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Monday, September 20

At the private dining room, John is still having trouble believing that Jabot is theirs again. When Jack repeats his invitation for him to come back to the company, he contemplates coming out of retirement. But as he hesitates, Jack wonders if his new life is better than his old life. John admits that he had learned to life with the fact that he no longer owned the company, but he was only going thro the motions. The days were long and unfulfilling and with no real challenges. He retired because there was nothing left to pump his adrenaline, but now, thanks to Jack, he is ready to come back; he can't wait to get back in the thick of things. "Sounds like my Old Man," Jack says as they hug. The rest of the family arrives at that point.

Everyone wants to know what is going on and Jack tells John to go ahead and announce the good news. With champagne, he tells everyone what Jack and Ashley have done. "I knew it!" Traci shouts as she rushes and kisses her father. John says that he has questions but he will put them off until after he can make a toast. " To Jabot," he begins. "It's finally back where it belongs, in the hands of the Abbotts."

Billy asks his dad when they can return to NY. John puts him off; John says that he senses trouble between him and his mother. Billy says he has to get something to eat. John walks over to Jill and wants to talk about Billy. She says that they can talk tomorrow; she doesn't want anything to spoil the night. Jill tells Jack that she is being treated like an outsider; she isn't being given any credit for the help she gave him. He tells her to wait; it will come in due time. She reminds him that he promised her a seat on the board and greater responsibilities in the future. He tells her not to worry; he will live up to their verbal agreement. When she walks off Ashley comes up and asks what that was all about. "Don't worry, sis," Jack smiles. "I can handle our former step mommy."

Cole approaches Jill and asks her what is wrong. She says that he should know. When he is puzzled, she says that she is an outsider here; all that matters is the immediate family. "But you should know that," she adds. "You are an outsider here also."

Billy asks Traci if they are flying home tonight. He worries that his dad will want to stay in GC now that the company is his again. He says that, A: GC is dull and B.... Just then, Jill walks up and smells his drink. She hands it back to him and walks away. "I think you can guess what B is," he tells his sister. Traci is incredulous that Jill would do that to her son.

John gets everyone's attention to make a short speech. He looks over his life and says that above all else, the one important thing is family. "That's what we have here tonight," he goes on. "You have all made my life worth living and that means more than you will ever know. Most importantly, being surrounded by my family means more to me than I can ever say." Everyone hugs him, and then there is a group hug with everyone but Jill and Cole.

At the ranch, Miguel is setting out a feast fit for a king. The table is elegant, beautiful and overflowing with food. Victor and Victoria arrive and are appreciative of the festive atmosphere. Victor asks Miguel about Nikki but finds out that she still isn't home. What can she be doing? He wonders aloud. He goes on to say that he is sick and tired of wondering where she is or what she can be doing. Miguel went to a lot of trouble for them and she should be there to help him celebrate. Victoria tries to smooth things over, but Victor is too angry to let it go. He says that he has worked for months get his company back and to get rid of Jack Abbott and he would like to share this with his wife. "She should damn well be here!" he rants. Nick and Sharon arrive wanting to get the party started. He notices that Nikki is absent and asks about her. Victor mumbles his displeasure and walks away. Nick goes to Vicki and asks her what is going on.

Nikki is at The Lodge kissing Brad. As she pulls back, she thanks him for being a sweet wonderful man and for listening to her. He says that she is saying much more than that. When she cautions that they are in a public place, he invites her to his private home and promises to make her forget about everything in the world except the two of them. Nikki is tempted but she says that she can't go with him; it wouldn't be right. She tells him that some of the feelings that were buried are coming back to life but she doesn't want to rush into anything. She asks him not to push. She reluctantly tells him that she needs to leave and he says that he will let her go---for now. She tells him that he is a very exciting man as she kisses him goodbye again and leaves.

Nate shouts his accusation at both Olivia and Malcolm. "You are getting a divorce!" He turns on Malcolm and blames him. Olivia says not to blame Malcolm as he still love him. However, Nate blames both of them. He says that now things will change and he won't have a daddy any more. Malcolm tries to tell him that he will be around as much as before and they will do all kinds of things together. Olivia also tells him that she will be there with him but Nate shrugs off their hands and turns on them. "I hate you! I hate both of you." He runs into his room leaving the parents devastated.

Olivia comes out of Nate's room after going in to check on him. When Malcolm asks how he is doing, Olivia nearly bites his head off. "How do you think he is doing? You just broke that little boys heart." When he offers to go into the room and talk to her, she tells him that he has done enough to Nate. She goes on to say that because of him, the marriage is over. He stops her and says that he made some mistakes but it was she who drove him away in the first place. He says that if she would have believed him about Callie, none of this would have happened. He stops himself and says that he isn't going through this whole thing again; he is getting out of there but he wants her to tell Nate that he will be there for him. Angrily, Olivia watches Malcolm walk out the door. "All right, Malcolm," she says to the empty room. "If it is a divorce you want, you shall have it." She walks to the phone and begins to look up a number.

Marnie is talking to Megan about her new college classes when Megan tells her that she is dropping out for a semester; she needs a break. It isn't because of Tricia, she says, but she feels that she is in a rut. Tony comes up at that point and joins them. Marnie leaves for the library telling Megan to call her soon; they have to talk. Tony says that he overheard her conversation. He wants to know what is going on with that. She tells him that she wants to feel like she is part of the world. Tony points out that he knows how she feels. School lasts for at least 16 years and that is during the time that you want to be out there making your mark on the world. But what is 16 years compared to a lifetime of from 50 to 70 years? She has plenty of time to make her mark on the world. He considers college a good investment in that future to come. "You are making a mistake," he warns her. He says that he remembers not that long ago feeling the same way. Now he wishes that someone had told him what a mistake he was making. If he had it to do over, he would have stayed in school. You always mean to go back but you never do. Now his options are limited. Megan seems to be listening but she tells him that she is more interested in stopping the discussion for now and start the kissing.

Nina brings a casserole by Ryan's and asks about him and Tricia. He says that he is sad but it is harder on Tricia. She tells him not to ignore his own feelings; he is suffering a loss too. She asks if he told her about their losing a baby. He says that he has thought about telling her but Nina doesn't think it is a good idea. She says that she still thinks about it; you never get over it entirely. Tricia walks into the living room at that moment. Ryan tells her about the casserole and asks if he can serve it to her. Tricia says that she isn't hungry but the two of them can eat. Nina leaves but before she does, she tells her that she needs to eat to keep up her strength.

Ryan tries to coax Tricia into eating something but she only promises that maybe she will later. He takes her to the couch and they cuddle. He tells her how he feels and that they will get through this together. He will be there for her forever and always.

Ramona and her friend are planning a movie but Ramona isn't in to the idea. She is distracted. She finally tells about her friend about the call from Victor and his invitation to come there for a seminar with everything paid for. Her friend thinks that is great but Ramona isn't sure. Her friend wonders why she is hesitant about the trip. Again, Ramona says that there is nothing between her and Victor but friendship. She begs out of the movie, saying that she is tired and wants a rain check. After her friend leaves, she calls her boss and asks if she can be spared for a few days.

Victor and the rest of the family are eating when Victor tries to call Nikki again. Just as he dials, Nikki walks in surprised that there is a party going on. Victor tells her that he tried to call her repeatedly but she didn't answer. Where were you? She says she was in town having dinner and didn't hear the phone. Victoria breaks in and tells her mother that Dad wanted to tell her the good news; he has his company back. Looking surprised, she goes to Vic and embraces him as she congratulates him. Victor doesn't respond to her embrace.

Later, Victoria makes a toast to Victor saying how proud she is to be his daughter. Victor responds by saying he is happy it is over; it was a tough fight but one that had to be fought. Now they have won!

Malcolm returns home, depressed and dejected. Callie is waiting and tells him that she is here for him but she will give him space if he needs it. He doesn't know what he wants. He says that when he met Olivia, he thought he had found his life partner. Now everything is different. Callie reminds him that she was his life partner first. He says that he made a commitment to Olivia and her son. Now Nate's world has come crashing down around him. Callie tells him that when Nate realizes that Malcolm is still his father, he will come around. He turns on her and asks when she became a child psychologist. After he apologizes, she tells him that no matter what you do in a situation like this, you will be wrong. She says that parents stay together for years just for the children and they are miserable the entire time. Then the child grows up, finds out about it, and tells the parents, "You lied to me! I hate you!" That is how it happened with her family. All Malcolm can think about is that he let the little guy down and he doesn't think that he will ever forgive him.

Tuesday, September 21

It's breakfast time at the Abbott's and John and Ashley are alone at the table. John is all smiles as he says that he feels right at home; it is just like old times. He asks how things are going with her and Cole; he thinks that all the work she has been doing might have been hard on Cole and the marriage. Before Ashley can answer, Cole arrives at the table. He welcomes John back but refuses breakfast even when John insists, saying that it is a celebration. Cole gives Ashley a peck on the cheek and sits but still refuses even juice. Mamie comes in with her homemade muffins and offers one to Cole. He refuses at first but John talks him into accepting one. Mamie says that she is going to make Cole some of her famous eggs. She looks really put out when he turns her down, saying that he has to get to the library. He tells John that he has a lot of rewrites to do and he is suffering writer's block. He leaves and John can see the strain between him and Ashley. He questions her and she says that they are only going through a rough spot; things will work out. Jack arrives at the table and remarks that now they are a family again. After a few words with Jack, John goes into the kitchen to thank Mamie for the wonderful breakfast. After he leaves, Ashley wants to know what they are going to tell John about taking over NE. He says he will give his dad a watered down version of the truth. She asks about the 5% loan and he says he doesn't want John to know about it. As long as they make their payments on time, nothing needs to be said. They argue about it for a while until John returns. As they are leaving the table, Billy comes in the front door. When they meet, Billy's first question is John is ready to go back to New York City. John sends Jack and Ashley on to the office and has a talk with Billy. We need to talk; he then tells him how much it means to have Jabot back in the family. Because of that, he isn't going back to NYC. Billy misunderstands and tells John it is okay to hang out in GC for a while; he says that he will stay with Traci and Steve until he is ready to go home. No, son, John tells him. We are both staying. Billy becomes upset and says that he has to get out of this town; he can't stay here! John is firm; he says that he will be living here for the foreseeable future and so will Billy.

Nikki comes downstairs and tells Miguel she isn't hungry. She begins thinking about Brad and their kiss of the night before. Vicki comes in and interrupts her daydream. She tells Nikki that she is worried about what is happening; she wants to know what her mother was doing with Brad the night before. Nikki tells her that she doesn't want her interference. "You live you life and I'll live mine" Nikki says. She goes on to say that last night was wonderful night for her and she doesn't appreciate her daughter checking up on her. Vicki tries to justify going out and finding her mother and trying to get her to leave the Lodge. She berates what was a foolish move on her mother's part. She ends her rant by saying that anyone could have seen her. "What will people think?" she asks. Nikki quickly points out that Victoria never worries about what people will think about the things she does. She says that she waited at the ranch all day for Victor to call and it didn't happen. It gets lonely at the ranch, she points out. She needed some fun and someone to talk to and Brad was available. Victoria says that she is playing with fire and orders her to stop this behavior right now. Nikki tells her that she doesn't take orders from her; she is still her mother and this is still her house and her daughter will not order her about. They stare at each other for a few moments and Vicki blinks first. She reminds her mother that Victor has been busy and distracted with getting the company back but now that is accomplished, he will have more time for her, so why is she fooling around with Brad? And what will Victor say when he finds out that she is seeing Brad. Nikki wonders if she is going to tell him. Vicki says he won't hear it from her, but he is bound to hear about it. She then asks right out if Nikki has been sleeping with Brad. Nikki is shocked and says that she hasn't. Vicki can't understand why, after all the struggles to find each other again, Nikki has to give up. "Are you ready to lose Dad now?" she asks. "He loves you." Nikki says that she knows that Victor loves her. Before she can say anything else, Vicki gets a call and has to leave. On her way out, she tells Nikki to think about it.

Brad is in Victor's office and he is also remembering the kiss. Victor arrives and they begin to talk about business. Victor tells him about all the people who have been fired and will be out of the company by the end of the day. Brad remarks that people are dropping like flies. He asks about the Jabot deal and Victor tells him that it is final; Jack came up with all but 5% of the money and he floated him a loan for the rest. "YOU loaned him the money?" Brad asks. "Very interesting. Everyone wins and you keep your toe in the water. You have a plan, don't you?" Victor admits that he does by saying that the game never ends but in the end, it is who wins the most that counts. Then he asks Brad what kind of game he is playing with him. Brad isn't uncomfortable as he says that he knows that the only reason he is still CEO is because he is acting as Victor's decoy. He wonders what Jack will say when he finds out that he is on Victor's side. He wants to know when they will drop the bomb. Victor says that it will happen soon enough. Again, Brad wonders how Jack will react and Victor says that he sounds concerned. Where do you stand? He wants to know. Brad tells him that he is standing with him, of course. But what about tomorrow, Victor wonders. Brad says that tomorrow he could be climbing the Himalayas or running a bookstore; he has no long-term plans. However, if Victor thinks that he is on Jacks side, he isn't. He would never let himself get stabbed in the back by the same person twice. He then remarks that he suspects that Victor will be sending a few rain clouds Abbott's way and Victor acknowledges this. He then says that if only he could trust Bradley, they could really do things together. Test me, Brad challenges. When Brad says that he bets that Nikki is glad this is over and he can spend more time with her, Victor lets him know in plain English that he isn't interested in talking with Brad about the details of his family life. As Brad leaves the office, he remarks that they aren't enemies any longer, but allies; isn't it interesting how life takes these little turns?

When Malcolm comes down the stairs, he finds Callie waiting with breakfast. He says that he had a restless night and couldn't get Nate's voice out of his head telling him that he hated him. However, he says that he feels like he did what he had to do. He hates that Nate is going through a rough time but Callie was right last night; it would hurt him a lot more later if he stayed with Olivia living a lie. As they finish breakfast, he remembers a call that he needs to make. Going to the phone, he calls John Silva. He tells John that Olivia hasn't gotten a lawyer yet, but she is going to do that today. He says that all he wants is a quick and as amicable a divorce as possible.

About that time, Olivia is arriving at the office of a group of attorneys. Before she can go inside, she gets a call from Neil with a list of attorneys for her to consider. She tells him that she has an attorney already, one who came highly recommended. After hanging up, she turns and the listing of attorneys can be seen. Among the list of name is one Michael Baldwin.

Megan brings Tricia some tea and asks how she is today. She says that she is a little better. She says that she called their dad and told him about the baby. He was ready to jump on the first plane for home but she talked him out of it. She says that she loves her dad but she doesn't feel like she can deal with him right now. Megan feels the same way. She says that she is just too depressed and confused right now to deal with her father. She can't get rid of the feeling that this is all her fault. She says that she never should have gone off the pill. When Megan tries to stop this kind of talk, she says that she deceived her husband and that is why she lost the baby. She realizes that she went about this all wrong. The only reason she got pregnant was because she was jealous of Ryan's relationship with his son. Jealousy is the wrong reason to bring a little baby into this world. She has to set this right; she has to tell her husband right away. It will be hard but it is the right thing to do.

Olivia's appointment is with Max Weiss but the receptionist says that he has been held up at court. While she waits, Michael comes out of his office and hears the tail end of the conversation. He recognizes Olivia and goes over and introduces himself. He tells her that he has been around NE for a while; in fact, until yesterday, he was on the board. He asks if he can be of service to her and she says that she has an appointment with Max Weiss. Michael says that he is a good man. The receptionist brings him a coffee and he says goodbye and goes into his office.

Olivia paces as she waits for the attorney. She keeps looking at her watch and finally goes to the receptionist who tells her that Mr. Weiss just called and he is still being held up. Michael overhears and offers to do the preliminary paperwork, which he will give to Max later. Olivia agrees and Michael escorts her to his office. However, he comes back out and tells the receptionist, Penny Toledo, that when Max returns, he would like to talk to him about this case.

At Newman Enterprises, Ryan returns to work. He goes to Neil's office and is welcomed back. Neil asks about Tricia and says that he is sorry about what happened. He fills Ryan in on all the excitement of the past few days and says that today will be an interesting day! Nick arrives because there is to be an ad presentation. He wonders where Vicki is just as she walks into the office followed by the ad people.

The ad people begin to make their presentation and everyone seems impressed with what they have come up with. They say that they have everything covered and ready to start, even the Internet. When Neil says that they need a slogan, they already have one. They hold up a sign that says: "Be cool and classy with Brash and Sassy." This doesn't go over too well and Neil offers one. Vicki isn't too pleased with that one either and tables that for a while. The ad people show a picture of Vicki as spokesperson for the company and everyone thinks that this is super. However, Vicki isn't so sure. She thinks that it limits their target demographics. Instead of going for only the young look, they are widening their appeal to include the older population. So it is back to the drawing board for the ad people. As for her people, she says that they are not leaving this office today until they come up with a slogan and it has got to be something good!

Nikki thinks about the things that Vicki has said to her. Maybe she should give Victor another chance, she thinks. Maybe she hasn't been fair. She has just about made up her mind when the phone rings. Answering it, she finds the person from the Newman travel office at the other end asking for Victor. Nikki says that Victor isn't at home and asks if she can help her. The agent says that she was called to book a ticket for Ramona (I didn't get the last name) for Genoa City. "Are you sure it was for Ramona?" Nikki asks. She collapses into a chair near the phone and tears start down her face. The agent says that this was what Ramona said. She said that Victor told her that he would provide all the arrangements. Nikki tells her to keep trying Victor's office; he should show up there eventually. She abruptly hangs up. "Ramona! I should have known. What are you up to, Victor?"