Y&R Recaps: The week of October 29, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
Sharon's baby girl was born prematurely and died. Sharon demanded a paternity test. Tricia drugged Victor and prepared to rape him. Nikki offered to tutor Larry. Brad and Ashley made up. Raul agreed to attend a concert with Brittany.
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Monday, October 29, 2001

Billy and Mac are at the shelter and are looking for the woman who helped Colleen. Amanda is eavesdropping and tells Ned that she does not want it revealed that she is the woman who helped Colleen. Later, at the coffeehouse, Mac remembers that her mother's birthday is coming up and doesn't know if she can forgive her.

After hearing the sound of Nick's car going out of control, Sharon runs to see if he is okay. She falls over a chair, hits her abdomen on the arm of a chair and faints. Nick comes back into the house and finds Sharon. Sharon comes to and asks Nick to take her to the hospital immediately. At the hospital, Sharon is rushed to surgery and delivers her new daughter prematurely.

Ashley arrives home and Brad is preparing dinner. They talk and about the past and decide they want to stay together. They make love for the first time in a long time.

Nikki runs into Warton at the coffeehouse and he tells her that while she was away, he attempted to take an adult class. He tells her that he could not relate to the people in the class. Nikki offers to tutor him privately on social graces. He wonders why she wants to help him. She tells that she was helped and wants to give something back. She receives a call from Nick and rushes to the hospital.

Tricia and Victor finished dinner and Tricia begins to tell Victor that she has feelings for him. Victor adamantly tells her that there will be nothing between them physically. Victor then receives a call from Nick and rushes to the hospital. Tricia goes to Victor's exercise room and Matt appears. She tells him that Victor Newman will pay for rejecting her.

Tuesday, October 30, 2001


Sharon has a dream that her baby died and is relieved to realize it was only that, a dream. She then notices Nick's pensive look. She asks ot see the baby but Nick says they can't move the baby since she's so premature and asks Sharon to get some rest. She wonders if something's wrong with the baby. He tells her the doctors aren't sure the baby will make it. Sharon blames herself for the fall and berates herself for letting this happen again after what they went through with Noah. She insists on going ot see the baby right away and Nick agrees. As she gets up Olivia enters, "I'm so sorry Sharon...." In the hallway, Nikki tells Victor that she can't get in touch with Victoria. Victor wants to go see Tricia before she goes to therapy. He's afraid she's taken a turn for the worse now. Victoria and Ryan arrive and are filled in. They let Nick and Sharon have some alone time. Olivia fills in the family and explains why the girl died. Olivia offers Sharon a sedative but she refuses to take one. The family enters and offers their sympathies. Nick takes Sharon to see the baby. Later Nikki volunteers to tell the kids but Sharon asks to tell them herself. Sharon cries that she never got to see her baby alive and tell her that she loved her.


"Matt" appears and notices Tricia busy on a computer. She explains (silently) that it's Keith's and she's using it for research in her plot against Victor. "Matt's" notices she's looking at medical websites and is impressed with her plan. She knows everything she needs to bring Victor down. Later Victor returns home and he asks her if she's thought about what she proposed last night. She apologizes for being so forward and promises it won't happen again.

Dr. Burns' Office:

Tricia arrives for her session and mentions her inability to sleep and asks for a sedative prescription. Dr. Burns would rather go to the root for the insomnia rather than just giving out pills. She thinks it has to do with Vic's involvement in her therapy. It's very unorthodox. Tricia trusts him completely though mentions that VICTOR suggested switching doctors. Maybe Dr. Burns was right about Victor not being trustworthy. The doctor agrees and questions Victor's motives. Tricia privately smiles to herself. When the doc asks if Vic has done anything else Tricia hesitates but admits to feeling as if Victor has been watching her in a sexual way. Dr. Burns tells her to move out immediately. Tricia agrees but wants to talk with him one more time. When the doctor leaves to see another patient Tricia finds the prescription pad and writes herself a prescription for sedatives, the same ones Keith used to take. She once again feigns taking her meds and "Matt" asks about the final piece of the puzzle. There are all sorts of different disorders in a hospital like this and to get it she will take a page from "Matt's" book. In the pharmaceutical lab Tricia, disguised as a nurse, finds a Viagra like drug. "Perfect!" She exclaims.

Chancellor House:

Mac calls the shelter looking for Ned. She wants to find the mysery woman who convinced Colleen to stay in town. Esther volunteers a loaf of banana bread as gift for the woman. Mac hopes to be able to thank her. Kay asks if things are better with Billy now and Mac says they are. So much better than a few years go. She hasn't had it for a long time. She used to with her mother but that changed when she married her stepfather. Kay believes Mac's brief talk with her mom wasn't enough for Mac.


Ned asks Amanda again if she would like to tell the Abbotts and Mac what she did. Amanda confesses that her initial motivation was Colleen's connection to her. She knows people connected to her but it's complicated. She once made a mistake and is trying to make amends. It might be better to keep it to herself. Mac knocks on the door looking for Ned. He goes out into the hall to see her. She asks about the mystery woman but he tells her the woman wants to remain anonymous.

McNeil Apt:

Victoria and Ryan enjoy the last few minutes of a romantic weekend, outside world-free. As soon as they plug in the phone, she gets a frantic call from Nikki.

Wednesday, October 31, 2001

Victor wants Tricia out of his apartment, so Victor calls his Real Estate agent. Victor tells Nikki Tricia came onto him, therefore Victor doesn't want Tricia living with him anymore. Tricia comes home from the pharmacy with the pills she will use to drug Victor. Tricia got the prescription she wrote from Dr Burns's prescription pad. Victoria sheds a few tears because she understands what it's like to lose a child. Victoria lost one of her own a few years back. Victoria filled Ryan in about Carter slipping Sharon a roofie and possibly raping her, which could mean the baby might have been Carter's baby. Tricia has now become the "devilish girl" and vows that she will get revenge on Victor. Carter then tells Tricia about her devious plans of "revenge against the man who hurt you. It's gonna be sweet!"

Nick goes to the Coffeehouse to see Noah and Cassie. Noah was supposed to have a play date but they have to cancel. Nick tells Cassie and Noah that their mom will be back soon. This worries Cassie. This isn't like Sharon to take off at the spur of the moment. Cassie asks "where's mommy?" Cassie goes to Memorial Hospital to see Sharon. Sharon tells Cassie "your sister didn't make it. she came too soon and couldn't hold on." Cassie is devastated. At the hospital, Dr Thompson talks to Sharon and check in to see how she's doing. Dr Thompson asks if Sharon remembers anything. All Sharon remembered was that Nick did want the paternity test but Sharon didn't. Nick left to take a drive and Sharon tripped over a chair and fell down. Nick came back and took Sharon to the hospital. Dr Thompson asks if Sharon thinks Nick was responsible. Sharon remembers exactly when she fell. The scene is as follows: Sharon is crying over her wedding picture of Nicholas. Sharon loves Nick to death. Sharon remembers hearing Nick's tired screech and thought Nick was in trouble, when Sharon tripped over the chair and fell. Nick is proud of the way Cassie's handled things about the loss of her "sister." Nick tells Cassie "I'm proud of you." Nick wanted to go home with Cassie and comfort her but Cassie replied "you stay here. Mommy needs you" Sharon tells Nick "I remembered what happened. I remember us having an argument about the baby. I remember you went out for a drive. You were angry. I heard you blew a tire. I had thought you had gotten into an accident. That is when I ran to see if you were alright and I tripped and fell. And that is how I lost my baby!"

Mackenzie tells Billy about not meeting the woman who saved Colleen into coming back home. Mackenzie told Billy the woman wanted to remain "anonymous." Mackenzie and Billy ask Raul if they wanted to go check out the University of Wisconsin. Raul agrees to go. Mackenzie asks Raul "what about Rianna?" Raul tells Mackenzie and Billy "I almost killed myself because I lost my cool with J.T. It's best I look out for Number One in this relationship" Billy and Mackenzie start talking about their plans for the holidays. Billy replies, "The holidays won't be the same if I can't spend them with you"

Thursday, November 1, 2001
by Ruth

Brittany asked Raul why he was ignoring his school work and questioning his plans to attend the college of his choice. He answered that he might just want to do something different for once in his life. Brittany wasn't finding any takers for her concert tickets, so Raul totally surprised her by asking if he could take a ticket and go with her. They agreed to meet at the box office.

Phyllis had a heart-to-heart talk with Shawn at the coffee house. She tried to help him with ideas on how to get Jill to come around to his way of thinking. They talked about making her feel younger, being spontaneous, and acting a little crazy like she and Jack were known to do.

Ashley and Brad were surprised to get support from Jack -- he even offered to babysit for Abby so that they could be alone together. Ashley left Brad wondering when she mentioned "room service" for dinner at the Lodge.

Jill gave Jack a bad time about offering to babysit for Abby. In his mild-mannered way, he told Jill to get rid of her attitude toward Shawn. She had to swallow her pride and do what she knew deep down would make her happy. Being lonely was definitely worse than looking like a fool with a younger man. She went back to her office to think about it.

Victor and Tricia talked at his apartment about his plans to move her out. She acted like she didn't want to go, but accepted his decision. She was a little taken aback when he told her that the apartment would be ready the next day. Quickly, she offered to make dinner and, when that didn't work, she talked him into sharing some herbal tea with her. The first thing that she put into the cup were the blue and white pills she stole from the pharmacy.

As Jill looked out the window, Shawn entered her office with something in his hand. She asked him what he was doing there in her normal sarcastic tone and then he locked the door behind him.

Sharon came right out and blamed Nicholas for the argument that caused her fall. She accused him of being happy that the baby was gone. He didn't know how to defend himself, except to deny such feelings. She sent him away when the doctor came back to finish her exam. He went back to work and found Victoria there, worrying about them. He shared his woes with his sister and she reassured him that she felt similar feelings after she lost her baby, Eve. She was sure that Sharon would get over it soon.

In her hospital room, Sharon was despondent and wouldn't accept her doctor's attempts to encourage her about her marriage. To make matters worse, she realized that her breast milk was leaking -- another reminder of her lost child. Before the doctor left her room, Sharon told her that she wanted the paternity test done that they had scheduled earlier.

Friday, November 2, 2001


Tricia is about to slip something in Vic's drink when Nick arrives, wanting to speak to his dad about his problems with Sharon. Tricia listens in on their conversation. Vic tells Nick not to dismiss his own feelings over the baby. He asks why Sharon is pulling away but Nick only says it has to do with Matt Clark. Tricia reacts to this. Nick then explains about the argument and fall and why he wanted a test (Matt's claim he raped her). Tricia continues to listen in. Vic understands Nick's position. Be patient and things with Sharon will work out. Tricia sneaks into the workout room (camera-free) and speaks with "Matt." He laughs about the turmoil "he" has caused with Nick and Sharon. Tricia remembers her own lost baby and how different everything would be now if that baby had lived. "Matt" wonders if this changes her plans. Nothing will, she asserts. Nick heads back to the hospital and Tricia fixes Vic a special drink, pretending to have made some for Nick too. She gives Vic his tainted tea and he drinks it. She goes on about her new place as he stumbles trying to go upstairs. She helps him up. A groggy Vic is lying in his bed,still clothed. He senses something's wrong. He sees Tricia and realizes she drugged him. A scantily clad Tricia then joins Vic in bed and proceeds to undress him...


Katherine stops by and shows Nikki a gift she bought for her soon-to-be-Goddaughter. Nikki breaks the sad news to her about the baby. Kay asks about Sharon who can have more children. They hope that N&S can get through this latest hurdle.


Sharon tells her doctor that she wants a paternity test on her baby. The doctor doesn't think it will help anything to blame Nick for the fall but Sharon can't let it go. She explains Nick's persistence on finding out the paternity and desire for adoption if it was Matt's. She wants to know if Nick's reactions were at all justified. She doesn't want Nick to know and warns her doctor not to say anything about it to anyone. The doc tells her that Nick will have to be informed since they'll need a sample for the test, but Sharon recalls that Nick gave blood for her while she was in labor and asks to use that. The doctor wonders if the blood bank will agree. Nick interrupts and asks if he interrupted anything important. Sharon evades the question and tells him she's tired. He kisses her on the forehead and leaves her.

Jill's Office:

Sean wants to tlak but Jill is still stand-offish. She tells him that there a million reasons they wouldn't work. She fears of being humiliated but he tells her she can't let that affect her. They have to live in the now and enjoy it while they can. He sees that words won't work and proceeds to do a striptease for an amused Jill. And she finally gives into a kiss after which he tells her "it's your turn." They kiss passionately.

McNeil Apt:

Ryan has dinner ready for Victoria and asks about Sharon. Physically she's okay but emotionally she's still a mess. She also tells him that Victor is moving Tricia out tomorrow.

Abbott House:

Ashley and Brad bring Abby over for Jack to babysit. He insists they leave her for the night and have a good time. Ash leaves last minute instructions for both Jack and Phyllis. He hopes Phyllis is okay with babysitting and she assures him she is. Phyllis is surprised by Jack's supportive attitude where it comes to Brad. Jack asks Phyllis why she's stalling on the wedding plans. She's made choices but enjoys stringing the planner along. He doesn't want to pressure her and she apologizes for not seeming grateful.


Brad and Ashley enjoy a romantic night together. After making love they vow to not let any miscommunication get between them again. Ash can't believe how lucky they are and decides to start giving Phyllis a break where Jack is concerned because she obviously makes him happy and has mellowed him.

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