Y&R Recaps: The week of August 20, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
Sharon and Nick worried about the night she and Matt had drunk margaritas. Keith suffered a stroke. Alex accepted Malcolm's marriage proposal. Phyllis was no longer able to conceive children; Jack was torn. Brad and Colleen bonded.
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Monday, August 20, 2001

Pool house

Jill forgets her purse and comes back to see Sean and Brittany locking lips. She leaves unnoticed. Brittany tries to convince Sean that he enjoyed the kiss. He tells her with J.T. within earshot that it will only be business between them. J.T. taunts Brittany after Sean leaves about how does she feel to be rejected. She tells him that this just the first move in her plan to seduce Sean.

Colleen is having a wonderful time at the Glo by Jabot House when Brad arrives. Brad tells Colleen he is there to see her dance for the website. He brings her music and she is happy to see him. She tells him that she is not ready to dance before the camera yet. After Brad and Colleen leave, Billy and Mac notice the difference in Colleen's attitude. The subject changes to Jill and Sean. They talk about it and Billy tells Mac that if Sean ever hurts his mother he will make him pay.


Jill is alone when Sean comes into the boardroom. Sean tries to get to the bottom of what is wrong with Jill. The subject turns to Brittany. During the conversation, Sean voluntarily tells Jill that Brittany kissed him. Jill is moved by Sean's honesty. Sean wants to take her out on the town for the night. She agrees and they decide to meet later. After Sean leaves, Jill gets the video of Sean and Britt's kiss and looks at it.

Carlton House

Traci arrives directly from the airport. Traci is not happy about the news of Brad getting close to Colleen whether she gets back with Steve or not. Ashley tries to let Traci know that it is not all Brad's fault. Ashley tells Traci that she thinks that she thinks Colleen is trying to replace Steve with Brad. Traci asks if this situation is causing problems with Ash and Brad. Traci know what she needs to do and taking Colleen back to John's house is one thing but she has something else to do first.

The Coffeehouse

Malcolm is thinking about Alex turning down his marriage proposal when Victoria comes in. Victoria tells Malcolm that everything is going well with her. She said that she heard that he is dating Alex Perez. Malcolm tells Victoria that Alex is a very special lady but he doesn't think he knew as well as he thought he did. Victoria asks if he wants to talk about it and he declines. She does tell him that if he and Alex do love each other that there is nothing that they can't overcome.

Brad brings Colleen to the coffeehouse and they reminisce about when he used to visit her when she was younger. She tells him how much those visits meant to her. She tells him that Steve tried harder once his visits stopped. Colleen was about to say how nice Steve was back then but she stopped herself. Brad tries to tell Colleen that Steve is still one of the good guys and she needs to cut him a little slack. She says that he does not deserve. Brad phone rings and its Traci who tells him that she is in town and need to see him at once. Colleen realizes that it's her mother and wants to go along so the three of them can be together. Brad tells Colleen that Traci wants to speak with him alone and he will drop her back at the pool house.

Newman Enterprises

Alex lets Neil know that the Lawson Medical case should be over soon. Neil asks Alex if she intends to stay around town. She says that she wants to stay in town because of her relationship with Malcolm. She also tells him that Malcolm asked her to marry him. She said that she is not ready for such a commitment yet until she is sure before making a major step like that.

The Hospital

Jack is at the nurse's station asking for information about Phyllis. The nurse tells him that Phyllis is in surgery as they wheel her back from surgery. Jack tries to get the doctor alone but Phyllis wants to hear everything. Dr. Walker tells Phyllis that she was pregnant but she had an ectopic pregnancy and the fallopian tube ruptured and her other tube was severely scarred which means that its highly doubtful if she will ever be able to conceive a child. After the doctor leaves, Phyllis asks him how he really feels about what the doctor said. He tells her how happy he is that she is okay. She asks him to be honest with himself and her. He tells her that he is just glad that he got her to the hospital in time and he has made no secret about how he feels about having children. He also tells her that you don't get everything you want in life. He then tells her that he needs to get to the office. He tells her that she can reach him on his cell phone. He leaves feeling very sad.

Tuesday, August 21, 2001


Michael visits Phyllis. He's surprised she's there and asks what happened. She explains about her tubal pregnancy and the surgery needed. He asks about Jack and she explains that he had to take care of something. Michael finds it odd that Jack is not there. She tells him about her inability to have more children. Michael expresses his sympathy. He asks her what she thinks Jack will do now. She's not sure and is afraid. Michael doesn't think Jack will just toss her aside now. For once he believes that "love conquers all."


A sad-looking Jack sits alone in the boardroom. John enters after hearing that Jack was at the hospital. Jack explains about Phyllis' surgery but doesn't go into detail. John sees that Jack is upset about something. John tells Jack to go see her and comfort her but Jack doesn't think he can help. He tells his dad in confidence that he and Phyllis are engaged. John's not surprised. Jack finally tells his dad that there's almost no chance that Phyllis can have a baby. He curses himself for getting carried away thinking about a family. He wonders if you can love someone so much that losing a dream like that won't affect it. He doesn't know what to do. The idea of walking away from her now disgusts him and hates himself for dwelling on the inability to have kids. He should be thrilled that Phyllis is okay. John tells him to let the news soak in and adjust to it. He hates himself for not being able to tell her what she needs to hear

Carlton House:

Brad arrives to see Traci. She wants to talk about the situation with Colleen. He's let both her and their daughter down. She's upset he broke his word about keeping a distance from Colleen. He thinks Ash and her are over-reacting and asks to explain. He acknowledges that there is a bond forming but doesn't think it's a bad thing. He won't misuses Colleen's trust. He's trying to help her take it easy on Steve. If Traci and Steve do break-up she'll at least still have a father figure. He's happy she's here now and asks Traci to stay for a few days and see for herself if his bond with Colleen is inappropriate. She apologizes for coming on so strong earlier. They hug as Ashley walks in.

Abbott Pool:

Britt whines about being bored to J.T. She decides it'd be fun to tell Mac about J.T.'s feelings for her but he tells her to leave it alone. Billy and Mac make plans for later on. Billy wants to include both Raul and Rianna. They've been at the Boutique all day with no signs of a problem. Britt chats with Colleen and invites her to be on camera but Colleen is hesitant. She asks Colleen why she hasn't been around more often. She senses that Colleen likes Brad better than her step-dad and asks about it. She then shares her own divorce story and her daydreams about a perfect step-dad. Steve was like that too but things have changed. Brad's a great guy to her. Brittany tells her that is a good thing. Mac asks J.T. to avoid Raul for a few days at least since he and Rianna seem to be working it out. He bristles at that request since she's making it seem like he's the bad guy. He's angry that Mac won't trust him enough to explain what's really going on. She tells him to steer clear of them, take the high road and not make trouble. Later J.T. asks Colleen about her chat with Britt and tells her to not trust everything about Britt. Britt walks in on Billy's chat and notices that the chatters know Mac's full name. She feigns innocence about who would do that and expresses concern for Mac's privacy. He thanks her for her understanding about the situation.


Mac calls the Boutique and asks Rianna about the movie. She tells her that she and Raul need ot talk about something and might be able to join them later. She locks the door so that they can talk. She's angry at him for trying to solve their problems with sex. He's angry that she led him on all while she had feelings for J.T. She thought she put it all behind her when she got involved with Raul but he's skeptical that her feelings came out of nowhere and all of a sudden. She chastises him for using sex as a weapon and tells him that he was a bigger jerk than J.T. ever was.

Olivia's Office:

Ashley stops by to visit Olivia. Liv tells her about Malcolm winning visitation. She must learn to accept and adjust to it. Ashley' sure she will be able to. Liv hopes that their disagreement hasn't put a permanent barrier between them but Ash assures her it never could. Liv asks about Colleen. Olivia can't believe how Brad is being about Colleen. Liv agrees with Ashley's decision to call in Traci. Ash thinks that if anyone can fix this it's Traci.

Dennison Home:

Tricia returns home and speaks with "Matt" who's upset she's made no progress in her revenge scheme. Keith awakes and is mad at Tricia for not waking him to take her to therapy. She went without him. He's still tired and decides to take a shower. "Matt" tells her that she's all talk and no action. She tells him that he's nothing more than a voice in her head. Is she sure about that? He throws a bust across the room and it shatters. She walks over to the mantle and picks up the undamaged bust, disturbed that its destruction seemed so real to her. "Matt" tells her she's close to making a real breakthrough if she lets herself listen to him. She tells at him that she doesn't trust him. She screams at him to shut up as Keith walks in and sees the whole thing.

Wednesday, August 22, 2001

Traci reconsiders her daughter's relationship with Brad and wants to "gather more information" by staying in Genoa City. She wants to see the relationship of her daughter and her natural father first hand. Traci thanks Ashley for calling her to come visit. Colleen comes home and wants her mom to stay with Ashley and Brad. The distance widens between Ashley and Brad when Brad reminds her that Colleen is his only daughter.

Victor visits Victoria and Ryan at their home. He informs them that he has security watching Tricia. He also has beefed up security at their apartment building and bought the building to keep her safe.

Malcolm enjoys his first visitation with Nate and assures him the issues his mother has are adult issues, for him not to worry. They enjoy their time together and Nate tells him he has a list of fun things he would like them to do together.

Olivia and Neil have dinner to make peace after the difficult court case. To get her mind off Nate and Malcolm, Neil asks her to dance. Olivia shares that she finally feels like a woman again.

After witnessing Tricia having an argument with herself, Tricia and Keith have an argument over whether to tell her doctor. She insists she will tell the doctor she hadn¹t realized she was talking out loud. Keith has a horrible headache and retires. He says he will call the doctor first thing in the morning. Matt returns to tell Tricia she needs to take care of her father so that he won¹t call the doctor and have her committed.

After Raul makes a pass at Rianna, they break up. Rianna and Mac discuss the relationship. Raul refuses to discuss Rianna with Billy.

Thursday, August 23, 2001
by Ruth

Colleen awoke bright and early excited to spend the day with her mom and brewing up an idea for breakfast with Brad and Tracey. She wanted the three of them to go to breakfast at Crimson Lights then to dance class so that her parents could watch her dance. Colleen told her mother about it with Ashley in the room -- then when she returned to her bedroom to retrieve her dance clothes, Tracey and Ashley had a discussion about it. Ashley felt that Colleen was proving her point by trying to make a family unit with her sister and her husband. Tracey could understand where she was coming from, but thought that breakfast was a good idea. It would give her time to evaluate things. Their conversation was strained and Brad wondered what was going on when he entered the room. Tracey told him about breakfast and that Ashley approved. He was skeptical, but liked the idea as well. He thanked Ashley before leaving -- she allowed him a peck on the cheek.

Soon thereafter, her father arrived at the house, wondering about Tracey being in town and staying at Ashley and Brad's. He seemed to agree with Ashley about the dangers of Colleen building a new family away from Steve. He wanted to say something to Tracey, but Ashley insisted that Tracey make the next move. . . .

At Crimson Lights, the three of them had a nice breakfast together. While Colleen was at the jukebox, Brad and Tracey talked about what a shame it was that Steve had done this to Colleen. Brad encouraged her not to blame herself and assured her that they would get past it. Colleen came back to the table wondering what they were talking about. Tracey gave an appropriate answer then Colleen put it on the line -- wasn't it time that she give up with Steve? If nothing was happening thus far, what was the use? Tracey told her that she had put too much into the marriage to throw it away so quickly. Brad told her to be patient, that the decision was her mother's and that she was just making things harder by asking these questions. Colleen backed off, leaving Tracey thinking back about the situation as they readied to leave for dance class. . . .

Malcolm took Nate to camp in the morning after their evening visit. After he was left alone, he lamented in his mind about what Alex was doing to him. . .

At Gina's, Alex and Neil shared breakfast. Neil was tired because of his evening with Olivia. He had offered Olivia a diversion and he needed a diversion himself. . . Alex told him that he was an incredible guy, so thoughtful. He told her that he continually tried to make himself stop thinking about her -- he wished that she looked at him like she looked at his brother. Upon hearing this she breathed, "Neil," and reached out for his hand. . . .

Then Neil awoke from his daydream to her calls -- "Earth to Neil." He shook himself back to earth and covered for his secret thoughts. Alex told him that she shouldn't freak out about Malcolm not calling the night before -- Neil understood how she felt. She didn't want to come around when Nate was there so that their relationship didn't cause problems with the visitation. Neil made a quick exit just after Michael Baldwin sat down just a few tables away. . .

Michael joined Alex at her table and asked her about the lawsuit, congratulating her. Then he asked about how she was getting along with Neil and insinuated that she was in the middle of two brothers who both thought quite highly of her. . .

Sharon paid a visit to her doctor, wanting to let her know about the night of the margaritas with Matt Clark.
Sharon questioned whether the date-rape drug could affect her baby. The doctor tried to assure her that everything was probably fine.

At Newman Enterprises, Nicholas and Victoria met with their father. They looked over solutions to the problem that Victor had posed to them -- their solution was exactly the same as his suggestions for them. They had not looked at the suggestions, they wanted to do it on their own. The three marveled at how great minds think alike. Nick was bubbly about Sharon's pregnancy and rushed off to find her. Victor shared his questions with Victoria about the timing of the night with the margaritas and the approximate conception date of this pregnancy. . . .

Matt and Tricia entered her living room in the morning arguing about whether or not she should have "taken care of" her dad the night before while he was sleeping. She kept saying that she would be able to convince him that she was OK, but Matt reminded her that her track record was awful lately in that department! He listed off the consequences of Keith sending her to the hospital -- pills taking her personality away, injections, people watching her incessantly, elevator music, padded cells, etc. She told him that he was scaring her. He told her that the opportunity was almost gone -- she had to do something to prevent it. "It's him or us." He made his point well. Tricia tiptoed into her father's room slowly. In her mind, all she could hear was, "him or us, him or us, him or us, him or us. . . ." She reached for the pillow and looked down at her sleeping father. She shuddered in fear, trying to block out the voices in her head -- "Him or us, him or us, him or us. . . . ."

Friday, August 24, 2001

Tricia is about to cover her sleeping father's head with a pillow when she notices that he's not moving. Panicked, she calls to him but he fails to respond. She dials 911 and orders her imagined Matt to get out. Nick finds Sharon at the Crimson Lights and asks her where she's been. She admits that she went to talk with Dr. Thompson about her pregnancy but assures him it was nothing to be concerned about. When Larry arrives, they pass along the good news about Sharon's pregnancy. Larry offers his congratulations and is then concerned to hear that Tricia is no longer in the psychiatric hospital. Sharon reveals that Matt used "roofies" to control Tricia so she would do his bidding. Paul is surprised to run into Lauren at Gina's. She explains she's visiting her store in town. He sheepishly reveals that he's getting a divorce because Chris caught him with one of his clients. He talks to her about Isabella and his feelings for her. Lauren asks him to notify her if he decides not to be with Isabella. Meanwhile, Michael visits with Isabella at Mary's and though she's worried about her future with Paul, he invites her to have some fun with him. They're interrupted by a call from Paul. Neil helps Malcolm to understand that Alex may be hesitant to marry him because of her past with her father. Malcolm surprises Alex with flowers and assures her he understands her fear of being rejected. When he promises never to leave her, she accepts his marriage proposal.

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