Y&R Recaps: The week of June 19, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
The Abbotts shot the commercial for Glo by Jabot. Nina's new novel was about the child that had been stolen from her many years before. Billy and Mac were crowned prom king and queen. Billy admitted he was in love with Mac..
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Monday, June 19, 2000

Nick & Sharon's House:
Nick is interviewing Trina for the job of managing the new Crimson Lights in Milwaukee. Victor is lurking outside the screen door eavesdropping. When has heard all he wants, he makes his presence known by opening the door and walking in. Nick introduces Trina to his dad. After they exchange pleasantries, Trina tells Nick she will see him in Milwaukee and leaves. After she has gone, Victor says from what he overheard, he understands Nick is opening another coffeehouse. Nick says that was his intention. Victor asks if this is the start of a chain of coffeehouses and Nick tells him that it is.

The Ranch:
Cassie is searching for Victor to thank him for coming to her party. Miguel takes her and Noah to look for Victor down by the stables. Sharon and Nikki have a conversation about Nikki working for Jabot. Sharon is concerned that it will cause problems in the family -- especially with Victoria. Nikki says that she will handle Victoria. She tells Sharon that she doesn't want Victor to know about her investment in Jabot right now. Sharon agrees to keep silent, but she doesn't want any more strife in the family. She tells Nikki about Victor wanting to talk to Nick in private and how Nick was hoping it mean that he wants to reconcile.

After quite some badgering by Victoria, Ryan breaks down and tells her that Tricia has left him. Victoria is shocked. (Ryan, by the way, looks like he hasn't shaved or combed his hair for days). He doesn't seem to think that Tricia will ever come back.

Chancellor Estate:
Katherine is thanking Lauren Fenmore for coming to the aid of Mac. Lauren says she likes playing the Fairy Godmother. She mentions that she thought that Jill was a tad miffed that she was there. She asks Katherine what the story is, but Katherine says it's a long story and will tell her all about it another time. Katherine thanks Lauren again, and Lauren says that it gave her a chance to do some "window shopping" in Genoa City. Katherine can't believe that Lauren will find anything new and different in the stores in Genoa City. Lauren says she didn't say anything about clothes! She smiles and says that Genoa City has some very eligible bachelors! Katherine grins and invites her to stay at the Estate while she is in town. Lauren agrees and then leaves to see one of those eligible bachelors. Jill watches Lauren leave and goes into the living room and demands to know what Katherine is doing.

Ashley and Jack are talking about the campaign. The also talk about Ashley having dinner with Brad. Jack sort of apologizes for being upset about it, but then starts in again about Brad. Ashley tells him to keep their conversation to business. Jack says he doesn't have any business to discuss, so he leaves.

The Abbott House:
Raul comes to see Billy -- they are both finished exams for the year. Raul asks if Billy talked to Jack about his web site plan. Billy says he didn't have a chance because he had to study. They decide to go down to Jack's office to see him.

Victoria can't understand why Ryan didn't tell her about Tricia before. Ryan says because he didn't want to admit that he failed his wife. Victoria tells him it wasn't his fault -- she says he did all he could. She asks if Tricia saw a therapist. Ryan says she did, but she wasn't happy about it. He says things between them got even worse after that.

Jack's Office:
Jack walks into his office and sees someone sitting in his chair. The chair swings around and it's Lauren Fenmore. Big smiles -- big hugs.

Chancellor Estate:
Jill demands to know why Katherine called Lauren. Katherine says she wanted a beautiful gown for her granddaughter. Jill feels that Katherine is up to something. Katherine says it has nothing to do with Jill, but Jill won't believe it.

Billy and Raul meet up with Ashley in the Boardroom. They tell her about Raul's web site idea.

Jack's Office:
Lauren is explaining why she is in town. They have a glass of wine and talk about old times. He asks how she likes being back in town and she says she loves it.

Nick & Sharon's House:
Nick is explaining his business plan to Victor. He tells Victor that he is taking it slow, but eventually he will open coffeehouses all across the country. Victor mentions that Nick took his family to Milwaukee when Victoria was in crises. Nick, realizes that Victor is trying to give him a guilt complex, reminds his father that they left before Victoria was kidnapped. Nick stands up for his rights with Victor. He says that he tried to talk to Victor about the coffeehouses before, but that Victor didn't have time for him.

The Chancellor Estate:
Katherine wonders if Jill thinks that Mac will out-shine Jill's "little hand maiden". Jill tells her she is being ridiculous. Katherine asks her what the problem is then. Jill says that Katherine has broken their truce and has decided to make trouble for her. She rants on and Katherine just brushes her off saying that she's going to check if Lauren's personal seamstress has finished with Mac's gown. She tells Jill that the gown they have chosen is much better than the ones in the pictures that Mac had. Jill is obviously distressed at hearing that little gem.

Ashley thinks the boys' idea is great. She wonders why Raul is so interested and he says because he needs a job. She goes to talk to Jack just as Brittany comes in with her overnight bag.

Nick & Sharon's House:
Victor tells Nick that he doesn't approve of his plan. Nick implies that it's because he didn't get Victor's permission first. Victor tells him that it's because he is the Newman heir and he has responsibilities. Nick insists that he hasn't let the coffeehouse interfere with his job and that he has done everything that he has been asked to do at Newman Enterprises. Victor agrees that he has performed well -- with one coffeehouse -- but not with a damned chain of them. Nick explains that he has a very strong support staff and hasn't forgotten his Newman responsibilities for a second. Victor says that what Nick is doing is foolish.

Victoria asks if the therapy didn't work for Tricia. Ryan explains that at first Tricia went to her appointments, but then she kept making excuses not to go. Victoria asks if he talked to her therapist. He says he did, but Tricia wasn't opening up to the therapist. He says it caused their relationship to go down the tube. Finally one day he came home from work and found a note saying she had left.

Chancellor Estate:
Mackenzie is so excited about her dress. She is in awe that the seamstress made it even better by doing a couple of little things. She gives Katherine a big hug -- Brock comes into the room.

Jack's Office:
Jack and Lauren are making eyes at each other -- saying that they have some lost time to make up for. Jill barges in demanding to know what Lauren is up to now.

Nick & Sharon's:
Nick wants to know if chasing his dreams is foolish. He tells Victor that he is an adult now and that entitles him to make decisions about his own future. Victor says that Nick's future is based on the present ... the present that Victor has given to him. Nick says that Victor can't have it both ways. He says that his father wants him to follow in his footsteps and be just like him, but on the other hand Victor doesn't have enough faith to let him make his own mistakes. Victor tells his son that it hurts to argue with him. He says that he built the company from nothing so that Nick and Victoria could take over. But he thinks the coffeehouses will take up too much of Nick's time and he won't be able to run Newman Enterprises. Nick tells his father that he respects what he has done, but why can't Victor be more like Nikki. Victor gets really upset at that remark and tells Nick not to bring his mother into this conversation. Vic tells Nick that HE built the company, not N! ikki. He says that HE knows what it takes to run the company ... SHE doesn't. Just then Cassie, Sharon and Noah come in. Cassie is so happy to see that she didn't miss saying goodbye to her grandfather. He gives her a hug and a kiss, kisses Noah, says goodbye to Sharon, and leaves.

Chancellor Estate:
Mac tells Brock all about Lauren and the dresses. She asks if he wants to see the dress they decided on and he tells here that he'll wait until prom night. Katherine goes to the kitchen to make sure that Esther isn't preparing Alfalfa sprouts for dinner. LOL Mac tells her dad that she's not sure about all the changes in her life. He tells her that if the changes make her happy, she shouldn't worry about it. He goes to the kitchen to get a glass of water. While he's gone, Mac fantasizes about Billy kissing her. Brock enters the room and sees that Mac is distressed about something.

Victoria asks Ryan where Tricia is and he says that she went to London to be with her father. He says that he has tried phoning her but that she wouldn't talk to him. He starts blaming himself for not doing more to help her, but Victoria assures him that it is not his fault. Victoria says that maybe Tricia will get some help in London and she will come back feeling better. Ryan is sure that Tricia's father won't let her get the help that she needs, because he doesn't even think that she has a problem. Victoria asks Ryan if she can stick around in Seattle to help him finish up his job there. Ryan doesn't think that is a good idea because they are both very vulnerable right now. He says that their friendship is very valuable to him and he doesn't want to put them in a position to do anything stupid to ruin that.

Jill insists that Lauren is in town to help Katherine undermine their campaign. Jack tells her that she's being paranoid and to back off. She tells him that now she has to go to L.A. because Brittany needs a new dress, all because of Lauren. She stomps out of the room. Jack smirks and tells Lauren that Jill sees conspiracies under every rock. He says that Jill would rather that Lauren wasn't breathing ... then he smiles and tells her that she IS breathing and is very sexy. Lauren tells him that he knows all the right things to say.

The Ranch:
Victor walks in and asks Miguel where Nikki is. Miguel says that he believes that Nikki has gone back to work. Victor looks as though he thinks Nikki has lost her mind.

Chancellor Estate:
Brock asks Mac if she's still having a problem about Billy and she admits that she is. He wonders if she will be able to handle seeing him so much during the summer.

Brittany is telling Billy that she is going to L.A. with Jill to get a prom dress. Billy says he though she got a dress in New York. Brit tells him all about Lauren Fenmore bringing dresses for Mac from Paris and that Jill went crazy over that.

The Lab:
Nikki suggests using the Ranch for the pre-prom shoot. Jill says that her ideas are good, but the girls need to be at a place that is closer to the prom and that the Ranch is too far away. Nikki questions why she wasn't consulted and Ashley explains that not all decisions are made by committee. She suggests that the next time Nikki has an idea about anything that she should tell her about it sooner. Ashley says that it's too late to change the schedule now. Nikki backs down and says that she will do as Ashley suggests. Ashley leaves the lab and Nikki calls Miguel to cancel the plans for the shoot. Victor walks in and Nikki says, "Well! What are you doing here ... or do I need to ask?" ... as the credits roll.

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Tuesday, June 20, 2000
by Caryn

Victor finds Nikki at the Jabot lab. Nikki thinks he is there to see Ashley and they begin hurling verbal insults at each other. Victor is upset that Nikki didn't inform him about Nick's idea to expand the coffeehouse. Nikki is thrilled that Nick is trying to make a life for himself outside the family. Victor arrives home in a bad mood. Diane takes advantage of the situation by offering Victor a drink and a massage. After he has relaxed, she tells him that the house she bid on fell through. Victor tells her she can stay with him until she finds something else. Victoria arrives home and is glad to be back. She tells Nikki how much she loves her and realizes that it's her mother who holds the family together. Jack suggests to Billy that they use the pool house for the GLOW live website promotion. When Mac finds out about it, she is somewhat dismayed. She was hoping that the project would fall through so she wouldn't have to spend so much time around Billy. Neil admits to Dru that Olivia has feelings for him and when she is better, they plan to explore a relationship. Dru understands and wants Neil to follow his heart with a clear conscience. Olivia is thrilled that Dru is there to support her through her illness.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2000
by Raquell Barton

John tells Billy how impressed he was with Billy's web site idea and to have it at the pool house. He tells Billy that he is proud of him for NOT choosing a place that would have no parental supervision. After John wishes him well at the prom and leaves, Billy thanks Jack for telling their father that it was his idea to have it at the pool house instead of renting a house somewhere else. Billy leaves to take Brittany her corsage. Jill wants him to bring it over to make sure it matches the new dress she bought.

At the Chancellor estate, Raul boasts to Mac that the web site idea will probably be given the OK, which makes Mac uncomfortable. As Jill is getting Brittany ready for the pre-prom shoot, Rianna stops by to let them know that Deirdre won't be able to attend because she is sick. Jill is beside herself because the shoot is set up for three girls. Raul suggests that Mac fill in. Jill says that she's sure Mac wouldn't be interested but Mac counters that she will do it. Jill reluctantly allows Mac to fill in. When Billy arrives, Jill matches the corsage to Brittany's dress and does not like it. She tells Billy to go buy another one. Billy notes that Jill is acting as if it's her prom night. Jill states that everything must go right because this is a very important campaign. Mac disappears up to her room while no one is looking.

In her room she begins to tell herself that she can't do the pre-prom shoot because she's too nervous. As everyone is getting ready to leave downstairs, everyone wonders where Mac is. Brock leaves to go find her. When he gets upstairs, she tells him about the web site idea and tells him that she doesn't want to spend all summer hanging out with the gang, really meaning she doesn't want to be around Billy all summer. Downstairs everyone leaves, but Billy hangs back telling his mother that he'll ride with Mac and Brock. He decides to go upstairs to look for her and overhears part of Mac and Brock's conversation. When he overhears Brock offering to take Mac on a long summer vacation out of town, he goes in her room after Brock leaves and asks her what's wrong. Why doesn't she want to spend the summer with them? Is it because of him? She assures him that it isn't. He goes downstairs as Lauren walks in and Lauren incorrectly assumes that Mac and Billy are an item.

Brad drops by the ranch and Nikki apologizes to Brad for her behavior regarding Ashley and Victor. She tells him about her conversation with Ashley and her not having any input in the "prom" shoot. She tells him that she told Ashley that from now on, she wants to have a say in any special projects sponsored by Jabot. The two agree to stick together to protect their investment and present a united front to Ashley and Jack. They then leave for the pre-prom shoot.

Later at the Abbott home as they get ready for the shoot, Nikki comes in with a huge flower arrangement and tries to replace with the one that is already on the set but the director tells her that the shoot is about the girls and the Jabot products and the flowers will take away from that. Nikki realizes this and apologizes for being in the way. When Jack notices Brad there, he tells him that he should leave. He reminds him of his non-compete clause with Victor and that it is not a good idea for him to be there. The girls arrive for the shoot and as they get ready to start, Jill begins to wonder where Mac is.

Victoria wakes up looking for Nikki. She asks Miguel where her mother is and he tells her that she went into town. She calls Nikki on her cell phone but because of the noise of the shoot, they can barely hear each other. So that Vicki won't realize where she is, she tells Victoria that she'll talk to her later and hangs up the phone. She decides to go see Sharon and Nick.

Sharon notices that Nick is working at home to avoid Victor. She encourages him to go to work and not to avoid his father. They decide to tell Victoria about the new coffeehouse before she hears it from their father. When Victoria arrives they tell her about the coffeehouse and she is happy for him. They also tell her that both Nikki and Victor know and Victor is not happy about it. Nick drives Victoria into the office. When she walks into her office, she has a bad reaction to the Brash and Sassy ads of herself up on the walls of her office, and begins to violently rip them down.

Ashley walks into Olivia's room to find her in the midst of a horrible nightmare. She wakes her up and tells her that everything will be okay. She sits with her and reads her the newspaper to let her know that the world is still going on around her. Olivia asks Ashley to be a mother to Nate thinking that she is going to die. Ashley encourages her to believe that she will get better and then asks her to be her baby's godmother.

Thursday, June 22, 2000

Nina has flashbacks of when Rose DeVille stole her baby many years ago. When Christine arrives, Nina tells her about how the novel she is writing is about her own painful past and the baby that was taken away from her. Nina tells Chris that she is not ready to tell Tomas about her past, so Chris suggests that Nina tell Tomas that the book is fictional. She agrees.

Meanwhile, at Crimson Lights, Tomas encourages a worried Sharon, telling her that things will work out with Nicholas and his father.

Over at Newman Enterprises, Nick comforts Victoria after she tears up all her Brash and Sassy photos. In his office, Victor discusses Nick's future at Newman wit Neil Winters, saying that Nick will no longer be able to function at the company in the same capacity as before.

After saying good-bye to Victoria, Nick gets bad news from his secretary. Very upset, he storms into Victor's office, saying, "I thought the worst thing you could do to me is fire me, but you proved me wrong!"

Lauren Fenmore arrives at the Abbott house with Mac and Billy. Mac is greeted with a kiss from Raul. Later Mac explains to a bewildered Lauren that Raul is her boyfriend and not Billy Abbott. Mac, Brittany, and Reanna get ready for the Prom while the Cameras roll. At the Prom, J.T. tells Reanna that he is going to make sure that Brittany will not be crowned Homecoming Queen. Meanwhile, Billy and Brittany make their entrance as both the cameras and classmate's eyes are rolling! Shortly afterwards, Raul arrives with Mac and all eyes are definitely on her. Billy is in awe at how beautiful she looks in her gown. Brittany is unhappy with Billy's reaction.

Friday, June 23, 2000

Furious that he's been excluded from the meeting with the West Coast people, Nick confronts his father and demands to know why he's done this to him. Victor explains that he's decided to reduce Nick's responsibilities at Newman so that he can have the time to work on his coffeehouses and family. Angrier, Nick announces that he's quitting. Nina nervously hands Tomas her latest outline but asks him not to read it in front of her. When she turns the discussion to one concerning his writing, he puts her off and changes the topic. At Gina's Paul and Chris have their evening interrupted when Lauren stops by to say "hi." She then joins Jack for dinner and though he invites her home with him, she turns down the offer but ends the evening with a kiss. After commenting on Lauren's return to town, Chris advises Paul on Nina's latest writing and the emotional struggle she's facing. When Sharon confides in Nikki her concern about Victor's reaction to Nick's business ideas and plans, Nikki reminds her that Victor isn't always right. Raul pushes Billy to compliment Mac and her dress. The dean of the school announces Billy as the king of the prom and prepares to announce the queen.

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