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Monday October 4

Today's recap was provided by Judy A Hanna.

Cole has his hands on Victoria's shoulders, as there comes a knock at the door. Ashley calls out but when there is no answer, she calls again. "Are you in there, Cole?" she shouts. "We need to talk. I still care about our marriage and I hope you do too." The door opens and a cold unsmiling Cole stands there. As they stand at the door, Ashley finally asks if they can talk inside; he steps to the side and allows her to come in. The room is now empty except for the two of them. She asks if he slept well and says that he could have called her last night; he admits that he should have. She says that she isn't there to hassle him, just to talk. She understands how difficult it is for him in the last stages of editing a book, but lately she thinks it is more than that. She doesn't want them to grow apart. All they seem to do lately is argue and arguing doesn't settle anything. He accuses her of being there only to hassle him about living in the tack room. Ashley denies that but says that he has to admit that living near Victoria is not good for their relationship. "I'm not here to be around Victoria," Cole says. "I'm here simply to finish my book." Ashley notices the two coffee cups on the sideboard. "Then why are there two cups?" she asks. "Victoria has already been here, hasn't she? It is already affecting the two of us." Cole says that Victoria simply brought him some coffee to help him wake up. Ashley asks if something happened. Did he have one too many cocktails? She knows that he never drinks alone. He admits drinking too much but wants to know what she is accusing him of. Ashley simply says that she is trying to show him that being near Victoria is not good for their relationship. She tells him that he is very important to her whether she is still important to him or not. He says that she is important---their marriage is important---and she should know that by now. Then what has happened? How did it come to this, Ashley wants to know? Looking at her, all Cole will say is that he has to start on his rewrites. He goes to the computer and, in Victor Newman fashion, completely ignores her presence. Ashley sighs and walks out of the house. Nikki is staring out the window toward the tack house when Victoria comes into the house. She asks her daughter what is going on down at the tack house. She mentions seeing Cole's car there earlier and now Ashley's car is there. Vicki explains that Cole came to her the night before and asked if he could return for a couple of days, a week at the most. Nikki is horrified but not as much as she is later when Vicki hints that something almost happened between her and Cole the night before. She says that she dodged a bullet and told him that she didn't want to be in the middle, but she doesn't expect that Ashley will be coming around any more after today's visit. She then turns on her mother and asks about Bradley. When Nikki says that it is over, Vicki wants to know what is over. yesterday she told her that there was nothing there to begin with. She wants to know just how far things went between the two of them. Nikki isn't about to be grilled by her daughter and tells her so. Vicki accepts this but has only one more question: does this mean that now she will concentrate her energies and attention on working out the problems she has with her father and getting the marriage back on course? Nikki says that the problems between her and Victor were not of her making. She now realizes just where she stands with Victor. He can say that she is the center of his life all he wants, but she knows better; she learned that the hard way.

John is showing Billy around Jabot when Jack and Jill arrive for a meeting. Things are cool between mother and son but she asks him if he is settling in with his father. He says that he is more comfortable there. Jill is hurt but says nothing as Billy hugs his father good bye as he heads for school. Later, John chastises her for being so cold to Billy but Jill says that it works both ways. John says that he had Billy there this morning so that the two of them could run into each other and start repairing the lines of communication. Jill doesn't think anything much can help their situation. The meeting gets started with Jack sitting his father at the head of the table. He passes around some reports for their consideration. Just then, Grace comes in and Jack introduces her as his personal assistant.

Nick drops by Crimson Lights to check out some invoices and to see his wife and business partner. While he goes into the back, Raul arrives at Sharon's request and she has a word with him. As they talk, Mac arrives and begins to prepare to work. Sharon calls her to a table for a word. She reminds her that in this state, she has to be in school until after she is seventeen. When Mac says that she doesn't see anyone about to turn her in, Sharon advises her that she knows and cannot legally have her working for her as long as she is not in school. She tells her that she has taken the liberty of acting in Katherine's behalf and enrolling her in Walnut Grove Academy. Now Mac knows why Raul is there. She can't picture herself in a private school, but she will give it a chance. Raul tells her that there are a lot of cool people there and he wants to walk her to school on her first day. Sharon says that she will work Mac around her schedule.

Diane sits at Yves with the letter for Victor in her hands. She is obviously curious. When Marissa offers to take it to Victor's office for her, she hesitates. She asks if Marissa has a letter opener in her bag. All she has is a metal nail file but she hands it to Diane who proceeds to carefully open the letter. Diane reads the letter, which informs the recipient that his semen sample will expire in three months. It is necessary that they know his intentions concerning the sample or it will be destroyed. "Kimberly, you bastard!" Diane spits out, upset at the news. "You know how much I wanted a baby and you could have made it happen all the time!" Marissa offers to reseal the letter and deliver it but she says that she will handle this personally. She says that she needs some time alone and Marissa understands and leaves. Diane gives the matter some thought. She again says that she and Victor could have had a baby after all and he didn't tell her about this. If he didn't tell her, then he must not have told Nikki. Why else would she be visiting his urologist? So, she thinks, if he hasn't told Nikki, then it means he doesn't want a child. But Nikki does! And Nikki doesn't know about the available semen. If the letter never reached its addressee, then it would be like the information never existed. Mail gets lost all the time. "What do I do?" Diane asks herself. "What should I do?"

As the Abbott meeting is ending, Grace says that she has one thing to bring up for consideration. She mentions the ad campaign that NE has just launched and mentions that now they don't have a teen line with which to compete. Jill says that they are not in competition with NE. Grace says that she understands that but they do have an empty spot in their line up now. She wants to introduce her idea as a countermove against B&S. After she has made her presentation, John says that he likes the idea but reminds them that they have no resources right now to put it into motion. Jill agrees that it is a good idea and wants to think more about it. After everyone leaves, Jack complements Grace on her work, saying that they are going to make a great team. "Is that what we are, a team?" Grace asks. He asks what she sees them as and she says that she would rather not get into that right now. However, she wants to make herself perfectly clear. "I am willing to do anything.... and succeed here," she says without every breaking eye contact.

Brad enters Victor's office with a report and finds it empty. But before he can leave, Victor enters and asks what he is doing there. He then asks Brad if he is seeing anyone romantically right now. Brad asks what business it is of his and Victor goes on to say that not too long ago, he was seeing Diane Jenkins. He wants him to reacquaint himself with the lady and find out if she knows Jack Abbott's plans for the future, especially where it pertains to Jabot. Brad is furious and refuses to do it; he says that he resents Victor's even asking him to do this. As he starts to walk out, Victor tells him to stop right there! If he walks out of the office, he can just keep on walking; he will not tolerate this insolence from an employee, especially someone in Brad's position. Got that? Brad tells him that he isn't being insolent but he will not wine and dine Diane to get information for Victor. He adds that it wouldn't make any difference anyway, since Diane isn't close to the Abbotts any longer. Jack despises her and she has no standing with anyone else in the family or at Jabot. Victor tells him that a simple no would have been sufficient and his evasive attitude is unacceptable. Brad tells him that if that is so, then pay him off and he will be rid of him; he doesn't give a damn one way or the other. "Don't tempt me," Victor says as he wishes Brad to have a good day.

At Walnut Grove, Mac tells Raul that it hasn't been so bad so far but she has only had a couple of classes. She tells Raul that she is worried about being home alone with Jill now that Billy has gone. They wonder where he is now just as Billy walks in. He is surprised to see Mac there but thanks her for the reality check and for putting him in his place earlier. He says that he has moved in with his dad and Mac leaves for another class. He tells Raul that he feels like he needs to walk on egg shells around Mac but he wishes he could do something for her; he isn't happy about her being in the house alone with his mother. Raul says that maybe there is something that he can do.

Diane steps off the elevator at Victor's office and hesitates, considering the letter. She puts it back into her purse and knocks at his door. He says, "Come in," and she does. He is busy and doesn't look up to see who is there. He is surprised when she speaks. He wants to know what she is doing there. She starts by saying that things have been so tense between them that she thought that they might be able to ease things a little. He tells her that the two of them have nothing to say to each other. You might be surprised at what we have to talk about, she tells him. "I have no time for games," Victor says, returning to his work. "I'm a busy man so please leave." Diane says that she has learned something very important that he just might be interested in hearing.