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 Recaps for Y&R Recaps: The week of July 3, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
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Monday, July 3, 2000

Mac admits to Billy that she is afraid of Jill. She also tells him that she has to leave because her mother has legal custody of her. If Mac is found, she will have to return to her mother and stepfather, who terrifies her. At first, Billy has a plan to reveal Jill's threats against Mac, but after he sees Mac's fear, they decide to keep their romance a secret until they figure out how to handle Jill. Jack and Ashley watch a rough cut of the prom commercial. After seeing Mac and Billy together on tape, it becomes clear to Ashley that Billy and Mac have a connection. She tells Jack that once the commercial airs next week, everyone will know they're in love. Nick tells Victoria that he is standing by his mother and that she can forget about them working together to get Brash and Sassy back on track. When Victoria tells Victor that she can't stand to live at the ranch anymore, Victor permits her to move in with him temporarily. Tomas offers to help Nina write a new ending to her book, but he gets a phone call from his frustrated editor who pressures Tomas to complete his book immediately. Raul sees Mac's packed bag and asks Kay if Mac is leaving for the summer. Jill overhears the conversation and is thrilled. Kay assures Jill that Mac isn't going anywhere and tells her how excited she is about Mac's involvement in the campaign. Diane explains to Marissa that she will win Victor over by using the baby. After Victor becomes emotionally involved with the child, she will tell him that he's the child's father.

Tuesday, June 27, 2000

Ryan asks Victor if it is okay for him to help Victoria pick up the pieces at BRASH AND SASSY, as well as help repair her personal life. At first, Victor feels that Ryan is emotionally unstable himself, but then admits that Victoria needs a friend now. Victoria tells Nikki that she doesn't blame Victor for being upset with Nick. She also understands why Nikki is restless, with Victor and her children out of the house. Victoria offers Nikki a job working with her at BRASH AND SASSY, but Nikki shocks Victoria when she reveals she already has a job at Jabot. Mac and Billy revel in their magical evening and share another kiss. Mac tells Billy to leave before his mother catches them. Billy doesn't care what his mother thinks, but leaves because Mac doesn't want anything to destroy their perfect evening. Mac is shocked to see Jill staring at her from the stairwell. Jill lashes out at Mac, accusing her of conspiring to win prom queen and having her sights set on Billy all along. She threatens Mac, saying that she will do anything to keep Billy away from her. Jill tells Jack and Ashley that the campaign is over because Brittany wasn't crowned prom queen. Billy arrives home on cloud nine. He tells Jack and Ashley that he and Mac won prom king and queen. Ashley realizes the campaign can continue, using Mac as the GLOW model. Drucilla is worried about the transplant tomorrow and can't sleep. Malcolm encourages her to ease her mind by dancing. He watches her and when she finishes, he cradles her to sleep. Olivia wakes from a restless sleep to find Neil at her bedside. She tells him that she is at peace and is ready for the fight of her life.