Y&R Recaps: The week of September 1, 2003 on The Young and the Restless
Katherine offered to have a mother-daughter relationship with Jill. Damon and Victoria kissed. Nick's accusations about Safra's sales infuriated Victor. Moments before Ashley was to be taken to emergency surgery, the baby's fetal heart monitor fell silent.
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Monday, September 1

Due to the Labor Day holiday, CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament preempted the entire CBS daytime lineup. This preemption was planned and there will be no lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Tuesday, September 2nd and pick up where Friday, August 29th's episode concluded.

Tuesday, September 2, 2003


J.T. and Brittany discuss her problems with Raul. He still isn't happy about her working at Marsino's and has insisted she quit. She refuses to let anyone dictate how she should live her life. J.T. thinks she's just being stubborn now. He then confesses that if roles were reverse he too would have a problem with his girlfriend stripping which only angers Britt. She will do what she wants.


Raul shows up and tells Bobby that Brittany will no longer be working at the strip club. Bobby wonders if this is Brittany's idea. Raul angrily tells Bobby that it is over. Bobby gets annoyed that Raul and his blonde friend both have approached him this way. Raul is surprised to learn J.T. had been there earlier. He then asks Bobby if he has ever slept with Britt. Bobby laughs and says no.

Chancellor House:

Jill is shocked to hear Katherine speak. She amazed. Kay reiterates her desire not to go to the senior's home. Jill then angrily asks her how long she's been able to speak and is furious that Katherine has been playing games with her for weeks. She admits it is true but only wanted to test Jill's loyalty as a daughter. Jill obviously won't send Kay to the home anymore but can't believe Kay tried to trick her and only confessed when she'd been forced to. Kay tells Jill she honestly wants to have a good relationship with her. She then stands up only bothering Jill more. Jill can't let go of the past. Kay abandoned her and that is a deep wound. Kay wants to start the healing process and invites Jill for a hug. The two women reluctantly hug and but it does warm up. Esther walks in shocked to see this. Kay explains that Jill knows all. Later Larry stops by and Jill fills him in. She thinks Kay's act of kindness is guilt from abandoning her as a baby.

Victor's Office:

Victor and Nick meet over the success of Saphra. A very suspicious Nick wonders about Jack's visit. Vic dismisses it as Jack making ludicrous accusations. Nick wants specifics. What did Jack say. Victor goes to list Jack's theories which Nick asks if they were true or not. They get into an argument over how Victor has waged this battle. Victor reminds him that it is only Jack and Brad that he hates. He respects John and cares for Ashley. Nick wonders how this is affecting the precariously pregnant Ashley. Vic called her to tell her not to worry about it. Nick scoffs at this. Her company is on the line and you think that phone call reassured her at all? Doesn't he feel bad at all that if Jabot fails then thousands of people will be out of work all because of his vendetta against Jack. Victor incredulously reminds his son about how he was raised in an orphanage. He had nothing and built himself up from that. Nick says that he should still be able to fight fair. "Are you saying I don't?." "You said it, not me." responds Nick. Victor screams at him to get out if his office now.


Brad and Jack talk about Victor's dirty dealings. Jack tells Brad of his visit to Victor and how he now firmly believes that Victor has done something illegal to make things turn out so well for Saphra. Jack and Brad both hope they can figure out what it was exactly and in time to save Jabot. Brad then gets a phone call from a cop who tells him there's been an accident involving Ashley.

Country Road:

Police are still trying to sort out the car wreck involving Ashley. She's still trapped in the car, unconscious. A frantic Brad and Jack arrive. Brad screams to see his wife. They keep him at bay until they can sort it out. The cop asks how long until Ashley gives birth. Brand tells him 2 weeks at most. Brad then says he and Jack can help get the cars apart. They manage to finally do that as Ashley starts to come to. She explains that she never saw the other car coming. Brad asks what she was doing. She responds that she had to go see Victor. Stop whatever he was doing to Jabot. She worries about her unborn baby but Brad assures her the baby is fine. She then fears she won't make it and begs Brad to tell Abby that her mommy loves her. He tells her that SHE will do that herself because she will be fine. The ambulance finally takes her away and Brad fills in Jack as to why she was on the road.

Wednesday, September 3, 2003

Brad and Jack anxiously awaited news about Ashley's condition in the hospital waiting room. Jack wasn't surprised that his sister had wanted to confront Victor, and he urged Brad to calm down and stay strong for Ashley's sake. Although Brad was furious about Victor's visit to Ashley, he blamed himself for not staying with her instead of being at Jabot. Jack reminded him that he'd been there because of the Tuvia launch; no one could have predicted that Ashley was going to try to drive into Genoa City. Olivia brought them news of Ashley's condition, which wasn't good. Not only were they trying to stop Ashley's external abdominal bleeding, but there was extensive internal bleeding as well. In fact, there was a chance they would have to take the baby if they thought Ashley was going to die.

When Nick got home, Sharon greeted him with a positive attitude and a glass of lemonade, but Nick was still seething after talking to his father. Sharon tried to be optimistic about things, and Nick wondered if she was taking his father's side. He had no proof that Victor had done anything illegal, but his instincts were telling him that Victor's hatred of Jack had led him to that. Nick himself felt a lot of affection for the Abbotts, particularly Jack, and he would not condone unfair competition between the rival companies, particularly if Victor brought down the Abbott family in the process. Sharon reminded him that in spite of his feelings, both Safra and Tuvia had experienced good days. Disgusted with the entire situation, Nick went upstairs to take a shower.

Raul returned to the loft to find J.T. alone. Raul admitted that he'd gone to see Bobby and tell him that Brittany was quitting, although he wasn't sure she was. J.T. said that Brittany had gone to the club to tell Bobby she was no longer working there. But he warned Raul that he'd better not keep telling Brittany what to do. She craved a more exciting life than Raul, who would lose her if he kept giving her ultimatums. Raul wondered how long J.T. had known Brittany was working at Marsino's, and J.T. confessed that he'd followed her to work one night. He didn't think much of Bobby either; in fact, he still believed that Bobby had been the one who vandalized the loft. Raul was sure that even if Brittany hadn't been unfaithful to him with Bobby, that Bobby was interested in her as more than an employee.

At Marsino's, Brittany stared at the stage and thought of the times she'd performed on it. When Bobby interrupted her reverie, she admitted that she was there to quit. Disappointed, Bobby told her that she was making a mistake. She loved to sing and dance. She shouldn't let Raul's disapproval make her stop doing something that she enjoyed. Brittany explained that she'd hurt Raul before, but he'd always forgiven her and continued to love her. She couldn't let him down again. Bobby said that he'd been thinking of bringing in some of his show business contacts to watch her perform. There might have been a bright future for her. Brittany accused of him of pulling out all the stops to coerce her to stay. Bobby said it was her decision, but he felt like she was making it against her will. Brittany slowly left with her costumes and CDs. Bobby warned Angelo the bartender to stop looking at him. Angelo said he was glad that Brittany had quit. It was the best thing for Bobby. Bobby left the club, saying there was someone he needed to see.

At Damon's apartment, Victoria was surprised to hear that he'd spent the day in the lab. Apparently, he didn't know the results of the Tuvia and Safra launches. She couldn't understand why one of Jabot's executives had distanced himself from Jabot's big day. Damon explained that he liked working at Jabot, but he didn't like the negativity between their two companies. He felt like regarding business as war, and regarding a rival as the enemy, had a human cost. As she listened to him expound on his attitude toward business, Victoria began to smile. Damon apologized for running on and said she was probably bored. Victoria asked him to kiss her. Seeming surprised, Damon did so. Still smiling, Victoria said she needed to leave.

Victor was displeased to hear that Michael had gone to Jabot to see Damon, but Michael put a positive spin on it. He was sure that Damon could be lured away from Jabot since he'd signed only a short-term contract. He admitted that Drucilla had seen him in the lab and kicked him out. But he'd also made another discovery before he left. He was sure that Damon had a personal interest in Victoria. Victor was unhappy about this news, and before Michael left, he told him to keep an eye on his daughter. He didn't want to interfere, but he would if he had do. Michael urged Victor not to mention his name if he confronted Victoria about Damon. She already disliked him enough. Victor agreed to keep Michael's name out of it.

Thursday, September 4, 2003

Olivia tells Brad they are going to have to deliver the baby by c-section or else Ashley and the baby might not make it. She says they are doing everything they can, but unless they deliver this baby they can't start helping Ashley with her internal bleeding. Jack asks if Ashley is strong enough to survive the delivery. Olivia says that given the trauma that she has suffered, there is a very strong chance that if she goes into labor on her own she might not survive. Olivia says the baby's heartbeat is strong and stable, and if they go in and get that baby right now, it's possible for both Ashley and the baby to survive. When Brad asks what the percentages are, Olivia says they are not good, but they have no other choice. Olivia tells Brad she needs him to sign for the surgery. Brad's emotions overwhelm him as he signs the release. Jack and Olivia tell him that he is doing the right thing.

Sharon goes to see Victor to tell him that she is concerned about Nick and Victor's relationship. She says she wouldn't be taking the risk to go and see him like this, but this is serious. Victor asks what it is about, and Sharon tells him Nick sees the whole Tuvia/Saffra competition as a personal attack on Jack Abbot. Nick feels close to and respectful of the Abbott family, he cannot understand why Victor would want to bury them. Victor says Nick's respect for Jack is unwarranted, and this is about business, not feelings. He tells Sharon to tell Nick to use his head. If he is going to run this company one day, he better learn that that's the way things are. That's how he does things around here. Nick visits Nikki at Jabot. Nikki is surprised that Nick is still opposed to the Saffra line. Nick says he just can't understand the vendetta Victor has for Jabot. Nikki asks if there is something more to Nick's visit. She asks Nick if he knows for certain that this is not a fair fight. They are interrupted by a telephone call from Jack saying that Ashley is in trouble. She was driving to see Victor and got in a terrible accident. Nikki says she will be there right away. Nick says he is going with her.

Bobby goes to the boutique looking for Raul. J.T. tells Bobby to go away and mess with someone else's life, that Brittany quit so she's not his business anymore. Bobby says Raul is stopping Brittany from someday making something of herself. J.T. tells Bobby that he must have it bad for Brit. He calls Bobby a pimp falling in love with his own girl. Bobby says J.T. doesn't know what he's talking about, don't they teach anything in college? Brittany has talent. J.T. says the first thing Brittany needs to do is sing somewhere else. Bobby asks J.T. what kind of money he makes, and then tries to offer J.T. a job at Marsino's. The job offers friendly benefits, Bobby says. J.T. thinks Bobby is trying to turn J.T. against Raul, and he is not having it. Bobby persists that Raul and Brittany don't have a chance, once she realizes that Raul doesn't care about Brittany's career, their relationship will be over soon anyway. J.T. says that is Brittany's choice, not Bobby's.

When Brittany comes home to the loft, Raul is happy to see her. He says J.T. told him she was going to quit Marsino's and that he has a belated birthday present for her. But Brit tells Raul she has something to tell him. She is not quitting her job at Marsino's. Raul thought this was settled, and he can't understand what the problem is. Brittany says she can't quit and that Raul can't tell her what to do. Bobby can take her somewhere, he knows people in the music business. Raul can't believe Brittany would be so naïve. "He's feeding you a line, Brittany," Raul says. Brittany tells Raul that he doesn't know Bobby, and that Bobby really does want the best for her. Raul says fine, he will go and watch her at the club, cheer her on. Brittany says she doesn't feel comfortable having Raul there. Raul says Brittany must then be ashamed of what she is doing. She says that is not true, but she is still going to work there whether Raul likes it or not. Okay, Raul says, as he goes to their bedroom to get his stuff. He is going to move into Billy's old room, at least for now. Brittany wants to know if Raul is breaking up with her. Raul says don't make this about him; she is the one that is making the decision. Brad visits Ashley in the emergency room right before they take her in for the delivery. He touches her stomach and talks to the baby. "It's Daddy," he says, "can you hear me?" He tells the baby to stay strong, and that he can imagine holding the baby in his arms. Brad has waited so long for this, he loves Ashley so much and he loves the baby too.

As Jack waits for Brad to return, John shows up wondering what has happened. Jack tells her Ashley is being prepped for a c-section, and the situation is very serious, that both Ashley and the baby may not make it. Jack says Victor has everything to do with this. That Ashley was on her way to see Victor. Jack tells John that Victor went to see Ashley before the launch and got Ashley worked up. John says blaming Victor is accomplishing nothing, all they should be thinking about is Ashley and the baby. Brad begs Ashley to get through this. He says he needs her, the baby needs her, and that everyone is pulling for her. Brad says he is the luckiest man in the world to have Ashley and she has to fight and hang on. He knows she can do it. Nothing, he says, not Jabot, not Tuvia, nothing matters without her. I am not leaving without the both of you, Brad says, I am not leaving here without my family. Suddenly, Ashley flat lines, and the doctors run in. They say that it's fetal distress, as they push Brad out of the room. As he looks through the hospital door window, all he can do now is wait.

Friday, September 5

Due to CBS Sports coverage of the US Open tennis tournament, the entire CBS daytime lineup will be pre-empted today. This preemption was planned and there will be no lost episodes. Regular programming will resume on Monday, September 8th and pick up where Thursday, September 4th's episodes concluded.

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