Y&R Recaps: The week of September 25, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Phyllis signed on with Brash & Sassy. Dru and Lily left for Paris. Christine told Paul she wasn't ready to get pregnant. Tomas' book was pulled off the shelves. Mac ran away, but Raul stopped her at the bus station. Diane made a pact with the devil to get her revenge on Victor.
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Monday, September 25, 2000

Jabot Boardroom:
John has the deciding vote on whether or not Brad gets a seat on the Board. He is having a problem with it because if Brad comes on the Board, there will be six board members which could produce a problem with tied votes in the future. It would also take control away from the Abbotts. John says he intended for Jabot to be a family business and wants the family members to be in full control of the company. He is about to vote nay when Ashley proposes that they make Billy a board member as well as Brad.

Billy is standing in line to register and Brittany slithers up to him. She prattles on about the summer being over and missing the togetherness of the web project. She asks Billy if he has talked to Mac since that last night. He ignores the question and steps up to the registration desk.

Chancellor Estate:
Mac comes downstairs to find Katherine in the living room. Katherine asks if Mac is going to register for class. Mac tells her that she is, but she doesn't look happy about it. Katherine says that she can put if off for a while, but Mac says that she can't hide out there forever. Katherine starts talking about what Mac thinks she saw with Billy. Mac stops her and tells her that something else happened that night.

Dru is a little upset with Malcolm. She thought when he called her over that he wanted to talk about them, but when she arrived, only Sid was there.

Neil is playing "Go Fish" with the children when the doorbell rings. It's Olivia to take Nate for registration at school. Neil has taken the morning off to spend some time with Lily. Olivia intimates that there might be some good news about Dru deciding to stay in town.

The William's Apartment:
Paul tells his mother that Chris isn't pregnant after all. Mary is so disappointed because she had already started looking forward to a child around for holidays, birthday parties, high school graduation and maybe even college. She asks Paul what they are going to do now. He says that he will get in touch with the fertility clinic ... Mary reminds him that the clock is ticking. She quickly apologizes for saying that. Paul says that he doesn't mind her talking about it to him, but that she should be careful around Christine.

Law Offices:
Christine thinks that Michael must be relieved that there is no baby. He tells her that things happen, but he really doesn't think that this was the right time for her to get pregnant. She says that makes two of them. Michael looks surprised at that comment.

Jabot Boardroom:
John thinks that there might be some legal ramifications if Billy were to become a board member. Ashley tells him that there is no by-law in Wisconsin that precludes a minor from sitting on the Board of a corporation. Jill asks about Jabot's by-laws. Ashley says that there is nothing in them about it either. Jack says it's a ridiculous idea. He says Billy is in high school and he's too young. Ashley says that she realizes that Billy would have to be guided on corporate decisions. Nikki suggests that Ashley wants Billy to be on the Board to be a "rubber stamp" for herself.

Chancellor Estate:
Katherine wants to know what else happened that night. Mac tells her that she found out that Billy and Brittany have been sleeping together all summer long. Katherine tells Mac that she will have to ask Billy straight out about it. Mac insists she knows what she saw. Katherine suggests that Mac's eyes and heart are telling her two different things about what actually happened.

Olivia tells Neil about the talk she had with Dru and it looks like Dru is sticking around for quite a while. Neil thinks that's really good news. Then he realizes that if Dru is staying it's because of Malcolm. Olivia asks if he has a problem with that.

Malcolm is trying to bolster Dru's confidence about her ability to be on top again in the modeling world. But Dru is trying to get him to admit that he loves her. Both of them are dancing around their real feelings for each other. Major miscommunication going on here.

The William's:
Mary asks Paul how Chris is handling the disappointment. Paul feels that Chris must be devastated, but on the outside she seems to be ok.

Law Offices:
Chris makes a remark about the surprised look on Michael's face. He wonders why she didn't mention it before. She says that she didn't want to admit it then. She tells him about how Paul was so sad to hear the news today, but he was trying to be so strong because he thought that she was dying inside. She says that all she really felt was relief that there was no baby. Michael says that she must tell Paul how she feels. She suddenly closes up and says that she doesn't want to talk about it any more. He asks her how she is going to resolve the situation. He says that her answer will have serious implications on him and their partnership.

Jabot Boardroom:
John tells Nikki that he wouldn't call it a "rubber stamp", but he would expect Billy to vote in the Abbott line. Jill says that she finds the idea rather intriguing. Nikki says of course she does because she's no longer an Abbott and this way she would have another finger in the pie, thanks to her son. Jack says that it doesn't make sense to add two new board members, just so one can cancel the other's vote out. John says that given the promises that were made to Brad, he thinks it has merit ... he suggests that they go and find Billy.

The William's:
Paul talks about calling the fertility clinic and getting advice. Mary says that they can count on her for support. She goes to leave and Paul asks her to take the baby basket with her before Chris gets home.

Law Offices:
Chris tells Michael that her private life is off limits to him. He reminds her that she brought it up about keeping her real feelings from her husband and he says that changes everything. He says that she usually acts on her convictions, but not this time because she doesn't want to hurt Paul's feelings. He asks how she can bring a child into this world when she has these doubts. She says that she always wanted children. He says yes, but not right now. He insists that she must tell Paul her feelings. He asks what kind of marriage she has if she can't be truthful to her husband. She snaps at him, "that's enough" and storms out of his office.

John explains to Billy about needing him on the Board of Directors. Billy isn't too sure about the idea, but they assure him that he won't have to make any vital decisions. He says he'll do it and Ashley says that they should all meet back in the Boardroom. Jill, John and Ashley leave and Billy stays behind to talk to Jack. Jack brings up the cold shoulder that Billy is giving to his mother. Billy says that after all she has done to him and Mac, she deserves more than that.

Chancellor Estate:
Mac doesn't want to believe that Billy could ever cheat on her, but she can't get what she saw out of her mind. She says that she should get going to school and thanks her grandmother. Katherine asks what for and Mac says that she never knew what trusting someone meant until she met Katherine and Brock. Katherine reminds her that that is the same kind of trust she found with Billy. Mac says that she has never hoped so hard that she was wrong about something. Katherine tells her again to talk to Billy.

Billy tells Jack that Mac is mad at him but he doesn't know why and it frustrates him. Jack suggests that Billy is just as frustrated with his mother. Jack asks Billy if he thinks that Jill is trying to manipulate him. Billy says of course she is ... with that fake smile of hers. He can't stand the thought of being with her in some board meeting. Jack thinks that he has a solution to the problem.

Jabot Boardroom:
Nikki thinks that business is full of back stabbing people. Brad thinks that she's upset because she found Ashley at his house that morning. Nikki tells Brad that she's not jealous -- she thinks his relationship with Ashley has more to do with business than romance. She accuses Brad of using all the Abbott women to further his goals.

Olivia reminds Neil that it would be better for him if Drucilla stays in Genoa City. She says that he will be able to see Lily all the time then. She tells Neil to count his blessings.

Malcolm tells Dru that what she wants, is important to him. She tells him he's dodging her and she wants his opinion about the job. He tells her that he didn't want her to feel tied down to a relationship with him if something big came along. He says he promised that there would be no strings. She says that was then, what about now ... has he changed his mind? He tells her that he's trying real hard to keep his word and that he doesn't think it would be fair to change the rules now. He asks her what she told Sid about the offer. She tells him that she said yes to the contract.

Jabot Boardroom:
Jill and John come in and Jill is worried that Billy is still in Jack's office. John tells her not to worry. He says the deal is done and whatever Billy and Jack are talking about doesn't concern her. John tells Brad that he is now a member of Board and congratulates him. Billy and Jack come rushing into the room, apologizing for being late. Jack says that they stopped by the legal department to have some papers drawn up. John asks what kind of papers and Jack hands him the document. Billy tells everyone that it is his Proxy and that he has signed it over to his father. Jill looks like she's going to spit nails!

Brittany is talking to J.T. and sees Mac out in the hall. She quickly goes over to Mac and asks her if there was any reaction by Phyllis about what she and Billy were doing in the pool house on the last night of the web-cast.

Dru says that she and Lily are off to Paris as soon as she can pack. Malcolm looks very sad at the news, but congratulates her. He then tells her that he has a shoot that he has to get to. They say a tearful goodbye and Malcolm leaves. We see him outside the apartment door with tears streaming down his face. Drucilla, also crying, goes over to the desk and takes out the contract, which she had not signed before. She turns to the signature page and signs it.

The William's:
Christine comes home to find Paul just hanging up the phone. He tells her that he has just made an appointment for them at the fertility clinic. She asks when they have to be there and he says in an hour. He tells her to change her clothes and that he will call Lynn to tell her that he won't be coming in today. Chris tells him to wait. She says that he is going to have to cancel the appointment ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, September 26, 2000

After the board meeting, Jill tries to get Billy to change his mind and withdraw his vote. Unable to hold back his anger at his mother, Billy refuses Jill's request. Baffled as to why he is so angry, Jill questions Billy but gets cryptic answers, saying only that he is trying to be more like her by saying whatever he feels no matter who is hurts. Getting in the last word, Billy storms out leaving Jill stunned and concerned. In the meantime, Mac, still wanting to believe that she misunderstood what she saw, questions Brittany about the last night at the pool house. Pretending she is insulted that Mac thinks that she is lying, Brittany assures her competition that she and Billy indeed made love that night. When Brittany leaves, Mac asks Raul and Rianna what they know. The two admit that they were under the impression that Billy and Brittany slept together. Rianna further confirms things by pointing out that it was Billy who asked them to leave he and Brittany alone. When Billy shows up at the coffee house, Mac again refuses to speak to him. As she tries to leave, Billy stops her and insists that she tell him what's going on. In a fit of rage, Mac finally tells her boyfriend that she knows what he and Brittany did. Elsewhere, Paul is in shock that Christine really doesn't want to have a baby. Furious that she wasn't honest with him from the beginning, Paul accuses her of putting her career and her partnership with Michael above him. At the same time, Mary tells Nina, Lynne and Gina that Christine isn't pregnant. Over at Newman, Phyllis tells Victoria that she will accept the Brash & Sassy job if her contract specifically protects her from Victor. When Victoria tells Phyllis that she better not press her luck, Phyllis reminds her that she has many other offers and that she is not the only game in town. Later, Phyllis arrives at Jabot and plants a passionate kiss on Jack. Finally, over at Neil's, the Winters family shares a tearful goodbye as Dru and Lily head off to Paris. Before leaving, Dru admits to Olivia that she chose to leave because it seems that it's what Malcolm wants, not her. Despite their strained relationship, Olivia tells her sister that she loves her and will never forget what she did to save her life.

Wednesday, September 27, 2000

As Diane prepares to go shopping, she is surprised to find Victor at the door. Victor asks Diane why she moved his sperm deposits from one lab to another. Diane asks Victor if it matters now because she's already pregnant with his child. Leanna Love arrives and asks Victor how he feels about the impending arrival of a new heir to the Newman throne. Mac tells Billy that she knows he slept with Brittany and leaves the coffeehouse. When Raul and Rianna come in, they notice Mac is upset and ask Billy what's going on. Billy tells them that he and Mac had a misunderstanding and asks them if they know what's going on with Mac. Rianna explains that Mac had been asking questions about Brittany and him. While Sharon and Nina register Phillip and Cassie for school, Nina notices Mac at her locker. Nina senses Mac is upset and Mac explains that someone has let her down. Nina advises Mac not to leave town, but to stick around and work things out. Doris and Nick meet for lunch at the coffeehouse. When Matt goes to their table, Doris tells him that he looks familiar and asks if they've met before. Matt panics, wondering what Doris would do if she found out his true identity. Neil is surprised at the deal Victoria made with Phyllis. Victoria tells Neil that she wants to present Victor with the deal personally, but Neil is sure Victor will do everything to kill the deal when he returns. Phyllis arrives at Jack's office and kisses him. She tells him that since she has accepted the offer at "Brash and Sassy" they can be together without office gossip. Sharon calls the doctor's office to get Cassie's medical forms for school. The doctor tells Sharon that they found a red bump on Cassie's arm and they want to bring Cassie back in for an examination.

Thursday, September 28, 2000

In Victor's apartment, Leanna Love attempted to confirm the rumor that Diane was carrying Victor's child. Victor was incensed by her visit and refused to comment. He kicked her out and accused Diane of bringing Leanna into the picture to try to manipulate him. She denied it, but after Victor left, she vowed that he would never end up walking out on her!

Jack and Ashley mulled over the situation with Phyllis taking a job at Newman. Ashley succeeded in cheering her brother up by pointing out that they were ahead of the game in technology and would continue to do it at a cheaper cost than Newman. When Jack complimented her on her skills in making the best of bad situations, she thought once more about Victor. Jack had his usual comments, and without getting upset with him, she just said that he would never understand.

Phyllis made a grand entrance into Michael's office with champagne to celebrate her new job with Victoria Newman. In between the passionate kisses, their conversation again touched on her attraction to Jack Abbott and his to Christine. Michael told her that Chris had confided in him and that she was not pregnant after all. He seemed very proud of himself for that. They put all that aside, though, and melted into a passionate embrace in celebration of their successes.

Brittany acted put out and dejected when Billy repeated to her that he did not remember making love to her the night of the sleepover. He was sorry but she played it for all it was worth. She accused him of playing games and said that if he wanted to dump her, he should have thought of a better way to do it. She rushed out, but once she was out of sight, paused to smile the devilish smile of a successful break-up artist.

At the coffeehouse, Raul and Rianna talked about his down mood and rehashed the situation with Brianna, Billy, and Mac. Rianna asked if he was still hung up on Mackenzie -- he just admitted that he was worried about her after the way she acted with Billy earlier. Rianna wondered if there was any possibility that Mac had a crush on Billy, but Raul would not hear of it. He mentioned that he wished that Mac would have talked to someone -- he knew that people sometimes do dumb things when they are upset and haven't said anything to anyone about their feelings.

Meanwhile, Nina went to see Katherine, looking for Mackenzie. Kay would not disclose anything and was not near as worried as Nina was. Nina mentioned calling Billy -- but Katherine wouldn't allow it. Nina went home and the doorbell rang. It was Cricket. She told her about talking to Michael and telling Paul her feelings. Nina was surprised that she did that and could see why Paul would be upset. Chris didn't take that very well and left. Nina called the coffee house to see if Mac had been back there. When she was not, she asked if Raul was there. Instead of talking on the phone, she told Cody not to let him leave.

Christine went to Paul's office to see how he was doing. He had refused to talk to her when she called earlier and left town for a few days, leaving a letter for her. Lynn tried to console her about the pregnancy and gave her the letter. She read it in Paul's office and cried. He said in the letter that needed to be alone for awhile and wasn't sure about the future of their relationship after this. Mary came to see Paul and talked to Chris about what a wonderful couple the two of them made and that they could get through anything. Christine couldn't stand it anymore and stopped the conversation. She was left alone in Paul's office thinking and crying about everything.

Friday, September 29, 2000

Billy tells Jack that he doesn't remember having sex with Brittany, but Brittany claims they slept together the last night of the Glow house. Jack suggests they look at the videotape of the web cast. As they watch the tape, they find that there is a break in the signal. Jack advises Billy to be honest with Mac, but Billy isn't sure that it will work at this point and blames Jill for the entire mess. Nina tells Raul that she thinks Mac may be running away. Raul calls the shelter, but has no luck finding Mac. Rianna senses Brittany knows why Mac is so upset, but Brittany doesn't divulge any information. Chris finds Phyllis and Michael celebrating, when she enters Michael's office. Phyllis leaves and Chris tells Michael that Paul feels betrayed and has gone out of town. Sharon tells Nick that she is worried about Cassie because she has to be checked for tuberculosis. Nina tells Tomas that she's working on the fourth chapter of her book. Tomas is proud of her and wants to read it immediately. Tomas's editor, Hugh, shows up to give Tomas some news. Mac goes to the bus station and is ready to purchase a one way ticket to wherever the next bus is headed. Raul shows up and asks Mac if she's going somewhere.

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