Y&R Recaps: The week of February 21, 2000 on The Young and the Restless
Ashley thought she might be pregnant. A drunken Billy passed out in the snow, and Raul found him. At the hospital, Billy went into in cardiac arrest. Katherine tried to get Nikki and Victor together at Mac's party. Victor joined Ashley for dinner.
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Monday, February 21, 2000

The show begins with a repeat of Friday's show at the workplace of Larry Warton. To recap, our village idiot Ross has totally gone against Victoria's wishes and brought the police to arrest Warton. Victoria and Paul Williams arrive to find Warton under fire from Ross. When Warton sees Victoria, he gets really upset and thinks that this is all her fault. She tries to tell him that she has nothing to do with this. She turns to Ross and very hotly tells him to get the hell out of there or she will have her bodyguard throw him out. Ross sheepishly turns to go and on his way to the door, Paul asks Warton if the jacket draped over a chair is his. Warton says yes and grabs for the jacket. Guess what? A letter falls out of his jacket that looks exactly like the letters Victoria has been receiving from her "greatest fan." Ross gets everyone going about getting the letter. (Me thinks he is too anxious ... perhaps he planted a copycat letter?) Paul uses one of his detective devices to pick up the letter without leaving fingerprints. Warton says the letter is not his and he doesn't know where it came from.

Over at Christine's law office we find Michael Baldwin trying to talk Christine into coming to work with him at Desmond Industries. She reminds him that Corporate Law is not his bag, nor is it hers. He says that you can never tell what might pop up in Corporate Law. He tells her that if the deal goes through, he will have a lot of clout with Desmond and "they" will be able to pick and choose what cases they take to court. Christine says, "us? I don't think so!"

Ashley is still sitting at the table where she and Christian had their meeting. Christian comes back and they say their final good-byes with a passionate kiss, and wouldn't you know it, Victor is lurking in the background taking it all in.

John Abbott comes home from the office to find the telephone ringing. He answers it and it is a nurse from Dr. Hanker's office asking if she is speaking to Mr. Abbott. He says yes and she promptly tells him that his test results are back and that they are negative. He obviously has no idea what she is talking about and is very confused when he hangs up the phone. Jack comes in chomping on an apple and John questions him about it. Jack says there is nothing to worry about if the results are negative. John demands to know what the problem is because he knows that Dr. Hanker is an Oncologist. Jack finally tells him that it was a test for testicular cancer. John is quite upset that Jack did not come to him for support. He tells Jack that as long as he is living in his house, there will be no more secrets.

Ryan comes knocking on Nina's door to ask her to keep Phillip's schedule open for the next couple of weeks. Nina asks him how things are going at home and he says things are great. He tells her that he and Tricia are thinking of going skiing one weekend soon.

Meanwhile over at Ryan and Tricia's apartment, Meg is asking Tricia what she means by not being able to handle going away with Ryan. Tricia tries to tell Meg that it's not a good time to talk about it. Meg tells her that she has to talk this out. She can't keep it inside. Tricia admits to her that she is living a charade in the bedroom with Ryan and she doesn't know how long she can keep it up. Sharon comes into Nick's Office all gussied up for a dinner date with her husband. She says she's sorry that she's late and that she called the restaurant to change the reservation. She tells Nick that after he left the ranch that she and Nikki had a talk and she told Nikki about who ordered the flowers. She said Nikki was quite upset. Nick says his mom shouldn't blame her. Sharon says Nikki didn't blame her, but she could see how much it hurt her. Nick tells Sharon that it was his father that hurt Nikki, not Sharon. He says they seem to always be worried about his parents lately and they should concentrate more on what's important to them. She asks if that means the chain of coffeehouses that he wants to open. He says yes and that he wants to talk to her about that. He asks if they should franchise them because they could move ahead more quickly that way. She mentions that if they did that, then someone else would be in control.

Victor approaches Ashley's table. She invites him to sit down and asks with a smirk on her face why he's not in a hurry to get home to Diane. He tells her that he will spend as little time as possible at the penthouse until it is his again. He makes no bones about not wanting to talk about Diane Jenkins. She asks how his family is and he tells her that he and the children are not as compatible as they once were.

Paul Williams opens the letter. Warton says he never saw it before and doesn't know how it got in his jacket. He tells the police that this whole thing is about them (the Newmans) trying to pin the stalking on him. The police ask Paul about it and he explains the whole situation. He reads this letter aloud and it says that the "fan" will do anything to make Victoria see his love. Warton cries set up. The police put handcuffs on Warton and take him down to the police station. Paul tells Victoria that he will handle it from here, but Victoria says she is going to call Nick and they will meet him at the Station.

Baldwin is still trying to convince Christine that Corporate Law is a stepping stone to bigger and better things. She tells him that she has no intention of going into business with him. He reminds her of how she felt at the conference in Hawaii and hob-knobbing with all the power players. He says that once you have a taste of power, you never forget it.

Nina asks Ryan if things are getting better for them in the bedroom. Ryan says everything is back to normal and it's great. She asks if he got Tricia to see a psychiatrist and he says she doesn't need one. Nine tells him that he's wrong. She says that Tricia has had a lot of problems lately, mainly with Meg and Tony. Ryan reminds her that Tony is dead. Nina reminds him that Tricia killed Tony and that is not something you just deal with and forget, especially if you are having emotional problems to begin with. She tells Ryan that Tricia still needs help. He gets upset with her and leaves. He is in just as much denial as Tricia!

Nick agrees with Sharon that he likes to have control and she tells him that whether he likes it or not, he is his father's son. She tells him that setting up a chain of coffeehouses is going to take up a significant amount of his time and energy and wonders what that will do to his responsibilities at Newman Enterprises. The telephone rings and it is Victoria. Nick tells his sister that he will meet her at the police station right away.

Tricia is telling Meg that her sex life will never be the same as it was. Meg asks if they are having trouble in that department and Tricia says that it's only her with the problems. Meg asks her if she's faking it and Tricia admits that she is. Meg asks her what happened to change everything ... was it the miscarriage? Tricia nods that it was. Meg tells her that she has to talk to Ryan about it and that she believes that it will all get better. Tricia asks, "what if it doesn't?" Meg tells her that then she has to reach out and contact a doctor. Tricia doesn't like what she's hearing.

At the police station Paul is talking to his friend Craig, the captain, about the situation and the letter. Ross butts in saying the letter is exactly like the others. Paul tells him to be quiet. Paul tell Craig all about the other letters and Craig asks why they hadn't come to him before. Paul says they were waiting for something more substantive before calling him into the case. Victoria arrives and Paul says he is going to pick up the other letters. Ross butts in again and tells Craig that Warton is on parole. Craig says that is not relevant in this case and Ross shouts back that Warton tried to kill Nick in prison. Paul shuts him up again and Craig goes to talk to Warton. Nick comes in and Victoria rushes into his arms.

Ashley is sorry to hear that Victor and the children are at odds. Victor tells her that he is worried that Nick is too preoccupied with his coffeehouse and that he doesn't spend all of his energies on the company. She asks if he has told Nick how he feels and he says that he has, but Nick has his heels dug in and won't listen. She tells Victor that Nick sounds a lot like his dad. She asks about Victoria and he tells her that Victoria is a hand full. He says Victoria thinks she knows more than her father does. Ashley tells him that it will all work out. He then wants to talk about Ashley. She asks if he is trying to get inside information for Brash & Sassy. He says no. She asks if he wants to know about her personal life. He tells her that he saw her earlier with a gentleman. She tells him that was Christian and he is just a friend. He asks if he is a "close" friend.

Paul asks Nick why he is there. Nick says he is there for his sister. Paul says that he can handle it from here and that they don't need to be here. Nick and Victoria say that they are not leaving. Paul says there is no need for them all to be here and if they aren't leaving then he will. He is a little miffed at the way they always second-guess him. Nick asks Victoria what happened and she and Ross tell him. Nick tells Ross that he's a good man and thanks him for his help.

Tricia says there is no way she's going to a doctor and that she can't talk to Ryan about it. She makes Meg promise not to say anything to Ryan. Ryan comes home and Tricia wipes her tears before he can see them. Meg says she was just going to lie down. Ryan comes over and gathers Tricia into his arms and kisses her. Tricia fakes the return and Meg is peeking around the corner at them.

At the police station, Craig comes out and tells them that Warton will be held a while longer. Nick asks if they have been in touch with Warton's parole officer and Craig tells him that he is out of town. Warton comes back into the room yelling that he is being set up. He sees Nick and makes a lunge at him. The cops cart him off. Victoria cries on her brother's shoulder. Ross is standing off to the side leering at Victoria.

Paul arrives at Christine's office and tells her what has happened that day. He says he is upset with Victoria and Nick. He thinks they feel that they are in a position of power and they make everything worse. He says that power can change a person. He suggests they go out to dinner and Christine agrees.

Back at Gina's, Ashley tells Victor that she and Christian are geographically incompatible. She changes the subject and warns him about Diane. Victor tells her that Diane does not pose a problem for him. Then he looks into her eyes and tells her how good it is to be with her and that he would like to spend more time with her. He tells her that he cares for her far more than she could know. They gaze deep into each other's eyes ... as the credits roll.

Tuesday, February 22, 2000

Paul speaks with the D.A. and Warton's parole officer, both of whom are convinced they've found the stalker. Paul then speaks with Warton who maintains his innocence. At the same time, Victoria and Nick get together and discuss everything that's happened. Now that Warton has been arrested, Victoria thinks it's time to fill Victor in on what's been going on. Nick agrees and the two tell their father story. Victor is shocked and furious that they tried to handle the situation without him. Later, however, he calms down and tells his daughter that he understands and that he's glad it's over. Elsewhere, Nina and Chris get together and discuss recent events. Nina fills her friend in on her road trip with Tomas and the steamy kiss they shared while Chris tells Nina about her recent run-ins with Michael and his attempts to lure her away from her job at legal aide. Chris admits that the offer is tempting, but that she can't imagine ever working for Michael again. At the Abbott's, Billy continues to argue with John about the fact that he's not allowed to go to Aspen with Brittany and her family for Spring Break. Fed up with his son's attitude and complaints, John tells Billy that enough is enough and grounds him for the entire Spring Break. After some arguing about being too hard on the teen, Jill reluctantly goes along with John's decision. After he leaves, she attempts to make her son feel better by offering to let him attend Mackenzie's birthday party. Billy quickly declines his mother's offer and heads over to the coffee shop to meet up with Brittany. While there, J.T. comes by and tells them about a party he's having at his neighbor's house over Spring Break. Billy begins to make some plans just as Mackenzie and Raul walk in. Olivia goes to see Michael and signs the papers to begin the custody suit against Malcolm. While there, she sneezes and claims she's just coming down with a cold. Later, Drew phones her sister from Italy. She lets Lily speak with Nate. Afterwards, Lily fills her mother in on their conversation and what's been going on at home.

Wednesday, February 23, 2000

Nick's Office
Nicholas and Victor are still talking. Victor wants to know why Nick didn't tell him about Vicki's stalker when she first started receiving the letters. Nick tells Victor that they didn't know where he was to tell him. Victor says he's been home for a month. He tells Nick it was irresponsible on his part not to tell him. He could have jeopardized his sister's safety. Nick tells Victor that they didn't tell him because he would have come in and done things his own way but sometimes his way isn't always right. They didn't tell him because they didn't want his constant interference in their lives. Victor tells Nick that the real reason why he didn't tell him was because he wanted to prove to his father that he can go at it alone. Nick just looks at Victor and walks out.

Crimson Lights
Sharon shows Raul and Mackenzie the decorations she picked up for Mac's part at a new store on the mall. Mac thanks Sharon for her help and letting her have the party at the coffee shop. Sharon, Mac and Raul get ready to start putting up decorations. J.T. walks over to Brittney and tells her he doesn't see why Mac and Raul are so excited about her "lame" party. Brittney responds that Mac's party may be the only way Billy can get out of the house. She hopes his plan works.

Abbott House
Billy apologizes to Jill for getting so upset earlier. He knows that he should not have done what he did. Jill tells Billy that if he wants to get anywhere with his father he's going to have to show some respect. Billy says he doesn't want to talk about it. He knows he has some issues with his father; he'll work them out later. Billy wants to know if the invitation is still open for him to go to Mac's sweet 16 party. He knows he said no earlier but since his Aspen trip got taken away, it's the only game in town. Jill asks Billy why he's so interested in going to the party when he wasn't before. Is there some reason why he changed his mind?

Olivia's Office
Olivia is taking her temperature and finds that she has a low-grade fever. Neal walks in and asks if everything is okay. Olivia tells him not to worry. Why is he here? He wants to know that since Callie has left, has Olivia changed her mind about the visitation issue. Olivia tells him that she hasn't changed her mind. She asked Michael to file papers immediately to have Malcolm's visitation rights taken away. Neal shakes his head.

Malcolm's Studio
Malcolm is in his studio working and comes across some pictures of Callie. Disgusted, he tears them up and throws them, quite forcefully, in the trash. John Silva walks in and asks him if everything is okay. Malcolm comments that he doesn't have too much to be jumping up and down about these days. John says that he wished he had something to tell him to cheer him up. Unfortunately he has just received papers from Michael Baldwin that Olivia is petitioning the court to take away his visitation rights to see Nate. Did Mal know anything about this? Mal says he did although he was hoping that it wouldn't happen.

Chancellor Estate
Brock comes in and starts going through the mail. Kathryn walks in noting that Brock has come back from being in town. Brock asks how the party preparations are coming along. Kate says that she can't remember when she's been so nervous or excited about anything. She just wants everything to be perfect for Mac. She tells Brock she still has more to do and then leaves. Brock picks up his guitar and starts to hum a song. Esther walks in and asks him what he's playing. He responds that it's nothing. Esther says it must be and asks him to play it for her. Brock tells her that he was just thinking that he needed an objective opinion and begins to play.

Paul's Office
Paul walks in as Lynn is putting one of Victoria's "greatest fan" letters on his desk. She asks how things went at the police station. He responds that Warton is still in jail and should be going in front of a judge today. Lynn wants to know what's bothering him. Paul states that Vicki had been paying Warton $500 a week to not send her letters. Paul wonders why Warton would jeopardize a veritable fortune to an ex-con by writing another letter. It doesn't make any since. Lynn agrees.

Vicki's Office
Ryan walks in as Vicki is working in a very good mood. Vicki assumes that he's heard the good news. However, Ryan is happy because he and Tricia are a "loving" couple again. Vicki jokingly says there goes her fantasies. She congratulates him and tells him she's happy for him. He thanks her and wishes that Nina felt the same way but doesn't want to talk about it. He wants to know what her good news is. Before she can tell him, Ross and Gary walk in and Ross cheerfully says that Victoria's "greatest fan" is now behind bars.

Abbott House
Jill still wants to know why Billy wants to go to Mac's party given the way he spoke about the party and the fact that he she knows that he's not very "fond" of Mac. Billy says that Raul will be there and he hasn't had a chance to talk to him in a while. Jill says it's all right with her but he still has to deal with his father. John walks in and wants to know what they were talking about. Jill tells him about the party for Mac. John says that Billy is grounded and that means he is not allowed to leave the house at night. Jill asks Billy to leave so she can talk to John alone. John tells Jill he doesn't appreciate her blatant attempt to undermine him in front of Billy.

Crimson Lights
J.T. tells Brittney that he can't wait any longer. He has to get the keg to the party. Billy probably got shut down by his parents and can't come. He tells Brittney that even if Billy can't come, he hopes she does. The party wouldn't be the same without her. Sharon, Raul and Mac are still decorating. Sharon tells Mac that she needs to leave so she can get ready for the party. Raul decides to stay behind to help Sharon finish decorating. Raul tells Sharon that she's done a terrific job. Sharon says she wants it to be a memorable night for Mac. Raul says that she'll remember it because she's turning "Sweet 16."

Malcolm's Studio
Malcolm has finished telling John about what happened with Sam. Malcolm admits that he's still reeling from what Callie did to him and hearing about the court petition is a little hard to take. Malcolm wants to know what his chances are. John asks Mal if he filed a police report at Olivia's request and did she push it and also if he said that Callie and his son were in danger. Mal says yes. John tells Mal that he will do everything that he can to fight for him but because Olivia is the natural parent and Mal never adopted Nate, their case will be hard to win. Mal realizes that Olivia wanted him to file a police report not to protect Nate but to help her build her case against him. John agrees and asks him if there is anyway he can talk to Olivia and work it out and not go to court. Mal says he wishes he could talk to Olivia but she won't listen to him. He asks John to do everything he can to fight the petition.

Paul's Office
Paul and Lynn are still talking about Warton. Lynn comments that maybe the case isn't as wrapped up as they all would like. Paul agrees. He states that at least now if he makes any more inquiries he won't have to deal with "that family," especially Nick. Victor walks in and asks Lynn if he can speak to Paul alone.

Victoria's Office
Victoria tells Ryan that even though Ross didn't tell her everything, he ended up being her hero. She admits that she was wrong. Ross comments that he was only trying to help and to protect Vicki. Victoria decides to get back to business and asks about strategy. Ryan comments that they should go back to the old ads. Ross agrees and comments that they could do something even more provocative. Ryan suggests that they call Malcolm and set something up. Gary intervenes and says that it's not a good idea. It would be the fourth change, which would be too confusing to the consumer. Ross tells Gary that he thought creative types were bold and daring. Gary says they are, they're just not stupid.

Paul's Office
Paul tells Victor that he understands why he's upset. Victor wants to know why Paul didn't come to him. Paul comments that his hands were tied. Nick was his client and he couldn't come to him without Nick's consent. Victor still wishes he could have been told. He asks Paul if he thinks Warton is the stalker. Paul tells Vic that he has no reason not to believe that he isn't. Vic comments that Paul knows more than he is letting on. Paul comments that he's been trying to protect his daughter but it has been hard because of his family's interference. Victor tells Paul that they are old friends and doesn't mean to interfere. He only wants his daughter to be safe.

Chancellor Estate
Brock finishes singing his song and Esther comments that it is a beautiful song and wants to know if he's going to sing it at the party. Brock is not sure. He doesn't want to embarrass Mac. He might sing it later at home. Mac walks in and wants to know what's going on. Esther leaves assuring Brock that she won't say a word. Mac wonders what's going on. Kay walks in and asks Mac what she's wearing to the party. Mac says she's going to wear the dress she wore to the winter dance. Kay says she should have something new to wear but Mac says it's okay. Kay apologizes to Mac for not thinking about it sooner. Mac says there's no need for an apology, she can wear the other dress. Brock says he may have a compromise. He tells Mac and Kay he found a dress from a vintage store when he was in town earlier and asks Mac to open it. Mac opens the box and says she loves the dress and leaves go try it on. Kay comments to Brock that she would have never picked that dress out for Mac to wear. Brock hopes that it fits.

Olivia's Office
Neal tells Olivia that he thought that since Callie was gone that everything would be okay. Olivia comments that this isn't about Callie. It's about the fact that Malcolm has proven over and over again that his judgment can't be trusted. Neal tells Olivia that he doesn't agree with her decision, that she should keep the lines of communication open and talk to Malcolm. Olivia says that she's not going to be talked out of her decision. She should have never given Malcolm rights in the first place. Her gut told her not to and she got talked out of her decision and it almost cost her, her son. She tells Neal that she and Nate will get along with or without him. Malcolm calls and asks Olivia if they can talk. She says no and hangs up on him.

Crimson Lights
Nick walks in and Sharon asks him what he thinks about the decorations. Distracted, he tells her they look great. She asks him what's wrong and he tells her his father. She asks what happened and he tells her that Victor came down on him about the way he treated things with Vicki's stalker. Sharon can't believe that after everything Nick has done. She's beginning to think that the wedge between he and his father may be too wide to bridge and congratulates him for standing up to Victor. Nick asks Sharon what she thinks about Milwaukee being the place to open up a new Crimson Lights.

Chancellor Estate
Mac comes downstairs in the dress and tells Brock and Kate it is a perfect fit and thanks Brock for the dress. Kay asks if Esther is going to do her hair and she says that she's waiting for her upstairs in her room. She leaves but turns to come back but stops when she overhears Kay ask Brock how he knew the dress would be perfect for Mac. Brock says that when he saw it, it reminded him of Mackenzie's mother.

Abbott House
Jill tells John she is not trying to undermine his relationship with Billy. She thinks John is being to rigid and should temper it with a child Billy's age since his mind is still forming. John says he is just trying to show Billy there are consequences to his actions. Billy is only upset because he can't get what he wants. He's trying to teach him that before he becomes an adult. Jill says she doesn't want to see him make the same mistake she made with her son Phillip by alienating their son. It would kill her if the same thing happened to Billy that happened to Phillip. John agrees to let Billy go to the party but only on one condition.

Victoria's Office
Victoria agrees that Gary has a point. Ryan does say that the conservative campaign has been working. Victoria suggests they call Malcolm and set up another photo shoot and then compare both and then make a decision. Everyone agrees. Ross and Gary leave. Outside Victoria's office Ross tells Gary that it's his turn to be in the spotlight with Victoria.

Paul's Office
The DA drops by to pick up Victoria's "greatest fan" letters. Paul asks if he can see the letter they found that dropped out of Warton's jacket. The DA asks Paul if something is wrong. Paul says he's not sure.

Crimson Lights
Billy walks in and sits with Brittney. She asks if he got permission to go to Mac's party. He tells her that he talked with his mom and now it's up to her to convince his father. Jill calls Billy and tells him that he can go but only if she goes with him.

Olivia's Office
Neal asks Olivia why she hung up on Malcolm. Olivia says that she doesn't want to talk about it. She is not changing her mind. She has to take control and protect her son. She says she never knows from one day to the next what Malcolm is up to. She wants to make sure that there is not another error in judgment that Nate has to pay for. She's not trying to keep Malcolm from Nate but she's not really sure if Callie, Trey and Sam are really out of Malcolm's life. She comments that Malcolm wasn't the best person when he first came to town and comments that Malcolm's past may come back to haunt him again just like Callie. Neal tells her she's not being fair because she knows that Malcolm has changed. She says it doesn't matter. She has to do what ever it takes to keep her son safe.

Malcolm's Studio
Malcolm is sitting quietly thinking. He gets up and walks across the room as he hears someone come in. He starts to say, as he turns around, that he's not open, but it's Drucilla. Drucilla says, "I'm back. Are you surprised?"

Thursday, February 24, 2000

While getting reacquainted with Malcolm, Dru learns what's been going on in recent weeks. She is shocked when Malcolm tells her that he and Callie have split and she has left town. He then tells Dru about Olivia's attitude about the whole thing and about her need to have total control of Nate. Later, Dru goes to visit her sister while Neil arrives at Malcolm's studio and shares an emotional and happy reunion with Lily. Elsewhere, Victoria and Victor discuss the stalker situation. Victor asks his daughter to be absolutely sure that Warton is her stalker before going back on the campaign trail for Brash & Sassy. Victoria assures her father that everything is o.k. and then urges him not to give up on Nikki. She reached out to her mother and thinks he should too. At the same time, Nikki remains devastated over the situation with her ex-husband. In an attempt to cheer her up, Katherine urges her friend to go with her to Mac's birthday celebration. At the party, Billy puts his plan into action and tells Jill that he's embarrassed to have to be there with his mother. Jill, still feeling guilty for having to punish him over Spring Break, falls for her son's act and leaves. Shortly after, Billy disappears from the party and Mac tells Raul that she overheard him say that he only came to get out of the house and be able to sneak off to another party. At J.T.'s, Billy begins to drink. Brittany becomes upset as she watches her boyfriend flirt with other girls, even calling one Mac. Eventually, Billy passes out on the ground outside.

Friday, February 25, 2000

Olivia and Dru continue their happy reunion as Dru tells her sister she's never been happier. Olivia says modeling has definitely agreed with her. Dru agrees and says she has no regrets. She has had a wonderful time modeling and being away with Lily, but now she wants to find out what's going on with Olivia. Dru notes that she is obviously not satisfied with her life and wonders why Olivia can't drop the custody suit now that Callie is gone. Olivia says she can't trust Malcolm with her child. Dru reminds her that Malcolm has treated and loved Nate as much as any father can and that he doesn't deserve this. Elsewhere, Ashley takes a home pregnancy test. Over at Mac's party, the drama continues as Nikki chastises Katherine for trying to get her and Victor in the same place. She leaves and heads over to Gina's where she runs into Brad. The estranged couple shares a drink and Nikki tells him she doesn't want to spend the night alone. Back at the party, Victor does show up and has a run-in with Sharon who tells her father-in-law that she doesn't appreciate the way he's been treating Nick. Victor respect's Sharon loyalty to his son, but chooses to leave the party. Later, Victoria shows up and snaps at Sharon for letting Victor go before he could see Nikki. At the same time, John becomes suspicious when he arrives and notices that Billy isn't there. As he phones Jill and tells her to get back to Crimson Lights, Raul and Mac head over to J.T.'s to find Billy and warn him that his father is looking for him. When they arrive, no one seems to know where he is. Eventually, they find him on the ground outside. Raul checks him for a pulse, but can't find one. He tells a frantic Brittany to go call 911. As she picks up the phone, J.T. stops her....if the police come, he'll be busted for using his neighbor's house for an underage drinking party. While the two argue, Jill phones the house and J.T. puts Brittany on. When Jill asks to speak to her son, Brittany says he can't come to the phone because he's dead!

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