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 Recaps for Y&R Recaps: The week of November 5, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
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Monday, November 5, 2001

Nikki comes to Victor's apartment to see if he knows how Nick is doing. Victor mentions that Nick stopped the night before. Nikki wonders if Victor is alright because he is acting strange. He lets her know that he is fine. She asks before leaving if the move for Tricia is set for today, he says yes.

Tricia is at her therapist's office and tells her doctor that Victor raped her. Her doctor calls the police. The police arrive and want to hear the entire story. Tricia tells the police how she helped a tired Victor to his room and then he took advantage of her as she said no. They take Tricia away to do a rape kit. One of the detectives is skeptical of Tricia's story. Tricia's doctor let the detective know that there are serious issues with the way Victor insinuated himself into Tricia's life.

Nick visits Sharon and the doctor tells Sharon that she can be released today. The doctor also asks the couple what they want to do with the baby's remains. They decide to bury the baby but unsure whether to have a service. Nick tells Sharon how he wishes he could take her pain away. After Nick leaves to go get Sharon some fresh clothes, Sharon asks if the doctor order the paternity test as she requested. The doctor says yes even though she wished Sharon had put the whole thing behind her.

Ryan and Neil are having breakfast and Olivia stops the table speaking to Ryan while ignoring Neil. Neil shares with Ryan that he and Olivia are no longer a couple. He also tells Ryan that he was right that he does indeed have feelings for Alex and Alex knows.

Ashley joins Olivia for breakfast and tells Olivia that she and Brad are back on track. Olivia tells Ashley that things did not work out for her and Neil and she is not exactly sure why.

Malcolm and Neil discuss having her mother come for the holidays. After Alex leaves, Olivia arrives and Malcolm asks about her how she and Neil are doing. Olivia lashes out at Malcolm that he must be happy at her unfortunate circumstances but he has no clue about what she is talking about.

Nikki goes over to Jack's office while Jack is still babysitting Abby. Nikki tells Jack the sad story of Nick and Sharon losing the baby. They reminisce about the baby they lost.

Jill and Sean bask in the afterglow of making love all-night and reconciling. Jill tells Sean she will take each day for what its worth and how happy she is that they are back together for however long that is.

In his office, Victor meets with Paul to discuss the surveillance system in Tricia's new apartment. A detective arrives and wants Victor to go down to the station for questioning regarding Tricia's rape allegations. Victor thinks this is absurd and goes willingly because as he states that this woman is not stable.