Y&R Recaps: The week of March 6, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Victor rejected Brad's deal to be released from his contract. Ross told Victoria that he had planted the letter in Larry's jacket to keep him in jail. Sharon realized that Tony's death had not been an accident.
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Monday, March 6, 2000

Ashley and Jack are talking outside Billy's room, saying they can't believe that their little brother might die ... it only happens to other people, not them. Mac is in Billy's room and after she saw that his eyelids were moving, she is calling his name to try to get him to wake up. (When we last saw this scene at the end of Friday's show, Billy still had the breathing tube down his throat ... however today, which is presumably a continuation of that scene, the breathing tube is no longer there???) Billy opens his eyes and asks Mac how it's going. She leans down across his chest to hug him, crying with happiness.

Malcolm's Studio:
Victoria and Ross are about to leave to go to Ross's for dinner, when Malcolm comes out of the lab with the proofs of the shoot. Ross tries to tell him that they are in a hurry, but Victoria wants to see the proofs. They look at them, and Ross says how great they are and that the campaign will really kick butt now. Malcolm says that Ross is really turned on by the pictures and Ross says of course he is. Victoria says they will continue the meeting in the morning. Ross goes to get their coats and Malcolm remarks to her about dining at "Chez Ross." Victoria insists that they are just friends and that she is going to make that clear to Ross tonight. She tries to call her office on her cell phone, but it is dead. She uses Malcolms's phone and calls to see if there are any messages and her secretary says she's clear for the day. She and Ross leave.

Warton's Warehouse:
Paul, Christine and Lynn are looking at a security tape that shows Ross putting the letter into Warton's jacket pocket. Paul says that he could be the possessed fan. They look at the evidence, which is that the letters started coming shortly after the ad agency was hired; Ross was at Crimson Lights the night a letter was put into Victoria's purse; and now Ross is gung ho on putting Warton behind bars as Victoria's stalker. Paul says it looks like they have a new suspect, but on the other hand, why would the last letter be a photocopy? He says that the only person who wouldn't need to photocopy the letterhead, would be the stalker himself. Chris says that Victoria's safety has to come first. Paul says they have to track down Ross because if he is the stalker, they have no idea what he may do next.

Ryan is just finishing up a dinner meeting and the other guy leaves. He sees Nina across the room and their eyes meet, but he ignores her and looks at his bill. Nina comes over and asks if this is what it has come to ... totally ignoring her existence. Ryan tells he is not up to any more of her negativity. She says that she just doesn't agree with his stance on Tricia, but she certainly doesn't resent his happiness. He questions that and she tells him her life is great right now and all she wants is for him to keep his problems with Tricia away from her and her son. He says it's crystal clear and he gets up to leave. She calls him back and asks him to sit down. She says that all the tension between them is not good for Phillip. He asks if Phillip has noticed and she says that he has. She asks him if they can stop this because she doesn't life fighting with him. The cameral spans across the room to Tomas who is watching them.

The High School:
Raul is at his locker blaming himself for not doing more to help Billy. He has flash backs to the night it happened. He questions himself if he did the CPR correctly as he had never done it before. He thinks he could have messed Billy up even more. He has more flash backs and then tells himself that he did what he could, but he is worried that Billy won't make it.

Genoa Memorial Hospital:
Mac is hugging Billy. She says that she can't believe he is alive. She tells him everyone was freaking and thinking he was going to die. She says she should go and tell his family that he's awake. Billy asks where he is and she tells him he's in the hospital. He asks what happened and she says, "don't you remember?" She tells him that he was in the snow and that he has been unconscious all night. She tells him that he almost died. He says that all he remembers is hearing her voice. She goes to get the family but he stops her and thanks her for being there. She runs to get Jack and Ashley.

The Warehouse:
Paul says he is going to call Greg Sutherland at the Police Station to get a warrant for Ross's arrest. Chris says she is going to try to get hold of Victoria and uses her cell phone. Victoria's secretary tells Chris that Victoria was at Malcolm's studio but she said she was leaving soon. Christine asks for Victoria's cell phone number.

Ryan and Tricia's:
Meg is asking Tricia about Ryan's business dinner meeting. Tricia says that he may have to go out of town to wrap up the deal. Meg asks if Tricia feels relieved about that. Tricia gets upset and asks Meg how she can say that to her. Meg recalls the problems with Tricia and Ryan and Tricia tells her she shouldn't assume that she would be happy if Ryan went out of town. Meg says that she didn't like that Tricia used her as an excuse not to tell Ryan how she really feels. Meg tells her that she should to on a weekend trip with Ryan and to enjoy herself. Tricia says should couldn't enjoy herself when she would be worried about Meg. Meg tells her that she should be worried about herself and that she should see a professional. Tricia freaks on Meg for that remark. Meg tries to calm Tricia down but Tricia says she's not about to go to a shrink and tell some creep about their personal life.

While Tomas is watching, Ryan tells Nina that he doesn't like fighting either and Nina suggests they do something about it. He tells her it's not easy considering how she feels about his wife. Tomas comes up to the table and asks if he's interrupting anything. They say no and Ryan says he has to get going and leaves. Nina tells Tomas he has impeccable timing. Tomas wonders if she is sure about that and Nina asks why he would think anything else.

The Warehouse:
Christine gets through to Malcolm who tells her that Victoria has left with Ross to go to his place for dinner. Chris tells Malcolm that if he hears from her to tell her to call either her or Paul right away. Paul gets off the phone with Greg and tells Chris that Greg wants to see the tape before he issues a warrant for Ross's arrest. Greg is sending someone over to pick up the tape.

Ross and Victoria enter Gina's to pick up some fresh Fettuccine from her. Ross goes to the kitchen with Gina and Victoria bumps into Ryan as he is leaving. They talk about Nina's interference. She asks Ryan how he and Tricia are doing and if they are going skiing. He tells her that Tricia talked to Meg about it and that Meg said she wasn't ready to be alone yet (what a whopper!) Victoria says she hopes Tricia gives him the green light soon. Ryan tells her that both he and Tricia can't wait to be alone together. Victoria looks at him like she's none too sure about that remark.

The Hospital:
Ashley is telling Billy how good it is to see him awake. Jack says they were all very scared that they were going to lose him and asks him how he feels. Billy says he feels a little weirder than usual. Dr. Walker comes in to check Billy out and asks him the usual questions about what day it is and what's his name etc. He finishes his little test and tells Ashley and Jack that he checks out pretty good so far. They go off to call Jill and John to tell them the news. Dr. Walker tells Billy he wants to run some more tests and leaves the room. Mac comes back in and asks Billy how he is. Billy says, "so far, so good." Billy starts to ask Mac about why she was crying when he woke up, but the nurse comes in and tells him she has to take him for an EEG Mac tells him that she's happy that he's ok and leaves.

Ross comes back from the kitchen and asks Victoria and Ryan if they are talking about the shoot. They say no and then Ryan asks about it. Ross says they got some incredible shots. Ryan doesn't seem to be really into this conversation and says he has to leave. Ross turns to Victoria and tells her that this will be an evening that she will never forget. Nina walks by and she and Victoria trade some snide remarks.

The Warehouse:
Paul tries to get Ross's address and telephone number, but it's unlisted information. Lynn tries to call the telephone company, but it is after hours and nobody answers. Christine remembers that Paul has a contact that tracks down unlisted numbers. Lynn says she will go back to the office and call him. Paul and Chris go to Victoria's office to see if her secretary has Ross's number.

The Hospital:
Jill and john come rushing in to see Billy. Jill gushes all over him calling him her angel. Billy rolls his eyes and says, "oh MOM!" Mac starts to leave and Jack says that she doesn't have to. But Mackenzie says she has to find Raul and tell him the good news. Jack goes back to the room and Jill is still gushing about how incredible it is that Billy is ok. Jill asks if Jack and Ashley were with Billy when he woke up and Jack tells her that Mac was with him. Jill obviously is a little miffed at that news. Billy then asks where Mackenzie is and Jack tells him that she left. Billy looks sad that she has gone.

Ryan & Tricia's:
Meg is drinking coffee and Tricia comes back into the room and apologizes to her. Tricia tells Meg that she is blowing everything out of proportion. Meg says that all she is saying is that Tricia should get a little help. Tricia yells that she and Ryan don't need any help. Meg tells her that they wouldn't be the first couple to get help. Tricia insists that couples sort stuff out by themselves all the time and that she just needs time.

Crimson Lights:
Raul is sitting at the counter having a coffee and Mac comes in. Raul misconstrues the look on her face and thinks that Billy is worse. She quickly tells him that he is ok and that he woke up. Raul is really happy that Billy is ok and says he wants to go and see him. Mac tells him that the family is with him how. He asks her how she found out that Billy was ok and she tells him that she was with him when he woke up. Raul says that something like this really puts things in perspective. Mac looks like she's not too sure what Raul means by that.

Nina brings in a tray of coffee and is muttering to Tomas about meeting up with Victoria. She says that every time she and Tomas are together, it's like an episode of "This is Your Life." Tomas does not look too happy. He tells her it was another blast from the past. She says that he must be getting used to it by now and he asks why she would think that. She says because he didn't even flinch when Victoria bared her claws. Tomas says he finds the characters from other parts of her life very interesting. She says that he didn't even ask her who Victoria was. He says he's pretty sure she is not an old school chum. Nina tells him she was Ryan's first wife and explains a little about her. Then she asks him if he's ok because he's been acting a little weird all night. He suggests that maybe he has misread her where Ryan is concerned. She wants to know what he means. He tells her he remembers remarking to her before about the lack of ranker between her and Ryan and that most ex-spouses are not so amicable. He wonders if they remain so close because they still have feelings for one another. Nina's jaw drops in wonderment and doesn't answer right away.

Ryan & Tricia's:
Meg tells Tricia that she and Ryan should go skiing and that she feels she can't lean on them forever. Tricia wants to know if that means she doesn't need her any more. Meg tells her of course she needs her, but she also needs to know that they can go away on a romantic week-end ... Tricia buts in yelling at Meg that she's not going to let up about it ... that Meg is just going to keep pushing until they do this her way. Meg says they are talking about fixing Tricia's marriage and she would think that it would be Tricia's way also. The front door opens and Ryan comes in asking what is wrong.

The Hospital:
Billy asks where Mac is again. Jack tells him that she left because she felt that he needed time with his family. John finally realizes that he heard earlier that Mac was in the room when Billy woke up and asks if it is true. Jill remarks that it is irrelevant who was in the room when Billy woke up ... he's back with them now and that's all that matters. (Quickly reverting to the true bi*ch that she is -- LOL) John asks if Dr. Walker has checked Billy out and Jack tells him yes. Billy says he wants to go home in the morning and Jack goes to check it out with the doctor. Billy tells Jill to stop crying. She cries that they came so close to losing him. John tells Billy that both of them love him very much. Billy tears up and tells them that he loves them too. Out in the hall, Jack is telling Ashley that he thinks it was no coincidence that Billy woke up while Mac was in the room. Ashley asks if he thinks that Mac being in the room made the difference. Jack says he thinks there is a connection between those two that is more than either of them will admit.

Nina finally asks Tomas if he thinks that she and Ryan still have feelings for each other. Tomas says that when he came to Gina's tonight that he found the two of them in a rather intimate moment. She smiles and tells him that they were actually arguing. She says she was asking Ryan if they could set aside their differences for Phillip's sake. Tomas says, "that's it?" She tells him "that's it." He lets his breath out and says that he suddenly feels a bit chagrined. She smiles and asks if he's sure that he doesn't mean jealous? She tells Tomas about Ryan and Tricia's problems and tells him that the only reason that she's involved is because Ryan asked her to try to get through to Tricia.

Ryan & Tricia's:
Ryan asks if anything is wrong. Tricia lies and says no. She tells him that they were just having a cup of coffee and asks him if he would like some. He says yes and she goes to pour him a cup, but the carafe is empty. He asks her if she would make a fresh pot and she goes into the kitchen. The Ryan asks Meg how she is feeling. She tells him she's getting better all the time. He asks her if she good enough for him and Tricia to go away for the weekend.

Gina brings out the pasta. Victoria wants to go back to the office so she can get a new battery for her cell phone. Ross talks her out of it and they leave to go to his place.

Victoria's Office:
Paul and Christine are in Victoria's office looking for Ross's phone number. Paul finds a number and calls it, but it is only the number for the ad agency. He suggests they look for Gary's number, but Chris says they don't know his last name. Paul says they have to find Victoria before it's too late! ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, March 7, 2000

Ramona is caught off guard when Diane admits that she is Victor's ex- wife and is living with him. After she leaves, Diane worries what might happen if Victor finds out that she insinuated that they were back together. At Gina's Ramona tells Helena that she has misjudged Victor but does need to see him one more time. Raul confronts J.T. about Billy and the two exchange punches at school. Later at the hospital, Raul and Mac are upset when they spot Jill embracing Brittany. After Mac leaves, Brittany claims that she tried to keep an eye on Billy while he was drinking. Stunned by the revelation, Jill returns home and quickly downs a drink, eventually falling asleep on the couch. She then suffers from a nightmare in which Phillip and then Billy are in the hospital. Mac hears Jill screaming. Michael stops by Legal Aid and tells Chris the latest on his job offer and how he's going to set up his own firm. Chris insists that she could never work for him but he claims that he can't do it without her. Victor learns from Connie that Ramona is in town. Paul questions Warton's fellow workers about the day he was arrested and spots a security camera on the premises.

Wednesday, March 8, 2000

Police Station
Michael Baldwin comes in and asks Warton why he didn't call him about his hearing. He just found out about it and now he has to go in court unprepared. Warton tells him it doesn't make a difference if he has a lawyer or not, he's going back to jail. Baldwin tells him he wished he knew what he was charged with. Warton tells him that the Newman's put him in jail, they are trying to get his parole revoked, and he wished there were some way he could get back at them.

Victor's Office
Victoria, Christine & Paul walk in Victor's office. He asks them why the three of them are there so late. Did something happen? Paul tells him yes.

Ryan & Tricia's
Tricia tells Megan it's too soon for her to move out. She has to stay there with them for a little while longer. Megan repeats that she's moving out first thing in the morning. Ryan comments that it sounds like Megan has made up her mind. Megan says she has and she's not only doing it for them, she's doing it for herself too. It's time for her to move out and figure out what she needs to do with her life.

Dru tells Mal that Neal is not an issue anymore. Mal tells her he knows she still has feelings for Neal. Dru tells Mal that Neal has made it clear that he does not like the life she has chosen for herself even though she's happy and Lily is thriving. Mal tells her that when she talks about Neal he never hears any anger or bitterness. She says she keeps things civil because they have a child together. Mal tells her he's not buying it. He questions if there is a chance for her and Neal to reconnect.

Olivia's Office
Reece tells Olivia to go home. He is putting her on medical leave until further notice. Olivia tells Reece he's overreacting. He tells her that he's worried about her health and she needs to take some time off. She tells him that she can't; she has a patient who needs a coronary bypass and she finally convinced him to have it done. Reese asks her why is it that he's so concerned about her health and she chooses to ignore it. She tells him she's not. He tells her to go home and that's an order. She tells him that he doesn't have the authority. He tells her no he doesn't but if he has to, he'll go to the hospital administrator with her chart and let him make the decision. Angrily, Olivia relents but tells him sarcastically that she wants him to be there tomorrow when her patient wakes up she wants him to tell him why his favorite doctor is not there supporting him.

Nina walks out and is surprised that Tomas is still there. He tells her that he didn't want to leave with anger between them. She apologizes for being childish; she understands if he's angry with her. She tells him that in the past whenever she spoke about Tricia she would be irrational; she thought she was over that. He tells her she's only human. She agrees but says it's not very attractive and apologizes again.

Nikki repeats Jack's question regarding how jealous she would like to make Victor. He tells her he has a proposition for her. Nikki asks him if she asks what it is, "how much will she regret it?" She can't contain herself and asks Jack what it is. Jack suggests that they have an affair, starting tonight.

Victor's Office
Victor asks if the tape clearly shows Ross putting the letter in Warton's jacket. Paul says yes. Victor asks where he is and Christine tells him down at the police station. Victor can't believe that Victoria was getting ready to have dinner with him in his apartment. Victoria tells him she had no idea he was capable of doing what he did. Victor asks where things stand. Paul tells him that Ross said he was only trying to help put Victoria's stalker behind bars. Victor asks if he believes what Ross is saying or could he be the real stalker. Paul is unsure. He hopes that he is because that would mean that the real stalker is in jail. But if he's not, then the real creep is still out there.

Ryan & Tricia's
Tricia asks Megan why she's so desperate to be on her own. She tries to blame it on Ryan but Megan stops her. She tells them that she doesn't feel forced into anything. Ryan bringing up the ski trip has helped her focus on a few things; like how she feels and what she wants in her future. If not, she probably would have stayed in the funk she was in and floated away letting them take care of her. Ryan comments that it sounds like she's really thought it through and she agrees. Tricia tries to get her to stay by telling her that she'll quit mothering her and she can come and go as she pleases and they'll still be there for her. Megan comments that Tricia just doesn't want to let her go. She comments that if she stays there she would be using them as a crutch and you can't go through life that way or you'll be limping for the rest of your life. She reiterates that she is leaving in the morning and if she needs them she knows that they are only a phone call away.

Nikki asks Jack if he's serious. He tells her that although he wouldn't mind the real thing, he was thinking in name only. They would have a few quiet dinners, alert the media, and park his car in front of her house a few times. It would drive Victor and Brad crazy if they thought she was having an affair with him. They'd both realize what they're losing.

Dru tells Mal that she's very happy with her life. Why would she go running back to Neal opening up doors that are not going any place? Mal comments that she still hasn't denied that she has feelings for Neal. Dru admits that she does have feelings for Neal but they've been down that road before and it didn't work. Mal tells her that she's back in town now and he hasn't heard her mention that she has anyone in her life and he knows Neal doesn't. He tells her that she owes it to herself and to Lily to see if it will work. Dru tells Mal that he hasn't heard a word she's said. She wants to know why he's pushing things. She questions if he's just trying to remove the competition.

Police Station
Warton tells Baldwin that he should have known that Ross was going to be trouble when he came to the warehouse. He proceeds to tell him the run in he had with Ross at Crimson Lights. He says the same day Ross showed up at the warehouse was the same day the letter to Victoria fell out of his pocket. He asks Baldwin what kind of lawyer he is; he doesn't believe him either. Baldwin tells him that it doesn't matter if he believes him or not, his job is to look out for his best interests. Warton tells him his only interest is getting payback from the Newman's. He proceeds to tell Baldwin about the money that Victoria offered him and how dumb he was to fall for it. It didn't bother him at first because he wasn't the one sending the letters. Michael gets ready to leave but the DA walks in and says the arraignment has been cancelled. Michael asks why and the DA tells him that there have been some new developments.

Victor's Office
Victor comments that if Ross isn't the stalker, then they are back to where they were last week. Victoria tells Victor that its going to be harder to get rid of Warton so easily because of the money she offered him.

Tomas tells Nina that he's not angry with her and that he's sorry for pushing her buttons. Nina asks him about the incident in his past that he mentioned earlier. He tells her about a friend whom he thought he had done everything he could but the end result was devastating. He tells her that when she told him about Ryan and his wife, he was very sensitive to the situation because it reminded him of his friend. He apologizes to her again because her situation is very different from his. She tells him that she's glad about it because this was the first time he'd been that open with her. She correctly assumes that the incident that happened in his past still hurts him. She asks him how long ago it happened. He comments that it happened a lifetime ago.

Dru questions if Mal is thinking about trying to cozy up to Olivia again. It would be easier if Neal was looking in a different direction. Mal denies that this is his motive. He wonders if she's thought about what she's going to do when her modeling career is over. She tells him she's thought about it in a moment of weakness but still questions why he's pushing her to get back with Neal. She asks him if Neal has said something to him. He tells her no, but even though he and Neal don't get along as well as they used to, he's still his brother. Dru tells Mal that it is dead issue and to just let it go.

Nikki tells Jack that with her track record with men lately, how could she possibly carry on a fake affair if she couldn't even keep a real one. Jack admits that it would have been fun while it lasted. After some more talk, Jack comes up with an idea even better than the first one. He tells her to come and work for him at Jabot.

Ryan & Tricia's
Megan tells them she's glad that they were both there for her during such a difficult time. But it's time for her to move on to something different, to face a new set of challenges. She decides to go to bed and will pack in the morning. After she leaves, Ryan tells Tricia that it is good not only for them but for Megan as well. He comments that things will be even better. He kisses her and suggests they turn in. Whey they hug, Tricia has a "trapped" expression on her face.

Victor's Office
Victor questions Paul if he approved of what Victoria did. Victoria tells him that it was all her idea. She made a deal with Warton, money as long as the letters stopped. She comments that it was working until Ross messed things up. Paul tells her that the only thing she did was make herself more vulnerable to the real stalker. Chris further states that what Victoria did could possibly be illegal because she lured an innocent ex-con into a possible blackmail situation. Victor asks if the allegation could be proved. Victoria tells him she paid Warton with cash; it would be his word against hers. Chris comments that if he finds an ambitious lawyer it could be bad. Paul asks her if anyone else knows about what she did. She mentions Gary and Nick. They ask if Ross knows and she says she never told him. Chris comments that if he did know, he could use it to help his case. Paul states that he'll get a copy of the police report in the morning and see if anything new has come up. Victor tells Paul to call Victoria's bodyguard and tells him he's rehired and Victor is the only person who can dismiss him next time. Victoria apologizes to Paul and Chris for making things so difficult. After they leave, Chris comments to Paul that she's glad she didn't have to tell Victor about Michael Baldwin. As Victoria gets ready to leave, Victor stops her.

Police Station
The DA tells Michael and Warton about the surveillance cameras at the warehouse and that they prove the letter was planted in Warton's jacket. Michael asks by whom and the DA tells him it was Ross. He tells them that Ross wanted the police involved and it will at least get him a charge of filing a false police report. As the DA walks away, Warton asks what about him. What about his rights? Michael makes him shut up and sit down. Just then, the police bring Ross in. Warton calls him a punk for trying to mess up his life. Ross yells that he knows Warton is guilty and he was trying to make sure justice was served and calls him a freak. Warton attacks him and the police and Michael try to pull them apart.

Olivia's Apartment
Olivia comes in complaining to Neal about Reese making her take sick leave. Neal comments that the Dr. Walker he knows is a pretty level headed guy and is only looking after her. Liv says she only has a cold and she can take care of herself. She wonders why all the men in her life are trying to control her. Neal tells her to calm down and relax now that she's at home. She says okay and lets change the subject. She asks where Dru is. She thought they were both taking the kids out to dinner. Neal says it didn't quite work out that way. He and Dru realized that they wouldn't have a very comfortable evening. She questions if they had a fight. He tells her no but things were tense. Dru stills has her view of the world and he has his. Liv asks him if he's sure Dru isn't questioning that and he says if she is, she's covering it up pretty well. She has her life and he has his and he's moved on. Liv tells him that he doesn't sound too convincing. He comments that whatever thoughts might have been stirred up by Dru's sudden return visit don't matter. They don't mean anything to Drucilla, "trust me on that." Dru walks in and says, "trust you on what."

Nina tells Tomas that since they've met she's felt that he wouldn't look at her; now it seems as though he's looking right through her. Tomas tells Nina that sometimes tragedy makes you very introspective and very unsure of yourself. You're not sure if you're reading people correctly. He's been looking inward for a very long time. It's been a long time since he's looked at anyone. Nina tells him that he shouldn't be so hard on himself. She's sure that at the time he felt that he was doing the right thing and couldn't have known that something tragic would happen. He tells her he's feeling very close to her and they kiss.

Jack is trying to convince Nikki to come work for him at Jabot. She questions what she could do there; she doesn't know anything about business. He tells her that she has a wonderful since of design and a flair for style. She doesn't know if she should do it especially since both of her kids work for Brash & Sassy and also because she'd have to work with Ashley. Jack tells her they would work things out and he knows she's interested.

Neal tells her that he and Liv were just talking. Dru tells him she didn't expect him back so early. He tells her that Lily wasn't feeling well and that she does have a fever. She leaves to go check on Lily and while she's gone, Neal leaves. When Dru comes back she says that Lily is still hot but that she's sleeping. She asks where Neal is and Liv tells her that he left. Liv decides to turn in for the night and Dru sits down on the couch to read a fashion magazine with a smile on her face.

Police Station
Michael tells Warton not to blow it and really end up back in jail. The DA tells them that since his parole officer put in a revocation of parole, he'll have to wait until the morning to get out of jail when they straighten things out. Michael tells him to sit tight and he'll be there first thing in the morning to get him out of jail and that he also might have some good news for him.

Victor's Office
Victor tells Victoria that from now on he's seeing over the stalker situation. He tells her not to try to take things into her own hands anymore. He'll do everything in his power to keep her safe. He calls her his sweet baby and gives her a hug.

Thursday, March 9, 2000

Nikki arrives home to find Victor in a discussion with Victoria and Nick. Victor explains to Nikki that Victoria's life is in jeopardy. He takes charge of the situation and decides to pull all of his daughter's Brash & Sassy ads. Nikki wants to know if Victor intends to stay at the ranch until the situation is resolved. He informs her that he only stayed last night because Victoria was distraught. At Chris's request, Michael asks Warton to drop any charges he might bring up against the Newman family, but Warton has other plans. Megan believes that Tony's death is eating away at Tricia. By keeping Megan at the apartment, Tricia is able to ease the guilt she has from the accident. Tricia needs to let it go. Sharon can't believe that the investigation into Tony's death is closed. She speaks to the detective who was in charge of the case. Lily comes down with the chicken pox. This puts Olivia in danger with her fragile health. Dru still doesn't know what's wrong with her sister, but feels that she and Lily should spend the rest of their stay with Malcolm. Nina and Tomas wake up in bed after spending the night together.

Friday, March 10, 2000

Nikki tells Victoria that she wants to be kept up to date with any information that has to do with the stalker. She also makes it clear that she doesn't want to discuss Victor at any time. Nikki then calls Jack and wants to know if his offer stills stands regarding a job at Jabot. Jill thinks that Jack is crazy to bring Nikki into the business. Ashley's doctor confirms that she is pregnant. She doesn't want to spread the good news until she finds out for sure that she can carry the baby to term. Brad offers Victor a deal that would allow him (Brad) to get a job at any company he wants. Victor rejects the offer and vows to see him in court. Brad reminds Victor that Nikki could be dragged into this, but Victor doesn't care. Sharon goes to Megan's home to discuss Tony. During the conversation, Sharon wonders about the noise outside. Megan explains that the kids drive their go-carts up and down the driveway. Sharon determines that Tricia had to have heard Tony's motorcycle as she backed out of the driveway. Ryan wants to spend time alone with Tricia, but she claims to have an appointment. She also puts the blame squarely on him for Megan's decision to move back home.

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