Y&R Recaps: The week of March 26, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
Larry brutally attacked 'Carter' at Crimson Lights. Phyllis was devastated to learn that Jack had been spying on her, and she broke up with him. Tricia found 'Carter's' drugs. Mac found out Brittany had lied about sleeping with Billy.
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Monday, March 26, 2001
by Cari

Nick was deeply discouraged, realizing he could be in jail indefinitely. Carter, having driven Sharon to the jail, waited in the lobby, where Victor arrived and wanted to know what he was doing there with Sharon. He explained he was just trying to be a friend, but Victor simply ignored him. Sharon then spoke to Victor in the lobby, where he told her he had something important to discuss with Nick.

Warton stewed over Victor Newman's visit, convinced that Carter had put Victor onto his trail. Out of control, he phoned Crimson Lights, asking to talk to Carter. Cody recognized Warton's voice, and asked why he wanted to speak to Carter. Warton, angered, hung up.

Jill, who told her there was something she needed to know, approached Phyllis, waiting for Jack in his office. Jill told her she wanted to warn her about Jack. Against Phyllis' objections, Jill proceeded to tell Phyllis how Jack had betrayed her. Still in denial, Phyllis questioned her motives, but Jill told her again, in no uncertain terms, how Jack had been pilfering information from her hotel room -- information about Brash & Sassy's spring campaign. She left Phyllis looking confused and shaken.

Mackenzie was on the computer, chatting anonymously again, with Billy. He revealed to his "online friend" that despite his current relationship, he still had strong feeling for another girl. She told him he shouldn't continue this way, being with one girl (Brittany) while having feelings for another. He agreed that it wasn't fair to either of them. But, he told her, the other girl is dating someone else now, too. Should he try to stop her from moving on. J.T. interrupted their chat, and Mac quickly logged off.

Rianna found Raul at Crimson Lights, and scolded him for not meeting her after class. He calmed her by telling her that he had made an appointment with a doctor, and was to go that afternoon.

Ashley and Brad were still arguing over their stand on Jack's relationship with Phyllis, when Jack walked in and told her she needed to accept it. Shawn, the new webmaster at Jabot, interrupted Ashley and Jack's heated discussion, asking for tapes from last summer's promotion. Jack directed him to the pool-house. Shawn explained that Mac would be working with him, and since his office is so small, Mac will be working from the pool-house. Jack warned Shawn to keep Jill and Mackenzie far apart. Ashley continued the debate as soon as Shawn exited, asking Jack if he planned on pursuing a relationship with Phyllis. Jack told her he planned to take the relationship further, "to see what develops." He left angrily to return to his office and a waiting Phyllis. Brad advises Ashley to do as Jack said and learn to accept it, unless she was willing to "drop the bomb" on Phyllis, and tell her about Jack's spying. Ashley rejected this idea, knowing Jack would never forgive her.

Raul went to see Dr. Kimbrough, who, just before examining Raul, received a letter from the insurance company with whom Raul's father's company was insured. He then entered the exam room, and Raul explained his symptoms: Tiredness, trouble sleeping, feeling run-down. And, he added, he is really thirsty, all the time. After examining him, the doctor told Raul that no tests were necessary at that point, just to watch his temperature, and diet, and come back in six weeks if his symptoms persist. Raul left the office as a troubled Dr. Kimbrough again looked at the letter from the insurance company. Returning to school, he assured Rianna that the doctor had told him it was nothing serious, he was only run down. She left for the science lab, and he returned to the drinking fountain, thirsty again.

Brittany found Billy at the academy, and told him they couldn't be alone at her house, as her mother has had a change of plans. She suggested they go to the pool house at Billy's, so they could be alone, asking him "are you as desperate as I am?"

"Here we are again", Nick told Victor. He was again behind bars, for a crime he didn't commit. He told his father it was killing him, how his arrest had hurt his family, and not knowing who had done this to him. Victor again vowed that if it was the last thing he did, he would find out who had framed him. He told Nick that Larry Warton's name kept coming up, and that it looked suspicious that he had moved to Milwaukee, the other "crime scene." They voiced their hopes that Warton, knowing he was under suspicion, would get nervous and make a mistake, revealing his involvement.

J.T. told Mac that his grades have improved, evidence that she has "rubbed off" on him. She told him she thinks it's time to call off their act. Disappointed, J.T. tried to change her mind. She tried to cheer him up, but he only told her he knows that she is ready to go back to Billy.

Brittany and Billy went to the pool-house to be alone, Billy seeming reluctant, Brittany not so. She tried to persuade him to fool around, but he mostly looked cornered.

Phyllis was waiting in Jack's office, and when he realized she was upset, asked why, to which her only response was a sharp slap across the face that nearly knocked him off his feet.

Carter, taking Sharon back to the coffeehouse, seemed pretty anxious to learn just what news Victor had taken to Nick. Cody then told Carter that someone had called for him, and that it sounded like Larry Warton, but he couldn't be sure. Sharon was shocked, and Carter seethed inwardly, as Warton headed for the entrance to Crimson Lights. Pretending to wonder why Warton would call him, Carter was surprised when Warton appeared in person, making a scene. Completely blowing their cover, he accused Carter of setting him up to take the fall for the drug bust.

Tuesday, March 27, 2001

Crimson Lights:

Warton screams in front of the crowd at the coffee shop that he won't let Carter frame him for the drug bust. Carter tries to brush it off as the ravings of a madman, which only pushes Warton to attack him. A fight breaks out and Carter is left bloody with Sharon comforting him. The police arrive and take statements. Carter evades giving incriminating details and sidesteps Warton's accusations. Carter doesn't want to press charges but relents after Cody and Sharon press him. He agrees to go to the station later. Sharon fills in Victor about Warton's attacking Carter. He wonders why Larry would attack and accuse Carter. He will advise the police to keep an eye on Warton.

Billy and Brittany arrive, upset at being interrupted at the pool house. They note Sharon's tension but look forward to Spring Break. She feels more secure with him now than ever.


Victor catches up with John Silva hoping for good news about Nick's appeal. Later Vic stops the detective in charge of the case, wondering if the police are looking at other suspects, indicating that Larry Warton is out to get Nick and now lives in Milwaukee. When the detectives asks for evidence linking him to the drugs Vic says that's for the police to find. The detective brushes off Victor's "help". John is hopeful that Nick will get bail. Sharon calls Victor and tells him to hurry over to the coffee house. The DA is stopped by the detective who wants to know why they haven't pushed for the murder of Jordan. The DA reminds him that they need an exact match and since all the drugs at the rave were consumed they don't have one. The cop wants to do another sweep of Crimson Lights.

Malcolm's Studio:

Malcolm is working with a model on a shoot. When Phyllis arrives, Malcolm wraps up the shoot to comfort the distraught woman. She explains that she broke up with Jack after learning that he was spying on her. Malcolm tries to understand Jack's side but Phyllis doesn't believe there's any excuse for what he did. Even if she could forgive him, Jack doesn't love her she cries.

Jack's Office:

Jack reels as Phyllis viciously slaps him. She trusted him and he only used her she spits at him. He tries to explain but she won't hear it and runs out in tears. Jill arrives as per Jack's call and he angrily confronts her about telling Phyllis about the spying. She spits back that she warned him that his relationship with Phyllis was dangerous and she had to act. He won't let her off the hook easy. Not this time he promises her. He will NEVER forget what she did to him and vows revenge.

Walnut Grove:

Mac gets a call on her cell from Sean who asks her to help view the web clips. She agrees. As she leaves she is confronted by J.T., still smarting from her 'dumping' him. He figures she's out to get back with Billy and threatens to tell Billy about their deal. She's disappointed that he'd stoop that low and tells him to do what he wants.

Pool House:

Billy and Brittany kiss passionately on the sofa. She breaks the kiss noting that when he looks at her sometimes it's like he's not really seeing her. He reassures her that he is focused on her and they resume kissing. Suddenly there's a knock on the door. It's Sean the new Webmaster. He explains that he's there for the old tapes from the summer campaign and mentions that Mac will be helping him by viewing the tapes at the pool house. Brittany is none too pleases. Later Jill arrives to find Sean. He had asked her to come and is surprised to see she could make the time. When he mentions Mac's involvement he wonders why such a high powered woman would be bothered so much by a teenager. She tells him that the story would bore him but he begs to differ. Mac then arrives. Neither she nor Jill are happy to see each other. As Jill leaves Sean asks to join her back at work and go over the tapes together. Sean gives Mac some last minute instructions as Jill gets a tense phone call from Jack demanding to see her immediately. She tells Sean she can't view tapes with him until later. Mac sifts through the tapes but is interrupted by J.T. He apologizes to her for what he said earlier and promises to keep quiet about their scheme. He helps her go through and sort the tapes. He notices the tape from the last night of the summer campaign. Mac doesn't want to look at it. She picks a "July" tape and they pop it in the VCR. Before viewing it she leaves to get a drink. J.T. takes the opportunity to view the Summer Finale and sees Brittany on screen turning off the live feed camera and positioning the drugged Billy on the sofa.

Matt/Carter's Apt:

Tricia remembers her nights with Carter and is growing more and more stir crazy waiting for him to return home. She almost calls him at work but remembers her promise not to. Just then Warton arrives in a huff. He tells her he's staying until Carter returns. Warton laughs that Tricia has no idea what Carter is up to but she disagrees. He laughs at her naiveté. Carter returns home and Tricia is horrified to see Carter's beat up face. He asks Tricia to leave. Warton tells him he knows that Carter named him as a suspect. Matt denies it but Warton reveals that Vic paid him a visit and told him Carter pointed the finger and now it's time to finish Matt Clark once and for all.

Wednesday, March 28, 2001

Ryan and Victoria return from Boston after warning Megan about their concern for Tricia. She's upset to find Phyllis waiting in her office. Worried about her brother, Victoria rushes to Victor's office so Ryan deals with Phyllis. He advises Phyllis not to bring any concerns to Victoria right now because of her brother and assures her that Jabot's changing of their plans for their website is nothing to worry about since businesses do it all the time. Meeting with John and Victor, Sharon explains that Carter's not at the station house yet because he went home to clean up. She wonders aloud why Larry would accuse him of setting him up. Victor assumes it's because of Victor's earlier confrontation with him. After Sharon leaves, Victor asks Victoria if she trusts Carter. Jack confides in Nikki about his troubles with Phyllis and when he claims that he'll never see her again, Nikki comforts him and urges him not to give up on someone he loves. Jack calls Phyllis but she hangs up on him. J.T. watches the final tape from last Fall and realizes that Billy never slept with Brittany. He hides this fact from Mac and offers to come back tomorrow to finish looking at the tapes. Mac later holds the revealing tape and wonders what to do with it. Hearing about Raul's grandmother, Billy offers him a place to stay but Raul opts to remain at his aunt's place. Mac calls and asks Raul to stop by the pool house. There, he watches the tape at her request and stuns her with the news that Billy did not sleep with Brittany. As Jill badmouths Mac, Sean suggests that Brittany is the teen to watch if she wants to protect her son. She then agrees to have dinner with him. Carter finally arrives at the station house to give a statement and is shocked when Larry also arrives.

Thursday, March 29, 2001

Warton was locked into the cell across the hall from Nicholas. Nick accused him of blackmailing him with the drugs and Larry warned him that they were on his turf now -- Nick had better watch out.

Victor had summoned Nikki to tell her that Larry Warton had been arrested. She thought that it meant that Nicholas had been cleared, but she was sadly mistaken. She agonized over their son's situation, while Victor held her and assured her that he would get to the bottom of this as soon as he could.

At the police station, Mario Edmonds complained to the other officers that he could not get Nick accused of manslaughter without more evidence. He looked at the file one more time and realized that no one had searched the dumpster at Crimson Lights yet. Against their wishes, he ordered them to do a thorough search as soon as possible.

At the photo studio, Ryan was impressed with the pictures that Malcolm had taken. As they talked, they realized that life had been complicated all around lately and Ryan offered whatever help he could give in Malcolm's situation with Olivia and Nate.

Alex dragged herself into Neal's office after a long day in court, totally exhausted and deflated. He offered her supper, a kind ear, and consolation. She had been up against 5 HMO lawyers and wasn't sure that her strategy was working. He assured her that she could pick herself up and move on successfully from wherever she ended up. She thanked him on his way out and Malcolm called her on her cell phone. He wanted to see her for dinner or a drink, but she took a rain check.

At Gina's, Jill and Sean had an enjoyable dinner getting to know each other. He seemed comfortable with the menu and ordered for her. He seemed to get under her skin, not accepting her businesslike exterior façade. He was called away after they finished and she looked puzzled. Gina told her that he had been coming onto her and wanted to know if he had a friend. Jill refused to believe it, but couldn't help but wonder. . . .

Olivia, Mamie, and Nate were having dessert at Gina's when Ashley arrived alone. She joined them and asked Olivia what was going on when she saw how funny Nate was acting. Ashley didn't condone what Olivia was doing, but offered a listening ear and a shoulder no matter what.

At the pool house, Mac insisted on watching the video herself when Raul told her what was on it. She couldn't believe it and made it clear in no uncertain terms that this made all the difference in the world when it came to her attitude toward Billy. Raul didn't want to hear that, so he left to go home to his aunt's house to try to get some rest.

At Crimson Lights, Brittany was studying alone when J.T. came in to hassle her about the tape. He told her that he knew for a fact that she had lied about being with Billy last summer and all about the tape. He told her that he covered for her with Mac and she was grateful for that much. She didn't think that it would make any difference since she and Billy were so close, but J.T. had the opposite opinion.

Before long, Mac arrived at the coffeehouse, looking for Billy. Brittany ran off as soon as she saw Mac. J.T. was still there though, and Mac gave him a piece of her mind for lying to her about the tape. She told him that she was crazy ever to think that he could change and left him, clearly affected by her words.

Friday, March 30, 2001


Larry is working out while Nick reminisces about the time they shared a cell and Warton tormented him. Larry lets Nick know that if he wants to settle this "one on one" he's more than willing to beat Nick up like the last time. Nick thinks he can handle himself this time. Nick will agree to a fight if Warton agrees to sign a full confession. If Larry wins Nick will get his lawyer to spring him and the confession goes nowhere. If Nick wins he gets the confession. Larry won't take the bait. Nick thinks he wants out bad and will eventually take him up on the offer.

Victor's Office:

Paul and Victor work on strategy on how to exonerate Nick. Victor is positive Warton is involved in the drug set-up. Paul isn't convinced, pointing out their mistake last time when they accused him of being Victoria's stalker. But Vic is sure he saw guilt in his eyes. Paul thinks it could be nothing more than fear of an ex-con who's worried about going back to prison. Victor thinks all they need to do is have the parole officer put pressure on Warton. Paul doesn't think that will work at all since Warton's parole officer hates Nick. Victor isn't happy about this negativity. He then wonders about Matt Clark. He finds it difficult to think that he could orchestrate this. Paul thinks it's unlikely Nick or Sharon wouldn't recognize a disguised Matt. Victor wonders if he took drastic measures to hide himself and tells Paul to get a photo of Matt Clark to every plastic surgeon in the Midwest. .

Crimson Lights:

Rianna, Billy and Brittany discuss the Glo by Jabot website's 'best of' series. Brittany isn't interested in reminiscing about last summer. Rianna mentions being worried about Raul and Billy shares her concerns. Britt doesn't understand why he worries about Raul who snubs him. Billy would still like to mend fences with him. J.T. overhears them arguing and tells Brittany that Mac must have told Billy about the tape she saw proving Billy and Brittany didn't have sex that night in the pool house. Brittany freaks but J.T. wonders if Mac may have changed her mind about telling Billy. Billy wonders what J.T. wanted but Britt brushes it aside.

Rianna notices that Raul is still constantly thirsty but he assures her he's fine. Rianna asks him to forgive Billy but he can't do it. He feels too betrayed. Billy was his best friend since they were little.

Billy understands why Brittany doesn't want to talk about last summer. He was a jerk to her by sneaking behind her back with Mac. He apologizes and she tells him that it's behind them.

Alex's Office:

Malcolm stops by to see Alex. She's exhausted over the long hours the HMO case is taking out of her and the bad day she had yesterday. He brings her breakfast to cheer her up. He asks how Neil reacted hoping to hear that Neil freaked out over the disappointing day. She tells him the opposite and thinks he's too hard on Neil. Malcolm hasn't bothered to return any of his calls. She explains that Neil has cut ties to Olivia in protest over what she's done to Malcolm. But he thinks Neil will just change his mind. Too little, too late he tells her. They make tentative plans for dinner.

Carter's Apt.:

Tricia notices that Carter is getting more and more despondent and worries about him. Carter/Matt worries about Warton and how he's gone to jail for parole violation. He's worried Larry might break their alliance to save himself. Carter explains that he's just in a bad mood. Tricia is weirded out about his connection to Larry. He tells her to mind her business. She just wants an explanation but he shuts her out. She tells him she won't be treated this way. She tells him she's not a doormat and demands to know that he'll be there for her. He finally tells her that Larry isn't a problem for them anymore since he's in jail. She figures that Warton was booked for assaulting Carter. She wonders why he didn't press charges or bring the cops home with him since he knew Larry would be waiting for him. He did it for her he tells her. If the cops came and saw her it would reveal that she's with him. She's just happy Warton can't bother them anymore and agrees not to question Carter.

Neil's Office:

Ryan stops by with pictures from their latest shoot. Neil asks how Malcolm is doing. He's doing better. Something in his life is helping him get through this hard time. Ryan fills in Neil about his trip to Boston. He didn't learn anything new about Tricia. All he managed to do was upset Megan. Ryan is worried about the new mystery man in her life. He won't give up on her. They shift gears to the HMO case. Ryan theorizes that Neil chewed out Alex for the poor day in court but he tells her he respects her more now than ever.

Chancellor House:

Katherine and Mac walks in on Phillip and Esther looking at the Glow website. Phillip asks Mac if he could work on the Glow webcasts this summer. She suggests asking his grandma Jill. Kay senses that Mac is uncomfortable talking about last summer. She assures her grandmother that she's fine, especially today. She wants to share but needs time to work everything out. Later J.T. shows up wanting to explain why he kept quiet about the tape. He explains that Brittany broke up Billy and Mac because she was furious at them. It was over but since then they got back together. It's too late to undo it now he tells her.

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