dinner. He asked how things between them were, and she hesitated before telling him she wasn't really up to talking about it. When he asked if she was O.K., she told him she appreciated his concern. She asked him if he was still going to call his friends in the business, and he told her he didn't make promises he couldn't keep. At that point, Angelo burst into the office and told them everything in the club was back to normal. He offered to have her go back onstage, and she was excited to perform her act again. After she left, Angelo asked what was wrong with Fred, and Bobby told him it was Brittany's father. Angelo asked if she knew her father had seen her, and Bobby told him it was not his job to tell her. Angelo tried again to warn Bobby that Brittany was trouble, but Bobby ignored him and told him to go on back behind the bar.

While Raul was confiding in Lauren about Brittany, he got carried away and kissed her. Although she didn't exactly pull away immediately, he apologized profusely. She told him there was no harm done-she told him she knew he was thinking about Brittany, and the wine he drank hadn't helped matters. J.T. walked in at that point, and Lauren, looking sheepish, said she was on her way out. After she left, he asked Raul what she was doing there and said how strange it was to see her in their apartment. Raul admitted he was talking to her about Brittany, and that they had just had an argument about her job at Marsino's. J.T. urged him to go easy on her-that sooner or later she would bore of it and quit on her own. Raul expressed how he felt about her, that she was too good to be stripping. He said he envisioned her doing something in fashion, like designing or buying or even selling clothes-not taking them off. J.T. immediately picked up on the similarities between the girl he described and Lauren Fenmore, and didn't hesitate pointing it out to Raul. Raul told him he thought Lauren was a terrific woman, and then abruptly said he was tired and needed to get to bed.

Phyllis walked up to the bar, only to find Drucilla there. As she sat down to harass her, they both noticed Damon and Victoria coming in together, obviously on a dinner date. They stopped squabbling long enough to stare at the two of them, trying to figure out what was going on between them. Damon and Victoria noticed, but decided to ignore them. They talked about the rollout of Tuvia and Safra, and Victoria commented it must be gratifying to see both lines that he had a hand in creating be so successful. He told her it was actually puzzling. He went on to say that he created Safra years ago with less experience, and that Tuvia was state-of-the-art. He wondered how they could possibly be in competition with each other, when one was clearly better. Victoria told him a lot of people were saying Victor had done something underhanded, and if she found out it was true, she would be livid. He agreed that if it were true, it would show a huge lack of faith in her abilities. She agreed, and then asked to change the subject. They decided to stop talking business, and noticed they were still being stared at. Damon asked if she was game to give them something more to stare at, and Victoria looked pleased when he leaned over and kissed her.

Nick came home to find Sharon in a good mood. However, when Victor's name came up, it turned his good mood sour. Sharon told him she ran into him at the health club, and he told her of Ashley's condition. She said he was feeling beat up and suggested Nick offer him support. Instead, Nick got angry about their conversation and challenged Sharon about talking to Victor at all, much less in public and about something so personal. She tried to defend herself, but Nick wasn't listening. He was too busy stomping out to go find Victor to finish listening to his wife.

Neil came into the health club and began talking business with Victor. He noticed Victor seemed distracted and asked if he was all right. Victor confided in him about Ashley and how terrible he felt about what had happened. He also told Neil about Brad being after him and Neil made a suggestion: that he get himself a bodyguard. Victor laughed it off, but Neil was serious. He urged Victor to consider it-after all, if Ashley was concerned about what Brad might do, he could do something he might end up regretting and Ashley would end up without her husband. Their conversation was interrupted by Nick, who rushed into the club, asking Neil to excuse him and his father.

Tuesday, September 23, 2003


Victoria gives Neil a tour of the renovated Tackhouse. Victor's way of appeasing Victoria she's sure. They change the subject to Damon. Victoria affirms that it's her business and doesn't care what others, especially her father, say about it.

Newman Gym:

Nick is obviously annoyed with his father. He tells him he knows about Ashley from Sharon. Nick wants to know why his father was talking to Sharon about this. He also wants to know why Vic would go see Ashley. Does he have no appreciation for other people's feelings at all? Vic can't believe Nick blames him for Ashley's accident. Nick doesn't understand how he can accept no responsibility. Victor tells him he can't mentor him if Nick is full of hatred. Nick tells him he doesn't have to like everything about his mentor. Vic tells him one day he will have a grown son and be in a similar position.


Nikki visits Ashley at home. She tells Ash how sorry she is about losing a child. She knows that pain too. She expresses how her children may have wanted Safra to succeed but not at this expense. And Victor--before she can continue Ashley tells her not to go there. Nikki realizes she must warn Victor. Ashley's emotions are all over the place and is thankful for her family.


Frederick wants a drink badly. Anita sees him there and is annoyed that he brushed her off for nothing apparently. He reveals that their daughter is a stripper. Anita is mortified. She wonders where they went wrong. Frederick wants to go home with Anita. Neither wants to be alone tonight.


Phyllis stops by, obviously upset about something. He wonders if it has to do with his date with Victoria but she assures him it doesn't. She needs a friend. Things with Jack have gotten so bad she had to move to a hotel. She tells Damon about Jack's ultimatum and how she doesn't know what will happen with the two of them. Damon advises her to wait things out and have faith. He then tells her to go see him and now.

Jack's Office:

Diane arrives as per Jack's request. Jack will accept her offer of a loan for Jabot. The offer definitely still stands. He is the father of her child and wants him to do well. She also enjoys sticking it to Victor. She believes in him and Jabot. She knows the risks and accepts them fully. He will have the papers drawn up. Before she leaves, he offers to give her an office in the building. He offers her a position as an Architectural Design Consultant. She is taken aback by the offer. He believes they can make good use of her talents. She accepts.


Brittany returns home and tries to talk up Raul but he's curt with her. When he tries to go to his room to study she asks him to stay. She wants to talk. When eh brings up school she doesn't want to talk about her not going to school right now. She offers to give him a massage but he turns her down. She wonders if she repulses him now. He doesn't want to play her games. He can't ignore that she just got home from stripping. She wonders if they've broken up. He doesn't see a way around it but she does. She is sure they can get past this too. It's too late; they are finished he tells her.


J.T. presses Lauren for info on her conversation with Raul He sensed a vibe when he interrupted them. She is evasive. He wants to know what he walked in on. She finally confesses that Raul kissed her. He didn't mean she's sure. It was the wine and his feelings over Brittany. J.T. thinks it's funny because of all the hassle she gave him over Anita. It's not the same thing she points out. J.T. wonders what the future holds for them. Lauren tells him there's nothing more to come and begs him to keep his mouth shut.

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

Olivia was dismayed when Ashley told her about Brad's rage at Victor. She thought perhaps Ashley should reconsider leaving the hospital. But Ashley wanted to be with Abby while she was recovering. Olivia finally agreed to release her, and Jack arrived just when they were wondering how she'd get home. Ashley confided the entire story about Victor's visit, the news that she couldn't have another baby, and Brad's reaction to that plus finding out that Victor knew that she couldn't have another child before Brad did. Jack understood what Brad was going through, but reassured Ashley that she couldn't blame herself. He again expressed his belief that Victor was responsible for it all.

Nikki and Victor discussed the Ashley and Brad situation while eating breakfast together at the ranch. Nikki began to get upset, then backed off and said she was overreacting to things that didn't concern her. She just didn't want Brad to come after Victor. Victor wasn't worried about Brad, and he had nothing but sympathy for Ashley's situation. But he didn't feel responsible for what had happened, and it mostly bothered him that Nick did. He wasn't sure how things were going to play out with his son.

Nick and Sharon were disappointed by another of Cassie's foul moods. Nick scolded both kids for snapping at each other. After they left for school, Nick was heading for an intense day at work. But Sharon enticed him to delay leaving by modeling some new lingerie for him.

At the newly renovated tack house, Victoria was surprised by an early morning visit from Michael, croissants in hand. They sparred for a while about her involvement with Damon. Michael told her if she needed a romantic diversion, she should look closer to home. She then challenged him to a ride, but he confessed a discomfort about horses based on a childhood fear of merry-go-rounds. Victoria laughed at him and planted a big kiss on him. Michael's stunned look turned to amusement as she followed up her kiss with a demand that he explain what he and her father were conspiring about. Michael grinned, telling her nothing except that he'd see her later at work.

Lily was her usual unhappy self with her mother when Dru offered her breakfast. Dru tried to have a talk with her about what was going on in her life, but Lily fled to Crimson Lights, where she came face to face with J.T. and Colleen's happy morning together. When Colleen tried to talk to her, Lily said they would never really be friends again until Colleen accepted Kevin and stopped telling her what to do. Colleen watched with sadness as Lily left the coffee shop.

Phyllis was appalled when she ran into Diane at Yves and heard about the new Jabot business arrangement. Not only had Diane loaned Jabot money, but Jack had offered her a job and an office. Phyllis couldn't believe it, and Diane offered to drive her to Jabot so she could verify it with Jack. But Phyllis had no intention of waiting for Diane to take her anywhere. She went immediately to Jack and confronted him about what Diane had told her. Jack calmly said that it was a business deal, nothing more. He didn't really care what Diane's motives were. She'd not only helped Jabot out of a tight spot, but she was the mother of his child. So he saw no reason why she shouldn't be rewarded with a position at their company. He also admitted that he'd offered her the office Phyllis had declined. Phyllis said that her initial assessment was wrong; Diane wasn't using Jabot to get leverage with Jack. Jack was using Diane to punish Phyllis for not quitting her job at Newman. Jack didn't try to stop Phyllis as she tore angrily from his office.

Thursday, September 25, 2003

Victor is looking out the window of his office when Michael comes in. Michael tells Victor that he is surprised that his office isn't more secure. Michael says he's heard about Ashley's baby and that certain people hold Victor responsible. Victor doesn't think he has anything to worry about. He asks Michael if he is still keeping an eye on his daughter. Michael says he suggests Victor back off of Victoria a little, to leave the poor girl alone. Victor says that Michael doesn't have any children, so he shouldn't be giving him any advice. They go on to discuss business matters, and Victor thanks Michael for his hard work getting companies to shelf the Safra line ahead of Tuvia's. Victor thinks that since they now have brought Jabot down on one knee, if the time is right to deliver the final knockout punch. Michael suggests that Victor let Jabot fall on their own so that Victor won't appear to be the one who completely crushed them.

Phyllis goes to Victoria's office and throws down her work, apparently in a bad mood. Victoria wants to know what's going on, she says that Phyllis and her should discuss the work, but Phyllis says there is something she has to discuss with Victor. Victoria seems upset that Phyllis won't tell her what's going on. When Phyllis asks Victoria about Damon, Victoria says that two can play at being mysterious. Phyllis says that Damon is her friend, and Victoria tells her that it appears that their friendship has cooled off. But Phyllis informs her that it hasn't, as a matter of fact, she just saw him last night. Victoria can't believe that Phyllis had seen Damon after their dinner date at Yves last night. She thinks Phyllis must be stalking him.

Paul goes to his mother's house to get his brother Todd's number. When Mary wants to know why he wants the number, he says that he hasn't talked to him in a long time, and wants to know how Todd is doing. Since Todd is a priest, Mary thinks maybe Paul wants Todd to marry him and Chris. Paul says it's not that, he has no plans yet to marry Chris. Mary keeps pushing him, asking that if it's not that, then how are things with Paul and Chris? Paul says things are fine, and that he has to go, that he and his mother will get together soon to have dinner. Mary wants to know if Chris will be there, and when Paul isn't sure, she assumes that there is something definitely wrong.

Jack sits in his office calling around looking for Brad. When the door opens, he thinks it may be Brad, but it's Damon. Jack tells Damon that Brad and Ashley are having problems and that Brad is missing. Jack says that Ashley needs Brad right now, and he doesn't want Brad to end up in a body bag. When Damon asks Brad what Jack means by that, Jack tells him that Brad is on a rampage for Victor's hide. Jack says it's a weird world, some things are good, some are bad, and sometimes you don't know whether to laugh or cry. Damon says that the email he received cutting the R&D funds made him want to cry. Jack tells him to relax, that things have changed and there is some good news with that. With those words, Diane walks in. Jack introduces Diane to Damon, and says although he has to leave, they can hang around and get acquainted if they wish. As they talk, Damon says he already knows a little about Diane from Jack's wife, Phyllis. Diane acts surprised that Phyllis told Damon about her. Damon says that Phyllis mentioned that Jack and Diane have a baby together. Damon asks Diane if she is married now. She tells Damon that she once was married to Jack's archenemy, Victor Newman.

It's Ashley's first day home, and as she plays with Abby, it seems as if she hears a baby's cries in the background. John comes in to see her and asks if she is all by herself. Ashley tells him no, that Francis is there with her. John asks how she is, and if there is anything he can do. Ashley says she hasn't been much of a mom to Abby lately. He tells her of course she is, and that Abby should be a comfort to her now. Ashley can't shake her feelings. "A week ago, everything was so beautiful," she says. She pulls out something she knitted for the baby. "It's all finished," she says, "Everything is finished." She tells John that because of the accident, she will never be able to have children again. John tries to comfort her, and tells Ashley that she really is blessed, that she has her family, and a husband and a child who love her. Ashley tells him that Brad isn't there, that he never came home last night. When he found out that she told Victor that she couldn't have children anymore before she told Brad that Brad took off, probably headed Victor's way. Ashley begs John not to go and do the same thing.

Loren visits Chris for the first time since the Isabella nightmare. Chris tells Loren how much she appreciates her. Loren asks if there is something going on between Chris and Paul, she says it seems like the two of them have something weighing on them. "It's in your eyes," Loren tells her, as Paul walks in. Loren and Chris's faces are extremely serious, and Paul asks if he was interrupting anything. Loren says no, she was just coming by to see Chris, as she leaves. Paul says he wanted to come and see Chris. That he has been thinking about her. He says he wonders how she can stand the sight of him. He's talking about the rape, and says he doesn't even know himself anymore. Chris tells him not to think about it anymore, that Paul is a kind, supportive man, with so much love. But Paul still feels terrible. He goes to call his brother. When Todd answers, Paul tells him that he needs to see him. He needs his help. Todd tells him that he will come and see Paul right away. "That's what family is for," he says.

Phyllis goes to see Victor telling him that she is seriously upset and that it has been a very interesting day. She informs him that Diane has given Jabot a lot of money-an open-ended checkbook, in fact. Phyllis says she thinks that Jack accepted the money and hired Diane to get at her, and she doesn't like it one bit. When Victor tells her to keep her eyes and ears open, she informs him that she has been staying in a hotel. Victor says now there will be more battles to fight; that it's possible down the road Tuvia might get ahead. Victor says he doesn't like to tie, and in the end, only one company can remain standing. He hopes that Phyllis can live with that.

Friday, September 26, 2003

Jill went to see Michael and get clarification on what needed to be done to fire Esther without fear of a lawsuit. Michael told her to give her a good severance package and pay for her insurance for a couple of years. Jill thought it was a good idea; if she offered Esther a good deal, maybe everyone wouldn't hold it against her for not being willing to live in a house with Esther. Michael wondered what she wanted---a relationship with Katherine or Katherine's money. Jill said she didn't see any reason why she couldn't have both.

Larry was happy to see Mrs. Chancellor getting around so well, but that turned to concern when Katherine expressed her anxiety about firing Esther. Although he sympathized with Esther, he pointed out that she never let up on Jill. Maybe Jill was right. If the two women had a chance to work out a mother/daughter relationship, Esther was going to have to go. When Larry left for work, Mrs. Chancellor tearfully asked him to send Esther to her if he saw her.

Dru was relieved to hear that Diane had made Jabot a loan to keep the company afloat over the next few months. Nikki wasn't so sure and wondered what Diane was going to get out of it. Jack said she'd asked for nothing except the going interest rate. He had, however, offered her an office to use while she was helping the company with some renovations of their space. Nikki pointed out that Diane's money had been extorted from Victor. Jack angrily reminded her that they wouldn't be in the position they were except for Victor's underhanded business dealings. Nikki countered that Jack had no proof of that. Jack took their argument up a notch by blaming Victor for Ashley's accident and the loss of her child. He was also worried about what Brad planned to do. Nikki left in a huff, saying that she was not going to listen to anyone else blame Victor for things that were not his fault.

Victor walked over to Diane at the health club and turned off her treadmill, saying he wanted to talk to her. Diane said he could wait until she was finished with her workout, but Victor was persistent. He told her that he knew all about her loan to Jabot. Had she forgotten that was his money? Diane said that she'd been one of the few people who'd ever won a battle with Victor Newman, and she was going to help her son's father win another one. Victor warned her that he was going to destroy Jabot and leave Diane penniless. Diane looked somewhat worried as Victor left.

Ashley expressed her anger to Brad when he finally came home without any explanation of where he'd been. She was upset that Jack had to drive her home from the hospital and Colleen didn't know where he was. Brad said he was the one who had a right to be upset. How could Ashley have told Victor such a private detail about their lives without telling her own husband first? Ashley reminded him that she hadn't invited Victor to the hospital, and she had asked him to leave. She was coping with everything and so emotional that when Victor had reminded her that she and Brad would have other children, she blurted out the truth. Brad wasn't sure that Ashley didn't still have feelings for Victor, especially now that she knew the only child she would ever have was Abby. It created a bond between Ashley and Victor. As much as it hurt Brad to admit it, sometimes all he could see when he looked at Abby was Victor. He just didn't understand why Ashley always excused the things Victor did. Ashley said that she had a hole in her heart from the loss of their son. She wasn't going to fill it with hate. She continued to try to reason with him, but Brad stormed out of the house, obviously intent on confronting Victor.

Christine was surprised that Paul wanted to get in touch with his brother. Paul said there were things he couldn't get off his conscience. Christine tried to reassure him that she held nothing against him, but Paul couldn't forgive himself. Christine said that she'd like to meet his brother while he was in town.

Mary came by Paul's apartment with a devil's food cake and tried to pump Christine for information on Paul and their relationship. She told Chris that she'd gotten the idea that Paul was going to call his brother, Todd, who was a Catholic priest. Did Christine know that, or know why Paul might want to talk to him? Christine told Mary that it was very inappropriate to ask for that kind of information. Maybe she should be talking to Paul, instead. Annoyed, Mary said that she should have known Christine wouldn't cooperate with her. She obviously hadn't changed at all. As she started to stomp out, Christine told her that she should remember, next time, that Christine's favorite was carrot cake.

Father Todd arrived at Paul's office ready to listen. The two brothers admitted that they'd had differences in the past, but now they were adults. Todd knew some of the details of what Paul had been going through. If he needed to talk about Isabella, Todd would be happy to listen to him. It was obvious to him that his brother had gone through some kind of life-changing experience that had shaken him to his core and left him asking a lot of questions. Paul agreed that Todd was right, but the problem wasn't what he'd gone through with Isabella. It was something that had happened last fall with Christine. As Todd listened, Paul confessed that he'd raped his former wife.

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