Y&R Recaps: The week of November 1, 1999 on The Young and the Restless
Brad learned of Victor's deposit at a sperm bank. Diane agreed the information could destroy Victor and Nikki's marriage, leaving the door open for Brad to have a relationship with Nikki.
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Monday November 1, 1999

Paul stopped at Victor's office at Newman Enterprises at Victor's request. Victor wondered when Christine would be returning, and Paul said ten days, five hours, and fourteen minutes. The ironic thing was that Victor had sent Christine to the symposium when his company had been under siege, but he'd managed to get it back using his own expertise. Paul told Victor that the last couple of times he'd talked to Christine, she'd seemed different somehow. He couldn't put his finger on it.

Victor had asked Paul over to tell him that Christine would be a valuable asset to Newman Enterprises. Paul asked for a little time before Victor made a job offer, and Victor agreed. Paul said Nikki had to be overjoyed that Victor had the company back. "You two have something special," Paul said. Victor responded with, "Life is never perfect, is it Paul?" Paul asked, "Is something troubling you, Victor?" Of course, Victor would rather not get into it, and Paul left.

Victoria was lounging in the living room at the Newman ranch when Nikki arrived at home. Nikki mentioned that Ashley had said something that had caused Nikki to rethink her reaction to Victor turning down the idea of a baby. Victoria told her mom that the bottom line was that Victor loved her, advising, "Don't ever forget that." Victoria only hoped that someday she would find a man who loved her as much as her dad loved Nikki. That made Nikki all teary. Victoria started off to bed then wanted to know what it was that Ashley had said. Nikki blurted it out then turned and saw a hurt Victoria run upstairs.

Victor arrived at home and found Nikki staring out the window. Victor got snotty with Nikki because she hadn't heard him enter. Victor said they needed to talk, and Nikki agreed. She told him what was wrong was her. It was about a woman getting older and wondering about the future. Nikki told Victor she had been looking for reassurance about her role in his life. Victor kissed Nikki on the forehead and told her he didn't see her as getting older; he couldn't be more attracted to her. They embraced.

Tricia paced her apartment, waiting for Meg to call and cry on her shoulder about the big bad bra. She couldn't stand the waiting, so she left. Meanwhile, at Gina's, Meg had changed handbags but was still carrying the bra around. Ryan entered to get something to go and spotted the pensive Meg. Ryan was surprised to see Meg; he had thought she was making dinner for Tony. Since dinner had gone okay, he wanted to know what was causing the mood Meg was in.

Meg asked if they could talk confidentially. Ryan sat down. Meg started to talk about Tony and herself in the third person, and Ryan asked what had happened. Meg claimed nothing had happened, but she grew emotional and left. Over at the Dennison home, Tricia was looking for Meg and complained to herself that she had to be with Tony. "No she's not," Tony said as he walked in the unlocked door. The two sniped at each other about what they were doing there.

Tony asked Tricia what her problem was. Meg arrived at home during the argument and heard Tricia say she had to protect Meg any way she could. Meg told Tricia to get out. Tony gave Meg the calendar she'd left at his place, and Meg told Tony he'd better go. After he left, she looked at the bra again and wondered if she could believe him.

In the Abbott home, Leanna made Jack's day by telling him she was meeting with her publisher to discuss a tenth anniversary edition of Ruthless. It turned out Leanna had approached them with the idea. Ashley arrived and found Jack and Leanna kissing in the living room. Ashley told them they could get a room, but Jack said it was intermission. Ashley asked if he was sure it wasn't the grand finale. Ashley just rolled her eyes when Jack walked Leanna to the door and kissed her goodnight.

Jack wouldn't kiss and tell, but he asked about Ashley's love life because he was concerned about her. Ashley speculated about Nikki and Victor while Jack hoped the marriage wasn't in trouble, for Nikki's sake. Jack said he loved Nikki very much, and Ashley commented that he hadn't felt that about anyone since. Ashley told Jack he had a lot to offer a woman, and it would be a shame to let that go to waste on Leanna. Although Jack had reservations, he hoped Ashley found the love of her life with Cole.

Upstairs, Cole was looking over some articles for ideas for future projects when Mamie served him some ginger peach tea. Mamie mentioned that since the pressure was off, it would be a good time to get close to Ashley again. Ashley went upstairs, and she and Cole chitchatted a little. Ashley left to get ready for bed then the phone rang, but no one answered on the other end. Cole hung up and said, "Vicki?" Lying inn her bed, Victoria held the phone.

In Diane's apartment, Brad found the letter from the lab, but Diane grabbed it out of his hand before he could read it. That just made Brad more curious. Brad pressed Diane to tell him what was in the letter. Brad tried to do a Victor imitation complete with "you got that." It was not curiosity; it could impact his future in a big way.

Diane gave in and let him read the letter. Victor had made a deposit in the sperm bank. On the same day as the vasectomy, added Diane. She was tempted to tell Nikki, but she hated Nikki too much. Brad asked, "She doesn't know?" Diane countered, "Do you think she does?" Brad wondered if Victor had forgotten or wasn't telling Nikki on purpose. Brad asked Diane if she was going to contact the lab. Diane responded by giving Brad the letter to do with as he saw fit.

Tuesday, November 2, 1999

At the ranch, Nikki and Victoria talked, and Victoria was relieved that the problems were solved with her mother and her father. Then they got into talking about Brad, how Victoria hated him and didn't want to work with him, and Nikki didn't know how he could still be a part of Newman Enterprises. They spoke of Victor related to Victoria and her business, and how Victor could be protective of his family. She didn't like it in the business way ­- the way her father could be.

Then the topic was switched to Victoria and Cole, how Nikki had noticed that Victoria had been stunned by the news that Ashley was hoping for the family thing to happen for her and Cole. Victoria demanded to know what was going on with what Ashley had said to her mother, and Nikki recited what Ashley had said for the record, "I am hopeful that my husband and I will be starting a family soon." Victoria was stunned, not believing a word, and said she had to go to a meeting.

Ashley and Cole were going downstairs in the Abbott home as Cole said, "We've got the hotel to ourselves this morning." Then they kissed and said they had to talk more, and they arranged to meet at Gina's for lunch. They kissed, and Ashley went to get ready for work.

At Gina's, Marissa and Diane talked about the Halloween party that Marissa and Lynne had gone to -­ and Marissa apologized for her attitude about the letter. Diane didn't say she had taken care of it. She looked over as Brad walked in and talked to Gina, who tried to get gossip out of him, but he was not budging. Gina seated him at a table. Diane walked over, and the two talked about the letter and what Brad intended to do with it then he teased her, and Diane didn't like it. He got her mad, and after offering to give it back when Diane wanted to know what was going on, she wanted him to confide in her. Diane told him to keep it but to use the letter and use it soon.

Megan and Marnie talked in the Dennison house about the bra dilemma, and Megan didn't know if she could trust Tony or not. Then, Tony showed up, and a fast-thinking Marnie hid the bra behind the cushion of the couch. Megan was not happy with Tony at first, but then he apologized to Meg for treating her sister that way the previous night, and Megan didn't blame Tony. He kissed her, said, "I love you," and left. Marnie walked out, and Megan was on cloud nine and said she didn't care how the bra had gotten there. She loved him "so much."

Tricia was going crazy, wanting word on Megan and whether or not she knew about the bra. The phone rang. It was Grace, and Tricia told her nothing about the bra or Megan. Then Ryan walked out, wanting to know who had been on the phone. Tricia said it had been the nurse checking up on her. Ryan told her of the conversation they'd had the night before. Meg had talked to him about something that Meg wouldn't confide in Tricia about. Ryan revealed that Megan thought Tony might be cheating on her, but he told Tricia not to get upset because that was the last thing they needed right then.

Ryan went to work then Grace showed up. Tricia was mad because Grace could have been caught, but Grace said she'd waited for Ryan to leave for work. They talked about Tricia and how she'd lost it with Tony the night before. Grace said, "Don't do that again, or he'll get suspicious." Grace said maybe Tricia should make peace with Tony, a truce kind of, and Tricia didn't like it at first but then saw Grace's point when she said it might get them on the better side when their plan progressed. Grace told Tricia that she had been thinking about step two.

At Paul Williams Investigations, Paul and Lynne were looking for Mackenzie. Lynne had checked the hospitals, and nothing had been found on Mackenzie. Brock and Katherine walked in and asked if there had been any word. Paul said no. Katherine mentioned calling Mackenzie's mother, Amanda Browning, because Brock thought it was the right thing to do. Paul had Lynne look up Amanda's number, and while Lynne was doing so, Brock and Katherine were left alone to decide if calling Amanda was the right thing. Brock did point out she might not be under that name any longer.

Katherine knew of the history of Amanda and Mackenzie. Mac wouldn't go back there because of the stepfather. Lynne returned after locating the phone number, and Paul asked, "Do we make the call?" Katherine gave the green light, and Paul called but got no answer. Paul said he was going to try calling her friends again. He'd talked to Raul before, saying that he'd be at the coffeehouse, hoping she'd show up there. Brock and Katherine waited for hopeful news.

At Crimson Lights, Billy and Raul had it out. Raul was mad at Billy because Billy hadn't followed Mac after she'd confided in him. Raul said it wouldn't have happened. Billy stopped as Nina walked in and ordered breakfast for her and Mackenzie, and Billy called her over and introduced her to Raul. Billy told her the story of Mackenzie and her father, explaining that Mac's father was really alive and in Genoa City. Nina said, "I think you two better come with me," and told Cody she'd be back for her order.

At Nina's apartment, Billy and Raul checked out the place, and Mackenzie was nowhere to be found. Mac had disappeared after confiding in Nina about her father and learning how Nina had never known her father.

Wednesday, November 3, 1999

Miguel entered to the living room, where Nikki was, with a tray of breakfast for Victor. She said she'd take it up to him. Just then, Victor walked down the stairs and said to put the tray on the table, and they would devour it together. She said it was a wonderful day.

At the restaurant, Diane told Brad he was pretty smug since he'd been armed with the information about Victor's sperm. She wanted to know what he was going to do with the letter. He asked her if she'd made a copy. She said no, but she could still go to Victor and tell him she knew. Brad said if she did that, Victor would just scurry home and confess everything to Nikki. Diane said she could always just go straight to Nikki and tell her that her husband had been keeping very important things from her.

Olivia entered the Jabot lab to see Ashley, saying she was sorry it had taken so long for her to get back with the blood tests. Ashley asked what the hold-up had been and wondered if it was divorce problems. She asked how Nate was taking all of it. Olivia said she really didn't want to talk about it and suggested they talk about Ashley. Ashley reported that she and Cole had finally gotten back on track, and she thought things were going work out very well.

At the Abbott house, Victoria was telling Cole, "Please don't say you're having a baby to save your marriage. It won't work. It's all wrong."

Meg was standing in her home, looking at the bra she'd found at Tony's. She said to herself, "I'm not going to do this. I trust Tony." Then she threw the bra in the trashcan. Tricia walked in, and Meg asked her what she was doing there. Tricia said she was there to apologize for her actions the night before with Tony. Meg told her that she had been way out of line and needed to just stay out of it. Tricia said she had done it because she cared for Meg and didn't want her to get hurt. Meg said Tony wouldn't hurt her, and Tricia said, "Yes, but I have."

Billy went to the Chancellor estate and saw Esther. He asked if he could hang out there just in case Mac returned. Esther said of course he could, but she had to go to the market. In the background, Jill listened to the exchange.

At Paul Williams Investigations, Lynn made Katherine a cup of tea and said she should get some rest. Paul agreed and said they were worried about her. Lynn offered to take her home, and Katherine said no. Lynn suggested that Katherine should lie down on the couch in Paul's office, and Katherine said, "Okay, but I won't sleep." Lynn got a blanket. Brock told Paul he didn't know how much more his mother could take, what with her trip to India, thinking he had been dead, and the worry because Mac had run away.

Paul reminded Brock that he hadn't had it all that easy, either, with the shelling and fighting in the village where he'd been in India. Brock said that Katherine wasn't the only reason he had returned to Genoa City. He hadn't been able to stay there after what had happened. Nina walked in and said she understood that Katherine was looking for Mac. Katherine walked in saying, "You know where Mac is?"

Nina told the people in Paul's office about meeting Mac at Crimson Lights the night before and taking her home for the night. In the morning, she had gone to Crimson Lights to get breakfast and had met up with Billy and Raul, who had told her that Brock was alive. They'd rushed back to the apartment, but Mac had been gone. Katherine grew very upset and wanted to know why Mac would do that. They had been getting very close. She should know that she could go to her grandmother with anything, but she'd chosen to run away.

Back at Meg's, Meg asked why Tricia was apologizing and questioned if she had a guilty conscience. Tricia said she was really sorry and wanted to start all over again. Tricia said Meg could live her life, and Tricia would live hers. Meg said, "Yeah, right," and advised Tricia to just back off a little and let Meg be happy. Tricia said she would. She asked Meg to go shopping with her. She had been in a store the other day and had seen a dress that was just right for Meg. Tricia said she'd buy it for Meg as a peace offering. Besides, she wanted to spend some time with her sister.

Grace lurked around the store, pretending she was looking at stuff. She kept looking at her watch and wondering what was keeping Tricia.

Cole asked what Victoria was talking about, saying, "A baby? Where did you year that?" Victoria said that Ashley had run into Nikki the day before and had intimated that they were trying to start a family. Cole said he was not going to talk about that with her. It was none of her business. Victoria said she was not leaving until she convinced him it was the wrong thing to do. He told her to leave.

Back at the restaurant, Diane wanted Brad to admit to her that he was in love with Nikki and wanted to break her and Victor up. He said she was reaching. She said she knew she was right. She said he was in a position to drop a real bomb on Nikki. He said he wouldn't hurt her like that. Diane said that had convinced her that he was in love with Nikki. She wanted to know what he was going to do about the letter. She said he'd better be careful what he did, or he might be visiting Mrs. Newman in the maternity ward. He said he'd let her know what he was going to do about the letter later.

Back at the ranch, Nikki told Victor it was a wonderful morning after a very special night together. She said she'd reached an understanding with herself, and she was sure she wouldn't be having any more mood swings. She had done some soul-searching and wouldn't let it erode their relationship. He said he was sorry that he had been insensitive with her about having another child. She said that she had let go of that fantasy. He told her he loved her and advised her not to forget it. He said she was a part of his soul, and he adored her. They had a tearful hug.

Olivia told Ashley she was happy that Ashley and Cole were back on track. Ashley told Olivia that they might be trying to have a child. She was not getting any younger, and the clock was ticking. Olivia asked if Cole wanted a baby, too, and Ashley said she hoped so. Olivia said she hoped they were doing it for the right reasons. But she had a doubtful look on her face.

At the Chancellor estate, Jill walked in and asked Billy why he was not at school. Billy asked why she was not at work. He said he was there to check on Mac -- she was missing. Jill said she had taken off because she was not really Brock's child, and when she'd found out he was dead, she'd left because she hadn't wanted to get caught. Billy got mad at Jill and said that Mac really was Brock's. She was going through a lot at that moment because her father was dead. Jill said she'd land on her feet. Billy said that Jill had treated Mac like dirt ever since she'd gotten there, and if she was gone for good, he'd blame Jill for it.

Tricia and Meg walked into the store, and Meg saw Grace and said to Tricia, "I thought you said this was a classy place." Grace walked up and sweetly said hello then said she had to get back to work. She took two bras up to the counter and was saying to the clerk she couldn't decide whether she should go with the bra she usually wore, which she held in one hand, or the new one, which she held in the other.

Meg was listening to the exchange. Grace decided on the new one, paid for it, left the other bra on the counter, and left. Meg went over and picked up the bra. It was exactly like the one she had found in Tony's couch, of course. The wheels were clearly turning in her head. Tricia stood across the room with a wicked smile on her face.

Paul got off the phone in his office, and Katherine asked to hear some good news. Paul said he was setting up a couple of P.I.'s and wanted to get a sketch artist to do a sketch of Mac because there were no pictures of her. He said they had to take it one step at a time. Katherine asked where Brock was, and Paul said he was out in the other office with Lynn. They went out there and found that Brock had left, and Lynn didn't know where he'd gone.

Victoria said she was sorry for upsetting Cole, but she was worried about him and wanted him to hear her out. She said that for the past few months, she and Cole had shared a lot of feelings together. She said if she hadn't left the tack house that night, they would have made love. They were getting close again. Cole said that he and Ashley had had some bad times, but they were working through them.

Victoria said it was not the right time for a child. She knew it was a mistake getting pregnant when she had and it wasn't what God had wanted. Cole said his situation was different. She said if they had a baby just to help the marriage, some day the child would get between them, and that was not fair to the child. She said it was ridiculous for them to have a baby at that moment. She said she felt sorry for him -- putting a child into a relationship that had already fallen apart.

Mac went into the Chancellor estate and called to see if anyone was home, but there was no answer. She went up to her room and took down a bunch of her clothes. She picked up a picture of Katherine and said she was sorry. She was dressed in the same duds that she'd worn at the center. It looked like she was going to bolt for good. Brock walked in, and she turned around, stared at him, and said, "Who are you?" They stared at each other.

Thursday, November 4, 1999

At the meeting at Jabot, everyone voted on a new fragrance. They all chose the same one and began to talk about packaging and pricing. Jill raised some very valid points about the price. After the meeting, John, Ashley, and Jack discussed Jill's contributions to the meeting. John asked that they back off of her a little, as she was going through a rough time. Jack reluctantly agreed.

Ross and Gary arrived at Victoria's office to show her the results from the photo shoot. Ross was upset because Gary hadn't used any of his ideas for the ad. Gary tried to tell Ross it wasn't personal, but he had done what he'd thought their client would like. Ross told him that if she didn't like it, then Gary would go down by himself. As it turned out, Victoria did like it and said she wanted to move on it right away. Ross then told her how "they'd" thought she'd be pleased and how hard "they" had worked on it.

When Ross left the room to make a phone call, Victoria asked Gary if it was really all his doing. She told him that modesty and honesty were good qualities to have, but he shouldn't let his work go unrecognized. As he looked up at her, Ross walked in and wondered what had just happened between them. Later, he asked Gary, and Gary said he was paranoid, and he was only imagining that Victoria would have any feelings toward him.

As Megan noticed the bra on the counter, she touched it briefly. Tricia paid for the dress, and as they were walking out, Megan decided to purchase the bra as well. Later, at home, she made up an excuse to get rid of Tricia. As Tricia walked outside, she said to herself, "It's for your own good, Meg." Inside, Megan took the old bra from the trash and compared it to the new one. It was the same bra in the same size. She started to cry.

When Tony showed up to see Megan, he noticed that something was wrong. She told him she knew that the bra belonged to Grace. He was confused. She told him how she had run into Grace at the store and had found out about the bra. "What is going on, Tony?" she asked. He said he was going to find out and ran out the door. When he caught up to Grace at her office, she told him she was glad to see him. He said he wondered if she'd say that when he got through with her. A stunned Grace stared at him.

While Katherine, Paul, and Lynn were trying to figure out where Brock had gone, Mac was getting ready to leave the house. Brock walked in, and she asked him who he was. He vaguely answered that he was someone close to Katherine. He guessed that she was Mackenzie and told her that her grandmother had told him a lot about her. Mac decided to tell him that she was leaving, so he could tell Katherine and Katherine would not worry about her.

Brock mentioned that he admired Mac for even thinking about Katherine's feelings. When he'd been her age, he'd never thought about her feelings. He mentioned how different they were. Mac asked what that was supposed to mean and again asked him who he was. He told her, "I'm your father, Brock Reynolds, and I am not dead."

A stunned Mac asked how that could be. He told her it was a huge misunderstanding and that he actually had survived. He began to cry as he looked at Mac. At the same time, Katherine walked in and saw Mac. She ran to her and grabbed her. Hugging her tightly, she thanked God over and over that Mac was still there. As everyone cried, Katherine asked if they had met. Brock said, "Yes, Mother, I have met my daughter."

Friday, November 5, 1999

Michael Baldwin took Olivia paperwork to sign. She refused to, however, when she saw the word "adultery." Michael stated his case convincingly; it was his "duty" to protect her. He acknowledged but minimized his bad reputation. He just wanted what was best for her and Nate.

Meanwhile, Malcolm also worried about what Michael would do to him on the stand; he'd read some of Michael's press clippings. After he told Callie he wanted her to stay, they wished there was someone who could take the stand in his defense. Neil entered. He blew Malcolm away by offering to speak on his behalf. He knew how "devoted" he was to Nate, plus he was a "good role model."

At the main house, Nick hugged Sharon and assured her he'd wrap up work in time for "open mike" at Crimson Lights. Sharon stayed to ask Nikki to babysit. The two received a visit from Laird Worthington. He was there to tell Nikki he couldn't take the job she'd offered. Nikki was surprised to hear that he and Victor were already acquainted. With apologies, and help from Sharon, they were able to convince him to plan a "magnificent wedding."

At Jabot, Tony blasted Grace: "Stop with the garbage -- admit what you 'done.'" But Grace was "in the dark" and had no idea what he was talking about, "Bra? Tuesday?" Checking her calendar, she claimed to have been in meetings all day and that "TPTB love" her work. Tony said he loved Meg, but even if she weren't in the picture, there was no future for him and Grace. He just didn't "trust" her.

At Gina's, as Ashley waited, again, Victor joined her. They both said their relationships were back on the right track. She thanked him for "being there" -- he said he always would be. Victor left when Cole arrived. She talked about work but was more "excited" about the prospect of a baby. "Please tell me you feel the same way," she said.

At Newman Enterprises, Neil and Ryan weren't too happy that Victoria had gone ahead without them, and they hoped the fan mail hadn't gone to her head. They decided it was just the Newman genes. Victoria went to inform Brad. He was even less impressed, but the topic was soon Nikki. Victoria inadvertently confirmed Brad's suspicions that Nikki had no idea about the sperm samples.

Back in Victoria's office, Ryan sifted through the fan mail and found some familiar stationery. Not liking the sounds of it, he thought they'd throw it out. After he left, Victoria asked what was going on. In the last scene, Victoria's "biggest fan" typed, "maybe you think I'm writing too often, but it makes me feel close to you."

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