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 Recaps for Y&R Recaps: The week of February 12, 2001 on The Young and the Restless
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Monday, February 12, 2001

Ash, Abby & Brad
Brad tells Ashley that the adoption hearing is set for next week -- in time for the christening. Ashley wants Brad to help her come up with a "suitable" date for Jack. Much to their chagrin, Jill tells them that she knows who Jack's mystery girl is but refuses to share the information. She tells them that Jack has found himself a hottie who is "no girl scout."

Mac & Billy
Mac sees Billy give Brittany the opal ring that Billy had given her when they were seeing each other. She drops a tray of mugs and glasses and stops frozen at the scene. When she runs away, Brittany demands to know what happened to upset Mackenzie. Billy tells her about how he found the ring in his pocket, saw Mac and gave the ring her to prove a point with Mac. Brittany is appalled and later embarrassed when John interrupts the two. Billy says he is trying to move on (from Mac) and Brittany tells him to prove it. Billy locks the door and they kiss passionately.

Neil & Olivia
Neil confesses that he was glad Mamie didn't make it to dinner because it would have been a different kind of evening with the three of them. Olivia confesses that it was a setup for Mamie to cancel. Neil is shocked to know that Olivia went to such lengths to arrange an evening with him as their relationship had always been based on honesty. Olivia explains that she has felt like they were "off-track" over her dealings with Malcolm. Neil says she means way too much to him to treat that way. Little Nate wakes up and Neil leaves.

Jack & Phyllis
Even after more sweaty and out-of-breath pillow talk, Jack doesn't want to go public with their relationship. Phyllis gets upset (especially when he told her that Ash was setting him up with a date to the christening), but Jack reminds her how upset his family would be and how they think she might be using him to get Jabot secrets. He says he just wants to be cautious and Phyllis caves in. However, when she is showering, Jack goes through her files.

Victor & Diane
Victor tries unsuccessfully to reach an out-of-town Paul Williams, but catches Michael Baldwin in his office. He proceeds -- loudly and clearly -- to tell Michael to tell Diane that he is deadly serious about his offer to her and she will suffer dire consequences if she doesn't accept it.

Meanwhile, Leanna finds an angle to the story when she realizes that Victor is throwing Diane and her child out onto the street. Leanna listens as Diane says that she doesn't want to go through the mess she did before, but she wants Victor to pay for turning his back on her and the child. Diane gets ruffled when Leanna asks if she is sure that the child is Victor's, but a cool Leanna explains to Diane in no uncertain terms that she will have to use the image of her child to crush Victor in the tabloids. Diane agrees.