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Monday July 19, 1999

Victor and Neil are in a meeting. Victor says that something about the last board meeting doesn't feel right. If that Matheson deal was Jack's baby, why did he let it go so easily? That isn't Jack's style at all. He thinks Jack is trying to pull a fast one and he wants everyone to be ready to move when he gives the word. He sends Neil to tell Jill that if she has plans to go out of town, to cancel them. Neil leaves him in his office alone to ponder his next move.

Jill is in her office gazing at a picture of Billy and crying while sipping from a glass. When Neil knocks on the door she puts the glass out of sight and wipes her eyes. Neil comes in and tells her that Victor wants to be sure that she doesn't leave town any time soon. She wonders where she would go. Neil asks her what is wrong then he asks if she has been drinking. She tells him that she hasn't and he says he smells alcohol. She asks if he has ever heard of a business lunch. He says that a drink at lunch is one thing but she had better not be drinking in the office. Jill gets indignant and tells him that she knows how to conduct business without a lecture. When Neil continues to chastise her, she walks out on him. Neil goes around and examines her desk. When he sees the glass, he picks it up and smells and makes a face.

Jack and Grace have a business luncheon at the restaurant unaware that Diane is also meeting Marissa there. Jack is impressed with the suggestions that Grace makes but when she expresses concern over where her career is going, he assures her that she has backed the right man.

On the other side of the room, Diane spots Jack and Grace. She appears jealous but tells Marissa that she is so confused about her life. She is afraid that all Jack is interested in is her vote on the Newman board. Marissa wonders if he is exacting revenge for what she did to him for marrying Victor. Just then, Diane's phone rings and it is Victor. He would like to see and talk to her.

Michael is also in the restaurant drinking. He watches Jack and Grace. When Jack leaves to make a call, he saunters over to the table and speaks to Grace. She isn't very hospitable but he tells her the good news anyway. Sharon has won the case! Or rather, he adds, Alice gave up. He begins to tease her about setting her sights up too high. He threatens to tell Jack all about her. Just at that moment, Jack returns to the table and speaks to Michael but Jack can feel the tension at the table. He asks Grace about it but she passes it off as nothing. As they sit there talking, Jack notices that Diane and Victor are sitting together across the room.

Diane is surprised that she allowed Victor to join her for lunch. He thinks that maybe she isn't so bitter any more and wants the same thing that he wants, to bury the hatchet. He tells her that he is sorry for all that she went through and he would like for them to set about becoming friends again. She sits there and stares across the table at him for a while. Then she says that she thinks that another man is trying to use her. She gets up and leaves. Alone, Victor muses over her last statement. "So, you aren't as taken in by Jack as you once was," he says to himself. "Perhaps it is time for me to put my plan into action."

Ashley and Cole are having a late morning in bed. He is surprised that she would stay home from work to lay in bed with him. They order breakfast and eat it in their bedroom. They talk about their fantasy vacations. Later, the housekeeper brings some very important papers from the office. While Cole takes a shower, Ashley goes over the papers. As she gets to the part about the new contract with the present CEOs, she realizes what Jack and Brad have done and she says that they have gone to far this time!

The judge is ready to rule and it looks like she is going to rule against Sharon and Nick getting custody of Cassie when the social worker, Ms. Holiday enters with Cassie. She tells the judge that Cassie insists on being heard. The judge calls Ms. Holiday and Chris to the bench and allows Miriam to tell her that testifying will not adversely affect. Cassie. She says that if she isn't allowed to tell her how she feels, it will hurt her more. The judge calls Cassie up to the bench and allows her to give her feelings. Cassie explains that if she has to go to Madison to live with Alice, she will do so and she will try real hard to be happy. But if she has any choice at all, she wants the judge to let her live with her mommy, Nick and Noah. The judge asks if she knew there were problems with Sharon and Nick. Cassie said that she knew it but she always knew that they loved each other. She tells her that when she lived with Millie, she knew that Millie loved her but it wasn't the same as it is now. Now when the other kids talk about their families, she can tell them about hers. The judge excuses her and says that she won't keep her waiting long. Miriam Holiday takes Cassie outside while she rules. She grants custody of Cassie to Nick and Sharon. Presently they are to be her foster parents for six months while Ms. Holiday keeps a check on them. By the end of the six months, she hopes that Sharon and Nick will have filed for adoption. Cassie comes back in just as she hears Sharon say that they won. Nick says it is time to go home and celebrate. He tells Chris to call Paul and join them but Chris says that this is a family time. She says that she is very tired and just wants to go home and rest.

Paul is worried because he hasn't heard anything from Chris. She walks in and tells him that it is over and they have won. Paul is surprised when she breaks down and cries. She says that she is completely drained. Paul looks worried about his wife.

When the Newmans arrive home, they find the house all decorated with balloons and streamers. Before leaving the courthouse, Sharon has called Lisa and told her the good news. Lisa had decorated the house with supplies that Sharon had bought weeks ago. Nick says that they are going to have ice cream and chocolate sauce. Millie is feeling tired and goes up to bed.