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Monday, January 27, 2003

Isabella is at Michael's office, freaking out over the visit from "Kelly Simmons." Obviously, he told her, the woman was an impostor; likely hired by Lynne. He also pointed out that her story of not being nervous that her ex-husband was about to be released was a contradictory one. He reminded her that everyone remembers she came to Genoa City looking for protection because he was stalking her, and that her answers to Kelly were completely inconsistent. Unable to figure out who else might have put the woman up to question Isabella, he urged her to go talk to Lynne. When Isabella balked, he practically pushed her out the door, telling her they couldn't let this thing get away from them.

Chris/Kelly was at Crimson Lights when she noticed Paul and Andy talking at a table. Paul was questioning Andy about Diane, and if he was still interested in her. Andy said he wasn't interested in starting a relationship with her, but he did admit to feeling that Diane was really a good person deep down, and that he cared what happened to her. Paul asked why he was wearing a wedding band, and Andy teased back, saying it was to keep all of the women throwing themselves at him at bay. With that, Paul encouraged him to start talking to other women, and when he looked around and saw Chris/Kelly, he suggested they go talk to her. Andy agreed, and they walked over and asked if they could sit down and talk with her. She agreed, and after just a moment, Paul made an excuse that he had to go and left the two of them alone. The two of them made small talk, and she asked Andy about Paul-that she noticed a wedding ring. Andy tried to veer the conversation away from Paul, and at the same time, she noticed Michael walking in to the coffee house.

Victor confirmed with Miguel that the entire family was away from the ranch until he said it was safe to return. After Miguel left, Victor went over the plan with Larry and Diego. Diego tried to protest, telling Victor he didn't like the plan and he felt like a third wheel. Getting angry, Larry told him it was too late to change the plans, and Victor agreed. Larry asked if Victor had a gun and pointed out that they did, but Victor wanted to leave the guns to the police. Diego reluctantly agreed to follow the plan, and told Victor he had his back. Victor told him to just stick with the plan-he'd get his revenge-but not to play the hero. Larry interrupted and said he just got a call that they were on the main road headed that way.

The two thugs came in, looking very nervous, with guns drawn. When Diego wasn't at his designated post, one noticed and asked what he was doing. He ordered Diego to perform the lookout duties they had talked about, and Diego sulked and went over to the window. After a minute, he noticed Diego was gone, but Larry distracted them by getting the safe open. He got up, waving a wad of cash around, which got their attention. At that point, Victor walked into the room, introducing himself and asking how they could help them. When a gun got pointed at him, he told them they should back off. After all, did they really want to add murder to what they were already going to be charged with? He began beating up one guy, and encouraged Diego aloud to go ahead and get the other one. Victor got hit in the head with a bottle, but Diego and Larry beat the men up as the police came to the door.

Phyllis showed Jack the note she got from the drunk man, and when Jack read it, he couldn't believe it. The handwritten note was dated, stated exactly what he should say to Phyllis, and had both Phyllis's and Diane's cell phone numbers on it. Jack even noticed it was in Diane's handwriting, to boot. He exclaimed that this was the smoking gun that proved she framed Phyllis. Phyllis agreed, and got her coat, telling Jack it was time to see the D.A. Much to her surprise, Jack stopped her and urged her to think about what they were about to do. He felt it was not best for Kyle to have his mother in jail, and that he may end up blaming them for putting her there. Phyllis was aghast, and asked if he wanted her to tear up the note, but Jack had something else in mind.

Diane took Kyle to Gina's, ran into John and sat down with him. He protested, telling her he really didn't want to talk with her, and she told him she was just there so he could say goodbye to Kyle. She told him they were off to Florida for the rest of the winter because Kyle was sick. John got very angry, very quickly and asked Gina if she would come over and take Kyle for a moment. Once he was out of earshot, he snapped on Diane, telling her he knew Kyle was not sick and Jack would never allow her to take the child all the way to Florida for the rest of the winter. He started banging on the table and got so excited, he started having a heart attack. Gina rushed over, shoved Kyle back at Diane and ordered her to get out, which she did. After a little while, he calmed down and appeared to be all right.

Back at he hotel suite, Diane began packing when the doorbell rang-Jack and Phyllis were at her door. When she saw them, she started to say, "If this is about what happened at Gina's..." but stopped when she saw a look of confusion on Jack's face. Jack asked her one more time if she started the fire, and she kept up with her "innocent" story. Jack gave Phyllis the honors, and Phyllis handed her a copy of the note, and watched Diane squirm. She began to shake, and tried to play it off, saying the note was fake, but she knew she had been caught. She asked what they planned to do, and asked them not to go to the police. Jack gave her an ultimatum: either sign over full custody of Kyle to them by the next morning, or she would likely end up in prison. Oh, and by the way, he told her, the drunk man would be happy to testify. As they turned and walked away, she broke down, sobbing.