Y&R Recaps: The week of July 17, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Diane ended up in the hospital with severe cramping, but the baby was all right. The Jabot shoot finally began. Ryan felt his marriage with Tricia was over. Malcolm and Dru spent the night together.
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Monday, July 17, 2000
by Audra McKenna

The Pool House:
Billy is demanding to know what Raul did to Mac. Mac tries to get through to him that she is ok and not to make a big deal out of it, but Billy wants to know what the misunderstanding was about. Raul tells Billy that it's none of his business and Mac asks Billy to let it go. Billy turns and walks out of the pool house with Brittany trailing behind him. Brittany wants to know why Billy got so upset. He says because things looked real weird when they walked in on Raul and Mac. He thinks that maybe the tension of the whole summer thing is getting to him. Brittany asks if he is sure there isn't something else.

Jack's Office:
Jack is visibly upset that Phyllis is at his door and wants to know what the hell she is doing there. She tells him that she is his "hotshot web producer" from New York. Jack is not pleased to hear that. They banter back and forth about her spying on Jack for Victor before and why she "had" to do it. She asks him for a second chance to show him that she will do a good job for him.

Brad walks in and goes directly to Ashley's table. She tells him to get lost. He tells her that the only reason he talked to Jack about her was because he was concerned about her. He says that the fact the he even talked to Jack should show her how much he cares.

Crimson Lights:
Sharon and Nick charge across the room to stop Cassie from going with Larry "The Wartman" Warton. Cassie explains that the "nice man" helped her to find her doll.

Victoria's Office:
Victoria demands that Neil tell her why her father isn't doing anything about Jabot. Neil tells her to back off -- that he will not break any confidences. She insists that it relates to her business and that it affects her. Neil tells her to talk to her father. Ryan suggests that maybe Victor's reasons for not attacking Jabot are of a personal nature.

Victor's Office:
John Silva asks Victor if he wants to go after Jabot as well as Brad Carlton. He says that if they put a restraining order to keep Brad from working at Jabot, they might just fire him. Victor says that Brad won't leave without causing a lot of internal conflict. John thinks that would be just fine.

Tomas' Apartment:
Tomas is on his balcony and is remembering his conversation with his publisher. He doesn't want to send in the pages that he has written because he feels that they are garbage. The doorbell rings. On his way through the apartment to answer the door, he hides the pages under a cover on the couch. He opens the door to Nina. She asks him if she caught him at a bad time ... he gives her a long, passionate kiss.

The Fertility Clinic:
Chris and Paul are filling out some forms. The doctor comes in and they chitchat about the forms and some of the questions on them. The doctor looks at them seriously and asks them if they both really want to have a baby. Paul grins like a Cheshire cat and Christine faintly smiles like she is not too sure she should even be there.

The Pool House:
Brittany wants to know if something is wrong. Billy tells her that he is just tense. She says she understands, what with his mother and his brother at each other's throats all the time. She suggests that they get something to eat. They walk towards the table that is laid out with stuff and Billy looks over at Mac, who is standing at the doorway to the pool house. Inside, Raul says that his idea of a web site has turned into a bad dream. He tries to tell Mac that he didn't mean to do anything to upset her. She tells him that she doesn't want to talk about it. He agrees to drop the subject for now, but he wants to talk about it later. Billy and Brittany come back inside and Billy halfheartedly apologizes to Raul. Raul tells him that he thinks that he has completely blown it with Mac.

Crimson Lights:
Cassie thanks Larry for helping her find her doll. Nick admits that they read the situation wrong. Sharon says that Warton must realize the way it appeared. Warton sneers and says he understands. Nick wants to know why Warton is at the coffeehouse. Warton says he bets that Cassie knows why he's there. Cassie smiles and says, "a Smoothie?" Warton tells her that she is right and that he will go over to the bar and get one right away. After he walks away, Sharon gets a little freaked out with Cassie and tells her that she should never walk away with a stranger. Cassie says that she was only going to get her doll. Nick intervenes and tells Cassie to get her doll and then go into the back to get a Smoothie.

Tomas' Apartment:
Nina is very pleased with the wonderful greeting that she got. She asks what smells so good in the kitchen. Tomas tells her that he is making something special for them. Nina tells Tomas that she is very concerned about Paul and Chris going to a fertility clinic. She doesn't think that Chris is ready to have a baby. Tomas thinks that Nina should stay out of it and let them decide for themselves. He thinks motherhood is a much more noble profession than being a lawyer. Nina isn't too sure how to take that remark.

The Fertility Clinic:
Paul tells the doctor that they both are very anxious to have a baby. The doctor looks and Chris and she nods in agreement. They discuss the different methods of helping them to get pregnant. Paul asks about a sperm count test. The doctor says that many men are uncomfortable having that done. Paul says that he would rather do that first before Chris has to have any tests done. The doctor says that he can have the test done right now if he wants and Paul agrees.
Jack's Office:
Jack thinks that Phyllis has an agenda. She says that maybe she does. She tells Jack that she hated the way it ended between them before and she wants to make it up to him. Jack tells her to be straight for once and tell him what she really wants.

Brad smiles and asks Ashley how long she is going to stay mad at him. She tells him as long as he keeps pretending to be her guardian angel. She says that she needs for him to back off. He tells her that it is hard not to be protective of someone you care about.

Victor's Office:
Victor and John Silva are still talking about the lawsuit against Jabot. John wants to know if he should go ahead with it. Victor wonders if the timing is right. He tells John that when he brings them down, he wants to crush them completely. John says there is a possibility he could do that with this lawsuit. Victor says that he wants John to act judiciously when it comes to the Abbotts, but he wants to destroy Carlton. He tells John to go ahead with the letter to Brad, but to leave Jabot alone for now.

Victoria's Office:
Victoria is still grilling Neil, only this time she wants to know what possible personal issues her father could have with the Abbotts. Neil tells her again to talk with her father. Neil changes the subject back to business. They discuss the possible campaigns for Brash & Sassy. Finally Neil is about to leave and Victoria tries one more time to get him to tell her what's going on. Neil says again that he cannot and will not break any confidences. He tells her to stop bugging him and leaves. Victoria tells Ryan that Neil has never shut her out like that before. Ryan says it sounds like what Neil is holding back is a bomb! Victoria says that her dad hates Jack ... Ryan adds that Victor admires John Abbott ... Victoria realizes that only leaves ... Her face screws up into a sneer as it hits her and she says, "Oh my God!"

Tomas' Apartment:
After lunch, the two lovebirds exchange kisses and Tomas wants to head for the bedroom. Nina pulls back coyly and tells him that she has finished the first chapter of her new book. She smiles sweetly and asks him if he will take a look at it. He says that he thought she would never ask ... but you can see that it reminds him of his own shortcomings with his own book.

Jack's Office:
Jack is still trying to find out what Phyllis is doing there. She wonders if he thinks she is involved with some kind of conspiracy. She tells him that she knows what the company wants, she knows the Internet, and she knows the demographics. She says that he will just have to trust her. He looks her square in the eye and asks how he can ever trust her.

The Pool House:
Billy wants to know why Raul thinks he messed up with Mac. Raul is about to say something when the phone rings. It's Jack. He tells Billy that everyone should go home because they won't be starting the site today. (Jack is staring across his desk at Phyllis as he is talking with Billy). Billy asks when they will be starting, but Jack just says that he will get back to Billy later. Billy tells the kids about it and then says that they don't have to leave. They can hang out there for the afternoon. Mac, who has been sitting alone across the room, gets up and says no thanks, and leaves. Raul looks after her with a real worried look on his face.

Brad gives a toast to the baby. He and Ashley talk about Nikki's trip to the chemist. Brad assures Ash that Nikki is a quick learner. Ashley tells Brad that her main issue with Nikki isn't necessarily with business. She reserves the right to disagree with his assessment of Nikki's character -- and doesn't want to talk about her any more. Brad agrees, but says that he makes the same reservation about Jack. Ashley tells Brad that the best thing that has come out of all this craziness is that she has re-cemented her friendship with him.

Crimson Lights:
Nick worries that Warton is hanging around because he is up to something. He wants to ban him from the coffeehouse. Cassie walks over with her Smoothie, saying that she got it "to go" because they should be leaving right away. They gather up their stuff and head out to catch their plane to Milwaukee. As they go by Warton, Cassie waves goodbye and Nick gives him a dirty look.

Victoria's Office:
Ryan wants to know what Victoria is thinking about. She tells Ryan that the only other Abbott who is connected to her father is Ashley -- they used to be married. She says that her father has always had a soft spot for Ashley and now he is going easy on Jabot. Ryan wonders if there might be something going on between Victor and Ashley. He reminds Victoria that her parents have been separated for quite a while. Victoria says that she thought she had to be worried about Diane Jenkins living with her dad, but maybe she was worried about the wrong woman!

The Pool House:
Billy calls Rheanna to tell her that the web site has been cancelled for today. Brittany suggests that they go to Crimson Lights to celebrate his release from house arrest. Billy asks Raul if he would like to go with them, but Raul says that he wants to be alone for a while and walks out. Brittany says that she feels sorry about the problems that Mac and Raul are having. She thinks that they are going to mess up the web site, but there is nothing that they can do about it and so they have to just let it go. She tells Billy that the important thing is that nothing will come between the two of them, so she wants to go and have some fun.

Crimson Lights:
Larry Warton is sitting at a table when a guy comes up and sits down. Larry tells the guy that he didn't invite him to sit down and he doesn't know who he is. The guy asks if he is Larry Warton and Warton asks why he wants to know. The guy says that he got his name and description from a mutual friend. Warton thinks his voice sounds familiar and then realizes that it's Matt Clark. He gets very nervous and tells Clark that he shouldn't be seen around here. Clark tells Warton to chill because nobody will recognize him. He pulls out a picture, (of Eddy Cibrian who used to play the part of Matt Clark), and tells Warton this is what he used to look like. The camera fans up to his face, which is completely different than the picture.

The Fertility Clinic:
Chris and Paul are in the doctor's office waiting for the sperm count results. Chris asks Paul if he is nervous and he admits that he is. She tells him to relax. The doctor comes in and asks Paul about the car accident that he had some years ago and the resulting impotency. Paul asks if that could have a permanent affect on his sperm count. Just then the nurse comes in with the results. The doctor looks them over and tells Paul that his sperm count is just fine. Paul is very relieved to hear that, but Chris looks a little dejected. Paul asks her what the matter is and she says that she thinks that she must be the problem.

Tomas' Apartment:
Tomas finishes reading the chapter and gives it back to Nina with a couple of pages of his notes. She asks him if he likes it and he says that he does. She looks at all of his notes and says that it looks like they are collaborating on this book. She wonders if they will be working together, does that mean that she won't get any "strokes" from him. He smiles and strokes her hair and kisses her.

The baby is kicking. Brad thinks that it must be incredible to have a baby growing inside you. Ashley invites him to feel the baby kick. They are getting the giggles every time the baby kicks -- it's a very sweet scene ... but good ole Vic is lurking across the room, watching every nuance ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, July 18, 2000

While Victoria spies her Victor watching Ashley and Brad dine together, she comes to the realization that he has been romantically involved with Ashley again. Claiming she has a right to know because of the repercussions it could have on Brash & Sassy, Victoria demands an answer from her father. Victor remains quiet about the situation, stating only that he and Ashley are not involved "at this time". He tells his daughter that it is time that she stays out of his personal business and concentrate more on saving the Brash & Sassy line. In the meantime, Brad again thanks Ashley for letting him be her birthing coach. He tells his friend that it is an honor, but that he has some questions for her. Brad is curious about the baby's father and doesn't believe that Ashley would be so lax as to get pregnant from a one-night-stand. Ashley defends herself, reminding Brad that she was in a very vulnerable position having just separated from Cole. Brad still doesn't buy her story. When he pushes her for the truth, Ashley becomes upset and walks out. Over at the fertility clinic, Chris and Paul discuss their options with Dr. Graziano. Chris submits some blood samples and then agrees to try out a home ovulation test for a few months before considering any medical procedures. She agrees and couple goes home to begin working on their new project. At the same time, Michael is still reeling over the fact that Christine cancelled the appointment with their new client and that now she can't even seem to be found. When Chris calls to check in, she assures him that she will be at the meeting the next day. Still angry and suspicious, Michael's mind is briefly taken off of Chris when Phyllis shows up and greets him with a passionate kiss. Elsewhere, Nina overhears Tomas argue with his editor. When she confronts him, Tomas tells her that he's missed a few deadlines. Nina tells him she doesn't understand how a writer can be put on deadline when he has to rely on his creativity. Meanwhile, Sharon and Nick are forced to apologize to Warton for misunderstanding his meeting with Cassie. Later, they tell their daughter that he is not exactly a friend and that she should stay away. Sharon tells Nick that Warton reminds her of Matt Clark, the man who raped her years ago. Nearby, Warton meets with his "buddy" who shows him a picture of himself before his plastic surgery...a picture of him as Matt Clark!

Wednesday, July 19, 2000

Phyllis is still lounging in Michael's office chair. He walks out of his office and instructs his secretary that if Christine returns, to tell her that he is behind closed doors and not to be disturbed. When he returns to his office and shuts the door, he explains to Phyllis that Christine is his law partner and that he wants her to leave. She doesn't believe Michael when he tells her. She tells him that Christine would rather be "found dead in a ditch" than be his partner. Michael shows her their company letterhead and after a few minutes, she finally realizes that he is telling the truth. She then tells him that she knows that he did it to get revenge on Christine. Michael assures her that he didn't and orders her out of his office and out of his life and to "never darken his doorstep again." Phyllis tells him that he succeeding in hurting her feelings and storms out of his office.

Later at Gina's Phyllis walks to the bar and orders a drink. Gina walks up and asks her what the "hell" she's doing there. Phyllis tells Gina that she has had a very bad day and to leave her alone or she will regret it.

Jack explains to John that Phyllis Romalotti, using her maiden name, Summers, is the hotshot web site producer. He explains that he is very wary of using Phyllis because she stabbed him in the back before she left the last time by spying on him for Victor. John doesn't like it and thinks Jack's brain is in his "pants" where Phyllis is concerned. Jack assures him that he is not thinking "below the belt." He tells him that he has checked all of her references and all of them checked out 100%. John then wonders if she is really so hot, why is she in Genoa City. Jack tells him that Phyllis wants to make it up to him for what she did to him the last time. Jack tells him that even if she decides to double cross him again, that she really will have no information to take to the competition because she will be working strictly on the web-site and at the pool house. Besides if she did, she would be ruining her own career. Jack tells his father that they really have no choice but to work with Phyllis if they want to go ahead with the web-site campaign.

Lily asks her mother now that Olivia is all better can they live together again or if she will move into Olivia's place so that she can be closer. Dru dodges the question and sends Lily off to take a bath before she goes to bed. Mamie asks Dru why she didn't tell Lily that she would live at Olivia's. She suspects it's because of being too close to Neil. She questions if she still has feelings for Neil. Dru tells her that she doesn't want to talk about it because she needs more clarity on the situation first. She thanks Mamie for watching Olivia and goes out for the night.

At Malcolm's studio, Neil tells Malcolm that he just got some good news from Olivia's doctor. She was able to sit up today and watch television and is feeling much better. Neil wonders that since Olivia is getting better, the custody issue with Nate shouldn't be an issue anymore. Malcolm tells Neil that he doesn't want to talk about it because it is still a sore subject with him. Neil relents and tells Mal that whenever he wants to talk about it, he will be ready to talk. Neil then goes on to ask Mal if he thinks Dru would consider moving back in with him in the spare bedroom so that he can still spend more time with Lily. Obviously thinking about his growing relationship with Dru, Mal tells Neil to talk to Dru himself. Neil is reluctant because he knows that every time he and Dru get on the subject, they always argue. Mal tells him to just be nice to Dru when he brings up the subject. Dru walks in and wants to know what they are talking about. Neil lies and says that they were discussing all of them going out to dinner to celebrate Olivia's recovery. Dru declines Neil's invitation telling him that she's not up to it. Neil tells her okay but would like to get together and talk about their situation and she tells him okay. After Neil leaves, Mal attempts to get closer to Dru who is reluctant. Mal tells her that he's been thinking about her all day and he knows that she's been doing the same. He offers to take her to dinner and out dancing and she agrees.

Nina asks Tomas if she's the reason why he can't write. He assures her that she is not and that she is the best thing that has happened to him in months. She assures him that he is a terrific writer and that he is probably being too hard on himself. Knowing that he has missed his deadline, she offers to read his novel for him but he gently rebuffs her offer telling her that he doesn't think she'll be able to be objective. She agrees that she's not objective about the man but would be objective about his writing because she read his novels before she ever met him. She then decides to leave so that he can get some work done.

Ryan tries to call Tricia in London but is again stalled by her father who claims that she is out. Ryan then asks Keith what he thinks about Tricia coming to Genoa City for a long weekend, nothing permanent. Keith doesn't think she's ready for that. Ryan asks him how he thinks his marriage is supposed to survive if he and Tricia don't communicate. Keith tells him that he doesn't know how his marriage is supposed to survive and Ryan hangs up. As he hangs up, his doorbell rings. It's Victoria who storms in telling him that she got her father to admit that he was involved with Ashley but he isn't now, but she isn't so sure. She can't believe that her father is involved with an Abbot. Ryan tells Victoria that they are not on working hours and he has his own problems to deal with. Victoria correctly guesses that he's still having problems with Tricia. Ryan confides to her that he is barely in his thirties and has already been divorced twice. He wants to know what that says about him. Victoria consoles him telling him that he is a great guy and a wonderful husband and that he has done everything he can to save his marriage. She also tells him that he shouldn't give up. She kisses him and tells him to stop being so hard on himself or he'll have to answer to her and leaves.

Victor comes in as Diane is working on some architectural sketches. Marissa excuses herself and Diane asks him if he wants dinner. He tells her that he's not hungry. She counters that he shouldn't miss meals. She guesses correctly that he's troubled with something concerning Victoria. She goes on to tell him that Victoria is constantly attacking her but he denies it. She tells him that there are different types of "attacks." Victor counters that if she feels attacked and is unhappy, they both know what the solution is. Victor walks out, leaving Diane fuming because she can't seem to get close to Victor. When Victor comes back in she assures him that she will do everything she can to befriend Victoria and then goes on to say that he doesn't talk to her or even look her in the face when he's at home. He tells her that when he comes home from a hard day at work the last thing he wants is conflict and walks upstairs. As he does, Diane doubles over in pain in the chair screaming that it's the baby.

Thursday, July 20, 2000

Victor takes Diane to the hospital. The doctor tells Diane that everything is fine, but she must avoid stress. Victor tells Diane to get some rest and leaves. When Victoria arrives at Victor's apartment, she finds no one home. Neil shows up to drop off some papers for Victor and Victoria asks him about Ashley's relationship with her father. Neil tells her that whatever Victor and Ashley shared is over. Victoria assumes Victor will go after Brad and then take on Jabot. Jack approaches Phyllis at Gina's and tells her that he's reconsidered hiring her to produce the web site. Phyllis tells him that he can take the job and shove it. Mac tells Raul that she would feel more comfortable if they remain friends. Brittany and Rianna agree that Billy has been acting strange. J.T. speculates that Billy has a crush on Mac, but Brittany knows that can't be true. Mac tells Billy that she broke up with Raul and Billy considers breaking up with Brittany as well. Mac tells him it's not a good idea because it would arouse Jill's suspicions. Malcolm and Dru come back to the photo studio to get her purse, but Dru insists they need to talk before going out. Dru tells him that she is worried about the affect of their relationship on Olivia and Neil. Malcolm thinks Dru is afraid that if she becomes involved with him, it will ruin her chances of ever reuniting with Neil again.

Friday, July 21, 2000

Kay confronts Jill and tells her to leave Mac alone. Jill asks Kay what Mac has been telling her. Kay can tell that Mac is scared of Jill by the way she acts around her. Mac interrupts the conversation and Jill asks Mac what she has been saying about her. Later, Mac leaves to see Billy and Jill catches them together. Chris spots Phyllis at Gina's and moves to the other side of the room. Phyllis corners Chris and tells her that she knows about her partnership with Michael. Chris advises Phyllis to leave. Malcolm makes it clear to Dru that he's ready to move into a relationship. Malcolm asks Dru what she's afraid of and she responds that she is scared their relationship with blow up in their faces. She reminds him of how his impulsive attitude resulted in them sleeping together while she was heavily medicated. Victoria asks Victor if he is the father of Diane's baby. Victor reminds Victoria that he's had a vasectomy and has no romantic feelings for Diane. Victoria visits Diane and demands to know what she's up to. She wants to know who her baby's father is and why Diane is keeping this information from Victor. When Nikki returns from her trip, Brad tells her that Victoria was looking for her. Phyllis comes to Jack's office and tells him that she's reconsidered his offer.

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