Y&R Recaps: The week of February 28, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Ashley was pregnant, and she asked Christian to pretend that he was the father. Mac successfully encouraged Billy to regain consciousness. Paul realized Ross had planted the letter on Larry. Diane schemed to get the sperm sample back from Nikki.
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Monday, February 28, 2000

Nikki admits that there might be some truth to the fact that she wants to be with Brad because Victor didn't show up at the party. Brad doesn't want a one-night stand with her; he wants to marry her. Nikki isn't ready for a commitment, but wants him to come home with her. Victor joins Ashley for dinner at her home. They discuss Nikki and wonder if he can ever really be free of her. Victor leaves and goes to Gina's. He asks Gina if she has seen Nikki this evening. When John and Jill arrive at J.T.'s party, they find Raul giving CPR to Billy. The paramedics arrive and take Billy to the hospital, where they try to revive him. A nurse tells Olivia that Billy is in full cardiac arrest. Jill is in hysterics. Raul notifies Mac that Billy is in trouble. Dru finds Neil at the apartment reading to the kids. He hopes that Dru wasn't too hard on her sister. Dru wonders why Olivia is such a "delicate flower" all of a sudden and thinks that something is going on.

Tuesday, February 29, 2000

After running into each other at Gina's, Jack decides to throw his usual insults at Victor and hints that Nikki was there with Brad. At the same time, Victoria tells Nikki that Victor did show up at Mac's party at Crimson Lights to see her, but she was gone before he arrived. The two are interrupted by Brad and an angry Victoria snaps at him and tells him that her parent's will get back together despite his attempts to steal Nikki away. Brad tells Nikki it's time to make a choice. Later, Victor returns home and is welcomed by Diane who has just informed Michael of her living arrangement with Victor. She offers to give a stressed Victor a neck rub and he accepts. Liking the way the evening is progressing, she goes to change into something more comfortable only to return to an empty room with Victor nowhere to be found. Elsewhere, Neil and Olivia discuss Dru's return and Neil expresses concern over his ex-wife's curiosity. Ashley calls Christian and gives him the news that she is pregnant, but that she can't tell anyone...especially her father. After getting off the phone with him, John calls and tells her about Billy. She tells Jack and the two immediately head over to the hospital to see their brother. After Jill unfairly lashes out at Raul and accuses him of being responsible for what has happened, John tries to make him feel better. He thanks him for performing CPR on his son and tells him that he has yet to tell Jill that Billy was drinking. Distraught over the situation, Jill begins to blame herself for leaving him alone at the party. In the emergency room, the doctors manage to get Billy's heart beating again.

Wednesday, March 1, 2000

Billy's Hospital Room
John and Jill are asleep in Billy's room. Jack and Ashley are standing beside Billy's bed. Jill wakes up and asks how he is. Jack responds that nothing has changed. Jack tells Jill now that she's awake, he and Ashley are going to go stretch their legs. Outside they see the doctor and ask about Billy's progress and although no one has asked, will there be any chance of brain damage? The doctor states that because Billy received CPR before he came to the hospital, it is unlikely that he will have brain damage. However, there is a chance that he could never recover. Jill walks out and overhears this statement.

Chancellor Estate
Kay is on the phone. Brock asks Mackenzie if she knows what happened. She tells him that Billy got "plastered," went outside to get some fresh air and passed out in the snow. Kay gets off the phone and states that Billy is still unconscious and there has been no change. Brock comments that his parents must be terrified. Kay says that it was a terrible mistake. Angrily, Mackenzie says that it wasn't a mistake, that what happened was avoidable.

Diane is telling Marisa about her encounter with Victor (the massage). She doesn't understand why he left and went upstairs when she went to change into something more "comfortable." She states that Victor is the kind of man who doesn't like to be without a woman. She doesn't know why he pulled away from her. Marisa asks if he could be seeking female companionship somewhere else. Diane is doubtful and knows he's not seeking comfort from Nikki. She wonders who else could there be.

Meanwhile, Ramona and Elena are seated at a table and Elena is going over Ramona's schedule and sees that she is going to have a break at lunch and she could use that time to go and see Victor. Ramona is still uncertain if she should seek him out. Elena tells her that she is here for more than just business and she's not going to let her chicken out. She picks up her cell phone and calls Victor's office and tells Ramona to be brave. Connie answers the phone and tells Ramona that Victor is not in and is probably still at home. Ramona says "the ranch," and Connie says, "no, the penthouse." Ramona hangs up and tells Elena that Victor has moved out.

Paul's Office
Chris is waiting for Paul in his office. She is thinking about her conversation with Michael Baldwin regarding the power that they could have working for a corporate law firm. Paul walks in and tells him that it's about time he got there. He asks her why she's there and she states that when she woke up this morning she reached out for him and he wasn't there and then kisses him. He comments that if she keeps that up he'll have to lock the door. She tells him to "go for it."

Michael Baldwin's Office
Michael is in his office and Mr. Desmond walks in. Michael is surprised to see him. Desmond asks Michael why he hasn't heard from him regarding his offer. He tells Michael that he has dangled a carrot in his face and wonders why Michael hasn't jumped at the chance to head his legal team.

Victoria's Office
Vicki and her bodyguard walk in. She tells him that the crisis is over and he doesn't need to be there anymore. He comments that with all due respect, her brother hired him. She tells him to take the rest of the week off with pay and she'll handle things with Nick. As he leaves, Ross walks in. She wonders why he's there since the photo shoot isn't for a couple of hours. He says he knows that and he's just in time so they can have breakfast; he thinks he remembered all her favorites. She says okay, she'd love to have breakfast with him.

The Penthouse
Marisa tells Diane that it's in her favor that Nikki is out of the picture. Diane comments that she is more determined than ever to get Victors swimmers back. Marisa wonders how she's going to do it. Diane tells Marisa to find a detective whose not opposed to bending the law a little. Diane tells her while she's doing that; she will try to figure out who the other woman could be in Victor's life.

Chancellor Estate
Mac comments that Billy should not be fighting for his life because it was all so pointless. Kay tells Mac she understands why she's so upset. Brock suggests that they go to the hospital. Mac tells them she doesn't want to go and she's sure Jill wouldn't want her there anyway. Kay tells her not to use Jill as an excuse not to go to the hospital. The Abbott's are old friends and would appreciate their support. Mackenzie relents and says she'll go.

Emotional, Jill tells the doctor that he has to go in and wake Billy up. Jack and Ashley calm her down. The doctor tells her that Billy is getting the best care possible. He leaves to go check on other patients. Jack tells Jill that she has to hold on and have faith that Billy will wake up. She thanks them both and goes back in Billy's room. Jack tells Ashley that he needs to get out of there and volunteers to go get everybody something to eat.

Michael Baldwin's Office
Michael tells Desmond that he is still thinking about his proposal and is trying to work some things out. Desmond tells Michael that if there are any "sticky" points that he will work to accommodate Michael any way he can. Michael tells Desmond that he's prepared to leave his firm, however, with his own legal team who will be on constant retainer for Desmond Industries. Desmond tells Michael that he doesn't want him sticking his nose in other people's problems; that's not the way he runs his business.

Paul's Office
Lynn walks in on Paul and Christine as they are kissing and apologizes. She comments that next time she'll knock harder. Paul tells her to yell and knock loudly. They all share a laugh. Paul asks Lynn to check the voice mail because he's expecting an important call from his contact at the police station. Christine asks if it's about the Newman case and Paul tells her that it is. Chris asks him if he still has doubts about Warton being the stalker. Paul says he wants to be sure and totally confident that Warton is really the stalker.

Kay, Brock and Mac arrive at the hospital. Mac hangs back and Kay asks her if she's going to come to Billy's room. Jill walks out and give's Brock a hug. Kay asks Jill how Billy is doing and she states that things haven't changed. John walks out and thanks them for coming. Brock tells Jill that he has been praying for Billy. Jill tells Brock that she hasn't been a good person so she's glad he's praying for Billy. Brock tells her that God hears all his children's prayers.

Ramona and Elena are still seated at Gina's talking. Elena is trying to convince Ramona to go see Victor. Ramona says that if Victor was interested in her he would have called and wonders why he hasn't since he moved from the ranch. Elena tells Ramona the only way to find out the answers to her questions and find out what Victor is thinking is to go see him.

John, Jill, Brock and Kay are all standing around talking. Ashley walks up and speaks to everyone. Kay asks her how she is and Ash responds that she knows that they have a lot of good friends. Jill thanks everyone for coming, then goes back in to see Billy and asks Brock to join her. Everyone follows except Mac. Ash tells Mac that she's more than welcome to join them.

Paul's Office
Paul and Christine are still talking about Victoria's stalker. He's not completely convinced that Warton is the stalker. He wishes Warton didn't lose the tail they put on him on the day the stalker hired the homeless woman to send Victoria flowers. He then would have known for sure. He wishes he were certain for Victoria's sake and his own. He comments how hard it is working for that family because they all like to be in control. Chris asks if that comment were meant for her too. Paul says that those people are used to giving orders so she better get used to it if she's going to throw herself in their circle. Chris comments that she understands what he's saying and decides to go back to her "hum drum" existence at her office; she kisses Paul and then leaves. Lynn walks in and tells Paul that his friend at the police station is on hold for him.

Jack walks in and gives the bartender his order, turns around and sees Ramona just as Elena is getting up to leave. He walks over to her table and comments that she's back in town. Ramona responds yes she is back in town then notices that something is wrong and asks if everything is all right. Before he can answer, Gina walks up and tells him that she heard about what happened to Billy and how sorry she is. She asks him to let John know that he and the rest of the family are in her prayers.

Mac tells Ash that it's already crowded in Billy's room. Ash tells her that it isn't. Mac admits that she doesn't want to see Billy. Ash tells her that she understands and goes back to Billy's room. Raul and two kids from school walk up and ask how Billy is and she tells them that there's no change; Billy is still unconscious. The two kids walk over to Billy's room. Mac asks if those kids were at the party. Raul tells her that he doesn't think so, he didn't see them there. Mackenzie comments that none of those kids should show their faces at the hospital. The two kids from school walk back over and say they decided not to go in Billy's room but to let Billy know that they are thinking about him and then leave to go to school. Raul tells Mac that he's going in to see Billy and asks if she's coming. Mac says no, she doesn't want to go in because she's just there to be a friend; she's not good at that kind of stuff. Raul goes into Billy's room. Mac walks over and looks at Billy through the window.

Jack thanks Gina with a hug and she comments that if there's anything she can do to just let her know. Ramona looks at Jack and comments that something is very wrong. He tells her about Billy and decides to go call and check in. Ramona stops him as he's beginning to leave and tells him that the spirit in the young is very strong and to not give up hope. He says he won't and walks away. Elena comes back and tells Ramona that she has the address to Victor's penthouse at Newman Towers. Ramona asks her why she did it. Elena comments that this is the reason she came to Genoa City; don't wait till this afternoon, go see Victor now.

Victoria's Office
Vicki thanks Ross for bringing her breakfast. He comments that he enjoys spending time with her because she's a dynamic lady. She thanks him. He wonders if he can push his luck and ask her to dinner. She accepts.

Paul's Office
Paul gets off the phone and tells Lynn that there was something strange about the last letter. There was a shadow across the top. Lynn wonders how it could have gotten there. Paul shows her two pieces of paper and Lynn guesses correctly that the note was written separately and then copied onto the letterhead. They both wonder why. Paul leaves and tells Lynn he'll talk to her later; he needs to check on something.

Michael Baldwin's Office
Michael explains to Desmond the advantages of not having the overhead of maintaining an in house legal staff. He comments that Desmond would only have to pay for the services they utilize. He tells Desmond that the team he wants to recruit are all like him and would not want to be tied down to corporate law because it simply isn't challenging enough. He would have a staff at his full disposal and Michael would oversee his affairs personally. Desmond asks if he's ready to commit. Michael tells him he has a few details to work out. Desmond tells him to make up his mind quickly or he will begin exploring other options.

Walnut Grove Academy
Raul is upset and blames himself because he did not stop Billy from going to the party. Mac tells him not to blame himself. It is Billy's fault that something happened to him. Britney walks up and asks how Billy is doing. She says she started to go to the hospital but she felt too ill. Mac asks her if she can spell "hangover." Britney tells Mac if she has something to say just say it because she feels bad enough as it is. Mac tells her to tell it to someone who cares and walks off. Britney starts to walk away but Raul stops her. He asks her if she called 911 because when Ms. Abbott called there was no report of anyone needing an ambulance at that address.

The Penthouse
Marisa answers the door and it's Ramona. She's not sure if she has the right address and wonders who Marisa is. Marisa tells her that she works there. Ramona asks to see Victor. Diane walks downstairs and asks whose at the door. Marisa tells her that she didn't get her name but that she's here to see Victor. Diane remembers who she is because she saw her on television after Victor came back from New Mexico. Ramona wonders if Diane works for Victor too. Diane tells her she doesn't work for Victor she lives there with Victor.

Victoria's Office
Ross tells Victoria about a new restaurant that he wants to take her to and she tells him that she's looking forward it. Ross comments that she sure must be glad now that she doesn't have to worry about some psycho bothering her anymore; she cuts him off and says that she is glad. Paul walks in and asks to speak to Vicki alone. Ross leaves and tells her he'll see her later at the photo shoot. Paul asks her where her bodyguard is. She tells him now that things are under control she gave him a few days off. Paul tells her she should have waited because things are not in control as she thinks they are.

Walnut Grove Academy
Raul can't believe that Britney didn't call 911. She tells him that everything was happening so fast and she was confused. He asks her what could have confused her; all she had to do was pick up the phone and dial 911. She tells him that J.T. told her not to call because if the police came they would get busted because it was the second time they got caught. As she's asking if Billy is going to be okay, J.T. walks by and Raul gives him a disgusted look.

The Hospital
Ash and John are sitting down in the waiting room drinking coffee. They start having a discussion about kids and how much they mean to your life. Even after they are grown up you still worry about them. John says that if he could he would trade places with Billy in a heartbeat. Ash comments that it must be something to have those kinds of feelings for someone else.

Billy's Hospital Room
Jill is sitting by Billy's side and asks God to please help her son. She asks him not to take him away from her.

Thursday, March 2, 2000

As Victor finds out that she is in Genoa City, Romana has a run-in with Diane. She is shocked when Diane tells her that she and Victor were married at one time and our now living together. While Diane secretly worries that Victor will be upset that she implied to Ramona that they were back together, Ramona heads over to Gina's to meet with Helena. As the two women discuss the situation, Ramona admits that she was wrong about Victor but that she has to see him one last time. Over at the high school, Raul confronts J.T. about the party and what happened to Billy. The two argue and get into a fist fight. Later, Raul goes with Mac to the hospital. When they arrive, they find Jill and Brittany comforting each other. Upset over what she has seen, Mac leaves. Brittany continues to tell Jill that she tried to keep and eye on Billy at the party and keep him from drinking. Unable to deal with everything that has happened, Jill heads goes home and begins to drink. While sleeping on the couch, she has dream about Phillip. She sees him lying in the hospital and then his face turns into Billy's. She begins to scream and Mac comes running in. Elsewhere, Michael continues his attempts at convincing Christine to come work for him. She insists it would never work, but Michael swears he won't be able to do it without her. Over at the warehouse, Paul questions Warton's fellow workers. He asks them about the day Warton was arrested. As he looks around, he notices a security camera.

Friday, March 3, 2000

Olivia tells Billy's family that it's possible he has some brain damage and that the sooner he comes out of the coma the better his prognosis. Mac is worried about Jill and calls over to the hospital. John agrees to come over and stay with Jill. Mac heads to the hospital to visit Billy. As she is challenging him to be the tough guy she knows him to be, he begins to squeeze her hand. His eyes flicker open. Ramona decides she must talk with Victor one last time. She tells him she was devastated when she didn't hear from him. It has taken her a long time, but she finally realizes they are from different worlds and that it's time to say good-bye. She kisses his cheek and leaves. Diane is worried that Ramona is in the picture. She hires a private detective to find Victor's sperm. She's determined not to end up empty-handed this time around with Victor. Victoria and Ross go to the photo shoot. Ross plays the hero and begins to take charge, which doesn't make Gary happy. Victoria finds it cute that Gary is a little jealous. Paul and Lynne find the tape that shows Ross putting the letter in Warton's pocket. Chris continues to think about Michael's proposal.

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