Y&R Recaps: The week of December 20, 1999 on The Young and the Restless
Ramona showed up in Genoa City, and Jack realized that she was the woman who had helped Victor in New Mexico. Billy and Brittany kissed, which disappointed Mac. Callie spoke with Michael about divorcing Trey. Victor arrived home.
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Monday, December 20, 1999

Brash & Sassy
Ryan drops by Vicki's office to offer an ear if she wants to talk. Vicki zeroes in on Ryan's problems with the Barbie wifelet. Ryan lets it slip that Tricia and he haven't done it since the miscarriage. The doctor has canceled every appointment. Vicki advises Ryan to do something about it. Nick comes by for the meeting on the new ads without the ad guys. None of the three are really thrilled with the new ads. Vicki calls to OK the ads and then she, Ryan, and Nick all try to convince themselves the change in ads won't be a big deal as far as sales go. Ryan leaves and Vicki and Nick commiserate about how they do not understand their father. Vicki tells Nick about Ramona's call and that she came to GC to fetch some papers from Victor's private safe. Neither one of them has ever been given the combination.

Jack is looking out the boardroom windows when John walks in. Jack fills his dad in on the idea of a cruise for Ashley, but she is hesitating. John says you can lead a horse to water, but . and Jack adds she is one stubborn horse just as Ash walks in. Jill bursts in with news that B&S is killing their ad campaign. Jack thinks Lady Luck is smiling on them, but Ash and John are more cautious. Jack goes off to celebrate. John compliments Jill on getting the B&S scoop. Jill tells him how she would love to see Billy all dressed up for the dance, so John says he will find out Billy's planned departure time so Jill can just happen to drop by. Ash seems suspicious of this friendly attitude. She approaches John about what's going on with Jill, but John tells her not to worry. After John leaves, Ash takes out the cruise ticket and looks at it again.

Brad and Diane continue to discuss Nikki and Victor while Ramona listens more intently than SETI. Diane goes so far as to ask if Brad and Nikki are having an affair. Gina spots Ramona and goes over to her table, but Ramona claims she needs some water and runs over to the bar to keep from having her listening post exposed. Ramona stays seated at the bar. Brad tells Diane that Victor is in NM and Ramona was in GC today to pick up some papers. Diane is sure she must be more than a messenger, but Brad doesn't think Victor is seriously involved. Even though Nikki knows Victor is in NM, she can't bring herself to leave him. Diane points out maybe Nikki is just using Brad. It's crossed his mind, but Bradski is sure that is not the case. Diane leaves and so does Brad shortly thereafter, without spotting Ramona.

Gina goes to call Jack just as he walks in. Jack offers to buy Ramona a drink, but she has a flight to catch. That makes Jack think that some things never change, including her sad expression. Ramona tells Jack she just found out about a betrayal of a very dear friend and she doesn't know what to do. Jack does get her name this time, but not an explanation of how she has heard of him.

Walnut Grove Academy
Raul thanks Billy for getting them a ride to the dance. Brandon asks Billy if he is going to "the" party and Billy won't commit. Later Raul overhears J.T. tell Brittany that he is only letting Billy jack him around for her sake.

Holidays at the Chancellor mansion
Nikki stops by bearing gifts. Kay cannot remember when she's been happier, even Jill can't dampen her spirits. Nikki lets Kay know TGVN is still AWOL. With or without Victor, Kay wants them to come and celebrate at the Chancellor estate. Then Nikki gets defensive, won't talk to Kay, and leaves.

Brock brings in a tree to decorate and Esther is all afluster about the birth of a foal. Mac comes home, but doesn't seem interested in the decorating. Mac tells them about all the parties after the dance that are just an excuse to get drunk. She goes to get ready and Brock has an idea.

Jill comes home to find out John called and Billy has left already. Before Kay can explain, Jill starts to blow a gasket, then she hears Billy's voice in the entry hall. Billy looks impressed when he sees Mac. Everyone else, except Jill and Brit, tell Mac how pretty she looks.

Barbie's plotting
Tony tells Tricia he talked to Grace and she told him the whole story this time. He threatens to call Grace again and let Meg talk to her, but that would just hurt Meg. Tony orders Tricia to back off or he will tell Meg the whole truth. Barbie gets a call from Keith who plans to come home the next day, but she tells him not to come.

TGVN office
Bradski bursts in the door demanding to know why McNeil emailed him. The chair turns around and Nikki tells him the email was from her. Nikki gets up, closes the door, locks it, and then starts kissing Brad.

Tuesday, December 21, 1999

Brad wishes there was more to Nikki's desire for him than her revenge against Victor. Nikki tells him that welcoming the millennium from the canals in Venice sounds inviting. Helena questions Ramona's feelings for Victor. Ramona admits that she is fonder of Victor than she ever dreamed. Jack is telling Ashley about his chance meeting with Ramona. Ashley thinks the name sounds familiar. Jill remembers that Ramona Caceres is the same woman Victor was stranded with in the desert. Tricia confesses to Ryan that she is scared Tony is going to reveal her secret to Megan, which will destroy her relationship with her sister. Ryan wants to move on with their lives and that includes sex. Tricia rebukes him, telling Ryan he is being cruel and thoughtless. Megan is happy that she and Tricia are getting along, and that they can all spend Christmas together. Tony assures her that the holidays will be everything she's ever wanted. The teenagers decide to return to the Chancellor estate after the party. At one point, Billy goes to find Mac. Brittany assumes she is off with Raul.

Wednesday, December 22, 1999

The Office of Victor Newman:
Ashley comes into an empty office. She looks around and walks over to Victor's desk and looks at some envelopes and papers on the desk. Brad walks in saying that it must feel weird for her to come into "enemy territory." She smiles and tells him that she's quite happy at Jabot. She asks him where Victor is and Brad says he doesn't know. She says that he's been gone a long time. Brad says that Victor is just being Victor. He tells her that Ramona has reappeared in the picture and he thinks that is fascinating.

Jack's Office at Jabot:
Jill is getting great pleasure in telling Jack just who Ramona is and how she figures into Victor's life. He says maybe she just has the same name, but Jill tells him that she was interviewed on the Leanna Love Show and she describes her to Jack. He realizes that it's the same woman. Jill delights in telling Jack that Ramona and Victor were stranded in New Mexico together for months. She reminds Jack that Victor's testosterone works overtime and that she thinks that they were more than "just friends" in the desert.

Chancellor Stables:
Brittany and Billy are in the stables looking for Mac, but she hid when she heard them come in. Brittany is asking Billy about his feelings for Mac. She says she sees how he looks at her and thinks there's something going on there. He says there's nothing going on, but that he thought she was interesting. He says he was trying to figure her out and realized that what you see is what you get and he thinks that's pretty boring. Brittany asks why he hangs around with her then and Billy says because she's with Raul. Billy starts turning on the charm to Brittany and they start kissing and smooching. Mac peeks up from her hiding place and watches them.

Up at the Chancellor House:
T.J. is trying to get into the liquor cabinet and makes a snide remark about it being locked. Raul comes in from the stables and asks where Billy and Brittany are. They tell him that they went down to the stables looking for him and Mac. T.J. and Rheanna leave to go to Brendan's party. Katherine comes down and asks Raul where everyone is.

Jack's Office:
Jill keeps on about having the impression that Victor and Ramona are close. Jack tells her that Victor isn't even in town, so Ramona couldn't have been here to see him. Jill tells him that he shouldn't lose his heart over a woman who's involved with Victor ... especially when there are better opportunities right here in front of him. (Jill is really showing her sleazy side here!)

New Mexico:
Elena and Ramona are at Ramona's office. Elena wants to know where Victor is staying and Ramona tells her that he doesn't want anyone to know where he is. Elena asks if he is staying with her and Ramona won't say. Elena says she can tell that Ramona is attracted to Victor and want's to know if anything is going on. Ramona says that she is attracted to him, but they have not acted on it. She says that if it were anyone else that she would tell Victor to go home to his family and work things out ... but she is disturbed with herself that she cannot do that.

Chancellor House:
Raul tells Katherine that they were down at the stables to see the new foal. He says that T.J. and Rheanna left to go to another party. Katherine asks where Mac is and Mac walks into the room. Raul tells her about the other two leaving and Mac isn't surprised. He asks her if she saw Billy and Brittany and she lies and says no. She says that she's tired and she wants to go up to bed. Raul says he will catch a bus home, but Katherine says that she will have Robert drive him home. Katherine goes to find Robert and Raul asks Mac if she's ok. Mac tells him not to analyze her and that she'll see him tomorrow and she goes upstairs. Brock asks Raul if something happened and Raul tells him that they had a little argument earlier.

Paul & Christine's:
Paul and Chris are snuggling on the couch. Chris is saying how happy she is for Nick and Sharon and their family. She says it must be wonderful sharing the holidays with your children. Paul says not to worry, that they will have a baby some day ... who knows, maybe you're pregnant right now. She shakes her head and tells him not this month.

Victor's Office:
Ashley wants to know what Brad is talking about and he tells her that Ramona is very important to Victor. He tells her that she is acting on his behalf and that she was here at the office today to get something for him. He thinks there's more going on between them than everybody thinks. Ashley says so you think Nikki is waiting for her white knight to come charging in? Brad says he has no problem telling Nikki to walk away from Victor, that Victor has no one to blame but himself if Nikki leaves him. Ashley wants to know if he's trying to convince her or himself. He tells her that in no way is Nikki to blame for any of this. Ashley tells him about how Victor tried to set things right with her at the Private Dining Room and how snotty Nikki was to him and didn't even try to make up with him. She tells Brad that he's been the "other man" in the picture for a long time now. He intimates that she still is hung up on Victor ... in fact so is Diane. Ashley tells him not to compare her with Diane. Brad laughs and says now that Victor is a "free agent" it will be fun to see the two of them fight for him. She says there's too much history with her and Victor and she wouldn't want him now. Brad's cell phone rings and he has to leave. Just as he's leaving, two guys come in delivering Victor's portrait and they ask Brad what to do with it. He tells them to ask the lady. She says to hang it over the mantel. They do and then leave. She walks over to the picture and smiles as if remembering some good times with Victor and then she thinks of something and has a startled look on her face.

Sharon and Nick's Place:
Sharon and Cassie are listening to The Nutcracker music. Sharon is combing Cassie's hair. Cassie has a sad look on her face and says she's thinking about Alice and Millie and if they are having a nice holiday. Sharon asks if she wants to call them and Cassie is delighted at the thought.

New Mexico:
Ramona says that she should do the right thing and help Victor to find his family again, but that she's being selfish. Elena asks where things stand with his wife and Ramona tells her about overhearing Brad and Diane talking about his affair with Nikki. Elena wants to know if she's going to tell Victor about it. Ramona says she's afraid that if she told him that he would be vulnerable to her. She says that he's had feeling for many women in his life but there is a certain bond with Nikki that has lasted many years. She's afraid that if she acted on her feelings for Victor that he would just be reaching out to her because he was hurt. The phone rings and it's Victor. She asks him when she will see him. We don't hear what Victor says, but she answers "now?" She hangs up the phone and tells Elena that Victor is leaving town and he's not sure when he will return. Elena tells her she has a big decision to make when he gets back ... whether to tell him about Nikki or not.

Chancellor House:
Jill comes in all gushy and sweet just as Billy and Brittany come back from the stables. Raul tells them that Mac went to bed and T.J. and Rheanna went to the other party and Robert is driving him home. Billy and Brittany want to go to Brendan's party too and Billy asks Jill if he can have her car. She says no, but that Robert will drive them to the party.

Jack's Office:
Ashley comes back to Jack's office. Jack tells her all about what Jill told him about Ramona. Jill says he's jumping to conclusions. But Jack says now he knows why Ramona reacted to his name like she did. He gets mad at Victor, because he's assuming that Victor told Ramona bad things about him. He says it really bugs him that when he meets someone new that Victor has his hooks into her. Ashley tells him that she's decided to accept his gift and that she's going on the cruise. He's happy for her.

Chancellor House:
Everyone has gone to bed but Brock. He's in the living room trimming the tree and listening to Silent Night. Mac comes down in her long flannel nightgown. He holds out his hand to her and asks her if there's anything she wants to talk about. She doesn't say anything, but allows him to lead her to the tree. She has tears in her eyes as they trim the tree together. A very touching moment.

Sharon & Nick's:
Cassie is talking to Alice on the phone. They talk about their Christmas trees and agree to send each other a picture of their trees. Millie and Alice have their heads together while talking on the phone and Millie asks if she's happy and Cassie says everything is just great, but that she misses Millie. Millie tells her that she misses her too. Cassie hopes that maybe they can come to visit soon. Cassie then thanks Alice for giving her family to her. This is a real heart-wrenching scene as Millie and Alice fight back the tears ...and the credits roll ...

Thursday, December 23, 1999

Victoria suggests to Nikki that they go skiing over the holidays, but Nikki already has plans. Victoria hopes they don't involve Brad. Brad confirms with the airline that he has two first class tickets to Italy. He then goes to talk to Nikki. She decides to leave a letter to her family stating that it's best if everyone celebrates the holiday season in their own way. Nick and Victoria are reading the letter when Victor walks in. As Ashley gets ready to leave on her trip, Jack tells her to keep an open mind should the opportunity come knocking on her door. She promises she will. Malcolm finds Olivia and Neil at the hospital. He assumes that she has gone back to work. When Malcolm leaves, the doctor enters and tells Olivia that he has the results of her test. Callie calls John Silva to ask about a divorce. She claims it's for a friend of hers. When John finds out the particulars of the case, he informs Callie that her friend's divorce will take at least a year. Callie explains her friend doesn't have a year. Chris heads over to her office after Mary visits the apartment, talking about Paul and her having a baby. Michael Baldwin welcomes Chris back to work with a plant. He senses something is different about her.

Friday, December 24, 1999

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