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Monday, March 24, 2003

When Nikki blasts Doris for not telling anyone about talking to Sharon, Doris corrects her that she received a letter from her daughter and it was postmarked from Denver. When Doris continues to blame Victor for her daughter's devastating departure, Nikki finally leaks that it was Sharon who is to blame. Victor thanks Nikki for defending him. Meanwhile, Reese downplays Cassie "eating" the yogurt Noah offered and claims her condition is the same. Nikki bursts in and demands to see Nick. Lauren finds Anita at the Lodge, tossing back a drink or two. Anita opens up about her lousy marriage and Lauren offers to listen if she ever needs a friend. Still at their "secret place," J.T. reassures Colleen that he can wait until it's the right time to make love to her. When she worries that a good looking woman is going to "throw herself at him," J.T. insists that he's changed from his past bad habits. Before he leaves, Colleen mentions her desire to get her driver's license. At the Fenmore Boutique Mac argues with Billy about the change in J.T. with Billy insisting that he'll bed Colleen. J.T. meets Anita at the Lodge and suggests that Rianna might know where Brittany is. Anita calls Rianna's mother and then thanks J.T. for the idea. Fred apologizes to Jill for the visit with his wife. Jill hints that he might need to start showing Anita some attention. Instead, Fred gives her a sly look and then reveals that he's been in contact with the agency that handled her adoption. As they talk, Fred gets a call from the agency

Tuesday, March 25, 2003

While Nikki tries to take Nick out to the hospital corridor, he insists to Reese that he saw Cassie's lips move, even after Noah fed his sister yogurt. After Nick orders Victor to get out and he refuses to leave, Reese runs some stimulus tests which show no movement from Cassie. Nick then asks everyone to leave. In the hall, Reese tells Victor and the others that there is still hope for recovery since Cassie's tests show no sign of brain damage. Nikki tries to convince Doris that Sharon was the aggressor when it came to the kiss she shared with Victor. Nick overhears Victoria admit that it was Sharon who kissed Victor. Though Jill is too nervous to talk to the woman from the adoption agency, Fred does find out that Jill's birth mother does want to meet and talk with her. Jill decides that she will meet with her but Fred advises her to take things slowly if she wants. Jill insists he call the agency and set up a meeting. Raul explains to Mac and Billy at the boutique how much he misses and worries about Brittany. While waiting to hear from Rianna's mother, J.T. and Anita talk about Brittany. Anita compliments him on how helpful he's been and then questions him about his new girlfriend. As she starts to warn him about the legal issues of dating someone young, Anita's cell phone rings. Back at Ashley and Brad's, Colleen lies about why she's late coming home. However, she changes her mind and admits that she was with J.T., urging them to trust that she will make good decisions

Wednesday, March 26, 2003

When Nick overhears them arguing about Sharon coming on to Victor, Nick demands the truth from his mother. Nikki confirms that it was Sharon who initiated the kiss with Victor who hands his son Sharon's letter from Denver. Surprisingly, Nick claims it doesn't matter since he never saw his father pushing Sharon away. When Nikki and Victoria continue to badmouth Sharon as a mother and a wife, Nick stops them and insists he wants Sharon back for Cassie's sake. Meanwhile, Noah manages to feed Cassie more yogurt. Fred calls to set up a dinner date at Gina's for Jill and her birth mother. Jill thanks him with a much-appreciated kiss. Colleen tries to convince Brad and Ashley that she should be allowed to date J.T. Ashley and Brad give her one chance to date J.T., setting a curfew and warning that another mistake will cost her dearly. Rianna's mother lets Anita know that her daughter hasn't heard from Brittany in awhile. Now eating together at the Lodge, J.T. is caught off guard when Anita reacts to his chat about his lack of sex with his girlfriend by admitting her own sexual frustration. Leaving, J.T. assures Anita that he thinks she is attractive and she responds with a kiss. Jill hurries home and announces to Larry and Liz that she is meeting her birth mother at Gina's today. Wishing her well, Liz assures her that she's not upset that she has gone on this quest to find her mother. At Gina's later Jill waits anxiously for her mother to arrive. She is disturbed to see Kay suddenly enter Gina's

Thursday, MARCH 27, 2003

Upset to see her enter Gina's, Jill calls Larry to come get Kay out of the restaurant. Larry arrives and after Jill admits she's meeting her birth mother, Kay asks Larry to take her home so she can comfort Liz. Much later, a gray-haired woman named Charlotte Ramsey approaches Jill's table and guesses that Jill is waiting for her. Meanwhile, Anita stops by Fred's office and they end up talking about his success in helping Jill find her birth mother. He evades the question when she asks if she thanked him with a kiss. Lily visits with Colleen at Brad and Ashley's place and is astounded by her news that she's been given the OK to date J.T. At the Crimson Lights Jody is quick to notice J.T. in a strange mood. Lauren also spots him and demands to know what's up with him. He talks about his chat with Anita about her sour sex life but before he can admit she kissed him, Colleen bursts in with her good news. Isabella is upset when Paul reveals that he must see Chris again. When she guesses that he is trying to figure out his true feelings for her, Paul agrees to be honest and tell her if he still has feelings for her. Paul then admits he still has questions about Kelly and why she was asking questions about Isabella's husband. Michael surprises Chris with flowers and take out and asks her to tell him everything that happened between her and Paul. When she puts him off again and again, he asks her if Paul forced himself on her

Friday, MARCH 28, 2003

Colleen interrupts J.T. and Lauren with the news that her dad has okayed them dating as long as she follows his rules. As they talk, Veronica and Santana from the boutique spot J.T. and advise him that he missed a great party. He puts them off to talk with Colleen about her great news. Michael stares in disbelief as he realizes that Paul forced himself on Chris. Chris confirms that he attacked her but won't call it rape. She insists that this is between her and Paul and warns him not to go after Paul. When Michael mentions that she'll have to live with this, Chris is quick to point out that Paul will too. Michael asserts that he knows they have a great future together and she thanks him for his support and belief in them as a couple. Meanwhile, Isabella guesses to Paul that Lynne is behind the mysterious "Kelly." Paul doesn't see the connection but then decides to go investigate, leaving an angry Isabella behind. He finds Chris alone at her place and admits that he's told Isabella what happened. He then asks why she came back to town in a disguise and what she was looking for. While working at the boutique, Lauren spots Anita return and asks about Brittany. Lauren's curiosity is piqued when Anita asks about J.T. At Gina's Jill and Charlotte introduce themselves to each other. When Jill admits how nervous she is, both agree to have a drink. As they talk, Jill's caught off guard to find Charlotte has finished hers and is pouring herself a second from a flask she boasts she always carries. When Jill gets up her courage and asks about her father, Charlotte won't tell but does take time to insult their waiter and then Gina. Realizing Charlotte is drunk, Jill hands her money for a cab and asks her to call her in the morning.

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