Y&R Recaps: The week of September 18, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Nina told Tomas that she had started having nightmares when she had started writing her book. Katherine urged Mac to find out what had really happened between Billy and Brittany. Victor started an investigation about the handling of his sperm sample.
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Monday, September 18, 2000

The Abbott's:
Billy calls Mac and is getting a very cold shoulder from her. He wants to talk about what is bothering her, but she says that she has to go and hangs up. He can't understand her attitude and wonders what is wrong.

Victoria's Office:
Victoria is telling Ryan and Nick about offering Phyllis a huge amount of change for coming to work for Brash & Sassy. Ryan is concerned about Victor's reaction to the large sum of money, but Victoria says that she will handle her father. Nick grins at her and says that he would like to see the look on Jack's face when he finds out that Phyllis is being romanced by the enemy. Ryan wonders if Phyllis will accept the offer and Victoria says that she would be insane not to. Nick thinks maybe their father will think they are the ones who are insane for making such an offer!

Jack thinks that Phyllis is playing a game with him. She assures him that it is no game. He wants to know how long she has been talking with "little Miss Brash & Sassy." Phyllis repeats that she met Victoria for the first time that morning. Jack insinuates that Phyllis manipulated the "chance" meeting with Victoria. Phyllis denies it and tells him again how it all came down. Jack wants to know if Phyllis is going to accept the offer.

Law Offices:
Michael is on the phone with a client. He is extremely upset at the news that Christine is pregnant and starts to be very flippant with his client. He gets off the phone and starts to admonish himself ... Christine calls and asks him to come into her office. When he gets there, she tells him that one of their cases had been put on the court docket for February. He snidely says that he guesses he will have to handle it because she will be 8 months pregnant by then.

Crimson Lights:
Brittany and Rianna are at a table when J.T. plops down in a chair. Rianna asks Brittany to leave them alone because she wants to talk to J.T. Brittany gets up and goes over to the counter. J.T. leans in close to Rianna, with a 'come hither' look, and asks her what he can do for her. Rianna looks at him with complete disgust and tells him that he can do absolutely nothing for her.

Chancellor Estate:
Billy rings the doorbell. Mac peeks out the side window and discovers that it's Billy and decides not to answer the door. Outside, Esther comes up the front walk after having been out to pick up the dry cleaning. She greets Billy and lets him in the house and asks Mac if she heard the bell. Mac says she was in the kitchen and didn't hear. Esther takes the dry cleaning upstairs. Mac asks Billy why he's there after she had already told him on the phone that she didn't want to talk to him. He knows that she is upset, but hasn't a clue why.

Nina and Tomas come back to her place after her confession at the coffeehouse. Tomas wants to talk it through, but Nina tells him that she's exhausted. He says that being together in good times is easy, but being together through the bad times is the true test. She lets him in.

Law Offices:
Christine is trying to convince Michael that she will be able to hold up her end of the partnership. Michael has tunnel vision and is convinced that a baby right now means total doom for their partnership. They are going at it strong when Paul walks in. Michael turns in a huff and slams out of the office. Paul mentions that Michael seems to be in a particularly bad mood today and Chris tells him that she told Michael about the baby. Paul hopes that his attitude isn't upsetting Chris and she says she's not worried about it. He gives her a hug.

Victoria's Office:
Victoria stands her ground that if they are going to hire Phyllis away from Jabot, they have to pay a premium. Nick agrees and says that their father doesn't believe in hiring cheap to save money. Ryan says he's not suggesting that they hire cheap, but he knows that Victor doesn't like surprises ... especially expensive ones. Nick says that Victor will be pleased that they are stealing from the Abbotts. Ryan wants to tell Neil about it so that he can tell Victor the next time he talks to him. Victoria says no. She's not sure of the reasons why Victor went away and of his mood. She says that they should hire Phyllis and hopefully by the time Victor gets back, there will already be positive results. She reiterates that she will handle selling the idea to her father.

Phyllis tells Jack that she told Victoria she would give Jabot first refusal. She gives him a sly look and says he has to beat the offer or match it. Jack says that she's the same old Phyllis. He tells her that Brash & Sassy is run by Victor Newman, but if she works for Jabot, she will be dealing with him. He says that Victoria can't even sell a paper clip without clearing it with daddy first. He reminds her that when she left town the last time, she and Victor weren't on the best of terms. He says that when Victor gets back and finds out that she's on the payroll at that ridiculous price, he will go through the roof. He tells her not to let Victoria's dollar signs cloud her thinking.

Law Offices:
Chantelle brings Michael a list of attorneys that he asked for earlier. She wonders if they are interviewing and says that she understood that they wouldn't be expanding the firm for another couple of years. Michael says he thought so too. In the front office, Gail gets a call from Christine to come in and get some documents that need to go in the mail. In Christine's office, Paul is saying that he stopped by for an important reason. He wants to have Gina serve a special meal tonight at his birthday party. After all they will be announcing their big news. Christine thinks it's short notice, but says he should call Gina. He goes to the phone.

Chancellor Estate:
Billy is trying to find out why Mac is upset. He thinks that it is because he hasn't broken up with Brittany yet. Mac tells him that she doesn't care if he never breaks up with her and walks out of the room.

Crimson Lights:
Rianna tells J.T. to take a flying leap and gets up and leaves. Totally unfazed by it, J.T. goes up to the counter and starts putting the moves on Brittany. He tells her Rianna dumped him, so now he's all hers. Brittany looks at him like he's pond scum.

Tomas apologizes to Nina for upsetting her. She says that he had no clue that the story was about her. She kept that from him partly because she wanted an honest critique of her story from him. He adds, questioningly, that it was partly because it embarrasses her. She says it is something that she will always be a failure at. He says, what, not being able to find your son? And she says it's for letting him be stolen in the first place. She says that she didn't realize that writing the story would open up all the old wounds. He says now that it's happened, she can't simply will the pain away. She cries and asks if he thinks she should keep digging and make it worse.

Victoria's Office:
Nick tells the others that all they can do is wait to see if Phyllis will accept the offer. He leaves to check something with his secretary. After he's gone, Victoria asks Ryan what happened with Tricia. He tells her that Tricia slept in the spare room last night, but was gone this morning when he got up. Her bags were still there, so he thinks she just went off somewhere to be by herself and think. He says he's never been good at figuring out women. Victoria laughs and gives him a big hug. Nick comes back in and sees them hugging. Ryan leaves and Nick wants to know what is going on between his sister and Ryan. Ryan stops in Victor's office and Tricia comes in. He asks why she is there and she says to see her husband.

Phyllis tells Jack to think about the payment for the job she just did this summer -- way less than she usually gets. She says that she took the job as a favor and because she thought it would be fun to be in Genoa City for a while and renew old acquaintances. She says now Jack wants her to stay, but is very vague and mystical as to how much money she's going to make in the future when Jabot gets back on its feet. He says he made a promise. She asks if she's supposed to take that on faith, when she knows Jabot is financially stretched to the limit. Jack threatens that when Victor finds out that she has been hired at Brash & Sassy, she will be out on her butt. She says that it's a risk worth taking. Jack further threatens that when she gets thrown out of Brash & Sassy, she won't have a job at Jabot because they will have hired someone else. She tells him that whoever he hires won't be as good ash she is. He changes his tune a little and says that she will have autonomy at Jabot. She tells him there's one more thing ... perks. She tells him that if he comes along with the deal ... it would be a lot more tempting. She gets up and leaves a speechless Jack Abbott at the table.

Chancellor Estate:
Billy is hurt and confused as he wanders aimlessly around the Chancellor living room. Katherine comes in and tells him he looks lost. He says not lost, just confused. He tells her that Mac is upset and he thinks its about something that he has done, but he doesn't know what. Kay asks him if he can think of something that he's done and he says no. He thinks that it has something to do with Brittany, but he can't think of what it would be. Katherine asks if he is sure about that. He says yes. She thinks that it's time for him to leave. He tells Katherine that it kills him to think that he has done something that would upset Mac and he's completely in the dark. He asks Katherine if she knows something. She won't say and again asks him to leave.

Law Offices:
Gina says that she can make the special dinner. Paul is so excited about the party. He goes to the door and opens it to leave and mentions to Christine that Lynn is getting curious about what's going on with them. Christine tells him to let Lynn in on it, but he wants the baby to be announced with the proper fanfare. Michael is in the outer office and overhears Paul ... he roles his eyes to the heavens.

Chancellor Estate:
Mac comes downstairs after Billy leaves and Katherine asks why she let Billy in. Mac explains that he came in with Esther. Mac says that she can't believe all the things that Billy said to her today, when she knows they are all lies. She says that he sounded so sincere and Katherine says he sounded that way to her also. Katherine says that Billy seemed so bewildered and genuine and that she knows he's not stupid -- could he be that good of an actor? Mac asks her grandmother if she is suggesting that there might be another explanation for what she saw. Katherine looks deep into Mac's eyes and asks her if she has ever seen two people making love before.

Victoria's Office:
Victoria tells Nick that all he saw was a hug between old friends. Nick says that it looked like more. She tells him that Ryan has been very supportive of her and has helped her face her problems with Gary. She says that sort of thing brings people closer together. Nick wants to know how close.

Victor's Office:
Tricia says that she realized last night how upset Ryan was. Ryan asks if she can blame him. She says no, that her behavior was inexcusable. She says she was naïve to think that they could just talk things out and that Ryan had every reason to doubt that she would make a serious effort. She tells him that she went to see a therapist first thing in the morning.

Law Offices:
Paul puts the needle to Michael and says that he will save a cigar for him from the party. Phyllis walks in and Paul says he'll save one for her as well and walks out. Michael stomps into his office with Phyllis not far behind him, asking what that was all about. Michael tells her about Christine being pregnant. Phyllis makes a remark about Christine thinking she must be good mother material ... but she sure didn't think that Phyllis was. Michael is mad that Phyllis thinks that everything is about her. Phyllis tells him that she can't see a problem with Christine having a baby. Michael insists that it threatens his entire practice. He is getting angrier every minute. He vents about it to Phyllis and she wants to know if he's just upset about the partnership or is he jealous of the baby. He tells her not to be ridiculous. She tells him to relax -- that he can still have a rewarding practice while playing "Uncle Mikey" to Christine's child. He screams at her, "I DON'T WANNA BE UNCLE MIKEY!!!" He calms down a bit and tells her that the firm will take all their energy for a couple of years. It's the way of life that he dreams of. She tells him that if this is his attitude with Christine, he can kiss his dream goodbye!

Victoria's Office:
Victoria tells Nick about what has been going on with Diane and how she couldn't bear living with her another day, so she was going to move in with Ryan. She quickly adds that she was going to be in the spare bedroom. She tells him about Tricia showing up last night and that she went to a hotel to let Tricia and Ryan discuss their problems. She says that she is sure that they won't reconcile. Nick asks what will happen if they don't and Victoria says that she and Ryan will go on from there.

Victor's Office:
Ryan isn't sure a new therapist will help, considering what happened in Seattle. In Seattle, Tricia saw a therapist several times and told him she was making progress, but she was lying to him. He wants to know why he should believe that it would be any different this time.

Tomas wants Nina to finish the book. She says that she may never write again. He tells her many people go through traumas in their lives, but very few people are talented enough to be writers or artists. He says that she has a gift and she should continue. She says that it hurts too much. He pleads with her not to give up.

Crimson Lights:
J.T. asks Brittany if everything went as planned last night. She says that Mac got what she deserved. He asks if she really slept with Billy or did she fake it. She indicates that she faked it. He thinks that now it's all over, he can get together with Brittany. She says that she has to make sure that Billy and Mac are really broken up before she walks.

Chancellor Estate:
Mac is embarrassed at what her grandmother asked her. Katherine tells her not to be, because it is a legitimate question. Katherine asks the question again and Mac says that she had not seen anybody make love until last night. Katherine asks her to explain exactly what she saw. Is she certain of what she saw ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, September 19, 2000

Billy goes to see Jack at Jabot and discuss the latest goings on with Mac. He tells Jack that Mac is angry with him about something, but he has no idea what it could be. Jack asks his brother if there was any reason Mac would think that his relationship with Brittany was something more than he claimed. Billy swears that nothing has gone on between he and Brittany since he began seeing Mac. Jack encourages him to hang in there and not give up. When he is left alone, Billy begins to wonder if something could have happened that he isn't remembering. He calls Brittany and asks her about the previous evening. Remaining cryptic, Brittany simply tells him it was a night she will never forget. At the same time, Mac and Kay continue to mull over the situation. Kay asks her granddaughter if there is any way she could have misinterpreted what she saw in the poolhouse. Mac is fairly certain she knows what Billy and Brittany were doing. Kay tells her that she found Billy to be very sincere in his confusion over what was going on. When she suggests that Mac question him directly, Mac agrees and secretly prays that she is wrong about her boyfriend. Over at the law offices, Phyllis and Michael discuss Christine. Phyllis tells her friend to stop berating Chris and play nice. Michael takes her advice and apologizes to his partner, promising to accept her pregnancy and make the best of their working situation. A surprised Chris leaves to join Paul and their friends at Gina's for his birthday celebration. At the end of the dinner, an excited Paul announces that Chris is pregnant. While everyone celebrates, a not-so-thrilled Chris asks Paul to take her home. Back at Jabot, Nick warns Victoria to let her feelings for Ryan go. He doesn't trust Tricia and worries over her psychological reaction if Ryan and Victoria become involved again. Victoria assures her brother that she can take care of herself. Later, she meets with Ryan who tells her about the therapy session he attended with Tricia. After hearing his reaction, Victoria expresses her fears that Ryan is buying into Tricia's act. Finally, Tomas and Nina continue to discuss her novel. When Nina suggests giving up on it, Tomas tells her she shouldn't and that is important for her to tell her story.

Wednesday, September 20, 2000

Victor wants to know what the happened to his sperm sample and why has it been moved so many times. Victor is still surprised that Diane is pregnant with his child and will not give up until he gets answers. Ashley cooks Brad breakfast for allowing her to spend the night with him. Brad is glad he is becoming more and more close to his Lamaze partner. Michael won't write Phyllis' contract for Victoria. He will sign Phyllis a memo stating she will accept Victoria s offer under certain limits. Phyllis knows Michael has deep affections for Christine but warns that she may have a wandering eye if this charade continues. Christine wants to be sure she is absolutely pregnant. Paul makes a call to the clinic for an on the spot appointment. Mary brings over Paul's old bassinette to welcome the new addition to the family. She can't wait to be a grandmother. This is something she has been wanting for a long time. Sid stops by Malcolm's place to talk to Dru. After the photos he saw of Dru! , Sid wants to be sure Dru is on top of her game. Sid can make her a star and has done it before. If Dru still has her spark, this will be her golden opportunity that could lead to the big leagues. Phillip is due to arrive home soon from Montana. Nina tells Tomas about Christine having second thoughts about getting pregnant. Nina can sense her sense of doubt and is sympathetic to Christine as to if this is a bad time in her life to be pregnant. Phyllis thinks Michael is fantasizing about Christine. Olivia and Dru chat about the relationship of her and Malcolm. Olivia feels Dru should be open and honest with Malcolm if she wants continue her time with him. Nikki calls the reproductive labs to check in on Victor's sample. She is surprised that Victor called in to get some answers to what had happened. Nikki knows Victor is on Diane s trail. Sid pleads his case to Drucilla asking for her to take him back. Leanna Love makes a pit stops at Diane s place and tries to confirm if she ! is indeed pregnant with Victor s child. Diane has an idea on how to make Leanna useful to her case with Victor.

Thursday, September 21, 2000

Phyllis arrived back at Michael Baldwin's office to pick up her contract with Newman Enterprises after their night together. He said that he could not write it -- she knew that it was because of Christine. She taunted him repeatedly about his feelings for Chris going so far as to say that he wanted a more primal relationship with her. She agreed to accept a "deal memo" written anonymously for her in place of the contract and left Michael to contemplate her words.

Ashley surprised Brad with breakfast ready for them at his house. They talked about questions that Jack and her family may have and agreed that she should move in to Brad's house in order to be closer to her Lamaze coach. They also talked about Brad taking his rightful seat on the Board at Jabot. He said that the possibilities were very interesting for the future, not necessarily meaning the "business" possibilities.

Victor placed a call to the lab asking for answers about the irregularities that were cited in their letter. They had few real answers, but promised to do more research so that they were ready when Victor called back. Meanwhile at the penthouse, Victoria surprised Diane when she had spent the night at the apartment. They bickered back and forth -- Diane hinting that Victor had feelings for her evidenced by his phone call about his plans. Victoria left in a huff and stopped at home before going to work. Nikki, on her way to Brad's to talk about their new product, wondered what Victoria was doing there. Nikki tried to calm her daughter down when she ranted on and on about her worst nightmare coming true -- her father wanting to be with Diane and her baby. After Victoria left for work, Nikki decided that there may be something that she could do in order to make things OK. She called the lab to find out that Victor had already called about the sample and that they were busy trying to answer his questions.

Paul came home with books about how to have a wonderful pregnancy as Chris was rising for the day. They agreed to make a doctor appointment to double check the test results. Chris moved a meeting that she and Michael had planned, then Mary stopped by with the bassinet that she used for Paul when he was a baby. They explained Chris's hesitancy with patient understanding about the impact that it was having on her, but she was torn inside more with every word about the baby.

Tomas arrived at Nina's while she was on the phone with Phillip preparing for his return home. He warned her that Christine would be sorry if she kept her feelings from her husband much longer. He asked about Nina's plans with her book now that her son was coming home. She wanted to stop writing and put it behind her. He dared to ask her to just do one more thing that would take a lot of courage on her part.

Dru and Olivia had breakfast together at Gina's. Again, Olivia insisted on making Dru's relationship with Malcolm her own business and that she tell him her true feelings about restarting her career or staying in Genoa City. Back at Malcolm's apartment, Sid arrived to ask Malcolm whether Dru was back to her best, or if the ad he saw was a one-time thing. Malcolm admitted that she was doing much better and agreed to call her there so that she and Sid could talk. She left the restaurant when she received the call from Malcolm and found Sid alone there. Dru was wary and clearly disappointed in Sid's behavior in the past. He admitted that he had been an agent only, not a friend and wanted to offer his friend the chance of a lifetime.

Friday, September 22, 2000

Nikki visits Brad to discuss ideas for the new product line. Nikki is surprised to see Ashley and asks Brad if she spent the night. Brad admits that Ashley stayed the night and Nikki wants to know if they discussed getting Brad a board seat at Jabot. Jill tells John that hiring Phyllis is a big mistake. In the board meeting, Ashley asks Jack to consider making Brad a board member. After Ashley convinces Jack that it's the right thing to do, John tells them that he's not sure he can vote for the motion. Chris and Paul wait for the results of the pregnancy test and they find out that Chris is not pregnant. Paul breaks the news to Mary. When Chris gets to the office, Michael senses something is wrong. After their meeting, Chris tells Michael that she isn't pregnant after all. Michael tells her to go home and they embrace. Phyllis tells Malcolm about her job offers and suggests that he join the digital realm. She wonders why Malcolm looks so sad and asks him about his personal life. Sid apologizes to Dru for dumping her as a client and offers her a new contract to begin a shoot in Paris. Dru tells Malcolm about the offer and he asks her what she plans to do. Tomas asks Nina to tell him the story of her lost baby. Nina recalls how she trusted Rose, but during the entire pregnancy, she sensed something was wrong. After Nina finishes her story, Tomas uncovers a tape recorder and tells Nina that she now has her story on tape.

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