Y&R Recaps: The week of September 13, 1999 on The Young and the Restless
Jack got Jabot back for his father. John arrived in town with Traci and Steve. Jill accused Mac of thievery. Paul returned without Katherine. Ryan and Tricia grieved the loss of their child. Nikki and Brad shared a dance and a kiss.
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Monday, September 13, 1999

The Big Buyout

Jack is at Gina's for a progress report from Ashley, but Diane shows up while he's waiting. Diane offers to help Jack, even though she's still not sure about him. Jack tells Diane their relationship was not all about revenge. Ash walks up to the table and is snotty to Diane and Diane leaves the table. Ash is snotty to Jack too about even talking to Diane. Jack lets Ash know John is AWOL. Ash does not trust Diane. Jack asks what else they have and Ash replies Jill. Jack asks about progress on selling La Desconsolada, but there has been no interest on that front yet. Ash lets Jack know she will have none of any last-minute scheme he might have up his sleeve. Jack and Ash suddenly realize Billy should know when John will return and trot out of Gina's together. Diane watches them leave and thinks to herself, I wonder if Brad knows Jack is back and he's come up short.


A vehicle pulls up and Kay asks about Brock. It seems he went on to another village where there is a lot of unrest. It's not safe for Kay to try to go there. Paul says he'll go, but Kay refuses. She'll stay and wait for Brock's return. Kay wants Paul to go back to GC and check on Mac. The relief organization lady assures Paul she will take care of Kay, so Paul leaves. Kay has more of the same flashback about Brock. She wonders if Brock will have room in his heart for a daughter, then asks God to guide Brock back to her safely.

Callie and Malcolm

Callie is on the pay phone to Trey's office. Trey is out on tour somewhere but Sam won't give Callie a number to reach. Callie tells Sam to let Trey know she needs to talk to him. When she turns around, Malcolm is standing there, but he didn't overhear what she was talking about. Mal is there to break their lunch date because he and Olivia are seeing a psychologist to find out how to break the divorce news to Nate (one specialty Olivia must have missed somehow). Mal tells Callie they will have smooth sailing from now on (famous last words!).

The Ex-wives Club

Vicki is at Crimson Lights and goes over to Nina's table to say hi. Ends up wife #2 tells wife #1 about wife #3 losing the baby. Nina mentions she and Ryan lost a baby too and Vicki sympathizes. Then Nina realizes Vicki knows all about losing a child.

Back at the hospital, Ryan gets an update from Meg. Ryan wakes Tricia up and Meg goes home to get Tricia some clothes. While there, Tony stops by because Meg left a message. Meg rambles on about it being so unfair and Tony tries to comfort her. Meanwhile, Ryan is trying to get Tricia to eat something. She says all she wants is to go home, so Ryan goes to look for the doctor, leaving Tricia alone when Vicki shows up to tell her how sorry she is to hear about Tricia losing the baby.

LP meets Nina at Crimson Lights and asks about Ryan. Nina tells Ryan junior that Ryan doesn't need to talk to him now. Phillip says oh, something didn't work out and Nina replies yes.

Vicki asks if her being there makes Tricia uncomfortable, but Tricia asks her to stay. Tricia doesn't know how she is going to get through this. Vicki lets her know it's OK to cry; she does all the time. Vicki tells Tricia that losing a child is like nothing else she'll ever go through. Wife #1 and wife #3 bond as Ryan watches through the closed door.

The Chancellor Estate

Jill mumbles to herself about that miserable little thief, then yells for Billy to let him know where she found her lighter. Billy defends Mac, but Jill is sure Mac is a thief. Billy even points out that there are a lot more valuable things Mac could have taken if she were going to steal things. Billy walks out leaving Jill with her mouth hanging open.

John calls Jill from the plane to let her know he will be back that evening. John is coming to GC to pick Billy up. John can tell something is bothering Jill, but she doesn't want to get into it on the phone. Jill tells John she isn't going to tell Billy she heard from him, it'll be a surprise.

Ash and Jack show up and the aftermath of the party is still obvious. They guess Jill didn't know. Billy tells them he doesn't know when John will be back. Jill overhears from the stairs as Jack says (about John) if I don't hear from you I may have to do something we're all going to regret.

Tuesday, September 14, 1999

At Crimson Lights, Nick tells Sharon that today is the day his father gets his company back---hopefully. He kisses her goodbye and heads out to his father's office. After Nick leaves, Mac begins complaining to Raul about how things are going at the Chancellor Estate. She tells him that Jill is blaming her for everything even though she wasn't there and didn't know about the party until she got home. Sharon overhears her and says that her family and Mrs. Chancellor have been friends for ages. If there is any way she can help, she will do it. Mac says that she can take care of herself so Sharon says that she should keep her offer in mind; if things get too sticky, she can always crash at her home. Mac thanks her for this saying that it is very nice of her. As Callie walks by, Sharon calls her over along with the rest of the employees and makes an announcement. She tells them that there are going to be quite a few changes. She says that they will still be the best coffee house in the city during the day but at night, they are going to become an all age club with bands and a D.J.

Victoria visits Malcolm and tells him that if he is still interested, he can be their photographer IF he can work with Neil. However, she wants him to be Brash and Sassy's exclusively. He tells her that Jabot was instrumental in giving him his big chance in the first place and he doesn't want to abandon them. Vicki says that if Jabot is comfortable with him working for Brash and Sassy, she will accept his working for them both. She says that she trusts him but she wants him to talk to Neil. She tells him that family is family and you don't want to lose your family. Malcolm tells her that if they are going to work together, she must realize that his personal life is his and he wants no interference.

Neil visits Olivia in her office to find out how she is feeling. She says that she is trying not to feel anything since so many people are counting on her. She tells him that she and Malcolm are going to see a psychologist about the best way to break the news to Nate. Malcolm walks in on them just as she thanks him for dropping by. After a few cold harsh words to each other, Neil leaves. Malcolm informs Olivia that he has hired a lawyer and he wants to know the name of her attorney so that they can get things going. She says that she doesn't have one yet. He tells her to hurry and get one.

Jill overhears Ashley and Jack questioning Billy about John's return. They can't understand why they haven't heard from him. Billy says that the sooner his dad gets there and gets him out of this hellhole, the better. Jill walks in and guesses that they haven't raised enough capital for the Newman deal. Grinning with embarrassment, Jack asks her if the deal is still on the table. Jill won't give them a direct answer, enjoying seeing them squirm. Jack says that it is best for her because maybe John will relocate in GC and he KNOWS how much she wants Billy to be close by. She tells him that he is really good at laying on the charm and promises, but she isn't sure that keeping Billy in GC is for the best. Ashley is shocked that she doesn't want her son near her. Jill blasts her for jumping to conclusions and then tells them how things have been going since Billy arrived. When it appears that Jill isn't going to help them but only wants to rub their nose in their misfortune, Ashley and Jack begin to leave. As the reach the door, Jill calls them back.

Brad cautions Victor about pushing Ashley too hard; he says that his source tells him that Jack hasn't raised the money to buy Jabot. Just then, Victoria and Nick arrive and let Victor know that they still want the deal to go through. They completely ignore Bradley. Victoria also tells Victor that Ryan and Tricia lost their baby and she has given him some time off to be with his wife. Bradley again says that there will be no deal but Victor is sure that things will work out his way. He asks Brad if he doesn't have something he needs to be doing. Brad says it wouldn't do for Jack to arrive and find him there; he leaves. As time passes and Jack and Ashley don't show up, Nick, Victoria and Victor begin to get nervous. Nick and Vicki want Victor to call Jack but he says that doing so is a sign of weakness. They persuade him to call and just as he is going to make the call, Jack, Ashley and Jill arrive.

Ryan visits with Tricia in the hospital while they wait for the doctor to come and officially discharge her. She tells him about Vicki's visit, saying that the most unlikely people are drawn together by tragedy. And, she says, it was a tragedy that they lost their little baby. She can't help but wonder and worry about the future; she is afraid that something is wrong with her and she will never be able to have children. Ryan tells her that she will be able to have children in the future but she asks him not to say anything to the doctor about her fears. The doctor comes in and discharges her. She tells Tricia that soon she will be able to try again to get pregnant. She assures her that nothing is wrong with her; this happens all the time. Tricia feels a little better. The doctor tells her to go home and take it easy. She warns that the next few days will be difficult because of hormones; she says that her body will be undergoing changes and emotional ups and downs until the hormones get settled down. Megan arrives with some clothes for her and she goes to change so she can get home.

After Sharon's announcement, Callie goes to the phone and calls Trey. Sam answers the phone and tells her that Trey is out of town. He offers to help her but she tells him that it is personal and important. He refuses to give her his hotel number or his cell phone number. He promises to give Trey the message the next time he talks with him. After hanging up, Sam says that Trey doesn't need her; she is poison to him. Trey calls from the inner office and asks who was on the phone. Sam tells him that it was just someone wanting to sell something.

Victor is surprised to see Jill there and throws her "protestations of loyalty" in her face. Both he and Vicki say that now they are sure now that she was with Jack all along. She tells them that she was loyal to them until they accused her of being a traitor; she says that since he and his children froze her out, she went over to the other side. Victor tells her that she can just leave now because he doesn't want backstabbing traitors in his office. She tells him to think again; she isn't leaving. Jack informs Victor that now Jill's money is also on the table. Jack presents Victor with the papers and Victor is furious to find that they are offering him five percent less than the original price. They say that they hired their own assessors and this is what the company is worth. Victor reminds Ashley, very loudly, that he told her that there would be no renegotiating. She begs him to give them just one more day so that they can reach their father but he refuses. He harshly berates Ashley for lying to him. He then sends everyone out of the office saying that this has to be settled between him and Jack alone.

Ryan and Megan arrive at the apartment with Tricia. She tries to send Ryan back to work but he won't leave her. They insist that she rest but she tells them that she can take care of herself. They insist on taking care of her so she allows Megan to make her a light snack and some tea. She goes to put some music on and sees the spare room with all the things that she and Ryan bought for the baby. As she plays the music box, she breaks down in sobs.

Wednesday, September 15, 1999

With just the two of them in Victor’s office, Jack threatens to cash in his severance package and bankrupt Newman Enterprises in the process if Victor won’t deal. Victor reminds him that they would be tied up in a court battle for years and might reveal some “skeletons” that could land Jack in jail. Jack dismisses this as “idle threats” and reminds Victor that he too has some “skeletons”! Victor has an alternative solution to Jack’s cash flow problem by offering to carry a note for the 5% balance “out of respect for John”. Jack wants to know the catch. This will be the last debt that Jack pays off, keeping Victor involved in Jabot for years to come. Jack says “no way!” and starts toward the door. Victor tells Jack that if he touches the doorknob there will be no further negotiations!

Mac tells Raul that she can handle Jill but has an offer to stay with Sharon if it gets too rough. Raul would be glad to get her out for a while if she needs it...to a movie, a walk, etc. He asks if it wouldn’t be better to return to her mother than stay in her current situation. Mac claims that even living with Jill is better than what she left and then refuses to discuss the matter any further. She suggests that they go check out the horses in the stable. When they get back to the house, Billy arrives and asks where his mother is. No one knows. Billy comments on the amount of time that Mac and Raul are spending together and after Raul leaves he tells Mac that she has a “thing” for Raul. He suggests that he and Mac try to get along, but Mac believes it won’t happen since Billy “sees life as one big party”. He tells her about his mother finding the gold lighter in her backpack. Mac figures Jill will now try to make her life even more miserable, but Mac is beginning to enjoy being a pain in the butt to Jill! Billy finds this amusing.

Sharon, Cassie, and Noah are at home, dancing to the music of one of the bands that may be performing at Crimson Lights when Nikki comes to visit. She joins in the fun and begins dancing too. When the song is over Cassie takes Noah to his room for a story and a nap. Nikki asks about the band on the tape and suggests that she and Sharon go hear them play sometime. When Sharon doesn’t answer her right away, Nikki assumes it is because Sharon thinks Nikki would be out of place at a concert. Sharon assures her that isn’t it, in fact, Nikki looks young enough to be Noah’s mother! She tells Nikki that she is wonderful with Cassie and Noah and questions why Nikki didn’t have more than two children. Nikki gushes that she would love another chance at motherhood! She then makes quick excuses and leaves in a hurry. Once outside the house she remembers her conversation with Brad about Victor’s refusal to consider another child and Brad’s eagerness to give Nikki her wish!

Diane is telling Marisa about running into Jack and how she still has feelings for him. She even thought they might be able to get back together again until Ashley arrived and spoiled everything. The doorbell rings and Marisa opens the door to find Brad standing there. She leaves Diane and him alone to talk. Diane voices her surprise as Brad’s visit since she thought that he was “busy with Nikki” these days. He laughs at this. She can’t resist telling Brad about running into Nikki at the Urologist’s office and about her theory concerning a vasectomy reversal plan Nikki has for Victor. When Brad pretends to be totally uninterested, Diane suggests that Brad “open up” to her as she can lend a very sympathetic ear. Brad’s cell phone rings...it’s Nikki, and she wants to meet him now! Brad bids a hasty goodbye to Diane and rushes out to meet Nikki at their appointed place, the Lodge. From the look on Diane’s face, she is thinking something is up!

Nina is doing her exercises when the doorbell rings. Cole just stopped by for a visit. When she asks how his new book is coming, he tells her he has had trouble wrapping it up due to the turmoil in his home life. He believes that he and Ashley may have reached a dead end in their relationship. Nina is shocked to hear this and offers to listen to his troubles, but Cole changes the subject by asking about her. She tells him about her breakup with Brett and they offer each other some good natured relationship advice. Cole believes he needs another place to do his writing. “Not the tack house!” Nina says. She advises him not to take Ashley for granted and tells him about Ryan and Trish’s loss.

Back at Crimson Lights, Vicki voices her fears to Nick that he is breaking away from the family. He tells her that he needs more than a “title” to feel real. Chad arrives and when Nick introduces him to Vicki she snubs him and doesn’t even say hello. Nick chastises her for this when Chad goes back to work and tells Vicki not to worry as Crimson Lights is only his “side project”. Vicki is still waiting alone in the booth when Cole walks in looking for her. He sits down and tells her he heard about the baby Trish lost and it got him thinking about how different his and Vicki’s life might have been if their baby, Eve, had lived. She tells him matter-of-factly that she has no time to wallow in the pain of her loss as her business is her main priority right now. Cole looks a little hurt at her lack of compassion. Her cell phone rings, it’s Victor, he wants her and Nick to come to his office immediately! She calls to Nick, says a quick “gotta go’ to Cole, and takes off.

Jill is drinking heavy now and moaning to Ashley about all her problems with Billy, Kay, Mac, Birdie, etc. Ashley points out that “getting sloshed” isn’t the answer. Jill denies being “sloshed” although Billy could drive her to it! Jill claims everyone is against her. Ashley believes this is due to the fact that Jill acts as though she is “at war” all the time. When Jill says that Billy hates her and begins to cry, Ashley begins to soften and feel some sympathy for her. The waiting has got the better of both of them and they decide to go find Jack. As they reach the front door, Jack comes home. “Well?” Ashley asks impatiently. When Jack goes off on what a jerk Victor is, Ashley and Jill assume it means the deal fell through. Jack then says “We did it Ash!, it’s over, he signed the papers, Jabot is ours!” Ashley squeals and jumps into his arms. Jack clearly looks as though he has been through quite an ordeal!

Thursday, September 16, 1999

Victor tells Victoria and Nick that the deal with Jack is final. They congratulate him and Victor comments that now that Newman Enterprises and Jabot will face each other on the open market, they will squish Jack like a bug. Victoria tries to call the Colonnade Room for a celebration party but it is booked. They decide to gather at the ranch. Victor tries to call Nikki but she isn't at home. He tries her cell phone but she doesn't answer.

At the Abbott house, Jack tells Ashley and Jill about the finalized deal. Ashley is so happy and excited. Jill congratulates them and leaves to go home. Jack and Ashley cannot believe that Jabot again belongs to the Abbott family! The phone rings and it is John. He is at the airport and plans to pick up Billy and then head back to New York. Jack insists that he come by to see him before he leaves. John says ok but it will have to be a short visit. After hanging up with John, Jack calls the Colonnade Room and finds out there has just been a cancellation and they can have the private dining room tonight. Ashley decides that Jack should tell John the news himself. They plan to get John to the Colonnade Room by himself and the rest of them will join them a little later.

Nikki meets Brad and tells him she needs to talk to him as a friend. Brad is surprised that she is not at home waiting to hear the news of the deal between Jack and Victor. She comments that she is not a part of Victors business world so why should she sit at home waiting to hear about one of his deals? Her cell phone starts to ring and Brad tells her not to answer it. Brad then asks about Nikki having a baby and she starts to cry. She tells him about Victors vasectomy and that he will not have it reversed. Brad comments that Victor is once again thinking about himself instead of about what she wants. Nikki says she shouldn't be talking to him about this. "But you are Nikki. What does that tell you?" asks Brad. She gazes at him for a moment and then asks him to dance with her. As they are slow dancing Victoria walks in and sees them.

Mac cannot believe that Jill thinks she stole her lighter. She lays into Billy about his mother and he tries to calm her down. Birdie comes in and finally settles Mac down and tells her to hang in there until Kay gets back. Later, Jill comes home and Mac overhears Billy tell Jill to lay off of her. He doesn't think Mac took the lighter. Jill starts bad mouthing Mac and Billy gives up. He comments that he will be glad to go back to New York. Jill tells him about getting Jabot back and asks him to go to dinner with her to celebrate. He says ok, but they will also make it a bon voyage dinner. As he walks out Jill get tears in her eyes.

Paul arrives at the Chancellor Estate and Mac opens the door. She is happy to see him and starts to look past him for Kay. Paul tells her that Kay has been delayed a few more days. Mac is disappointed. Paul reminds her that she promised Kay that she would not leave before she came back. Mac says as far as she is concerned the deal is off because Kay said it would only be for a few days.

Grace is in her office when Michael walks in. They discuss the possible deal going on between Victor and Jack. Michael insinuates that if the deal goes through, Grace will be out of a job. Grace says that Jack told her she would keep her job. Really? Michael asks if Jack is Graces latest conquer. Grace is livid! She tells him that he is cruel. Michael then tells her that the reason he is so mean to her is because it really got to him when he lost her. It hurt a lot, and he is trying to hurt her back. Grace wishes that things had worked out differently, but after the number he pulled on her she will never trust him again. He starts to tell he that if she could just get past the damn trial.....when Victor walks in. He is glad to see them both there. He tells them that he has regained control of Newman Enterprises and they are both out. They are to vacate the premises immediately and never step foot on them again. "You have a good day now, I certainly intend to." he says as he walks out the door.

Friday, September 17, 1999

John wants to know what is up; he knows that it is more than just a family dinner. Jack tells him that it IS more and it will blow him away. Jack tells his father how much he respects him, as a businessman, a man and a father. He was honored when John brought him into his company; he wanted to be like his father. He always hoped that he could help bring the company farther than it had been. But because he needed capital, he talked his father into going public; a mistake that he has regretted ever since because it was the reason John lost his company. He says that he has never lost sight of his one objective: to regain his father's company. It consumed him day and night and ate his guts out. He says that when he took over the NE everyone assumed that it was only for himself but he wanted Victor to know how he and John felt when they lost their company. He did it and had it! He even had a golden parachute that would have insured that he kept the company. But he went to Victor with an offer: he would give up everything, even his severance package, if Victor would return the company to the Abbott family. John says that Victor would never agree to something like that. When Jack tells him that Victor did agree, John is in tears. Jack hands him the papers and says it is a done deal; the company is his again. John is very emotional as he says he never allowed himself to even dream of this happening. He can't find the words to express how overwhelmed he is. Jack says the only words he wants to hear is that John will return and take up the reins again. He says that working right by his side is all he wants and all that Ashley wants. John says that he is a happy and proud man and the three of them are partners.

Sis wants to know what Jack is up to but Ashley won't tell her; she says that it is Jack's news to tell. Traci remembers that Jack has been working toward something important for years and guesses that she knows what it is. She asks Steve to cancel their plane reservations. Even though he says that he has to be back in New York first thing tomorrow, she convinces him that, if she is right, tonight is going to be very special. Ashley warns her that Jill and Billy will be there but won't say why; she only says that she deserves to be there.

Paul tries to convince Mac to stay and reminds her of her promise to Kay. He says that he wanted and needed to stay with Kay but she was worried about Mac; she insisted he come back, and look after her. Mac tells him how miserable she is and he guesses that Jill is at the root of it. She tells him that now Jill is accusing her of stealing. She tells him about the lighter and swears she never touched it; she didn't even know that it existed. He tells her to give Jill a few days and this will all blow over. She is afraid that Jill will call the police; she knows that Jill wants to get rid of her and knows that Jill will go to great lengths to make that happen. Paul says that since Jill got her lighter back and they have no proof that Mac stole it, the police wouldn't want to become involved in something that petty. When she says that she is still afraid and it would be better to just leave, Paul thinks that she is being paranoid. She tells him that that isn't so; she says that Jill even thinks that she is corrupting her precious little brat. He says that if she leaves now, Jill wins. She should stay and stand up for herself---at least until her grandmother gets home.

Victoria walks in just as Brad and Nikki are dancing intimately. Holding hands, they walk back to the table to place their order. When he asks to be excused for a moment, she asks if he is calling the office. He assures her that she will be all that is on his mind tonight. He leaves and Vicki arrives at the table asking what is going on. She sits down and demands an explanation. She also berates her for turning her cell phone off. Nikki is pleased that Victor got his business back but refuses to leave with Vicki when she demands she do so. Saying she is making a terrible mistake, Vicki gets up and leaves alone. Brad watches as she leaves the restaurant. When Brad asks if Vicki has news about the deal, she tells him that she doesn't want to talk about NE to him. But she does complain about her family, especially her daughter, not allowing her to have a life of her own. Brad assures her that he is there for her; he will be whatever she needs him to be. She says that was exactly the right thing to say. She leans forward and kisses him on the mouth repeatedly.

Victor is dictating orders to his secretary when Ashley arrives. As the secretary leaves, she gives him a report from the pharmaceutical company. He is surprised to see Ashley since he thought the family would be celebrating. Ashley just wanted to thank him for allowing her father to get the company back. She knows that he did it for John but he tells her that it was because of HER as well as her father. She says that even though they were clashing a lot over the past few weeks, she found it exhilarating. She would rather clash with him than peacefully co-exist with anyone else. She wishes him luck and is leaving when Victor stops her. Coming intimately close, he whispers for her to stay in touch.

Nick arrives home to find Sharon being serenaded by a young man with a guitar. She introduces Roy, who is auditioning to play at the coffeehouse. After Roy leaves, he admits that he was a little jealous. After a long kiss, Nick asks where his mother is. She says that she was there earlier and she really liked the audition tape she was watching. He asks if she told her what the tape was for and Sharon says that she wouldn't do that; but she says she was uncomfortable keeping it from her. He insists that he doesn't want his folks to know that they own the coffeehouse. She asks about NE and Jabot and he tells her that his old man is now in charge of NE again. He says that they are going up to the house and celebrate later but right now, they are going to have their own private celebration. Sharon offers to call Roy back to help them celebrate but he says that if anyone is going to sing, it will be him.

Malcolm comes home to see Nate who jumps into his arms. When Nate leaves to get the gift his mother bought for him, Mal tells Olivia that he is worried about how Nate takes the news. Olivia says that she is worried also. Malcolm says that she should have prepared him a little. He doesn't like to drop a bomb on this little boy. Olivia gets defensive and says that she didn't want to hurt him. Nate comes back and shows his dad the pocket calculator that his mom bought for him. They say that they have something to talk to him about. Olivia begins by telling him how hard it is to break a promise to someone they really care about. But sometimes a promise was a mistake. Malcolm says that when you break a promise you try to do that as easily as possible. Olivia tells him that his dad and she haven't been able to resolve their differences. He asks if they tried and Malcolm assures him that they did. He says that they really love him but he won't be living there any longer. "You're getting a divorce!" Nate accuses.

Jill and Billy arrive at the Abbott home and Jill embarrasses him by saying how handsome he is. He asks if he is getting out of here tonight but Jill puts him off. Traci comes in at that time and asks how his summer went and he tells her it was so-so. She is surprised because she loved growing up in GC. She tries to convince Jill to open up and tell them what is going to happen. She says that all she will tell them is that it is good news, really good news! Mamie arrives and Steve makes cocktails. Jill tells him to make Billy a soda and Trace asks, "What else?" Jill tells Mamie that she can't believe that she is part of the family. Mamie says that she was invited and here she will be. Ashley says that they can be on their way now.

Victor calls Ramona and congratulates her on the report she sent to the pharmaceutical company. He tells of a seminar next week and the company wants her to be there. She hesitates but he says that he will pay for her transportation as it would be beneficial for both her and the company. She will let him know later. When he hangs up, Vicki is there and questions his calling Ramona. He tells her that this is her expertise and she is the best person for the project. At what cost, Vicki wants to know. She says that this is more than business and Victor becomes angry. She tells him that Nikki is talking about having another baby. She is surprised but says it isn't so ridiculous. He says that it is ridiculous and she wants to know if this is how he reacted. He says he tried to be gentle. When she tries to convince him to rethink it, he tells her NO and tells her not to encourage her mother in her midlife fantasy.

At the lab, the tech says that the samples are coming up on their expiration date. "Contact the owners and ask what they want to do with them," her supervisor tells her.

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