Y&R Recaps: The week of November 5, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
Tricia raped a drugged Victor, but he was arrested for raping her. Jill and Sean reconciled. Malcolm and Olivia concluded that Neil was involved with another woman. Colleen and her new friends smoked marijuana.
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Monday, November 5, 2001

Nikki comes to Victor's apartment to see if he knows how Nick is doing. Victor mentions that Nick stopped the night before. Nikki wonders if Victor is alright because he is acting strange. He lets her know that he is fine. She asks before leaving if the move for Tricia is set for today, he says yes.

Tricia is at her therapist's office and tells her doctor that Victor raped her. Her doctor calls the police. The police arrive and want to hear the entire story. Tricia tells the police how she helped a tired Victor to his room and then he took advantage of her as she said no. They take Tricia away to do a rape kit. One of the detectives is skeptical of Tricia's story. Tricia's doctor let the detective know that there are serious issues with the way Victor insinuated himself into Tricia's life.

Nick visits Sharon and the doctor tells Sharon that she can be released today. The doctor also asks the couple what they want to do with the baby's remains. They decide to bury the baby but unsure whether to have a service. Nick tells Sharon how he wishes he could take her pain away. After Nick leaves to go get Sharon some fresh clothes, Sharon asks if the doctor order the paternity test as she requested. The doctor says yes even though she wished Sharon had put the whole thing behind her.

Ryan and Neil are having breakfast and Olivia stops the table speaking to Ryan while ignoring Neil. Neil shares with Ryan that he and Olivia are no longer a couple. He also tells Ryan that he was right that he does indeed have feelings for Alex and Alex knows.

Ashley joins Olivia for breakfast and tells Olivia that she and Brad are back on track. Olivia tells Ashley that things did not work out for her and Neil and she is not exactly sure why.

Malcolm and Neil discuss having her mother come for the holidays. After Alex leaves, Olivia arrives and Malcolm asks about her how she and Neil are doing. Olivia lashes out at Malcolm that he must be happy at her unfortunate circumstances but he has no clue about what she is talking about.

Nikki goes over to Jack's office while Jack is still babysitting Abby. Nikki tells Jack the sad story of Nick and Sharon losing the baby. They reminisce about the baby they lost.

Jill and Sean bask in the afterglow of making love all-night and reconciling. Jill tells Sean she will take each day for what its worth and how happy she is that they are back together for however long that is.

In his office, Victor meets with Paul to discuss the surveillance system in Tricia's new apartment. A detective arrives and wants Victor to go down to the station for questioning regarding Tricia's rape allegations. Victor thinks this is absurd and goes willingly because as he states that this woman is not stable.

Tuesday, November 6, 2001


Victor refuses to call his attorney. Tricia's charge that he raped her is ridiculous and is determined to end this fuss. He sees Tricia and demands she come over to him and tell the truth. The DA informs him that he is not to speak to her. She questions him separately about why he has Tricia living with him if he thinks she's dangerous. She also tells him that Tricia's doctor's disagree with Vic's assessment of Tricia saying that she's getting better and that HE is a detriment to her. An officer takes Tricia's statement and as he dopes so mentions Vic's constant surveillance of her. The officer vows that Vic has gone too far and will pay. John Silva and Paul enter to speak to Vic and notice Tricia's bruises. They wonder what could have happened. Tricia remembers leaving the pills out and asks to go with the police to get her stuff. Paul is then ordered by the DA to cease the surveillance on Tricia. Vic demands an apology from the DA who's sure that when the rape kit comes in he will be exonerated. He even threatens a lawsuit. John demands an immediate release for Vic but DA Chen receives the report and announces that the rape kit came back positive. Signs of forcible intercourse and semen as well as the blood type matching Vic's. Victor Newman is then arrested.


The police and Tricia arrive to get her things and search. Paul spies Tricia sneaking something into her purse and confronts her on it. He demands that she open her purse but the cop interrupts and demand that Paul leave or be arrested. Tricia smiles as he's led out.


Phyllis stops by to see Michael. She mentions seeing Jack with Abby and his obvious but secret longing for a baby. SHe's worried that her loving him isn't enough but can't talk with Jack about since he's already concerned that she doesn't trust him that he loves her despite her inability to have kids. She's determined to find some other way.

Jack's Office:

Jack tells Nikki that Phyllis can't have kids and doesn't want to put her through In-vitro. He says the matter is closed. She's just worried about him but he assures her his life's full of happiness and he will be fine. He refuses to put Phyllis under that kind of pressure.


Olivia tells Mal that she and Neil are through. He wishes nothing but happiness for her. When he defends his brother she throws in his face that he hasn't always gotten along with Neil nor known everything in Neil's mind (i.e. Neil and Liv's almost-relationship when she was married to Mal). Later Alex shows up and Mal mentions his bizarre encounter with Liv and wonders if she knows any woman Neil might be interested in.

McNeil Apt:

Ryan and Victoria enjoy some pre-wedded bliss including an early present from her to him (a framed picture of them) and a song he wrote for her.


Neil and Alex talk about her and Malcolm. They've gotten furniture together and it's getting more and more serious. She also mentions Mal's idea to all have dinner together. They both agree that would be a bad idea and promise to keep their distance to avoid Malcolm picking up on anything. He tells her that he wishes there were two of her. She blushes.

Wednesday, November 7, 2001

Victor is arrested. The police are stalling so that charges can be filed. Victor might have to be held overnight for custody until a bail hearing can be arranged. Tricia pulls a disappearing act and the police can't find Tricia. Paul comes to the police station and tells Victor he followed the police and Tricia back to Victor's apartment. Paul followed Tricia to the workout room and saw Tricia stuff something in her purse. Paul asked the police to search "and they refused" The policewoman returns to the police station and tells Ms Chen, the Assistant DA, that "Miss Dennison has disappeared." Carter thought Tricia's plan was a stroke of "genius." Carter then replies "Old Moneybags will go down and this time for good." The police tell Ms Chen that "the clothes were ripped and torn and the fingernails Tricia talked about matched Mr. Newman's." The police go on to say that "the evidence supports Tricia Dennison's allegations." Victor asks John Silva to look through the surveillance tapes for evidence that will clear his name. Carter turns to Tricia and asks, "You have Victor where you want him. You have a ton of cash. Why don't you start a new life?" Tricia cleared her accounts in cash. John Silva replies that "it doesn't look like Tricia is planning to stick around." Victor asks John and Paul to inform his family "before it hits the news"

Jack offers his support to Nick and Sharon about losing their baby. Jack and Nikki went through the same thing with losing their child. Phyllis stumbles upon the catalogue with children's toys in it. Phyllis notices they are all older children toys. Jack tells Phyllis "there's something I should have told you a long time ago" Jack tells Phyllis the story about Little Jack and how the heart of Jack and Nikki's deceased baby saved Little Jack's life. Little Jack is now eight years old. Phyllis tells Jack "I love you more than you will ever know" Phyllis looks at Jack's laptop and notices Jack was researching on Invitro Fertilization.

Olivia and Neil talk at Crimson Lights. Olivia knows Neil isn't telling the truth about why Neil broke up with her. Olivia tells Neil "If you're not going to tell me the truth, then I will have to find the answers on my own." Alex is curious as to why Neil broke up with Olivia. Malcolm tells Alex "it could be over another woman" Alex is surprised Olivia would open to Malcolm. Olivia was fishing for information out of Malcolm, but Malcolm didn't know the whole story of her and Neil dating at all. Malcolm tells Alex, "I know Olivia. If there is another woman out there, you bet Olivia will find out about her." Neil replies, "I should have waited before things happened. They could have worked out but with you feeling this way, I'm afraid they never will." Alex confronts Neil at the Coffeehouse. Alex asks him why he broke things off with Olivia. Neil replies, "You already know why." Olivia goes back to get her gloves and notices Neil with Alex, talking alone on the patio at Crimson Lights.

The song "You're in my Heart" is going to be Ryan and Victoria's wedding song. Victoria thinks the song should be "professionally recorded." Lauren Fenmore shows up to help Victoria with her dress but has some unexpected "bad news."

Thursday, November 8, 2001
by Ruth

Nikki ran into Larry Warton at the Coffee House. He told her that he hadn't taken her up on her offer for help because he knew what her family was going through.

Victor had some trouble with one of the guys in his jail cell. It was interrupted by a visit from Victoria, Nikki, and Nicholas after John Silva found them to tell them the bad news. Larry Warton had overheard the conversation and warned Nicholas about who makes the rules in jail. Victor reassured them that he would be out of jail before the wedding on November 9. He was sure that the tapes would prove that he was innocent.

Tricia talked to Matt Clark in the motel room about Ryan's impending marriage. She was sure that he had been her one true match in life and began formulating a plan to get rid of Victoria. Matt discouraged this, but her troubled mind was on one track only.

Paul Williams obtained a copy of the surveillance videos and watched them with Ryan and the man who was manning the video room that evening. He showed them that Victor walked up the steps with Tricia behind him. He didn't say no when she asked if he could come with him. Paul refused to believe it, and dismissed the man. It didn't look good for Victor. . .

Brad was able to admit to Ashley that he was worried about Colleen. Together, they called Traci in New York. Traci had just said goodbye to her daughter after another strained conversation about what was going on with her. She had new friends who Traci didn't know. Colleen was being rude to her mother and still resented the fact that they moved back in with Steve. Traci was comforted by their concern. Brad and Ashley hung up, sure that it was just a phase that Colleen was going through.

Colleen arrived at a friend's apartment, possibly at the same time she was supposed to be in dance class. She complained about her mother's nagging and her friends sympathized with her. The boy in the room told the girls that, since they were both in such bad moods about their parents, he had something that would help. He went to the closet and lit a pipe for Colleen to smoke.

The other three inmates from Victor's cell talked about who he was and what they would do to him when he returned from his visit. The leader, who had fought with Victor earlier, told the guys that Victor had no clue what he was getting into -- "This is No Board Meeting", he told them. Soon after they talked, Victor re-entered the cell. The look on their faces told him that he was not welcome.

Friday, November 9, 2001


Victor's cellmates try to attack him but Vic fights back. A janitor helps out Victor who swears that he will kill them if they try it again. The guards break up the fight. The janitor who helped him is impressed with Vic and tells him to thank Larry Warton. It was Larry who told him to keep an eye on Victor.


The family worries about what Victor must be going through in jail. Victoria explains that Ryan blames himself but the others don't at all. Nick goes to tell Sharon. Nikki hopes that the current tragedy will help bring Nick and Sharon together. Paul and Ryan arrive with news. The surveillance tape only further incriminates Victor. They think he must have just been exhausted and not realized Tricia was following him. But an hour later Tricia came down, her clothes torn and looking upset. Paul thinks that she knew about the surveillance and used it to her advantage. They realize that if the tape got out it could destroy Vic's chances. Nikki wonders about when Tricia came onto Vic but to the police it would look like she was the vulnerable woman who saw Vic as her father figure. She's obviously planned it out very well. Victoria asks how they would feel about postponing the wedding and they all agree that it should go forward. N&S return to their place and Nikki heads up to bed. Ryan assures Victoria that the wedding is the best thing for everyone.

Nick & Sharon's:

Sharon and Doris discuss the loss of Sharon's baby. She keeps saying how unfair it was for the baby. Doris senses that something else is bothering her and that she might be blaming Nick. Sharon explains about the fall and the fight that led to it. She doesn't go into detail since she can't bring herself to dwell on it. She hints that Nick isn't as heartbroken as she is. Doris can't believe that. Nick arrives and Doris expresses her sympathy. Nick asks Sharon to come to the main house with him while Doris stays with the kids. Later Sharon is still distant from Nick who's appreciative of her support to the family during the crisis.


"Matt" can't beleive Tricia still thinks she has a chance to be with Ryan again. They shared a very special love and she's sure he'll see it again. She tells "Matt" about how she met Ryan and how messed up his life was when he met her and how their love grew. She goes on about the obstacles they faced and overcame (Keith, Nina, Victoria) and how it was the best time of her life. When she lost the baby it bonded them even more. "Matt" tells her it's too late but she doesn't want to believe that. Ryan ahs moved on he tells her but Tricia has decided to deal with Victoria once and for all. "Matt" wonders how she'll possibly get to Victoria now that their guard is up. Once she shows up they'll lock her up. She should have gone after Victoria first but then realizes the perfect place to get at Victoria where there'd be no security. She calls up the church where the wedding will be and gets the time of the ceremony.

Carlton House:

Brad and Ashley spend some quality time with Abby and look forward to her upcoming birthday. They're both happy that they have been able to put the bad times behind them but she wonders how Colleen is doing. Colleen is having a tough time and they hope that they can be there for her. If he wants to go there to reach out she is open to that but he doesn't think his involvement will help at this point. Ash is sure Colleen's good genes and sensible head will get her through this tough time.

New York:

Colleen and her new friends get high off pot. Colleen realizes she's late and worries her mom will see that she's high. They give her tips on how to hide it from her mom. Colleen returns home and tries to sneak past her Traci but finds her mom waiting in her room. Traci was just getting her laundry and asks about dance class. When she asks to see some steps Colleen tries to brush it off. Traci sees that something's up and asks what's wrong. Colleen tells her to leave her alone so she can do her homework and Traci agrees saying she loves her before leaving.

Sean's Apt.:

Sean and Jill stop in at his place and Jill is surprised to see the couch she picked out for him is there. He went back to the store and got it back after returning it. They enjoy dinner together and realize what a weird road it's been to get them there. She wonders how to tell everyone that they're together again but Sean couldn't care less. He teases her about her past (as a manicurist). He found out through the Internet and she's flattered he is interested enough to look her up. She then decides to show him her manicuring skills with a sensual pedicure.

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