Y&R Recaps: The week of March 24, 2003 on The Young and the Restless
Nikki told Doris, Nick, and Victoria the truth about Sharon initiating the kiss with Victor. Jill met the woman Frederick believed was her mother. Anita confided her marriage woes to J.T., and she kissed him. Christine told Michael that Paul had forced himself on her.
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Monday, March 24, 2003

When Nikki blasted Doris for not telling anyone about talking to Sharon, Doris corrected her that she had received a letter from her daughter, and it had been postmarked from Denver. When Doris continued to blame Victor for her daughter's devastating departure, Nikki finally leaked that it was Sharon who was to blame. Victor thanked Nikki for defending him.

Meanwhile, Reese downplayed Cassie "eating" the yogurt Noah had offered and claimed her condition was the same. Nikki burst in and demanded to see Nick.

Lauren found Anita at the lodge, tossing back a drink or two. Anita opened up about her lousy marriage, and Lauren offered to listen if she ever needed a friend.

Still at their "secret place," J.T. reassured Colleen that he could wait until it was the right time to make love to her. When she worried that a good-looking woman was going to "throw herself at" him, J.T. insisted that he had changed from his past bad habits. Before he left, Colleen mentioned her desire to get her driver's license.

At the Fenmore Boutique, Mac argued with Billy about the change in J.T., with Billy insisting that he'd bed Colleen. J.T. met Anita at the lodge and suggested that Rianna might know where Brittany was. Anita called Rianna's mother then thanked J.T. for the idea.

Fred apologized to Jill for the visit with his wife. Jill hinted that he might need to start showing Anita some attention. Instead, Fred gave her a sly look and revealed that he'd been in contact with the agency that had handled her adoption. As they talked, Fred received a call from the agency

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

While Nikki tried to take Nick out to the hospital corridor, he insisted to Reese that he had seen Cassie's lips move, even after Noah had fed his sister yogurt. After Nick ordered Victor to get out and he refused to leave, Reese ran some stimulus tests, which showed no movement from Cassie. Nick then asked everyone to leave. In the hall, Reese told Victor and the others that there was still hope for recovery, since Cassie's tests showed no sign of brain damage.

Nikki tried to convince Doris that Sharon had been the aggressor with the kiss she had shared with Victor. Nick overheard Victoria admit that it was Sharon who had kissed Victor.

Though Jill was too nervous to talk to the woman from the adoption agency, Fred did find out that Jill's birth mother wanted to meet and talk with her. Jill decided that she would meet with her, but Fred advised her to take things slowly if she wanted. Jill insisted he call the agency and set up a meeting.

Raul explained to Mac and Billy at the boutique how much he missed and worried about Brittany. While waiting to hear from Rianna's mother, J.T. and Anita talked about Brittany. Anita complimented him on how helpful he'd been then questioned him about his new girlfriend. As she started to warn him about the legal issues of dating someone young, Anita's cell phone rang.

Back at Ashley and Brad's, Colleen lied about why she was late returning home. However, she changed her mind and admitted that she had been with J.T., urging them to trust that she would make good decisions

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

When Nick overheard arguing about Sharon hitting on Victor, Nick demanded the truth from his mother. Nikki confirmed that it was Sharon who had initiated the kiss with Victor, who handed his son Sharon's letter from Denver. Surprisingly, Nick claimed it didn't matter, since he had never seen his father pushing Sharon away. When Nikki and Victoria continued to badmouth Sharon as a mother and a wife, Nick stopped them and insisted he wanted Sharon back for Cassie's sake. Meanwhile, Noah managed to feed Cassie more yogurt.

Fred called to set up a dinner date at Gina's for Jill and her birth mother. Jill thanked him with a much-appreciated kiss.

Colleen tried to convince Brad and Ashley that she should be allowed to date J.T. Ashley and Brad gave her one chance to date J.T., setting a curfew and warning that another mistake would cost her dearly.

Rianna's mother let Anita know that her daughter hadn't heard from Brittany in a while. Eating together at the Lodge, J.T. was caught off guard when Anita reacted to his chat about his lack of sex with his girlfriend by admitting her own sexual frustration. Leaving, J.T. assured Anita that he thought she was attractive, and she responded with a kiss.

Jill hurried home and announced to Larry and Liz that she was meeting her birth mother at Gina's that day. Wishing her well, Liz assured her that she was not upset that Jill had gone on the quest to find her mother. At Gina's later, Jill waited anxiously for her mother to arrive. She was disturbed to see Katherine suddenly enter Gina's

Thursday, MARCH 27, 2003

Upset to see her enter Gina's, Jill called Larry to get Katherine out of the restaurant. Larry arrived, and after Jill admitted she was meeting her birth mother, Katherine asked Larry to take her home so she could comfort Liz. Much later, a gray-haired woman named Charlotte Ramsey approached Jill's table and guessed that Jill was waiting for her. Meanwhile, Anita stopped by Fred's office, and they ended up talking about his success in helping Jill find her birth mother. He evaded the question when she asked if Jill had thanked him with a kiss.

Lily visited with Colleen at Brad and Ashley's place and was astounded by her news that she had been given the okay to date J.T. At Crimson Lights, Jody was quick to notice J.T. was in a strange mood. Lauren also spotted him and demanded to know what was up with him. He talked about his chat with Anita about her sour sex life, but before he could admit she had kissed him, Colleen burst in with her good news.

Isabella was upset when Paul revealed that he had to see Christine again. When she guessed that he was trying to figure out his true feelings for her, Paul agreed to be honest and tell her if he still had feelings for her. Paul then admitted he still had questions about Kelly and why she had been asking questions about Isabella's husband.

Michael surprised Christine with flowers and takeout and asked her to tell him everything that had happened between her and Paul. When she put him off again and again, he asked her if Paul had forced himself on her

Friday, MARCH 28, 2003

Colleen interrupted J.T. and Lauren with the news that her dad had okayed them dating as long as she followed his rules. As they talked, Veronica and Santana from the boutique spotted J.T. and advised him that he had missed a great party. He put them off to talk with Colleen about her great news.

Michael stared in disbelief as he realized that Paul had forced himself on Christine. Christine confirmed that he had attacked her but wouldn't call it rape. She insisted that it was between her and Paul and warned Michael not to go after Paul. When Michael mentioned that she'd have to live with it, Christine was quick to point out that Paul would too. Michael asserted that he knew they had a great future together, and she thanked him for his support and belief in them as a couple.

Meanwhile, Isabella guessed to Paul that Lynne was behind the mysterious "Kelly." Paul didn't see the connection but then decided to go investigate, leaving an angry Isabella behind. He found Christine alone at her place and admitted that he'd told Isabella what had happened. He then asked why she had returned to town in a disguise and what she was looking for.

While working at the boutique, Lauren spotted Anita returning and asked about Brittany. Lauren's curiosity was piqued when Anita asked about J.T.

At Gina's, Jill and Charlotte introduced themselves to each other. When Jill admitted how nervous she was, both agreed to have a drink. As they talked, Jill was caught off guard to find Charlotte had finished her drink and was pouring herself a second from a flask she boasted she always carried. When Jill got up her courage and asked about her father, Charlotte wouldn't tell but did take time to insult their waiter and then Gina. Realizing Charlotte was drunk, Jill handed her money for a cab and asked her to call in the morning.

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