Y&R Recaps: The week of April 2, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
Isabella was attacked. Paul offered her temporary shelter at his place. Victor pressured 'Carter' to leave town. The ecstasy pills that Brittany had bought at the rave linked Nick to the drugs. Raul almost passed out due to dehydration.
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Monday, April 2, 2001
by Cari

Ryan worried that Tricia's mystery man might not have her best interest at heart. He shared his frustration with Victoria, who convinced him he'd done all he could. He realized she was right, that he should probably stop searching for Tricia when she obviously didn't want his help. Keith walked in, and heard just enough to assume that Ryan was simply giving up on Tricia. Ryan defended himself by telling Keith he had even had the bank monitoring his finances for any transactions Tricia might have made, but there were none. Keith's attitude changed, taking that as a positive sign that her new man was taking good care of her. He apologized to Ryan, and left, telling them he was headed for Indianapolis to look for her there. Ryan told Victoria he had a really bad feeling about Tricia's new man.

Mackenzie and J.T. discussed Brittany's lie. J.T. told her that even if Billy and Brittany didn't really sleep together last summer, they were now. He added that her thoughts of Billy dumping Brittany and running back to her were unrealistic, and even if it happened, Billy would expect the same physical relationship with Mac. He worried that Mac would go to any extreme to keep Billy, even if it meant sleeping with him, and he didn't want to see her get hurt again.

Raul snapped at Rianna, who accused him of being unforgiving. He told her he resented the way Billy always got second chances. Angry at his concern for Mac, Rianna blurted out that Mac didn't even care about J.T., that they were only together to hurt Billy. Raul pointed out that if Mac didn't care about Billy, she wouldn't care about hurting him. Fed up with Raul's irritation over Mac, she angrily left the coffeehouse. Raul started to go after her but was apparently held back by some kind of pain.

Paul received a report on Isabelle's husband's conviction, and noticed something strange. Isabelle then arrived with Marissa, excited that there seemed to be no one following her, after all. But Paul brought her down, telling her "I'm beginning to think just the opposite." He had noticed that her husband's prison sentence was longer than would be normal for tax evasion, and believed that he was involved in something more sinister. He planned for an out-of-town trip to draw out anyone who might be following her, and told her he will be going with her. She was frightened that he was now taking her case more seriously.

Sharon told Nikki she was trying not to fall apart, instead trying to keep hope that Nicholas would soon be cleared. She was worried for the children, dealing with the absence of their father, then began worrying about their future should Nick be convicted.

Tricia couldn't understand why Carter wasn't pleased that Larry Warton was in jail. She then assumed that he was worried about Warton coming after him again if he were to get out of jail. Carter began to replay in his mind the night he drugged Sharon, still obsessed with another rape attempt. Tricia, noticing the faraway look, told Carter how she felt neglected; it had been some time since they had been intimate. The landlord interrupted their customary heated argument, asking for a hand with some things in the attic. Tricia took the opportunity to search through Carter's dresser. She found Carter's drugs in the dresser, and then found Carter, having returned, standing in the doorway, watching her.

Mac noticed Raul's physical discomfort, but assumed it was from sleeping on his aunt's couch as his parents are out of the country. She told him she would probably tell Billy of Brittany's deception, and that if Brittany lied about it she would have the tape to back her up.

At the pool house, Billy helped Brittany in her make-believe search for her gloves, but doubting her motives for the search, thought she wanted to "be alone" again. But she was too agitated for his advances, worrying about the video, and shut him down. He left the pool house for a few minutes, and she was able to find the video, and destroy it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2001

Carter's Apt.:

Tricia asks Carter/Matt about the pills she found in his drawer. He pretends it's just ordinary medication.. She doesn't buy it. It's the second time she's found pills in his apartment. She wants the truth, now. He tells her those are the same pills that he uses for asthma. She questions him on why they look different and why they aren't packaged the same way (in a baggie). He blows off her questions until she asks if he takes his medication everyday. He tells her that he does when he remembers. "So you won't mind taking one right now?" she asks him, holding an Ecstasy pill out for him. If they are what he says they are there shouldn't be a problem. He tells her he already did and can't take anymore until later. He then turns it on her blaming her for their problems. Her mistrust of him is souring the relationship and wonders if they should just go back to being friends. She apologizes to him. He then tells her he will take a pill if that's what it will take for her to trust him and, as he is about to, she stops him. She believes him. She doesn't want to lose him like she lost Ryan. After he leaves, she pulls out a stray pill and plays with it with a suspicious look on her face.

Sharon & Nick's:

Nikki and Sharon taste test the cookies Sharon made for Nick to cheer him up. They're putting together a care package for him but Sharon wonders if it will do more harm than good. Nikki suggests giving him some family photos too. As Sharon goes through some she reminisces how their lives have changed so quickly. Nikki tells her that a change for the better can be just as quick. Sharon then worries about Noah's upcoming birthday; if Nick isn't home for it, it would crush the boy.


Jack sees Phyllis and tries to make small talk but Phyllis blows him off. Michael Baldwin sees the exchange and approaches Jack. He thinks they will get past this. He's sure of it. Jack dismisses his opinion as speculation but Michael disagrees. With Phyllis there's always a bump in the road but that's no reason to give up. Maybe Jack's not strong enough to deal with a woman like Phyllis. He then gives Jack some inside information: Phyllis has fallen hard for Jack and if he wants her he can't give up. Jack thanks the councilor for the free advice. Later Gina sidles up to Michael noticing how peaceful it's been while he's been gone. He mentions that he was in Hong Kong. She asks about Christine. Michael reports that the trip has taken its toll on the Williams marriage. Gina is sure Paul and Christine are meant to be. Michael is amused by the fact that she must have said the same thing when Christine was having marital problems with Danny. Michael then makes a phone call, announcing that he's back and wanting an update.

Carlton House:

Ashley is surprised to see Brad still at home. He wants to clear the air between them. They both admit to missing each other. They make-up and kiss, but are interrupted by the doorbell. It's Jill, interrupting as usual. She needs Brad's signature on some papers about Jabot's pension plans. Jill wonders why they're so grumpy especially since Jack broke up with Phyllis. Ashley and Brad are surprised to hear it. They wonder what happened to end it. She told Phyllis the truth, Jill tells them proudly. Both are shocked that she stooped that low. She shouldn't have interfered. Jill can't believe their negative attitude after she saved the day.

NE Boardroom:

Phyllis finds Victoria and they talk about the GLOW website. Victoria's surprised that the site isn't what Phyllis said it would be. Phyllis wonders if she's fired but Victoria assures her that her job is fine. The GLOW campaign has made Victoria alter the campaign in one way: reveal their campaign now rather than after Spring Break as they had originally planned. Victoria assures her that Phyllis will have other opportunities to dig up dirt on Jabot from Jack but Phyllis corrects her. It's not part of the job description. It's part of war Victoria tells her. Phyllis flat out refuses to do it. Victoria is taken aback by her resolve. She senses that Phyllis was in some way hurt by Jack and wonders what he could have done. Phyllis won't go into it as it's none of her business. Victoria thinks it's better this way. If she had continued, Jack might have gotten info on Brash & Sassy from her. After Victoria leaves, several bouquets of flowers arrive for Phyllis from Jack.

Bus Station:

Paul updates Isabella that there is no tail on her that Paul can see. No one has been following her at all on their trip out of town. She's not sure she can believe she's out of danger. She feels foolish though for wasting his time. She was just following her instincts he reassures her. He hopes she can now find some peace of mind. She thanks him for giving her life back to her. He asks her where she's off to now. She'll go to the hotel to settle up and then who knows. She might go back to Los Angeles, where she grew up. He suggests visiting family there. She gives him a kiss on the cheek and walks out.

Williams Investigations:

Paul tells Lynn that Isabella seems to be satisfied that she isn't being followed. He doesn't want to talk about Chris though. But Lynn can't drop it. The Branya case is over; Michael is back in town. There's no reason not to call her but Paul is still smarting from Christine's not mentioning that Michael was in Hong Kong too. As he is about to call, Isabella walks in, beaten. She collapses on his couch.

Crimson Lights:

Carter asks if there's any news on Nick. The bartender reports 'no' but Sharon is coming in later and he can asks her. Carter fantasizes about 'comforting' Sharon and slipping her the date rape drug again. He even tells her that he laced her tea with the same drug he laced her margarita with that one night. He then explains how it is all part of his plan. He tells her that no one will come to her rescue this time. Sharon tries to get away but the drug has taken its effect. She never did anything to him before but he corrects her: because of her he had to change his whole life including his face and his name. He's Matt Clark. Breaking from fantasy, Matt promises that it will all happen, soon.

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Coming to, Isabella explains to Paul that someone grabbed her from behind at her hotel and ordered her to go to the D.A. with an offer to give her husband an alibi. Paul invites her and Lynne to his place while he figures out what to do. Finding Jack upset, Ashley admits she knows what Jill did to him. She suggests it's for the good but he angrily blasts her for telling him what's best for him and adds that he's going to have Phyllis in his life. Phyllis runs into Michael at Gina's and argues with him about giving Jack a second chance. He warns her that Jack's in love with her. Bringing Malcolm some homemade muffins, Mamie explains her plan to take Nate to a movie and then Gina's afterwards so Malcolm can conveniently run into them there. Neil congratulates Alex on the excellent job she's doing. They're interrupted by a call from Malcolm who hurries her to his place for dinner. Carter advises Sharon to invite him over in order to break up her routine and thus, end her insomnia. As he sweet talks her, Victor stands nearby, angrily watching them chat. He finally interrupts as Carter wishes Sharon well during her visit with Nick. In the visiting room, Nick enlists Victoria's help in planning the birthday party for Noah and in surprising Sharon with a special bracelet. Nick's thrilled when Sharon brings her a package filled with cinnamon rolls from the coffeehouse and drawings from their

Thursday, April 5, 2001


At the coffee house, Victor told Carter that he didn't trust him and that he should leave town and not tell Sharon or Nick about it. Carter told Sharon about it as soon as she returned from jail. He also told her that she made advances on him when she was drinking margaritas at her home. She felt bad about that and wanted to talk to Victor about letting him stay in Genoa City. Matt offered to help her develop a strategy to convince Victor that he should stay. His idea would be to come over to her house that evening to talk about it. . .

Victoria and Ryan had dinner together trying to forget all the complications in their lives. They tried small talk, but decided to dance instead. When dinner was done, Victoria couldn't stand the thought of parting for the evening quite yet.

Mamie came over to visit Olivia and asked her if she could take Nate to the museum and dinner. She had to cover her tracks when Olivia considered coming along, but came out OK. Nate wasn't very excited about it, but he agreed as well.

After a lovely meal, Alex and Malcolm danced and he started to kiss her. Alex pulled back, saying that she wanted to take it slow.

Warton upset Nick by mentioning Cassie and Noah when he saw the care package that Sharon had given to him. Nick told Larry that he knew that Larry wasn't smart enough to do the job on his own, so someone else must have been calling the shots.

Ashley talked to Brad about how Jack was very much in love with Phyllis and that she would do anything that she could to keep them apart. He tried to talk her out of it, but she was relentless.

Phyllis wasn't pleased to find Jack waiting in her hotel room. She let him talk and he told her that he was hurt by her leaving Jabot and came up with a plan to spy on her and Newman. He then admitted that he made a huge mistake by hurting someone that he cared for very deeply, someone that he loved. He tried to hug her and she caved in for a moment. . . . then kicked him out.

Friday, April 6, 2001


Ashley arrives for dinner and spots Victor dining alone. He invites her to join him and she agrees. She sympathizes over Nick's plight. They discuss Victor's theory that Larry Warton is behind it and is working with Matt Clark. Vic is optimistic that Nick will be released on bail since there is no evidence tying him to the drugs at the rave and specifically the ones that killed Jordan. Ashley asks if he's heard from Diane. He hates hearing her name and tells Ash that Diane has stayed out of town but has asked for another paternity test.


Warton complains about having to do another work detail. Nick asks him what Warton is getting out of the set-up. He asks him how it feels to be responsible for someone's death. Larry tells him he won't take the bait. Nick is going down and is looking to pin it on someone else. Nick snaps at that, which Larry savors. Nick wants to know why he's doing this and who else is behind it. When he calls Larry stupid, he sees that he hit a nerve in Warton and continues to press him. He figures that his partner is playing him for a fool. Warton snaps and grabs Nick by the throat through the bars. The guard pries him of. Larry tells Nick that next time the guards won't be able to help him next time. Later, Nick looks forward to going home soon.

Pool House:

The GLOW kids (minus Billy)are doing a live chat. Mac arrives to get her notes and tapes from the earlier webcasts. Brittany tells her how sorry is he is that Mac won't be going with them to Florida. Mac tells her that she seems to be acting weird. Like something is bothering her. Britt feigns ignorance and looks forward to 'bonding' further with Billy in Florida. When Billy arrives, Mac seems to be about to tell him something but Brittany gets him to take her into town to get lingerie. Rianna notices Raul seems exhausted but he presses on. He complains about things seeming darker at times but changes the subject back to the chat. Before Billy and Britt leave he remembers that he has a test the next day that he needs to study for. Jack passes through to check up on them. He's impressed by the success of the chat and Mac's progress with her part of the project. He notices that she seems upset. She expresses concern over Raul and is lack of sleep. Jack pulls Raul from the chat and tells him he needs him to be in good health for the Florida trip. He orders him to stay in the Abbott pool house until his parents return. He'll talk with Raul's aunt to get her okay with it. Raul passes out on the couch.

Abbott House:

Mac finds Billy and tells him that she told Jack to look in on Raul. She then asks about the trip to Florida and why Billy is looking forward to. She tells him that Brittany has been going out of her way to tell her how close they are now. She wants an honest answer from him, are they having sex.

Crimson Lights:

Carter suggests going back to the Ranch to strategize on how to change Victor's mind. Sharon doesn't think it's necessary but eventually comes around. Britt stops by and runs into J.T. He wonders how Billy dealt with the truth but she tells him she destroyed the tape. She has nothing to worry about. J.T. warns her that Billy has hurt her before and will again. Later, Carter worries that Nick could be out on bail sooner than he thought. The detective investigating the rave case fills in the DA that they found two pills in the CL dumpster. The pills were wrapped in a credit card receipt dated the night of the rave and the card belongs to Brittany Hodges. The DA and detective find her and question her about the Ecstasy in her receipt. The DA tells her that if she cooperates she won't get in trouble. She tells him that she got them from J.T. at the rave. They then question J.T. and he admits to selling Brittany the drugs. He bought them off Jordan. They need him to make an official statement at the station tomorrow. The detective is ecstatic. They now have a chain linking Nick to the drugs at the rave. The DA will now press homicide charges against Nick.

The Tack House:

Victoria takes Ryan to the old tack house which has now been borded up for a while. Ryan asks if the old ghosts of Cole and their marriage bother her. She says no and tells him that Cole seems happy teaching at Oxford. She asks him about Nina who seems happy in LA. They reminisce about how much their lives have changed since they were married. Victoria is feeling lonely and unfulfilled. She reaches out to him wanting to be with him. He resists but gives in to a kiss.

Jill's Office:

Jill's working when Sean shows up. He wants to take her out for dinner at a new club. Jill can't go clubbing with him but Sean insists. Sean's impressed that she picked up the book he mentioned on their last date. He tells her that she thinks he's intriguing and can't quite get a feel for him and his motives. She agrees to go out with him but wants to know if it's a date. He asks her the same question right back, which only confuses Jill more.


Nikki and the kids go over the plans for Noah's birthday party. Sharon and Carter return. Seeing Nikki and the kids there, Carter offers to come back another time. Outside, he crushes one of Noah's toy trucks in frustration. Noah wonders when Nick is coming back. Sharon promises that he'll be back for the party. Cassie worries that he won't be back by then and suggests delaying the party until Nick is back. Sharon does her best to reassure her daughter. Later, Sharon thanks Nikki for taking care of the kids.

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