Y&R Recaps: The week of August 11, 2003 on The Young and the Restless
Larry refused to support Jill's plans for revenge. Raul was shocked to see Brittany's striptease act at Bobby's club. Dru told Nikki about Damon and Phyllis. Damon promised to get the Tuvia line back on track. Isabella attempted to drown Christine. Paul rescued Christine.
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Monday, August 11, 2003

Jill asked Nikki what the surprise was, and Nikki told her that Kay's physical therapy was going great, and that she was starting to be able to use her hands. Larry's reaction was quick and positive, but Jill looked a bit uncomfortable. Nikki pointedly stated how great it was to Jill, and she tried to recover, but her initial reaction did not go unnoticed. She tried to tell everybody that they shouldn't push and stress Kay out, but no one really listened. They all marveled at how Kay was using a fork, and excitedly talking about what new progress she might be making in just a few short weeks if the momentum kept up.

At that point, Jill excused herself to go powder her nose, and Larry got up as well. Jill was upset, and told Larry that just because she could use her hand doesn't mean she can take care of herself. Back at the table, Nikki told Esther Kay had a test in mind for Jill to see if she was sincere. As they started to discuss it, Brock and Mitchell Sherman walked in, and Gina brought them over to the table. Jill was startled to see them once she returned and asked what they were doing there. They explained they had a meeting and decided to conduct it over dinner. Nikki piped up and told Jill she invited them to join the group. Jill sat next to Kay this time, and started fussing over her; trying to put a napkin in her lap and adjust her chair. Esther tried to take over and Kay "accidentally" spilled her water in Jill's lap.

The conversation turned to Jill's idea of declaring Kay incompetent, and Nikki got infuriated. Jill tried to explain her point of view, that she was only concerned about Kay's well-being and financials, but said she would just drop it if no one else agreed. Brock offered that he gave her the benefit of the doubt when it came to her sincerity, but that he didn't at all agree they should have her declared incompetent.

Paul came back from California to find Michael in their living room. Before he was able to check on Chris, Michael pulled him aside and updated him on the situation. He told Paul he didn't think any of the evidence they gathered would be admissible in court, considering the police interrupted a doctor/patient visit. Paul asked if the hypnosis worked, but Michael didn't have a solid answer for him. What he did say was that it was extremely difficult to defend a client that thought they were guilty, and he felt Chris did not believe she was innocent. Meanwhile, Chris was in the bedroom, hearing voices and seeing visions of Isabella screaming.

Michael left and Paul checked on Chris, who was quite upset. He tried to convince her she was innocent, but she had strong doubts. They were interrupted by Detective Weber, who said he had news. He said the lab results that came back proved that the DNA under her fingernails was that of Isabella's. Paul questioned him immediately, but Weber had more news. He said they found traces of blood in the woods, in a way that appeared a body was dragged. While Paul tried to come up with ulterior possibilities, Chris just cried and cried.

Lily was feeling very uncomfortable in Kevin's apartment. She told him she was so afraid that he never wanted to see her again, and that she wasn't used to someone liking her as much as she liked them. He told her how much he liked her and how beautiful she was---and to finish her glass of champagne. He went on to say how he felt Colleen treated him like a monster and told her he would never do anything to hurt her. He strongly hinted at the fact that she should dump Colleen if being with him started to create even more of an issue than it already had. With that, he started kissing her forcefully, which made her uncomfortable. She tried to pull away, telling him he was going too fast. Ignoring her, he took off his shirt and began to unbutton hers when there was a knock on the door. It was Colleen and J.T., calling out for Lily. This infuriated Kevin, and he got dressed and started to panic. He opened the door and J.T. asked him what took so long. Lily was mortified and told them they were worse than her parents, and how much they were embarrassing her. Colleen told her she thought she should leave with them and J.T. agreed. Colleen looked down and saw the champagne and when J.T. saw it, he snapped. He asked if Kevin was trying to get her drunk, told him she was only 15 and punched him for the offense. Kevin started screaming for everyone to get out, including Lily, because the evening was ruined. Lily ran out, and before the others turned to leave, J.T. threatened Kevin to stay away from all of them.

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Williams Apartment:

Christine is being grilled by Detective Webber. He tells her he's arresting her for Isabella's disappearance/murder. She agrees to go but wants to go in the morning after she's gotten things in order. He agrees only after she agrees her right to contest the evidence he got yesterday. She asks Paul to leave her alone for the night.


Nikki, Kay and Esther speculate as to Jill's motives especially after learning of her plans to have Kay declared unable to deal with her own affairs. Kay tries to see Jill in a positive light but Nikki and Esther are suspicious. Kay asks Nikki to get the one person she trusts most: Brock. Brock arrives, still unaware of how well Kay is doing. He's there to take her home and is startled when he hears her say "Not yet Brock.."

Chancellor House:

Jill and Larry arrive home. Jill is fuming. Kay's use of her hand only complicates things. As does the reveal to everyone of what she's planning. Larry is suspicious of Jill's intentions.


Raul and J.T. discuss how J.T. and Colleen broke up Lily and Kevin's date. J.T. mentions the booze and his bad vibes about Kevin. Raul agrees with J.T. punching him out. They then discuss Raul's plans for Britt's birthday. At first Raul wants to make her dinner, give her a massage and just spend quality time alone with her. Later he decides to throw a surprise party for her at her work. J.T. thinks that's a bad idea but Raul loves it.


Brittany arrives for work and promises a new act for Bobby. Bobby gives her the necklace he bought from Raul. She performs an even sexier number which seems aimed at Bobby. Bobby is completely into her and says as much to the bartender who reminds him of his 'no dating employees' rule. Bobby looks like he's ready to make an exception.

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

J.T. tried to talk Bobby into getting rid of Brittany, saying dancers were a dime a dozen. Bobby said that Brittany was one of a kind and was an asset to his business. It wasn't his problem that Raul might be upset to find out Brittany was working there. All the girls who worked for him were there of their own free will. They liked what they did, and he made sure they were taken care of. He told J.T. to get lost.

At the loft, Raul and Brittany talked about upcoming plans for both of their birthdays. Brittany agreed to take the night off from work on her birthday, and Raul gave up trying to convince her not to go overboard on his birthday. He started getting affectionate with her, but Brittany realized she had to hurry or be late for work. Before she left, Raul caught sight of her necklace, and remembered selling this "one of a kind" piece of jewelry to Bobby. Brittany told him that she'd splurged on a gift for herself, then rushed out. Raul looked thoughtful, then pulled out the business card Bobby had given him for Marsino's.

Brock was shocked to realize that his mother could not only talk, but understood everything he was saying to her. His joy over her rapid recovery was short-lived, however, when he found out she, Nikki, and Esther had been keeping it a secret in an effort to smoke Jill out. Katherine insisted that she had to know if Jill's care of her was sincere and she could be a true daughter to her. Brock pointed out that if Jill was being deceptive, so was Katherine, "like mother, like daughter." He said that Katherine needed to come clean with Jill as soon as possible, even after Katherine told him about Jill's theft of the will.

Larry demanded that Jill tell him her true motives for trying to be appointed Katherine's conservator. Jill finally cracked and said that it wasn't about greed, it was about revenge. Katherine had deprived her of everything, including Phillip and the house. In fact, most of the things that had gone wrong in her life could be traced back to Katherine. From the womb, Katherine had despised her and tried to get rid of her. Now that Larry knew the truth, would he stand by her? Larry told her that she could do whatever she wanted, but she'd be doing it alone. Then he walked out on her.

Christine was startled when Paul and Michael showed up at her apartment. She only wanted one evening to herself, to examine her soul, before she turned herself in to Detective Weber the following day. Although she appreciated Paul's belief in her innocence, and she knew that Michael was the best attorney she could ever ask for, this might be her last night of solitude for a long time. Michael left, as did Paul, after again assuring Christine of his love.

Michael turned up at Paul's office. At first Paul rebuffed him. He poured himself a drink, ignoring Michael, who then poured his own drink. The two sat down and finally began talking about all that had happened. Neither believed that it added up, but they felt hopeless to put all the missing pieces together. They also felt like leaving Christine alone was a bad idea.

Finally alone, Christine drank a couple of glasses of wine, put on some music, and climbed into a deep bubblebath. As she laid soaking with her eyes closed, the bathroom door opened and someone dressed in black, holding a huge butcher knife, slipped quietly inside. The figure squatted down to take a long look at the oblivious Christine, and it was Isabella with a cold expression on her face.

Thursday, August 14, 2003
by Ruth

Brittany meets Bobby in his office to return the necklace. She tries to make Bobby understand that she's with Raul, and wants to keep her relationship with Bobby strictly business. Bobby finally concedes and takes back the necklace. Brittany gets ready to perform, as Raul enters and runs into Bobby. Bobby refuses to answer any questions about Brittany, simply instructing Raul to watch the show and not make a scene. After Brittany's song reaches its climax, she begins to disrobe. Raul is heated as he observes the stripping, and rushes the stage to cover her with his jacket. Brittany is stunned and runs off the stage in tears. Paul and Michael continue to try to find holes in the evidence against Christine. Paul mentions how Isabella's parents didn't seem grief stricken about her murder. Michael gets frustrated when Paul suggests Christine undergo hypnosis again. Christine believes she's hallucinating when Isabella appears with a butcher knife. Isabella assures her she's not, and goes on to gloat about how she framed Christine for her murder. Isabella explains that she isn't going to kill her, but rather Christine is going to kill herself. Christine realizes Isabella spiked her wine, as she struggles for the knife. Isabella pushes her head underwater as Christine slips into unconsciousness.

Friday, August 15, 2003

After Dru told Nikki about Phyllis's "date" with Damon, Nikki wondered if Jack knew and thought he should be told. Dru was still simmering over Nikki's accusation that Dru was to blame for bringing Damon to Jabot in the first place. She said she had to get him before Nikki's husband did. Nikki resented Dru for calling Victor her husband in a business setting. She had no trouble seeing Victor as a business competitor. Nor did she resent focus on the Tuvia line taking money and attention away from her anti-aging products.

Across town, Victoria and Phyllis were also arguing about Damon. Victoria was pleased to hear that Damon's departure had taken Jabot by surprise. She was ready to move on an offer to get him for the Safra line, to prove to her father that Nick wasn't the only one in the company with a brain. Phyllis thought her interest in Damon might be more personal. Since Phyllis had already made inroads with Damon, she thought Victoria should stay out of it. Victoria suggested that would cause trouble for Phyllis at home. She fully intended to be the one who handled Damon in the future.

At home, Jack was brooding about his missing chemist when Damon showed up at his door. He refused to tell Jack what problems had made him spend some time at his horse farm refusing to take calls. But he'd handled it and was back, ready to resume his duties at Jabot, unless Jack intended to fire him. Jack didn't want to fire him. He just wanted Damon to understand there were rules to how they did things at the company. If Damon had a problem, Jack assured him that he could come to him. Damon said he knew that, but everything was okay. He would work twice as hard to get them back on schedule. He didn't want to be part of any interviews, however.

After Damon left, Phyllis came home. She and Jack actually exchanged a few pleasant words before heading to bed. Phyllis was distressed, however, to overhear Jack take a call from Dru. Dru wanted to meet with Jack first thing in the morning to discuss Damon Porter. It was obvious that Phyllis suspected that Dru was about to tell Jack about Phyllis's meeting with Damon.

After Isabella finished explaining what she'd been doing to set Christine up, she shoved the drugged Christine's head under water. Paul arrived. At first he was concerned not to see Chris when he searched the apartment, then he saw the flicker of candlelight under the bathroom door. He decided Christine was fine and went to the kitchen to pour himself a drink, remembering his conversation with Michael. Evidently, Michael had been right, and Paul's gut instincts weren't working. However, he realized he needed to tell Chris he was there so she wouldn't be startled when she came out of the bathroom. As he headed toward the bedroom, the door was opened by Isabella. Dazed, Paul asked where Christine was, but Isabella began trying to give him her fabricated story about where she'd been. As Paul got angrier, Isabella said she'd come there to find him, but instead found that Christine was dead from an overdose of sleeping pills. Paul hit her, knocking her to the bed, and ran to the bathroom, pulling Christine from the tub.

As Paul began trying to resuscitate Chris, Isabella crept up behind him, still holding her knife, and after a moment's hesitation, raised it to stab Paul. Her arm was caught by Michael, who wrestled the knife from her and dragged her from the bathroom. Detective Weber arrived to question Isabella, while paramedics worked on Christine in the bathroom. Chris began to have happy memories of the men who'd loved her, beginning with Michael's proposal, her wedding to Paul and his proposal, and the good times she'd shared with Danny. She finally spit out some water and revived, while Paul and Michael looked on.

Later, Paul tucked Christine into bed. Michael told them that the paramedics wanted to take her to the hospital to make sure she was okay, but Christine insisted she just wanted to stay home. Paul went to tell the paramedics. Michael apologized for bringing Isabella into Christine's life, but Chris looked like she'd already forgiven him. When Paul came back in, he thanked Michael for coming to his rescue. The two men shook hands and Michael walked out. It appeared Christine was falling asleep, so Paul started to leave. She opened her eyes and held out her hand. Paul returned to the bed, turned off the light, and laid down next to her to hold her.

Detective Weber had no problem seeing all the holes in Isabella's story about being trapped on the island, coming to the apartment to find Paul, and bringing a knife only as protection from Christine. He arrested her for attempted murder. She turned to Michael, reminding him that he was the one who'd dragged her into this mess. She would need an attorney to prove that she'd only been defending herself against Christine. Michael reminded her that he'd caught her in the act of trying to stab Paul. In fact, he would be glad to come to the station the next day and give his statement, at which time Weber could give Michael an apology. The police handcuffed Isabella and led her out while she screamed at Michael.

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