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Monday, January 31, 2000

Billy is trying to talk his dad into letting him go to Aspen with Brittany and her parents. John questions that Billy's attitude has changed considerably now that he wants something. John tells his son that he expects respect from him and that they have some serious issues to work through. He tells Billy that he has been totally irresponsible. Billy immediately takes the attitude that John is saying that he can't go to Aspen and that he is punishing him and "thanks" him for "ruining his life."

Sharon & Nick's:
The two of them are lounging on the sofa in front of a roaring fire, basking in the silence of not having the children running around. They are saying that they don't give themselves enough time together. Sharon says that it's never too late to start. Nick says he wishes his mom and dad could get through their differences. He doesn't understand why they can't get past it and move on.

The Ranch:
Brad is there ... still trying to convince Nikki to go away with him. He keeps putting down Victor for controlling Nikki's life.

Back at Gina's:
Diane is on the phone with good old Vic. He's saying that he wants to talk to her about his living arrangements. Diane says she's available right now, but Vic says he's too busy today -- it will have to be tomorrow. Of course Diane says ok, and they hang up.

Victoria's Office:
Victor hangs up the phone from talking with Diane ... totally unaware that Victoria has been standing at the doorway listening to his conversation. Victoria asks her father what he thinks he's doing. His eyes turn steely cold as he turns around and asks, "were you listening to me??"

Somewhere in St. Louis:
Jill is at a private detective's office. He is on the telephone with Amanda (Mac's mother). He's scamming her by telling her he is from the Census office and can't read the answer to the question about where her daughter was born. We don't get to see Amanda's face, but she tells him that Mac was born in Kirkwood.

The Chancellor Estate:
Mac and Raul are having muffins and juice and talking about the sweet sixteen party that Brock and Kay are planning. She can't figure out what the big deal is. Raul says that they have missed so many of her birthdays that they want to do something special for her. She's concerned about having the party at the house because of what happened at the last party there. Raul suggests that the party be held at the coffeehouse. She wonders if Kay would go for that and Raul says that it's her party and she would probably let her have it where ever she wanted.

Diane is in seventh heaven because Victor called her. She is totally fooling herself into believing that he wants her again. Marissa is being skeptical, but Diane tells her that Victor "reached out" to her in his time of need. Marissa doesn't want her to get her hopes up and reminds her how much Victor has hurt her in the past. Diane says she knows, but she can't help wondering if her dreams might come true. They will find out tomorrow when she sees Victor.

She's looking at the architectural plans for the new lab. Elena arrives and suggests that they go out to dinner, but Ramona doesn't want to. Elena thinks she's mooning over Victor. Ramona tells her that Vic is back home with his wife. Elena asks if she told him about Nikki and she says no.

Victoria's Office:
She tells Victor that she can't believe what she just heard. Vic tells her that it's none of her business and that he doesn't like her tone of voice. She asks him how he can consider moving back in with Diane after all that she's done to him. He tells her to stay out of it. She says, "the hell I will!" He tells her he won't discuss it with her and furthermore he wants a complete report about Brash & Sassy on his desk first thing in the morning and makes a huffy exit.

John tells Billy that he is not punishing him. Billy says that it looks like he's not going to let him go to Aspen. John tells him that he didn't say that. He says he needs specifics on the trip and that he is going to call Brittany's parents. Billy says no. He feels John is treating him like a 10-year-old. Billy says that when they were in New York that John let him do whatever he wanted and since they came to Genoa City, John has always been on him ... "don't you trust me?" John tells him that they both know the answer to that. Billy says that they will be staying at the Hodges' condo in Aspen. John says he still has to talk to Jill about it, or it just won't work. Billy says, "apparently not -- you're checking up on me 24/7. John tells him that given his attitude lately, he has no other choice.

Sharon & Nick's:
Nick is telling Sharon that he and Victoria are meeting with Vic in the morning. She says that maybe they should consider letting the coffeehouse go, for the family's sake. Nick says, "but I thought you loved the place." Sharon reminds him that Victor is upset that they bought the coffeehouse. She says that it won't solve his parent's problems, but it would take one issue off his father's plate. Nick gets a little upset and asks if they should just quit. Sharon tells him that she loves the coffeehouse, but they should try to restore peace in the family. He tells her that he doesn't want her to sacrifice anything and she says it's not about her, it's about the family. It would be a gesture in his father's eye and maybe it would be worth it in the long run. She asks if he's angry with her and tells her that he could never be angry. He says that he's going to go out and think about it to clear his head.

Back at The Ranch:
Nikki is telling Brad that it's not as simple as he thinks it is to just pick up and leave a life. He tries to tell her that it would be for her own good ... but she tells him that he's acting just like Victor and trying to control her. She says he's trying to push a "new Nikki" on her and she doesn't even know who she really is yet. He tells her, "we can find her together." She says no, because she would just be trading one man's version of herself for another. He tells her that he wouldn't let her do that. She says that he's not listening to her. He tells her that he's sorry and can they talk about it. She says she is in no position to move forward with anyone right now, that she needs time to find herself. He asks if she is refusing to turn to her for help. He says he hopes that she is not telling him that this affair between them was some mid-life crisis. She says no and he tells her to convince him. She says that she could kiss him or they could go somewhere to make love, but that would just be the same as giving up her identity if she gave in to him.

Elena says that she assumed that Ramona had told Victor about Nikki. Ramona tells her that the feelings between her and Victor have been building up for a long time. She says that she wants Victor to want her for herself and not because Nikki was unfaithful. Elena tells her that she understands. Ramona says, "do you?" She says that Victor and her are not entirely faultless here ... that they slept together. Elena asks her if she regrets it and Ramona says it was the most wonderful night of her life. Elena says, "knowing Victor like you do, do you think he will stay with Nikki when he discovers what she has done?" She walks out of Ramona's house. Chancellor Estate:
Raul gets ready to leave and he kisses Mac. Brock comes in and apologizes for interrupting. Raul asks Mac if she's inviting Billy to the party and she says no, he won't even be in town during break. Raul leaves and Brock apologizes again to Mac for walking in. She says they have nothing to hide. She tells him that she's sorry for the things she said to him earlier about not knowing how to be a father. Brock says that's ok and asks her about Raul. He tells her he really likes Raul and she says she likes him too. Then Brock says it's too bad she can't straighten out things between her and Billy. He asks if Billy hurt her. She says, "He couldn't get close enough to hurt me."

Crimson Lights:
Raul orders a cappuccino and tells Cody about the upcoming party for Mac. (Billy is lurking in the background listening) Cody says he'll check it out with Nick. Billy comes up and asks Cody if Brittany left and Cody says that she did. Raul says hi to Billy. Billy smart-mouths, "are you talking to me? I can't really tell because you say you don't know who I am any more. You called me a jerk." Raul says that's because you're acting like one. Billy tells Raul that he used to be cool and now he's too serious. Raul says that some things are serious. Raul tells Billy that he used to be his friend and he used to trust him -- but now he won't tell him what's going on with him. Billy says there's nothing going on. Raul looks sadly at Billy and says, "if I did something, I'm sorry", and leaves.

Gary the ad-man comes in and sits down at a table where Victoria is. He asks her where Ross is. She tells him that it's just the two of them. He asks if she wants to talk about the Brash & Sassy ads and she says that's the last thing on her mind. He asks if she wants to talk about the stalker, and she says, "strike two." She says she got off work early and thought she'd call him because she enjoys spending time with him.

Crimson Lights:
Nick comes in and asks Cody what's happening. Cody tells him to look around at the crowd. He says it's amazing how things turned around since Nick and Sharon took over the place, and that Nick should be proud.

Chancellor Estate:
Mac doesn't want to talk about Billy. She asks if the sweet sixteen party can be held at the coffeehouse. Brock says that would be fine with him. She asks if he thinks it would be ok with Kay. He says sure. She tells him that each year on her birthday, she would make a wish that things would be better the next year. He asks what she wished for this year and she tells him her wish was that everything would stay the same.

St. Louis:
The detective still can't find a record of Mac's birth in the computer. Jill says that Amanda is probably in on the scam with Mac.

Amanda's House:
We still don't see Amanda's face, but she's on the phone calling the Census Office. She asks for Roger Tate (the name the detective used when he called her). They tell her that no one works there by that name. She hangs up and says to herself that this must have something to do with Mackenzie. She says in a sarcastic voice, "maybe I should try to find you, my darling daughter."

Victoria asks Gary if he's uncomfortable. He says maybe a little, because Ross is interested in her. She tells him that she picked up on that. Gary says that he told Ross to back off and not to mix business with pleasure. She says, "Oh? Then whatever this is will be our little secret." He says ok and they toast their "secret."

Bank at the Ranch:
Nikki tells Brad that she thinks he's bitter. He says he's trying not to be. She tells him that they have both been searching for something the last while and people use each other to do that and it doesn't mean that they are not sincere. He asks her if she is sincere. She says, "if the only way to prove that to you is to move in with you then my answer will have to be no." He thinks that she's still not ready for that. She tells him she finally knows what is at the root of her "mid-life crisis. He says, "a need to find yourself." She tells him that Victor molder her since she was a teenager and she need to break off on her own. He asks her if she is asking him to wait for her. She says she's not asking him anything ... just telling him where she's coming from. He tells her to take the time to do this for herself. She asks him what he will do and he tells her he was thinking of leaving town, but he's not sure. He tells her that he IS sure that he loves her and that will never change ... and he turns and walks out the door.

Victor's Office:
Victor is looking at a picture of himself with Nikki with a sad look on his face. The phone rings and it is Ramona. She asks him how he is and he says that he's ok. She asks if things are back to normal and he says kind of. He asks her about the plans for the lab and she says they are remarkable. She says she misses him and she has no regrets about their night together. She says since she hasn't heard from him she assumes that he and Nikki have worked out their differences and she's glad. She just wants him to be happy. She says she just wanted to hear his voice and she won't bother him again. He tells her she is not bothering him at all and that he's glad she called. They both have tears in their eyes and she says goodbye. He says, "goodbye my sweet Ramona."

Tuesday, February 1, 2000

Victoria asks Nikki if Victor knows about her affair with Brad. Both women assume that this is why Victor is talking with Diane about living arrangements. Nikki wonders just how far Victor would go to punish her. She finds out from the lab that Victor's sperm was delivered to the Newman Towers penthouse. Diane tells Michael that Victor wants to meet with her. Michael concludes that she wants to be with Victor and not him. He asks Diane how much money she is willing to pay for his silence regarding Victor's sperm. Victor meets with Nick about his ownership of the coffeehouse. When he finds out that Nick hasn't sold it yet, he tells him he will have to reassess his decision to give Nick a seat on the Newman board. Billy is pleased when John and Jill decide to let him go to Aspen with Brittany and her family over winter break. He goes to the coffeehouse and is surprised to find out that Raul is going to have a birthday party for Mac. Billy asks Mac why he wasn't invited. She informs him that she planned the party around his absence. Malcolm and Callie discuss their wedding. Malcolm tells her that he will support her 100% when she receives the talent showcase offers. When Malcolm is in the shower, she makes a quick call to the musicians union requesting a list of agent showcases.

Wednesday, February 2, 2000

Kay enters Victor's office. She is very upset with what is happening between Victor and Nikki. Kay suggests that Victor is no saint and the two of them should call it even. Victor fantasizes about dancing with Nikki to their favorite song. While hiding from Diane in her apartment, Nikki finds the container with Victor's sperm in it. She eventually reveals herself to Diane, who is trying to set up a catered dinner for Victor when he comes over. Nikki and Diane get into an argument. Nikki leaves with her large bag in tow. Outside the door, she begins to smile. Victoria isn't happy with the current photos promoting Brash & Sassy. Malcolm and Gary set up a camera in the office to catch Victoria at work. They think it will make a great campaign. Nick tells Sharon that although they had planned to sell the coffeehouse, he isn't going to. Nick is so angry with Victor that he just won't give in to his bullying. After a conversation with Billy, Jack murmurs to himself that Billy has a bad crush on Mac.

Thursday, February 3, 2000

Victoria covers when Victor asks her about the Brash & Sassy ad campaign. She is afraid her father will take over her division if he finds out about the stalker. Later, she tells Gary that his idea of a spontaneous photo shoot was brilliant. He is becoming quite an asset to the company. Brad thinks he can be helpful to Jack and wants to become his business partner. Jack doesn't trust him, but thinks he can use Brad to get at Victor. Victor confides in Neil that he is acquiring companies that hold Jabot's debt. This way he can drop the ax on Jack Abbott whenever he wants to. Victor is at his desk when Brad walks in. He heard that Victor has been looking for him. Tricia tells Ryan that Tony's death shocked her out of a terrible mental place. Ryan only hopes that he has his wife back now. He has missed Tricia. Chris counsels Sharon not to jump to conclusions about Tricia's involvement in Tony's death. She should let the police do their job. Olivia informs Malcolm that she probably has a form of anemia. He wants her to know he is concerned about her. Neil enters and asks Malcolm to leave. He feels Malcolm is a big reason that Olivia is sick in the first place. Tomas tells Nina that she needs to spend time by herself to help her writer's block. He suggests she take a long drive to clear her head. In her excitement over his idea, Nina spills her wine all over him.

Friday, February 4, 2000

Victor wants to know why Brad resigned. He informs Brad that he will forfeit a considerable amount of termination pay. Brad doesn't want anything from him. Victor thinks he has another agenda. Brad tells Victor he should stick closer to home. Later that day, Brad receives a copy of his employment contract. He turns to the flagged page. Brad curses Victor. Diane is waiting for Victor to arrive when she notices that the door to the spare room is unlocked. She determines that she just forgot to lock it. When Victor arrives, he refuses Diane's invitation for a drink. He only wants to talk about the living arrangements. The doctor assures Tricia and Ryan that it's okay for them to try and conceive. She notices that Tricia is uncomfortable with this and tells her that it's perfectly normal to have reservations about getting pregnant after a miscarriage. Tricia claims she is looking forward to being intimate with her husband again. Callie can see how worried Malcolm is about Olivia and wonders if there is a bond there that can't be broken. Gina advises her to let go of the past. She and Malcolm will be married soon. Trey is upset with Sam for not telling him about Callie's divorce notice in the paper. Sam vows not to let Trey see Callie again. She isn't good for his career. Michael Baldwin calls Chris to let her know that Warton is being tailed. He is sure that the Newmans are responsible. Paul finds Gladys, the lady who bought the flowers that were delivered to Victoria.