Y&R Recaps: The week of April 17, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Victoria planned an intimate dinner with Gary. Jack learned that the full balloon payment for Jabot was due in May. Paul felt that the stalker was working at the ad agency. Billy still couldn't sort out his feelings for Mac.
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Monday, April 17, 2000

Victor's Office:
Vic is still in his tuxedo from is aborted dinner with Ashley. Victoria comes breezing in and is surprised to see her father there. She tells him that she was just going to drop some things off for him to look at. He asks what they are and she tells him that she and Gary came up with some ideas for when they are ready to start the new campaign for Brash & Sassy. Vic looks them over and says that Gary is talented, but he has questions about his personal character. He looks at Victoria and asks her what is going on between the two of them.

The Dennison House:
Meg is on the phone with Grace Turner, but she doesn't let on who it is to Tricia. Grace wants to meet with her to tell her something more. Meg tells her that she'll be right there and hangs up. Tricia gives Meg the third degree about who was on the phone, but Meg just says it was a friend who may be in trouble and she has to go. It's obvious that Tricia is uncomfortable, but she gets no further information from Meg before she bolts out the door.

Olivia drops by to pick up some food to go. While she waits, she sees Malcolm and goes over to his table. He asks her to sit and asks her how it's going. She tells him that this was her first day back at work. Malcolm tells her that Lily is better and that she and Drew are now staying at Neil's. Olivia looks a bit upset at the news.

Neil's Apartment:
Drew and Neil are lounging in front of the fireplace drinking wine. Drew is relating some of the good times that she and Lily had in Paris. She says that Lily said that they would have even more fun if Daddy were with them. Neil is happy to hear that. He gets another bottle of wine.

The Penthouse:
Diane and Marissa are looking at the list of housing accommodations that Marissa has put together for Diane to choose from. Diane says she needs more than 2 bedrooms. She needs a nursery, a room for the nanny (jumping the gun a little Diane? You don't even know if you're preggers yet!) Diane says she hates the idea of house hunting. Marissa suggests that she may not have to move at all if things go well. Marissa asks Diane when she'll find out if she's pregnant and Diane says next week. Marissa gives her a copy of Parenting Magazine, for good luck. Diane gets all teary-eyed and thanks her. She says being so emotional must be a good sign. Marissa says she's got places to go and she'll see her in the morning.

Victor's Office:
Victoria tells her dad that Gary is a much-needed distraction from all the turmoil in her life and that it's personal. Vic tells her that he respects her privacy. He says he has nothing negative to say about Gary, except that he reminds him of Ross Lee. He is worried that she is leaping before looking again. She smiles at her dad and says that HE has been guilty of that also. He gives her a look and she apologizes for hitting a nerve. He says he is just concerned for his daughter. She says that she has learned her lesson and that she and Gary are taking things slow. Then she asks Vic if he is ok because he looks like he has something weighing on his mind. He saunters over to the door, picking up his coat on the way, turns and blows her a kiss and tells her he loves her and leaves.

Gary's Place:
Gary walks into his bedroom where he has the shrine to Victoria. He wants to take all the pictures and everything down, but he just can't bring himself to do it. He looks at the pictures and asks himself why he can't take them down – he has the real things now.

Crimson Lights:
Meg meets up with Grace and wants to know why she is in Genoa City – she already answered all of her questions. Grace tells her that she didn't exactly tell the truth in New York. Grace suggests that they go somewhere private to talk. Sharon comes up and Meg gets riled and wants to know what the two of them are up to. Sharon tells Meg that she owes it to Tony to hear what Grace has to say. She offers them the office so they can talk privately.

Malcolm asks Olivia if it bothers her that Drew is staying at Neil's. Olivia wants to know why he thinks it would bother her. She says it's perfectly natural for Drew to be with Neil so that Lily can be near her father. Malcolm says it could be good for Neil and Drew as well. He says if the two of them are still feeling things for each other, this would be a good time to find out what's going on. Olivia says that maybe they are just trying to get back something that isn't there. Malcolm tells Liv that Drew feels that there is something going on between Neil and Olivia. Olivia lets him know that she has already spoken with her sister and that she told her that it wasn't true. Olivia says that she assumes that Malcolm told Drew the same thing. Malcolm says that would make him a liar. Olivia says she hopes he didn't bring up the time that he thought she and Neil were having an affair, because he was so wrong. Mal says he didn't, but suggests that she and Neil did have very strong feelings for each other. She implies that he wants to believe that because it justifies his jumping into bed with Callie. They fuss and argue back and forth for a few minutes and then Malcolm pulls back and says he doesn't want to fight. He says that they should have good thoughts if Neil and Drew worked things out and got back together. Mal asks Olivia is she would be cool with that. Olivia says she has mixed emotions about it. He tries to get her to say it's because she is hung up on Neil. She starts to tell him off when Gina comes up to the table with her take-out order.

Crimson Lights:
Sharon is pacing behind the bar wondering what is going on between Grace and Meg. Nina comes in and says hi. She tells Sharon she came by to pick up some dinner to take home (doesn't anyone cook in Genoa City?). Sharon's concentration is obviously elsewhere, so Nina asks what's up. Sharon tells her what is going on with Grace and Meg. Nina asks what Sharon thinks that Grace is saying and Sharon says that more to the point, what is Meg going to allow herself to hear.

In the office, Meg asks Grace why she should believe a word she says. Grace tells her that she is here to tell her the truth and that Meg needs to listen.

Neil and Drew are still sipping their wine and Neil asks if she misses the high life in Europe. Drew tells him that they are having a beautiful evening and not to spoil it. She asks him about his work. They chat about Newman Enterprises and what has been going on. She asks Neil if he stays with Victor out of fear or respect. He says a little of both. She tells him that with his conscience, she is not worried that he will end up as ruthless as Victor is. He leans close and looks like he is going to get romantic, and then asks her if she wants dessert. She says sure and when he gets up to get it, she turns her eyes to the ceiling ... obviously disappointed that he didn't kiss her.

The Dennison's House:
Tricia is wondering where Meg went and puts on her jacket like she's about to go out and search for her sister. Ryan arrives and Tricia wants to know why he's there. He tells her that he is concerned about her. They banter back and forth for a few minutes – she's not pleased to see him because she thinks he is against her. Ryan wants them to go home so they can discuss the issues that they have. She says they are his issues. She says he harassed her until she thought there was something wrong with her. Now her dad is there and he believes in her. Ryan says that even her dad thought she needed help and she snaps back that Ryan influenced her dad. He asks her again to go home with him.

The Penthouse:
Diane is flipping through the Parenting Magazine when she hears Victor's key in the lock. She quickly hides the magazine beside a pillow on the sofa. Vic walks in and she asks him how his dinner went. He tells her that it was cut short. She asks him if he has eaten and he says no. She offers to heat him up something for dinner and he tells her that would be nice. She flits off to the kitchen, happy as a clam that she can DO something for Vic. Vic takes off his overcoat and lays it on a chair and goes to sit on the sofa, only to discover the magazine. Diane comes back into the room and he questions her about it.

Crimson Lights -- Office:
Grace asks Meg to hear her out and then she can make a decision whether she's right or not. Meg tells her to go ahead. Grace starts in about how stupid she was to try to break up Meg and Tony, but she loved him. Meg tells her that she's not there to listen to her self-justifications and to get to the point. Grace tells Meg that she had help with her plan to break them up and that it was Tricia who helped her. Meg says that when she was in New York, Grace said that she did it alone and why is she changing her story. Grace tells her it's because of something she heard. Meg knows it was something that Sharon says and gets upset and starts to leave. Grace tells her that Tricia helped her plan to plant the bra in Tony's apartment. She says that somehow Tricia got a key from Meg (Meg remembers finding Tricia in her purse at Crimson Lights.). Grace tells her that the day they met up in the boutique was planned by Tricia (Meg has a flashback of watching Grace buy the bra). Grace insists that the whole thing was planned to get Meg to think that Tony was being unfaithful – and unfortunately it worked.

Neil and Drew finish their dessert and they agree that the evening has brought back a lot of old memories. Neil says it's almost like Drew never left. He tells her he has another one of her favorites and goes to put on a CD.

Gary's Place:
Gary is close to tears – he his telling himself that it is ok – he'll leave the shrine up for a while. He starts to light the candle, and then starts to hear the voice of woman taunting him. The voice is saying that he wants her and why can't he do anything – it taunts, "Why can't you do it! What's the matter with you!" He is writhing in agony at this memory.

The Penthouse:
Diane tells Vic that her girlfriend is having a baby and she thought she could get gift ideas from the magazine. (Quick on her feet, that girl!) Then she says she should have just come to him because he's had the experience. He tells her that the gifts were always Nikki's department. She asks if he had the chance, would he have done things differently with his children. He says he would have spent more time with them and he adds, that's academic now.

The Dennison House:
Tricia says she is not going home – she has to be there when her sister gets home to be sure she's ok. Ryan gets upset and tells her that their marriage is at stake and that should be her priority. She says she is not leaving. He asks her to please let him help her. She says she doesn't need therapy – what will it accomplish. She says that sometimes it is best to leave things as they are. He tells her that this is not one of those times. She tells him that she would feel better if he wasn't there right now. He shakes his head and tells her that maybe it's best if he does go, and walks out.

Crimson Lights:
Nina and Sharon are feeling sorry for Meg and all that she has been through. Sharon says that on top of it all, Meg has to put up with Tricia's complicity too. Sharon thinks that Meg might as well find out now what her sister is capable of. Nina says that Sharon is making it sound like Tricia is an evil person and Sharon says she is. Nina tells Sharon that Tricia needs help, needs therapy, not the electric chair. Sharon says let's not think that Tricia is some misguided Girl Scout who will be fine after a few heart-to-hearts! She says that Tricia needs to pay for what she did – after all, Tony is dead because of her. Nina says that she can't believe that Tricia intentionally murdered Tony. Sharon tells her that Tricia knew exactly what she was doing when she hit Tony. She says that Tricia is a very dangerous person and she's surprised that Nina doesn't see that. She reminds Nina that Tricia is now married to Phillip's father and wonders what she will do next. She tells Nina to keep a very close eye on Tricia McNeal!

In the office, Meg asks Grace why she is doing this. Why would she lie to her in New York and come to Genoa City and change her story. She asks Grace if she got a call from Sharon and Grace says no, that she came to Genoa City to talk to Tricia and she had no intention of talking to Sharon. Grace says she just happened to run into Sharon at the restaurant. She says that Sharon revealed one fact that changed everything – that Tricia was driving the car that hit Tony. Meg asks why that would change things – it was an accident. Grace asks if Meg really believes that. The Penthouse:
Diane asks Victor what he would do differently if he could be a father again. Victor wants to know why she is so concerned with the subject of children this evening. She says that her biological clock is ticking, her "friend" is having a baby, and the Parenting Magazine kicked her into the baby mode. She hopes that it's not a sore subject to Victor. He says it's not and then reminds her that dinner is cooking. She tells him that children are such an important part of life and the big reason that life is worth living – does he agree? He tells her that he heard the bell, so dinner is ready. (End of subject, right Vic?)

Crimson Lights:
Nina asks Sharon if she is suggesting that Tricia is a threat to her son. Sharon says that it is a possibility. Nina thinks she is being melodramatic. Meg comes walking out of the office looking very distraught. Nina asks her if she is ok and if she needs a ride home. Meg says anywhere but home. So Nina asks her if she wants to go to her place and Meg nods yes. Nina takes her hand and leads her to the door.

He is telling the voice in his head to stop, when the phone rings. It is Victoria calling to tell him that her dad looked at his ads and thinks he is doing really good work and she thought he would like to hear it. He says it is nice to hear and that he is pleased. They tell each other that they have been thinking of each other and then bid goodnight. Gary looks over at the shrine and snubs the candle with his finger.

Neil and Drew are dancing close. Neil says it feels so right, and they kiss. It starts to get very passionate and they fall on the sofa and things start to sizzle ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, April 18, 2000

After spending the night on Nina's couch, an upset Megan tells her friend about her run-in with Grace at the coffee shop. Beginning to believe Sharon's accusations about Tricia's involvement in Tony's death, Megan doesn't know what to do. Nina tells her that the main priority should be getting her sister some help and then they can deal with the rest later. In the meantime, Tricia heads over to the coffee shop to confront Grace. She asks Grace why she came back to Genoa City. Grace tells her that she had to do something when she found out that Tricia was the one that hit Tony...she had to find out the truth. Tricia assures her that is was an accident. Grace is skeptical, but tells a relieved Tricia that she is headed back to New York. Over at the penthouse, Diane is feeling encouraged about she and Victor's conversation about children the previous evening. Her mood is ruined, however, when Ashley shows up to see Victor. After Diane reluctantly leaves them alone, Ashley tells Victor that she is worried about his reaction to the fact that she is pregnant. Victor admits that he is not happy about the fact that she is carrying another man's child. When Ashley assures him that she and the baby's father are no longer involved and that she plans to raise the child alone, Victor pulls her into a passionate kiss. Finally, when Paul answers and early morning phone call from Michael, it sparks another argument between he and Christine. Still upset that her own husband can't have more faith in her, Christine storms out of the apartment and Paul is visited by Mary who begs him to fight for his marriage. When Christine arrives for her first day of work, she is impressed at the offices Michael has put together and the fact that he has arranged a meeting for them with one of the most respected lawyers in the country.

Wednesday, April 19, 2000

Determined to oust Jack from Jabot, Victor forges ahead with his plan to bring his enemy down. He and Neil hold a meeting with Robert Windsor, the man who is handling the loan that will allow Jabot to go ahead with their plans for product expansion. Victor issues an order to Robert to not allow Cheyenne Partners to agree to a deal with Jack. Later, Victor admits that he doesn't necessarily want to hurt the Abbott's as a whole, especially not Ashley, but that he wants to see Jack go down...at any cost. At the same time, Jack begins to panic when he is told that the bank now wants payment in full. Not wanting to admit that he may have gotten himself and Jabot into trouble, he continues to hide his risky endeavors from John. Elsewhere, Brad tells Nikki that he has accepted a job in Europe. After discussing the matter, he agrees not to leave town until Nikki returns from her fashion seminar in New York. After Nikki leaves, Brad is visited by Jill. Victoria tells Gary that she'd like to cook dinner for him and suggests doing it at his place. Not wanting her to see his apartment and figure out that he is her stalker, Gary persuades Victoria to do it at her house so that he can meet Nikki. Victoria agrees and introduces her new love interest to her mother. In the midst of their conversation, Nikki tells them about her trip to New York. Before hearing her mother out, Victoria jumps to the conclusion that she is going to meet up with another man. After she is scolded by her own daughter, Nikki decides to not tell her the real reason she is going. Rather, she chooses to let Victoria's imagination run wild for a few days. Over at the shelter, Mac and Brock are visited by John who wants to volunteer his services. As they talk, John asks Brock if he has a problem with Mac spending time with Billy while he is punished. While this is going on, Billy and Brittany discuss his parents' harsh punishment. Brittany tells him that she wouldn't be able to handle it if her parent's were like that. She also reminds her boyfriend that she has had plenty of other offers from other guys while he's been out of commission. When she asks him if that bothers him, Billy says it does and asks her to hold on a bit longer. Later, back at his house, Billy takes a nap. He begins to dream about Brittany, but his mind eventually wanders to Mac.

Thursday, April 20, 2000

Robert Windsor, who is now in control of Jabot's loan, meets with Neil and Victor. Victor orders him not to allow Cheyenne Partners to cut a deal with Jack. He explains that while he doesn't want to see the rest of the Abbott family hurt, he does want Jack out. Meanwhile, after hearing that the bank wants full payment, Jack doesn't want his dad to hear about "the sky falling." Nikki hears from Brad that he is leaving town and has a job offer from Eastern Europe. He agrees not to leave until she gets back from New York. Jill shows up to see Brad. Victoria offers to cook dinner for Gary at his place. He makes excuses and suggests that they dine at her home, hinting that he could meet her mother. Gary meets Nikki when she comes to tell Victoria that she is going to New York. Victoria jumps to the conclusion that she's traveling to go shopping or to meet a man. Nikki refuses to tell her why she's leaving. Mac and Brock are working at the shelter when John arrives and offers to help. John asks Brock if he has a problem with Mac visiting Billy. Brittany tells Billy at school that if her parents were like his, she would run away. She also warns him that there are plenty of guys bugging her for a date. Back at home, Billy dreams of Brittany and then Mac.

Friday, April 21, 2000

As Jack tries to get in touch with the head of Cheyenne Partners about the Jabot loan, Ashley warns him that if he looks overly anxious it could show that they are in a weak position. As she tries to reassure her concerned brother that everything will work out for the best, Ashley receives a phone call from Connie. When she gets in the limo that is waiting for her outside, she is taken to the airport where she meets up with Victor. He has arranged for his private jet to fly them to his favorite restaurant in San Francisco. When she tells him that she's already been there, a disappointed Victor asks her to give him another idea. She suggests going to a wonderful seafood restaurant on Mount Desert Island in Maine. She tells him that the lobster is wonderful and that she would love to see the sunrise with him. Back in Genoa City, Jill and Brad discuss his future business plans. He tells her about his opportunity in Europe. Desperate to save Jabot from going bankrupt under Jack's plan, Jill asks Brad to stay in town and invest in the company. When she tells him that it would take 70 million dollars to invest, Brad realizes that Jabot is in trouble and declines the offer. An angry Jill storms out of his house just as he receives a phone call from his European contacts pressuring him to make a decision on the job. Over at the ranch, Victoria thanks Miguel for setting up a lovely evening for she and Gary then politely asks him to leave for the rest of the night. After dinner, the two share a slow dance and begin to kiss when Gary suddenly pulls away. At the Abbott's, Billy continues to dream about Mac. When he wakes up, he finds her sitting by his side on the couch. She and Raul had come over for a visit. As Raul searched the rest of the house for his friend, Billy and Mac begin to share an intimate moment. When Raul comes back downstairs and interrupts them, Billy becomes defensive and asks them to leave claiming he's not feeling well. When Jack arrives home, Billy tells his brother that he's losing his mind and that he needs his big brother's help.

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