Y&R Recaps: The week of March 13, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Jack suggested that Nikki join him at Jabot. Ashley offered Brad a job at Jabot. Victor's sperm sample was returned to the lab, where a careless technician placed it on a shelf near Jack's recent deposit.
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Monday, March 13, 2000

The Ranch:
Jack arrives at the ranch to see Nikki. They talk about his offer for her to work at Jabot. She feels that her kids don't need her anymore and she has no idea what is happening between her and Victor (she keeps calling him her husband, but the last I knew, their marriage wasn't legal!). She asks Jack if he was serious about the job. He tells her that she would be perfect as a fashion consultant in their advertising department.

Ashley is in a glow over finding out that she is pregnant. Brad comes in and comments on how beautiful and happy she looks. He tells her that he has just been to see Victor and starts calling him all kinds of names. Ashley tells him that she isn't into bashing Victor, especially behind his back. Brad gets into a snit and snidely thanks her for her support and starts to leave. She apologizes and calls him back.

The Dennison House:
Meg is wandering around the big house remembering Tony. She picks up a picture of Tony from the mantel. Carrying the picture with her, she walks over to the telephone and calls Tricia to tell her that she is settled in. She tells Tricia that Sharon Newman stopped by to bring lunch. The camera cuts to Tricia's place where she looks very uncomfortable at the fact that Meg was talking to Sharon. She steadies herself and tells Meg that it was nice of Sharon to stop by. Meg says that it is nice to know so many people who care. The camera cuts to Tricia again and we see that she's not really listening to Meg, because she is thinking about what Sharon might have said to her. Meg asks her if she is all right because she sounds distracted.

Crimson Lights:
Sharon tells Nick about the boy on a go-cart in the Dennison driveway and how noisy it was. She insists the Tricia had to have heard Tony's motorcycle because it was loud too. She says that Tricia must have heard him coming up the street before she got into her car. She insists that Tricia knew Tony was coming up the driveway when she got into the car.

Genoa City Memorial Hospital:
Billy is getting ready to go home. His nurse tells him how lucky he is to have so many people who love him and who visited him in the hospital. This makes him think about when Mac was there when he woke up.

High School:
Mac is thinking about Billy. She has her hair in wavy curls today and it looks much better than hanging straight. Raul comes up and says that it's a great day because Billy is coming home from the hospital today.

The Dennison House:
Tricia shakes her head and comes back to the present and tells Meg that she's not distracted, and that she is fine. Meg asks her if she is mad because Meg moved home. Tricia says that as long as Meg is ok, then she's not mad. Meg tells her that now that she has some privacy that she should talk to Ryan about their problems. Tricia says that they probably don't really have a problem just because she didn't hear bells ring on one occasion. She says that it's not the end of the world. Then she cuts Meg off and tells her that she has an appointment, and hangs up. Meg looks very worried about her.

The Ranch:
Nikki tells Jack that the last time she heard, stripping wasn't a prerequisite for a job in fashion. LOL! Jack tells Nikki that she has a wonderful sense of fashion and that she could co-ordinate the models that advertise their products. He says that she is a natural and that she's perfect for the job.

High School:
Brittany comes up and calls to Mac and Raul. She says she heard that Billy was coming home from the hospital today and that she is real happy to hear it. She asks if Mac and Raul are going to the hospital and Raul tells her that they are going to visit him at his dad's house. Brittany gets a little snotty and says something about it being just fine for them. She tosses her hair in a huff and stomps off. Mac says she has to get to class and goes to leave, but Raul stops her.

The Hospital:
Jill and John come to pick up Billy. Before they go into his room, John wants to discuss how irresponsible Billy was. Jill says that they will discuss that later and rushes into Billy's room. Billy is raring to go and says he can hardly wait to get back to school. John tells him to take a few days off after his ordeal. The nurse comes in and says all the paperwork is complete and that Billy can go home as soon as she gets a wheelchair. Billy thanks his parents for hanging in there for him and he apologizes for all the trouble he has caused. Then his seriousness fades and he quips, "Let's split this joint."

Doctor's Office:
Tricia goes to see her doctor (can't remember her name) for a check up. The doctor reminds Tricia that she just had a check up. Tricia tells her that she has to find out what is wrong with her. The doctor asks her if it has to do with sex and Tricia nods.

The Abbott House:
Billy, John and Jill arrive at the Abbott house. Jill tells Billy she's so happy that he's home, because they weren't sure that he would ever walk through the front door again. Billy tells her not to start crying again and John says that she has every right to cry. He says that it has been a terrible ordeal for all of them. Mamie comes in and gives Billy a hug. John tells Billy that he and Jill have to get back to the office. Mamie asks Billy if he wants something to eat. He asks her how she knew he was hungry and she tells him because he always is hungry. She goes off to make him something. Billy calls the Chancellor Estate and asks Esther if Mac is there. Esther tells him that Mac is at school.

High School:
Raul tries hard to tell Mac how he feels about her. He tells her he can't imagine his life without her. She tells him that he is a special friend to her too. He says that he is talking about more than friendship. Mac doesn't like where this conversation is going and tries to tell Raul that she has to get to class. He says if he doesn't say this now that he may not have the courage to later. He tells her that he thinks he is in love with her. Mac is extremely uncomfortable with this. The bell rings and she says she has to go and bolts!

Brad tells Ashley not to lecture him about Victor. She says she won't, and asks him why he went to see Victor. He tells her about the clause in his contract and that Victor won't let him get out of it. He tells her that Victor threatened to go to anyone that Brad tried to work for and blackball him. Ashley says that the clause can be fought in the courts. He says that a long legal battle would be too expensive. Ashley asks Brad to work for Jabot as a consultant.

Crimson Lights:
Nick tells Sharon that the police did a thorough investigation of the accident. But Sharon says that they probably didn't know that Tony's bike was so loud. Nick says that he knows that Sharon took Tony's death hard and that Tricia has been known to do some weird things -- but he says for Sharon to think about what she is saying -- that Tricia purposely hit Tony. Sharon says that maybe she didn't mean to kill him ... maybe she just wanted to stop the wedding. Nick tells her that he can't stand to see her eaten up by this and he tells her that she has got to let it go.

Dennison House:
The police call Meg to tell her that Tony's death has been ruled and accident and that the case is officially closed. He wants her to know that they were very thorough in their investigation. She tells him that is what she expected. He tells her that Sharon Newman had called them with regard to the investigation. Meg tells him that she is satisfied with their findings and she agrees that it was an accident. She says there was no other conclusion, was there? He says no. They hang up and Meg appears to be wondering about it.

Doctor's Office:
Tricia asks if there is anything wrong with her (I guess the doctor did another exam). The doctor tells her that she is physically in good health, but that she needs more information about how she is feeling. Tricia says that it is what she is not feeling that bothers her. The doctor asks if she is having a problem in the bedroom and Tricia nods. The doctor asks if she is experiencing pain and Tricia says no. The doctor asks if it is lack of arousal. Tricia insists that their sex life has always been wonderful, but that now there is something missing. Seeing that Tricia is upset, the doctor tries to calm her. The doctor tells her that some women who miscarry are afraid to have sex again for fear they will get pregnant again and lose another baby. Tricia asks if what she is feeling is all due to the miscarriage and the doctor tells her that it could be. Tricia says that maybe in a month or so it will pass. She asks if the after effects could cause other feelings as well. The doctor asks if that means feelings for someone other than her husband.

The Ranch:
Nikki says she is excited about her new job, but she wants to discuss the hurdles ... namely Victoria, because of Brash & Sassy; and Jill and Ashley, because they can't stand her.

Doctors Office:
Tricia tells the doctor that Meg thinks that the accident might be causing her problems. The doctor tells her that it could affect all of her emotions. Tricia says some people don't think it was an accident. She says they are looking for someone to blame. The doctor tells Tricia that these kinds of problems are beyond her expertise and starts to suggest that she see a therapist. Tricia tells her that everything is ok and bolts like a scared rabbit.

The Abbott House:
Brittany comes over to see Billy. She tells him that she was so worried about him. They talk about that night and all what happened, for a while. Then Mac and Raul come in. Billy is happy to see them, but Brittany isn't too pleased, so she says she has to go and leaves. Raul goes to get them a soda from the kitchen and Billy tells Mac that they have to talk.

Crimson Lights:
Nick tells Sharon not to dwell on it. He tries to tell her about a site for a new franchise of Crimson Lights in Milwaukee, but she's not listening. She tells him that she can't let it go. She says when she thinks about Tony that she wants justice. Nick reminds her that Tony didn't want Meg to know what Tricia did. Sharon says that is the reason that she didn't say anything to Meg, but she questions whether that is a good enough reason to let Tricia get away with murder! The camera cuts a few feet away to Meg who just walked in and has a horrified look on her face after hearing what Sharon just said ... and the credits roll.

Tuesday, March 14, 2000

After Ashley and Jill discuss the possibility of Brad coming to work at Jabot now that he has left Newman Enterprises, Jack goes to Jill and asks for her support when he talks to his sister about Nikki. At the same time, Nikki runs into Brad at Gina's and Diane confronts Victor as to where he spent the previous night. Victor tells her about the stalker situation and explains that that is the reason he spent the night at the ranch. When Diane leaves, Victor takes a phone call from Doug Davies. Curious, Victor asks her why she needs a private investigator. Elsewhere, while Tricia discusses Tony's accident with Det. Lacerra, Megan overhears Sharon accuse Tricia of killing Tony. When a stunned Megan confronts her, Sharon finally breaks down and tells her everything that Tricia had done to break Megan and Tony up and all that she knows about the accident. Unwilling to believe such horrible things about her own sister, Megan lashes out at Sharon and tells her she never wants to speak to her again. At the Abbott's, Billy and Mackenzie continue their visit. Billy asks Mackenzie if she is having the same feelings he is. Before she can answer, Raul interrupts them to take her to work at the coffee shop. On the way there, Raul tells her he thinks it's time to fill Billy in on their relationship. Once Raul is gone, Mackenzie sneaks back to see Billy alone.

Wednesday, March 15, 2000

Victor asks Diane who Doug Davies is. She lies and tells him that he is a realtor helping her find a place to live. She has fixed dinner and asks Victor if he would like to eat. He says yes. Meanwhile, Gary stops by Victoria's office and she's glad he stopped by. He tells her he was trying to give her some space after the incident with Ross. The only reason he came by was because his boss wanted to come by and officially offer his apology. When his boss arrives, Victoria tells him to wait so she can call her father. She tells Victor the head of the ad agency is in her office and wants to speak with them. He tells her he'll be there as soon as he finishes his dinner. After she hangs up she can't believe her father is "breaking bread" with Diane.

After Victor leaves, Diane calls Doug Davies but receives his answering machine. She angrily tells him never to call her at home again. She tells him to get in touch with her immediately regarding his progress. Since she and Victor enjoyed dinner together, she is more than determined to find Victor's swimmers.

Victor arrives at Newman Enterprises and after listening to the ad agency's apology, Victor promptly fires them. Victoria feels that it is unfair to fire Gary because he has been such an integral part of their success. She doesn't want him to lose his job because of what Ross did. Victor agrees to let Gary stay on as Creative Director.

At the lab, a delivery person arrives and he puts a vial labeled "Victor Newman" on the shelf next to one labeled "Jack Abbott."

Meghan arrives home after her argument with Sharon about Tricia. Soon after she arrives, Tricia arrives and wants to know what's wrong. Meghan tells her that she doesn't want to talk about it, especially with her. After much prompting from Tricia, who "has to know what Sharon said," Meghan tells Tricia about Sharon's accusations and that Sharon also went to the police. Meghan is very upset and doesn't understand why Sharon is carrying this resentment for Tricia. Tricia flashes back to the night she hit Tony and shockingly realizes that she did hear his motorcycle coming up the drive.
Meghan notices how distraught she is and tries to comfort her.

Ashley, Jack and Jill are in the Jabot boardroom. Both Ashley and Jack are anxious to speak with one another. Ashley tells Jack to go first. Jack tells Ashley that he thinks they should hire Nikki to work at Jabot. Ashley is appalled saying the only work experience Nikki has is being a stripper and turns down his offer. Jill is amused at this situation because she knows that Ashley wants to hire Brad as a consultant. Ashley decides to wait to tell Jack her idea but Jill forces her hand. Ashley tells Jack she wants to hire Brad as a consultant for Jabot and Jack promptly turns her down.

Meanwhile, at Gina's Brad and Nikki run into each other and decide to sit together. Nikki apologizes for coming on to Brad because she was angry with Victor. However, Brad tells her that if she would like to offer again, he'll take her up on it. He professes his love for her but tells her he's not looking for a one-night stand. They confide in each other about the exciting things that could possibly be happening in their lives totally unaware that they are both considering working for Jabot.

ABBOTT HOME / CHANCELLOR ESTATE Mac asks Billy what he's talking about. He tells her
that he knows that she has feelings for him. He wants to make sure he's not feeling these feelings alone. Reluctantly she admits that she has some "weird" feelings for Billy but they are not real. He assures her that they are real and kisses her.

John arrives and asks if Raul is there. They both tell him no. John tells them he wanted to thank Raul for saving Billy's life. Billy is stunned to hear this information...no one told him. Still uncomfortable about their kiss, Mac takes the opportunity to leave. When she arrives home, confused and upset, Brock wants to know what's wrong but she is unwilling to confide in him. When Billy calls and she refuses to take his call, Brock realizes that Billy has something to do with what's wrong with Mac.

Thursday, March 16, 2000

The Young and the Restless will not be seen on Thursday, March 16 and Friday, March 17 due to live coverage of the NCAA College Basketball Tournament on CBS.

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