Y&R Recaps: The week of July 24, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Michael wondered if motherhood would keep Christine from her responsibilities at the firm. Victoria admitted she needed professional help, and Ryan said he would be by her side. Olivia was ready to leave the hospital. 'Carter' and Nick met.
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Monday, July 24, 2000
by Audra McKenna

The Abbott House:
Jill is grilling Mac about what she is doing there. Billy tells his mother to lighten up and Jill turns her anger on him telling him to watch what he says to her. Just then Jack and Phyllis arrive and Jack wants to know what is going on. Jill says she is trying to find out why Mac is there. Jack tells her to back off ... he says that he called all the kids because the web site is going ahead. He introduces Phyllis to Billy and Mac. He gives Billy the high sign, unseen by Jill, and tells him and Mac to go see what is keeping the rest of the kids. Billy and Mac go out to the pool to use the phone. Phyllis whispers to Jack that he didn't call the kids ... he whispers back for her to go along with it. Jill, still trying to make trouble, asks why Mac didn't say anything about being called. Jack tells her that she probably intimidated Mac. Then Jill realizes that Phyllis is Danny Romalotti's ex wife. She wants to know how Phyllis got the job ... insinuating that Jack used the "casting couch" method. Jack tells her to can it and hands her Phyllis' resume.

Malcolm's Apartment:
Malcolm is trying to come on to Dru, but Dru reminds him of his impulsiveness one night years ago when she was over medicated and didn't know what she was doing. He can't believe that she would bring that up now.

Victor's Office:
Ryan brings in a report. Victor wants to know where Victoria is, but Ryan either isn't sure or isn't telling. Victor is distressed about Victoria's attitude lately. He feels that she is spending too much time on things that don't concern her branch of the company.

The Hospital:
Victoria thinks that Diane isn't telling anyone who the father of her baby is because she doesn't know herself.

Crimson Lights:
Rheanna tells Brittany that she saw the Jabot ad on TV. They wonder if the web site is going to happen or not. Up at the counter, Paul Williams is getting coffee and then goes to join Tomas. Tomas asks how Paul is and Paul says that he is fine, except that his mother keeps shadowing him all the time ... Mary is a couple of yards away listening. She comes up to the table and Paul gets up to greet her. She fakes being upset about his remark.

Nina wants to know why Phyllis is in town. She and Christine talk about how horrible it would be if Phyllis moved back to Genoa City. Nina tells Chris about the publisher who is harassing Tomas. She says that she offered to read Tomas' pages, but he said no.

Law Offices:
Michael if foaming at the mouth wondering where Christine is. He grills Gail to see if Chris has called. Gail says that the appointment with Mr. Fields isn't for another hour yet and she is sure that Christine will be there.

Crimson Lights:
Mary asks Paul how the appointment at the Clinic went. Tomas asks if this is a family matter and should he leave. Paul asks him to stay and tells him about their attempts to have a baby.

Malcolm's Apartment:
Malcolm and Dru talk about "that night". Mal says that he had no idea that she was drugged up and that if had known, he would never have touched her. She believes him.

Victor's Office:
Victor wants to know what Ryan and Victoria have come up with for the Brash & Sassy campaign. Ryan says that they have talked about a couple of things. Victor says that they have to do more than talk. He wants to know when he can expect Victoria's full participation at the office. Ryan says that she is still working through some things that are bothering her about Victor and Nikki.

The Hospital:
Diane wants to know where Victoria came up with that ridiculous idea. Victoria says that Diane has no friends in Genoa City and that she has gone through every eligible bachelor with no success. She says that Diane is trying to spin some web in a pathetic attempt to get Victor back. She says that Diane is so desperate that she decided to get pregnant to get some compassion from Victor. Diane says the scenario that Victoria has concocted is definitely the product of a fevered mind.

Crimson Lights:
Billy calls Brittany on her cell phone to tell her the web site is on and for her and Rheanna to get over to his house.

Law Offices:
Mr. Fields arrives early for the meeting. Michael tells him that Christine had a meeting outside the office, but she will be back at their scheduled time. Fields asks if there is somewhere that he can wait, because he wants to go over some papers. Michael shows him into Christine's office.

Chris tells Nina not to add to Tomas' stress by urging him to read the pages. Then they talk about the Clinic appointment. Nina brings up her doubts about Chris really wanting a baby. Chris tells her that she has changed her mind -- end of story! She says she has a meeting to go to and leaves.

The Abbott House:
Billy tries to get in touch with Raul, but he isn't home. He and Mac talk about Kay being on Jill's back about harassing Mac. Mac says that maybe Billy should talk to Jack about it to see if he has any ideas on how to handle Jill. She asks him not to tell Jack anything about her mother though.

Malcolm's Apartment:
Dru tells Malcolm that she doesn't believe that he took advantage of her that night. Malcolm asks her why she brought it up and gave him a guilt trip over it then. She says that maybe it's because she feels guilty for not stopping him that night. She says that she should have known that it wasn't Neil in bed with her. Malcolm tries to comfort her. He says that they have all done things in their lives that they are not proud of, but not to let it mess them up now. She says that she needs time. He says that if she doesn't want things to happen between that she should tell him straight out.

The Abbott House:
Jack and Jill are harping at each other over the web site, when Phyllis calls a "time out". Phyllis says that if things don't work out perfectly the first time, they'll just change it until it does work. She says that it's a process ... but not a process that is helped by bickering. Jack looks at Jill and says that they should all try rowing in the same direction, for once. Outside, Mac and Billy are listening to the adults shouting. Billy moves in for a kiss, but Mac pulls away when she hears Brittany and Rheanna arrive inside. Moments later, Brittany and Rheanna come out to the pool and Billy gets up to greet them. Mac gets a flashback to prom night when she and Billy told each other how they felt. Brittany tells them that Rheanna saw the ad on TV.

Crimson Lights:
Paul gets his mother some coffee. They continue to talk about the appointment at the Clinic. Paul tells Mary not to upset Chris and she promises that she won't.

Law Offices:
Christine finally arrives at the office where Michael tells her that Fields showed up early. They rush into Chris' office and she introduces herself to Fields.

Malcolm's Apartment:
Dru says that she is afraid of the their relationship. He says that it's good that they got some things out in the open. He thinks that they probably shouldn't take it any further, given the way Dru feels. He says he has to go to the studio to set up for a shoot and he kisses Dru on the forehead and leaves her standing there crying.

The Abbott House:
Jack, Jill and Phyllis come outside to the pool. Jill puts her arms around Brittany and Rheanna's shoulders and tells them that she wants to talk to them about wardrobe. Phyllis interrupts and says that she would like to talk to them first. Phyllis takes the girls over to another area and Jill follows with a troubled look on her face. When they are out of earshot, Billy thanks Jack for covering for him and Mac and asks him if they can talk. Jack says that he is busy all day, but he will talk to him that evening.

Victor's Office:
Victor tells Ryan that he is not surprised that Victoria is upset about her mother taking a job at Jabot. Ryan says that he should take it up with Victoria. Vic says that Ryan should talk to Victoria. He says that Ryan should try to get Victoria to take more interest in Brash & Sassy. Ryan says its impossible to get Victoria to do something that she doesn't want to. Victor says it won't be easy, but he is counting on Ryan.

The Hospital:
Victoria says that Victor can't be the father of Diane's baby because of the vasectomy. She claims that Diane must have gone crazy on a one-night stand, got pregnant and now is milking it for everything it's worth. She says that the very thought of having a family with Diane is what drove Victor to have the vasectomy in the first place. Diane can't believe how cruel Victoria can be. She tells Victoria that if she were so sure this little scenario would fail then why come all the way over to the hospital to tell her. Diane thinks that Victoria is more worried about the situation than she cares to admit.

Tuesday, July 25, 2000
by CBS

In a meeting with John Silva and Neil, Victor explains that he wants to take Brad to court. John and Neil both want to know why Victor wants to act so drastically, but Victor only tells them Brad must be dealt with immediately. Brad tells Jack and Ashley that since Victor hasn't tried to sue by now, he probably won't. Jack and Ashley both disagree and insist Brad stay in the background of company business for now. Brad asks Ashley if she has any idea of what Victor plans to do regarding his contract. As Phyllis observes the pool house, she notices someone is missing. Jill is shocked that Raul is not around, and tells Mac to go find her boyfriend. Billy offers to give her a ride and explains to Brittany that he will serve as a buffer between Mac and Raul, considering their argument the other night. Mac and Billy go to the coffeehouse in search of Raul, but have no luck finding him. Mac knows Raul is avoiding her and feels guilty for breaking up with him. Billy tells Mac that he will put off breaking up with Brittany if Mac doesn't tell Raul the real reason she broke up with him. Matt walks in just as Cody tells Nick about Warton's fight with a new customer. After Chris and Michael meet with a major client, Chris notices Michael's grim attitude. Michael tells Chris that he has put his personal life on hold until the company is up and running and suggests that she do the same.

Wednesday, July 26, 2000

Brad advises Jack that Victor is demanding ten thousand dollars a day in compensation for breaking the non-compete clause in his contract. Hearing that nothing has been filed against Jabot, Jack explains to Brad that he's on his own as far as this legal matter is concerned. After Jack leaves, Brad accuses Ashley of not supporting him because of the crack about her baby's father but she insists that the family will be with him in court. When Chris leaks that she and Paul are trying to start a family, Michael's outraged and claims it makes the firm look bad. She orders him to stay out of her personal business. With neither recognizing Matt, Cody introduces "Carter Mills" to Nick as the man who confronted Larry. Nick offers him a job application for the Crimson Lights. Back at his place, Matt advises Larry about his run-in with Nick and then gets a call from Cody informing him that he's been hired as a waiter. Larry presses Matt to move fast but Matt insists on moving slowly to make his plan work. Nikki leaks to Nick about the anti-aging wrinkle cream she signed in Zurich. Ryan saves Victoria from some grief when he shows Victor a new idea for Brash & Sassy. After writing a few chapters of his new novel, Tomas stops by Nina's and has a pleasant chat with Phillip and his friend.

Thursday, July 27, 2000

Jack advises Jill about the subpoena for Brad. She hints that she has a solution. Meanwhile, Brad meets with Michael about his case and the attorney assures him there is no conflict of interest where Chris is concerned. He suggests they send Victor's legal team a note explaining why they have no case. Michael then orders him to find out who at Jabot will be supporting him. Ashley surprises Olivia with a new dress to wear when she's released tomorrow. She complains about Victor's legal actions but then urges Olivia to talk with Neil about their relationship. Dru asks Neil if she can move into his guest room for Lily's sake. He agrees and offers to help her more her things. Dru then visits with Olivia and explains that she's been remembering her night with Malcolm years ago. Tomas leaves the latest chapters from his new novel for Nina to read but also warns her about getting involved with this. Victoria offers to make dinner for Ryan at his place tonight if he'll accompany her during a meeting with her father. He accepts. Victor advises Jill that if Brad leaves Jabot, he'll probably drop the lawsuit. While she runs to tell Jack, Victor compliments his daughter on her latest work.

Friday, July 28, 2000

Ashley and Nikki have a civil conversation and realize that they have much in common. Nikki admits she can't help Brad where Victor's lawsuit is concerned. Jill and Jack discuss how a board vote would turn out if they voted on Brad leaving Jabot. Both agree Ashley would cast the deciding vote. Brad interrupts and reveals what Michael advised him. He angrily refuses Jack's suggestion that he stay away for two years. After Brad leaves, Jill starts to complain about Phyllis but Billy interrupts. Dru confides to Olivia that she is troubled by the night she slept with Malcolm. Olivia claims she's not bothered by Dru's current feelings for Malcolm but does warn her to go slow in the relationship. Malcolm assures Neil he did nothing to convince Dru to move in with him. Raul asks Billy to talk to Mac about continuing their relationship. Phyllis greets the kids on the set and learns about the current relationships. She then explains about tomorrow's shoot. Billy leaves to talk with Jack about his mother. During her homemade dinner with Ryan, Victoria flashes back to a moment with Gary and drops her wine glass with a shudder.

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