Y&R Recaps: The week of April 16, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
Rianna gave Mac advice about sex. Billy and Rianna learned that there was a high possibility that Raul had diabetes. Paul opened up to Isabella about his marital problems. Ryan realized that Tricia could have framed Nick.
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Monday, APRIL 16, 2001

Neil greets Olivia at Gina's by explaining he's hoping to convince her to change her mind about Malcolm and Nate. When she spots Malcolm with Alex, Olivia complains about the "hot affair" they're having and then storms out. At the table Alex explains to Malcolm that a judge might grant him certain rights where Nate's concerned. Mac agrees to consider it when J.T. offers to go to Hawaii with her. Brittany spots them kissing and guesses to Rianna and Billy that Mac's going to have sex with J.T. After Victor chats with Nick, Sharon steps in and assures him that she can handle the kids' reaction to his jail stay but wonders what to do about Carter. Though Nick admits that he once was concerned about him, he's not now but does suggest that she tell Carter to do as Victor wants. Sharon runs to the coffeehouse where she finds Carter has already decided to leave town. He becomes concerned when she explains Nick's hope to trick Larry into spilling the beans about his "partner." Back in his cell, Nick suggests to Larry that they need to work together to get out. Called away to work, Jack asks Phyllis for more time to consider her demand for the Jabot computer system password. She argues it's the password or nothing. Billy finds Raul and the mess he's made from all the candy bars and sodas he's been living on. They argue a bit before Raul assures him he'll be ready tomorrow for the trip to Florida. John stops by later and notices Raul's sickly look. Learning about the check used to buy the drugs, Paul asks Victor for a list of Newman employees with computer access.

Tuesday, April 17, 2001

Joining Victoria at the tack room again, Ryan talks about their latest relationship and both agree to follow their hearts. Paul informs Victor he has discovered a Dr. O'Leary in South Bend, Indiana, who operated on a Matt Clark more than two years ago. Though the plastic surgeon worries about keeping the confidentiality of his patient, Victor tells Paul to offer him legal counsel but Paul urges Victor not to get his hopes up since Clark may not be the culprit. Carter tries to woo Tricia with a romantic dinner in hopes that she'll do him a favor and visit with Larry in jail. After Billy refuses to talk with her about his interest in Mac and J.T., Brittany complains to Phyllis about the second camera that caught everything during the Glo by Jabot summer website promotion. Phyllis defends her actions for the sake of the job and issues her own threat when Brittany raises her voice to her. Rianna reveals to Mac that Brittany saw Mac kissing J.T. and urges her to think twice about having sex since you can't "undo it once you've done it." Raul assures a worried John that he'll be fine and has a doctor's appointment tomorrow. Billy stops by and suggests Raul talk with Mac about sleeping with J.T. Raul isn't interested in what he has to say. Ashley and Brad inform Billy that Jack's been dating Phyllis. Nick starts to work on Larry but the ex-con guesses that Victor put him up to get him talking and claims it's not going to work.

Wednesday, April 18, 2001

Isabella makes Paul breakfast and talks about how life with her husband changed after they were married. She apologizes for keeping him from being with his wife but he admits he doesn't know that she is. At the office Lynne complains to Marissa about what's going on at Paul's place. Brad confronts Jack about the problems Phyllis is causing in the family. He urges him to find a solution to this problem but Jack insists he is going to date Phyllis in spite of Ashley's trepidations about the relationship. Meanwhile, Phyllis updates Michael on her demand that Jack give her the password to the Jabot computer system. She spies him making plans for a trip for Fiji and learns that he's sending Chris there after she's done in Hong Kong. Phyllis guesses that he's going to join her there. Jill's upset to learn that Kay's leaving for Hawaii at the same time she's going to be in Florida. Mac approaches Kay about inviting J.T. but decides to ask him again about how he'd feel on the trip. John asks Billy to make sure Raul gets to his doctor's appointment today before the trip. Mamie comments that someone ate most of the cake she was saving but Billie denies it was him. After Brittany flirts with Billy and shows off her new bikini for the Jabot trip, he finds Rianna at the coffeehouse and learns that Mac has not asked J.T. to Hawaii as Brittany claimed. Rianna adds that she warned Mac about having sex with J.T. At the pool house, an ill Raul tries to call for help but passes out before he can get through.

Thursday, April 19, 2001

Brad suggested a trip to Chicago to Ashley in order to help get her mind off Jack and Phyllis. She loved the idea and they started making plans.

Paul shared his memories of Hawaii and Christine with Isabella. She proved to be a sympathetic ear. Paul's words were comforting to her as well.

Sean presented a plan for advertising on the Internet to Jack and Jill. After a lengthy discussion, Jill gave him permission to put some numbers together. Jack noticed Sean and Jill talking about plans for the evening. He told Jill that he would keep a close eye on their relationship -- just as she had on his relationship with Phyllis.

Billy and Mac talked at the coffee house about her trip to Hawaii. She seemed to be waiting for him to tell her not to bring J.T., but he kept his mouth shut. J.T. arrived and she told him that it was a go -- all he had to do was let his mom know and pick up his bags for the airport. Afterwards, Mac told Esther that she wasn't so sure about her decision. Esther told her that if she trusted him and she trusted herself, then there wouldn't be anything to worry about.

Mamie had stopped by the pool house to see if Raul was OK -- the room was dark and he seemed to be sleeping soundly, so she didn't wake him up. She called to tell Billy this and he told her to leave Raul sleeping. Billy and Rianna started discussing Raul's past behavior and symptoms, becoming increasingly worried about the fact that the doctor hadn't found anything when there must be something there. Brittany arrived ready for some attention from Billy -- she didn't get any because he and Rianna were looking for medical symptoms and diagnoses on the computer. They rushed off to the pool house when they found that all the clues pointed to Raul having Diabetes. Brittany planted a seed in J.T.'s mind -- he should try to pressure Mac into being more than just friends while they were away so that she would quit thinking about Billy altogether. This would be good for both of them, considering the fact that he was falling for Mac and she wanted Mac out of Billy's life for good.

When Billy and Rianna arrived at the pool house, Raul was still sleeping. They almost left again, saying that the doctor appointment wasn't scheduled for another 45 minutes. Then, Billy decided that it was important that he wake up. He tried to awaken Raul and realized that he was unconscious! He yelled for Rianna to call 911 and screamed for his friend to wake up. . . . .

Thursday, April 20, 2001


Matt wakes a sleeping Tricia. He offers her breakfast to atone for his recent foul mood. She sees through his attempt to butter her up so she'll go see Larry in jail. She wonders if he's manipulating her. He tries to smooth talk his way out of it but she won't have it. She used to rely on him. He was her rock and trusted him completely. But she trusts him no longer. His mood swings and anger are too much. She sees the contempt in his eyes and it scares her. This plus asking her to do something she's not comfortable with bothers her. He expresses regret over his behavior. She wants to believe that but is clearly conflicted.

Crimson Lights:

Sharon and Cassie escort a blindfolded Noah to a surprise birthday party. Friends and family celebrate with the boy. Victor gets a call from John Silva but there's nothing good to report. Vic then fills in Nikki about his suspicions about Carter. She trusts his instincts on the matter. Vic then tells her that he may have a lead for Nick's case. He fills her in on the Newman employee who is involved with the set-up as well as the fact that Matt Carter ha shad plastic surgery. They think Matt may be the Newman employee involved. At that moment Carter arrives and watches Sharon.

Cassie apologizes to her mother for her recent backlashes against her. Sharon accepts and apologizes for not telling Cassie about Nick earlier. They agree to have fun because Nick would want them to. Victoria surprises Sharon with a gift for her from Nick. Matt approaches Sharon and comments that it's his last day. She hopes hell be okay. He hates being judged this way but if it makes her life easier he's happy to do it. Victor noticed Carter's presence but Sharon explains that he got what he wanted, Carter is leaving town. Cassie misses Nick and has an idea to cheer him up. She runs it by Victor who will see what he can do.


Nick looks over family pictures and regrets missing Noah's birthday. He tells Warton about Noah hoping for sympathy and even apologizes to him for going off on him the other day. Warton expresses sympathy over the Newman kids' plight but he isn't responsible. Nick tries once again to get Larry to help but Larry sees through it and maintains his innocence. Nick presses on until Larry is escorted to see a visitor: Tricia. He wonders what she's doing there. She has a message for him. He's irritated by Carter's absence. She tells him to hold on another week and he'll be a free man. That's all she'll say and walks out only to run sMackenzie dab into Sharon and the kids. Tricia bolts and before Sharon can ask anything the kids want to see Nick. While Sharon signs them in they spot Larry sitting there and go talk with him through the glass. Larry wishes Noah a happy birthday. Sharon sees but doesn't stop it. Larry is then escorted out and Nick is brought in. Nick is surprised to see them there and very happy. They talk about the party and how Noah's wish came true: he got to see Nick.


Jill is on her way out when Sean stops by looking for a copy of the itinerary. He sees that she seems angry. She wonders if he's changed his mind about her after hearing what others think of her. He wonder sonly one thing now: how long has it been since she's been with a man? Jill is incensed over his gall but he manages to placate her. He also mentions that undesired abstinence makes a person grumpy. They are still on for dinner and he promises to show her all the hot spots. She wonders if he'll make fun of her again if she wonders if it's a date. He hasn't been on a 'date' in years. He just likes to spend time with people he likes. He minds it odd that she analyses every little detail rather than just letting things happen.

Chancellor House:

Mac is finishing up her packing for the trip to Hawaii. Kay and Brock are ready to go when she is. Mac confirms that she's invited J.T. along. Kay trusts her judgment. But Brock has a few questions about J.T. He admits that he would have said if she'd asked him permission mostly because he would love nothing more than to keep any boy away from his daughter.

Pool House:

Jack checks in on the kids only to find the pool house empty. He calls out for Raul but gets no answer. He continues to search when Brittany arrive looking for Billy and Rianna. He assumes that they escorted Raul to the doctor's. She takes the opportunity to rifle through the Jabot tapes form the Summer campaign. Jack sees that she's distracted too. Brittany brushes off his concern. Mac arrives hoping to see Raul before she leaves. Jack goes to double check some details leaving Britt and Mac to talk about the Hawaii trip. Brittany hopes that Mac will have fun and suspects that the break will give them both perspective and end the hostilities.


Raul is rushed in by EMTs, Mamie, Billy and Rianna. Billy fills in Olivia about how they found him and tells her he thinks he knows what's wrong with Raul, he could be diabetic. They run through his symptoms and Olivia agrees. She orders immediate blood work. They may have saved his life. Raul starts hyperventilating. A frantic Mamie calls Jack and fills him in on Raul. She'll call his aunt right away while he fills in Mac and Brittany. Olivia gets the test results: it is diabetes and Raul is in bad shape. Jack and the girls arrive and learn what Raul is going through. He's been diabetic for months without knowing it. He might have pneumonia, a seizure and more.

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