Y&R Recaps: The week of September 11, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Mac dumped Billy. Christine told Paul that she was pregnant. Nina spilled to Tomas that she was the main character in her novel. Victoria made Phyllis an offer she couldn't refuse if she joined Brash & Sassy.
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Monday, September 11, 2000

The Abbott's:
Raul and Rheanna are sitting on chaise lounges out by the pool, looking at the stars. Mac comes from the house and is heading towards the pool house. She walks behind Raul and Rheanna, who are unaware that she is there. She silently pushes open the pool house door and steps inside. She sees Billy lying on the couch with Brittany sitting on top of him. Brittany's bare back tells Mac that she is wearing nothing on top. Brittany has been waiting for this moment and starts to tell Billy (who is sleeping soundly from the drug that she gave him) that he is great and that she loves him. Needless to say, Mac is extremely upset by what she sees.

Ryan comes back after seeing Victoria to find Tricia staring out the window. He can see that she is upset and asks if he can get her a glass of water. Then he realizes that Tricia has seen Victoria's luggage. Tricia asks him if Victoria is moving in. Before he has a chance to answer, Tricia interprets the situation as being that Ryan is not only filing for legal separation, but is moving on with his life.

Nick & Sharon's Hotel Room:
Sharon and Nick are getting slightly frustrated that the kids are not going to bed ... they want some time alone together. Sharon goes off to try to calm them down and while she is out of the room, her cell phone rings. Nick answers, but no one speaks.

Crimson Lights:
Larry and Carter are at the coffeehouse after it should be closed. Larry is trying to find out what Carter has in mind for revenge on Nick Newman.

Victoria is sitting at a table waiting for her mother to arrive. Nikki comes in and Victoria wants to know why her mother called her. Nikki explains that Victor phoned her and told her that Victoria was having a hard time living at the Penthouse with Diane and that he was concerned about her. She tells Victoria that she is welcome to come back to the ranch. Victoria says a flat no to that because she is still upset at what her mother did. Nikki says that just because they are competing in business doesn't mean that they have to be estranged personally. Victoria says that there is nothing Nikki can say or do, that would make any difference in her mind.

The Hotel:
Nick says "hello" again and it turns out to be Victor on the other end of the line. He says he wanted to check in with Nick to see if they were enjoying their vacation. He wants Nick to know that he left Genoa City for a good reason. Nick asks if it's business and Victor says yes, but that he has some personal problems going on as well. Nick asks what the problem is, but Victor doesn't want to get into it right now. Nick asks if there is any other reason for the call. Victor tells Nick that there is a lot going on at Newman Enterprises these days, but he realizes that Nick's vacation is important to him. Then he tells Nick that he misses him and says goodbye. Nick hangs up and is obviously upset by the call. Sharon comes out of the bedroom saying that it is going to be impossible to get the kids to sleep tonight. She sees Nick's mood and asks what happened. He tells her about the phone call. She asks if Victor said something to upset him and he says, "you're damned right he did!"

The Abbott's:
Jack comes home to find Phyllis monitoring the web site. Over in the pool house, we see Brittany's bare back moving sensuously over Billy. With tears in her eyes, Mac looks like she is going to be sick. She quickly turns and leaves. When Brittany is sure that Mac is gone, she pulls a blanket up to cover herself and gets up off Billy. She stands over him and snidely tells his sleeping figure that she's sorry to mess up his romance with little Miss Prom Queen -- but it's not her fault. She says Mackenzie brought it all on herself.

Chancellor Estate:
Esther and Katherine are in front of a laptop computer, but neither of them knows what to do with it. Katherine thinks that Esther should have learned all about it from the salesperson when she picked it up. But poor Esther doesn't know a hard drive from a mouse! They click away and push buttons and a message pops up on the screen ... "fatal error"! Neither of them have a clue what that means and Katherine insists that Esther figure it out, immediately. They start squawking at each other in shrill tones, when Brock comes home.

Brad and an obviously pregnant Ashley are shown to a table. They have just come from a Lamaze class. They are talking about some of the funny things that happened at the class. Brad tells Ashley that he really wants to be a part of the baby's life. She smiles and says that she'll hold him to it -- especially when it comes to changing diapers!

The Hotel:
Sharon wants to know what Victor said to upset Nick. Nick tells her that his father said all the right things, about wanting them to have a good time -- but the message was clear that he feels that while he is away, Nick should be at home. Nick feels that his father is laying a guilt trip on him. Sharon suggests that perhaps Victor is merely reaching out to Nick. She says that relieving some family tension might be worth canceling a week in the Bahamas, and perhaps they should go home. Nick whines that his dad should leave him alone. Sharon says that it's up to Nick if they continue their vacation or go home -- she'll go along with his decision.

Crimson Lights:
Warton is still trying to figure out what Carter's plan of revenge is on Nick. Carter says that the only thing Nick hasn't had given to him by "daddy" is the coffeehouse. Warton finally sees the light and asks if Carter wants to plant drugs so Nick will get "caught" dealing. Carter says that if all they do is plant the stuff, Victor will hire a team of lawyers to prove Nick didn't have anything to do with it. He says they have to prove that Nick is actually dealing. Larry wants to know how they do that. Carter holds up the keys and says that they will start in the office with the account books.

Ryan brings Tricia a glass of water. Tricia asks again if Victoria is moving in and Ryan says yes. Tricia says they should have said something before and she wouldn't have hung around. Ryan tells her that they didn't have a chance to say anything because her arrival was such a surprise. She starts to leave and Ryan tells her to sit down. He tells her that Victoria was having problems at home and she was going to move into the spare bedroom. He says that Victoria has nothing to do with their marriage -- if they even still have a marriage. Tricia says she was under the impression that he thought the marriage was over. He says that she never gave him any reason to believe otherwise.

The Abbott's:
Outside the pool house, we see Mac doubled over in tears after witnessing Billy and Brittany. Raul and Rheanna are still stargazing and have no idea that she is there behind them. All of a sudden Raul thinks he hears something and sits up and looks around. Mac has already made her escape from the area, so Raul sees nothing out of the ordinary. Rheanna thinks maybe there is an animal out there. Inside the main house, Jack and Phyllis are watching Raul and Rheanna and Jack mentions that they are getting along nicely. Phyllis says they have a budding romance going and they "found" each other right here on the web site. Jack likes Raul, so he thinks its great. He asks where Billy and Brittany are. They are just about to switch to the pool house camera when Mac comes in. Jack asks if she's feeling all right.

Nikki is trying to convince Victoria to come back to the ranch to live. Victoria tells her about moving in with Ryan. Across the room, Brad is wondering if he is going to run into problems with Jack. He says that being Ashley's Lamaze partner means he will be spending a lot of time at her house. Ashley defiantly says that Jack won't be a problem. She says that if Jack wants to be involved with the baby, it will be on her terms. Brad says there is another reason that he wants to be there for Ashley's baby. Ashley realizes that it is because of his own daughter, Colleen. Circumstances made it impossible for him to be a hands-on father.

Chancellor Estate:
Katherine is ranting on about Esther getting the computer and not having the sense to listen to the salesperson's instructions on how to operate it. Esther says that if all Katherine is going to do is insult here, she's leaving. She gets up and leaves the room in a huff. Brock can't help but laugh at the two of them. He changes the subject and asks Katherine if she thinks Mac is happier these days. Katherine says that Mackenzie may be happier now than ever before.

The Abbott's:
Mac tells Jack that she is not feeling well and that she called a cab to go home. She apologizes to Phyllis who says it's ok. After Mac leaves, Phyllis says, "poor kid." Jack wants to know what she means -- what's going on. Phyllis realizes that she may have said too much and covers by saying that nobody likes feeling nauseous. Jack thinks she's keeping something from him.

Ryan rags on Tricia for staying away so long without a word to him. He asks if she can blame him for trying to put his life back together and for filing for legal separation. She shakes her head "no" and says that she understands. She says she realizes that she is too late to save the marriage.

Nikki is a little shocked to hear that Victoria is moving in with Ryan, but she merely says, "I see". Victoria is impressed that her mother isn't giving her any warnings or reprimands. Nikki says that Victoria is more aware of her complicated involvement with Ryan that she is. Nikki asks if she is moving in tonight and Victoria tells her about the slight "glitch" in the plans ... the wife showed up. Across the room, Brad notices the two of them and mentions it to Ashley. They hope that it means there will be a reconciliation between mother and daughter. They pay the check and leave to go to Brad's place for a non-alcoholic nightcap.

The Abbott's:
Rheanna is asleep with her head resting on Raul's shoulder. Raul gently lifts a lock of her hair off her face and she wakes up. They wonder what is going on in the pool house. Rheanna tells Raul that it was Billy who asked her to come outside. She says she doesn't know what's going on in there, but this night is special for her and Raul too. She says it's the end of their summer as well and she wants to mark it in her own way. She leans over and kisses him.

Chancellor Estate:
Brock thinks the source of Mac's good mood goes beyond the news that Jill has backed off. Katherine says that it does, but he will have to wait to hear it from Mac. Mac quietly comes in the front door and hears her dad and grandmother talking in the living room.

Ryan tells Tricia that he needs time to sleep on what is going on between them. He tells her to stay there for the night in the spare room. She asks about Victoria and Ryan says he will handle her. He gets up and goes to bed, leaving Tricia on the sofa.

Nikki thinks that Tricia's coming home is a little more than a "glitch". Victoria explains that Ryan is too nice to send Tricia packing tonight. He will let her down gently. She says that on the off chance that Ryan and Tricia do get back together, she will contact Nikki, because she won't live in the same house as Diane another minute. Nikki asks if it's all that unpleasant there and Victoria says that's putting it mildly. She tells Nikki about Diane claiming to be carrying Victor's child. Nikki says that she knows all about it and that she was worried about how Victoria would take the news. Victoria says that she was worried about Nikki. Nikki says that she's not bothered by it in the least ... considering the source!

The Abbott's:
Jack wants to check out the pool house on the web site. They see Billy fast asleep on the couch. Then Brittany slinks up and covers him with a blanket. She kneels down on the floor beside him and kisses his forehead and then turns around and gives a sly smile to the camera.

Chancellor Estate:
Mac comes into the living room and Brock asks her why she is home so early. She says that she is really tired and that there wasn't much for her to do there. Brock says that he's tired too and goes up to bed. Katherine asks Mac if she's ok -- Mac looks like she's about to break down and cry again.

Crimson Lights:
Carter can't come up with anything through the account ledgers that would allow him to make it look like Nick is dealing drugs. He tells Larry to put the books back in the office and then they will leave. Carter starts to straighten up the place, when Sharon and Nick, carrying the children, walk in the front door. Nick says it's way after closing time and wants to know why Carter is still there ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, September 12, 2000

While Mac cries in Kay's arms, Kay encourages her to tell her what's going on. Mac finally admits Billy had sex with another girl. Brittany leaves Billy asleep in the pool house. Brittany talks to Raul and Rianna, implying that she and Billy had sex. When Billy wakes, he asks Raul about Mac, but Raul tells him she's probably asleep. Nick asks Matt why he's working so late and Matt covers by saying he's cleaning up after a customer who spilled a smoothie as he was leaving. Nick and Sharon tell Matt that he's gone beyond the call of duty and they offer to close for the evening. Matt reluctantly agrees to leave, but worries that Warton will be caught hiding in the office. Warton slips out of the back door, just before Nick enters. When Nick finds the door open, he becomes concerned about Matt's carelessness. Marissa tells Diane that she saw Victoria leaving with suitcases. Diane rejoices upon hearing the news and calls Michael Baldwin over. Ashley asks Brad if he's still romantically involved with Nikki. Brad tells Ashley that his relationship with Nikki is strictly business. After Brad and Ashley share a dance, she spends the night in his spare bedroom.

Wednesday, September 13, 2000

Brad is there when Ashley wakes after a dream about Victor. He assures her he is there for her and kisses her. Mamie leaks to Jack that Ashley never came home last night. Phyllis presses Jack to keep her on at Jabot. When Jill bursts in after her trip to San Francisco, Phyllis starts working on her but Jill tells her to pack her bags and go back to New York City. Chris runs to Nina, worried about taking the pregnancy test. Nina pushes her to do the right thing and then chats with Tomas about decisions affecting your life. Meanwhile, Mary stops by to wish a sleepy Paul a happy birthday. He admits that Chris is going to take the pregnancy test today. When Chris returns, Mary slips out. Nick thanks Sharon for understanding why he's got to cancel the rest of their vacation to help out at Newman Enterprises. Cassie comes downstairs and talks about her friends using the Glo by Jabot web site to buy their cosmetics. Nick then offers to help Victoria with their own web site. Victoria learns that Phyllis did the Jabot site and is looking for a job.

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Thursday, September 14, 2000

Ashley arrived home in the morning with Brad following closely behind. Jack was on Ashley's case for spending the night at Brad's. Ashley was open to rehiring Phyllis, but reminded Jack that it must be presented to the board.

Dru and Malcolm enjoyed an intimate breakfast after an evening alone without Lily. Malcolm asked Dru why she hadn't sent out her new portfolio, but she mistook his intent and left. Later, Neil arrived to find out about Dru's future plans for Lily's sake and was surprised that Malcolm didn't know.

Tomas praised Nina on her novel, but suggested further development to the chapter where the baby is taken. Nina was mysteriously indignant about the whole thing and asked Tomas to leave.

Paul was thrilled when Chris reported that the pregnancy test was positive. He planned to make their announcement at his birthday party later that evening.

After probing Phyllis about her status at Jabot, Victoria introduced herself and made Phyllis a job offer, when Jack called, anxious to speak with her.

Dr. Walker gave Olivia a clean bill of health. Later, Dru asked Olivia if she was pursuing a romantic relationship with Neil, but Olivia wouldn't discuss it. Instead, she wanted to know how things were going with Dru and Malcolm.

Chris told Michael that she's still torn about their partnership, then revealed that she was already pregnant. When Michael accused her of planning it, Chris stormed out of the room and questioned what she had gotten herself into.

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Friday, September 15, 2000

Tomas refuses to leave as ordered and tries to assure Nina that he wants to help her. She declares that this is her book and she is not going to change a thing. She then runs out to the coffeehouse. Tomas catches up with her and pushes her to finish the book. As she starts to cry, Tomas suddenly realizes that the woman in the book is Nina. Malcolm and Neil assure each other that they can be friends even though Malcolm is dating Dru. Malcolm reveals that Sid dropped Dru as his client. As he looks at Dru's new portfolio, Neil warns his brother that he'll be lonely should Dru leave for Europe again. Meanwhile, Dru and Olivia have a close talk about Dru's feelings for Malcolm and reach a kind of understanding. Billy's confused when Raul makes a couple of remarks about Billy being back with Brittany. Mac tells Kay all about her secret relationship with Billy but then runs to her room to be alone. Brittany assures Rianna that Raul and Mac are finished. She also hints that J.T.'s a jerk because "he cheated." Phyllis astounds Jack with the news that she's received another job offer and reveals it's from Victoria. Nick's upset when Ryan admits that Victoria visited with Gary. Victoria arrives, defends her visit with Gary and announces she offered Phyllis a job

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