Y&R Recaps: The week of April 9, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
Katherine suggested that she take Mac on a trip over spring break. Tricia had one of 'Carter's' pills analyzed. 'Carter' thought of a way to keep Larry silenced. Paul confirmed Victor's suspicions about Matt having plastic surgery.
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Monday, April 9, 2001
by Cari

Brittany overhears Mac questioning Billy who won't admit he's having sex with his girlfriend. Mac guesses correctly and decides not to tell him about the videotape. Brittany interrupts and confides to Billy about her run-in with the police. Rianna and Raul argue as the chat session comes to an end. After Rianna leaves, Raul passes out in the pool house. Jill's uncomfortable to find Sean has brought her to the Crow's Nest until he reveals that blues man B.B. King is performing tonight. After the set, B.B. stops by Sean and Jill's table where he greets an old friend. Sean introduces her to Jill who is impressed by the musician and the friendship Sean has with him. Sean then hints that he's hoping to get very close to her and even seduce her if that's what she wants. Brad arrives at Gina's and finds Ashley sitting at Victor's table. Victor's interrupted by a call from John Silva who reports that the D.A. is going to file murder charges against Nick. After he leaves, Ashley spots Brad and the two argue about Victor and then Jack before calming down. Victor runs to the ranch with the bad news about Nick's bail chances. She demands that he find the "bastard" who's doing this to their son. Carter heads home and complains to Tricia about Nick getting off because of his rich father. He then lets slip about paying Nick and Sharon back for what they've done. When Tricia asks what he's talking about, he grabs her roughly and then stops himself, frightening her. While he showers, Tricia calls Ryan to report that she's okay. She's unaware that he and Victoria have just made love in the tack room.

Tuesday, April 10, 2001

After spending all night club hopping, Sean and Jill end up at Gina';s where she offers them a special breakfast drink guaranteed to help them get through the new day. Phyllis enters and recognizes Sean. He explains he's working at Jabot on their website. Seeing he's with Jill, Phyllis insults her which sets Jill off. After Phyllis leaves, Sean thanks Jill for a great night and leaves. Victoria is pleased when she wakes with Ryan in the tackroom and he states that he's not going to worry about Tricia anymore. As she makes breakfast for them, he admits that he's open to whatever she wants in a relationship. Victor informs Nikki and Sharon that the D.A. is going to charge Nick with murder. Sharon calls Cody with the news and suggests that he bring Carter in to help with dealing with the media. She then tells Victor that she heard he asked Carter to leave town and worries that one of her best workers will leave when she needs him most. Nikki enters the tackroom and catches Ryan and Victoria together. Kay explains to Mac that she and brock have booked a trip for her and a guest, if she wants, to Hawaii over Spring Break. Raul thanks Billy for letting him stay at the pool house. He refuses to answer when Billy asks why Mac's questioning his love life. Paul decides to contact the D.A. about Isabella's husband and advises her to stay at his place with Lynne. Tricia finally figures out Carter's not using the "asthma pills." He announces he's leaving town without her. When he's hurts her again, she decides to find out what those pills really are.

Wednesday, April 11, 2001

Paul leaks to Isabella that her husband was laundering money which is why he got such a big sentence. When he mentions a possible mob connection, Isabella falls into his arms. Later, Isabella secretly listens to him explain things to Lynne. Dr. Kimbrough hints to Olivia that his HBO is hindering his efforts to treat his patients but then backs off when she asks him to explain. Victor argues with Sharon about Carter so Sharon reveals what happened when she drank too much when she was with Carter at her house. Unimpressed, Victor asks her to reconsider keeping Carter at the Crimson Lights. Carter learns from Cody about the upgrade in charges against Nick. He considers going to be with Sharon but is interrupted by an angry Victor who reminds him that he asked him to get out of Genoa City. Trying to hide her reaction to finding them together, Nikki lets Victoria know about Nick and then leaves her with Ryan. Victoria later explains the suddenness of her relationship with Ryan to Nikki and asks her not to tell Victor. Neil congratulates Alex on the preparation she's made for the court appearance. He invites her out to dinner but she begs off, failing to tell him she's already committed to Malcolm for a date at Gina's. Meanwhile, Mamie advises Malcolm that she'll have Nate at Gina's around five. She also warns him that Olivia's not too happy about the woman he's dating. Jack makes another effort with Phyllis but she walks out.

Thursday, April 12, 2001

Nikki encourages Jack not to give up on trying to get through to Phyllis. Meanwhile, Phyllis tries to seduce Malcolm but he gently refuses and urges her to give Jack another try. Just then, Jack arrives to pick up some photos. Malcolm pushes the two to take as long as they want to work things out. Alex's attempt to force Lawson to hand over minutes from a specific meeting fail when the judge rules against her. Neil encourages her and congratulates her on her effort. Victor sternly confronts Carter and reminds him that he gave him 48 hours to leave Genoa City or else he'll have to deal with him. Pointing out that Larry hasn't had a single visitor during his jailing, Nick smirks that he's going to be left holding the bag for his partner in crime. The guard announces that the D.A. is filing involuntary manslaughter charges against Nick which sets a gloating Larry off. Victor arrives and asks Nick to stop harassing Larry and instead, try the opposite in hopes of getting him to talk. Sharon tries to explain to the kids why their daddy won't be home for Noah's birthday party. Cassie reveals the kids at school already told her about Nick being locked up. She cries that she won't see Nick anymore, asks her mother not to lie to her anymore and then announces that she can't go back to school anymore to face her friends.

Friday, April 13, 2001

Carter tells Sharon that Victor told him to leave town in 48 hours. Sharon is enraged and goes to confront Victor. She runs into Victoria at Victor's office and they talk about Carter. Victoria tries to get Sharon to really think about Carter's intentions. At the coffeehouse, Cody tells Carter that he should not cross Victor Newman or cause Sharon any undue stress. Carter is convinced Sharon is on his side and that she will handle things with Victor.

Victor is visiting Nick discussing Larry Warton and they both agree that he is not in this alone. Victor tells Nick to keep his eyes open to see if Warton has any visitors.

Jack tells Phyllis they have very intense feelings and they should try again. He tells her that it started out that he wanted one thing but it turned to real feelings. Phyllis tells Jack that she gave him her heart and he ripped it apart. Jack asks Phyllis is there is anything that he can do to get back into her good graces. She thinks for a moment and tells him that if he sincerely wants to prove himself, he should give her his computer password so she can see what his company is up to.

Mamie is with Nate at Gina's when Malcolm arrives. Nate's mood changes for the better as he tell his father everything that had happened in his life recently. Malcolm gives him a journal so he can write down his private thoughts. At Neil's office, Neil is telling Alex how much faith they have in her and not to be so discouraged by the little disappointments in court. Neil asks Alex out for dinner and she declines. She finds Malcolm alone at Gina's and he tells her about seeing Nate. Alex caresses his hand as Neil spots them together.

Raul is still feeling bad and tries to hide it from Rianna and later from Mac. Raul places a call to the doctor to make an appointment. Mac tells Rianna that she is going to Hawaii with her Dad and Grandmother. J.T. arrives and he and Mac discuss if she told Billy about the tape. Later at the coffeehouse, J.T. gives Mac a CD of a group that she likes, he wishes her a good vacation and kisses her tenderly on the lips to her surprise.

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