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Monday, January 6, 2003

Diane was thrilled that Michael decided to represent her. He warned her even though they went way back, he doesn't come cheaply. He went on to say that if they went to trial, it would get very expensive. He started by telling her she was not to discuss the case with anyone but him. She told him she had discussed the case with Isabella, and also told him about Jack's "offer" and asked if she should accept it. Surprisingly enough, he told her signing over Kyle wasn't a bad idea. After all, she is a single woman, the Abbotts are a close and loving family, and it could wind up being the best solution in the long run. When she protested about Phyllis raising her son, he told her he had witnessed a maturing in Phyllis, and he believed she could be a fine parent. At any rate, she would have to deal with Phyllis around her son regardless of the outcome of the case.

Diane asked him about the strength of the case, and he was vague with her. Although he said most of the evidence was circumstantial, she shouldn't get too comfortable. Before leaving, he again mentioned money, and said he'd need some up front.

Phyllis, John and Jack met at Gina's to discuss the custody papers John drew up. John told them if Diane signed the papers, the judge would likely strongly consider giving the two of them full custody of Diane. Phyllis told John there was a glitch—that Diane hired Michael Baldwin as her attorney. John quickly asked if the two of them had done anything wrong, and they admitted they asked him to withhold Weber's information, or lack thereof. John asked if Michael could have construed it as a bribe, and reminded them that he is bound by ethics to tell Diane everything. Just then, Diane walked in and came right over to the table.

To everyone's excitement, she asked if the custody papers were ready, and asked if she could see them. As she looked through them, she asked about visitation, and Jack assured her it would be very flexible. He also reminded her it was a good deal and by signing, it would assure Kyle a good life. She told Jack to be good to Kyle and that she was counting on him to do so. Then she paused, acted like se was going to sign it, and then ripped it into shreds, asking if they all thought she was an idiot. She walked out, and Jack was livid.

In Paul's office, Andy finished up a conversation with his ex-wife Faren. Paul marveled about how amicable their divorce was, and wished aloud how he wished he had made better choices with Chris. He said he was surprised they hadn't found her yet, but then said he should probably be focusing on his life with Isabella and Ricky instead. Andy congratulated him on his success with Phyllis's case, and asked why he didn't mention it to him. He went on to say if it was to keep him away from Diane—his ex-wife—he'd already seen her.

Dru and Neil tussled their way out of their kiss, and Dru told him she was not amused. Neil said he wasn't playing games; that he was serious about wanting her and Lily to move in. She protested, telling him they shouldn't be pretending to be a family, that it was a bad idea. Neil's retort was that if she only got rid of Wes, they could have a good home life. She told him she still had reservations, and furthermore, she couldn't have Neil kissing all over her in front of Lily. He replied she may just like seeing them that way, and by the way, did she need help packing? Dru replied to just have the rooms ready for them, and by the by, she's going to change the lock on her bedroom door.

While her living situation was being decided, Lily sat at the coffee house, waiting for Wes to return. Colleen came back, telling her she had snuck out of the house. They started chit-chatting, and Colleen caught Lily's attention by telling her she had studied dance at a university in Paris one spring. The conversation turned to Lily's family situation, and when Colleen asked who she'd rather be around—Neil or Wes—Lily didn't really have a clear answer.

Looking distraught, Ashley left a voice message for Olivia to call her at home. While she wondered out loud if Brad had run to her, the doorbell rang. It was her father, looking for Colleen to see how she was doing. Noticing there was obviously something wrong with Ashley, he voiced his concern. She was adamant about not giving him details, and seeing her obvious oncoming hysteria, he went ahead and left.

Wes met Olivia in her office and tried his best to calm her down. She told him Ashley was telling Brad the truth right at that moment, and that she was worried about him. Wes warned her that Brad was unavailable, and the situation may not turn out the way she would like it to. She told him she was in love with him, and while she didn't want to be a homewrecker, she wanted to be with him. The phone rang—it was Ashley—asking if Olivia had seen Brad. Olivia's reply was, "He knows, doesn't he?" the answer being a dead phone line. She grabbed her coat, and Wes reminded her she could still step away, that she still had a choice.

Once Olivia got to Ashley's they immediately began arguing. Olivia asked how Brad was taking the news, and Ashley told him he felt betrayed. She went on to ask Olivia if she was happy. After all, Ashley lost her best friend, possibly her marriage, and Abby may just be losing her father...not much of a win for anyone. Olivia asked if she knew where Brad was, and that she felt someone should be with him. After pausing a moment, Ashley remembered something. She had forgotten to tell Brad that Victor didn't know he was Abby's father. Olivia freaked out, saying it was possible Brad was about to tell Victor himself. She strongly encouraged Ashley to go and tell Victor the truth, or else it could all become so much worse.