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Monday, July 12, 1999

In court, Christine gives her closing argument to the court. She praises Millie for coming forward and telling the harsh truth. She begs the court not to take Cassie away from the Newmans unless it thinks that would be best for Cassie. Michael also gives an impassioned plea to the court. He accepts the innocence of Millie in allowing Cassie to go and live with Sharon but he says that Grace, Nick and Sharon all knew that it was an illegal act. He wonders how the child will grow up to be a law abiding citizen if it is raised by people who have no regard for the law and feel that their money entitles them to anything they want. He uses the theme that a person can change, declaring that Alice has changed and is a better person. The judge calls a recess so that she can go over all the testimony and all the laws. However, she compliments both Christine and Michael in presenting excellent cases for their respective clients.

Alice tells Michael that he did a fantastic job for her but he isn't impressed by her. She wonders how long the recess will be and he asks her what part of "until I can go over the case" didn't she understand? She says she was only wondering whether she should go back to Madison or wait at the courthouse. He tells her to do as she wishes. He is still angry at her for leading Nick and Sharon to Millie and warns her that she had better not tell anyone that he helped her. Alice decides to stay at the local Motor Inn. Sharon is just coming out of the courtroom and overhears.

Prior to coming out of the courtroom, Sharon and Nick thank Chris for doing a good job for them. Sharon is still fuming over the fact that they couldn't use Alice's perjury against her. Millie over hears and remarks that she didn't want to get her daughter in trouble. When Sharon says that it would have cinched the case for them and can't understand why Millie testified the way she did, Millie tells her that she hopes that she never has to face the choice that she just made.

Diane is stunned that Jack has told her to pick a date for the wedding but he insists that he is sincere. He says that they can have any kind of wedding that Diane wants; they can elope, have a big splashy wedding, or an intimate family affair. All that he wants is to marry her. Diane tells him that all she ever wanted was for him to give her a calendar and tell her to pick a date. Now that it has happened, she isn't sure that she wants it any more. Jack thinks she is talking about planning the wedding but Diane says he is mistaken; she wonders if she even wants to get married now. Jack is stunned. He begs her not to give up on them. He doesn't want to rush her but he wants them to make things right again. He takes all the blame on himself and says that he has turned over a new leaf and he will be different from now on. He promises not to push about the wedding date but wants her to come home. However, Diane says that she cannot do that. When asked why, Diane tells him that his sister is still under the same roof as he. Jack leaves, discouraged.

Ashley and Olivia are together and talking over old times. Ashley tells Olivia about Mamie. She then asks Olivia if things are better between her and Malcolm. Olivia says that things are at a standstill. Ashley says that she doesn't have to leave things the way that they are now and convinces Olivia to go after Malcolm.

The real estate agent shows Malcolm and Callie a wonderful apartment. She says that it has everything that a young couple would need and calls Callie Mrs. Winters. Callie corrects her quickly enough. Malcolm wants to talk with Callie alone. He asks her several times if he should take the apartment. He mentions that he never thought he would be living in such a classy place. Callie says that she can't tell him whether to take the apartment or not; that is his decision. All she can do is tell him that it is probably just what he needs. When he keeps pushing her to tell him how she likes the apartment, she asks why he wants to know what she thinks. She is surprised when he says that the apartment is for the both of them; he is asking her to move in with him.

Ryan visits Neil at Newman Enterprises. He says that he had an interview with one of the leads Neil gave him but he passed on it. He says that Victoria has promised that he will eventually get his job back at NE. Ryan asks how the situation with his brother is going and Neil answers, "You want to know about Malcolm? The guy's got rocks in his head!" Ryan encourages Neil to talk about it. Neil says that his brother doesn't deserve a fine lady like Olivia; he doesn't even deserve Olivia. He begins ranting about all of Olivia's virtues and Ryan suggests that he has feelings for his sister-in-law. Neil says that Ryan is mistaken; he has great respect for Olivia and they have a special deep friendship. She is someone with whom he can go to with his problems and she will make him feel better. She is the one bright spot in his life. How can he refuse to help her now that she is having problems? Neil says that he can help by admitting that he is in love with his brother's wife.

Nick takes Millie back to his house and leaves her with Cassie while he goes up to the big house to see his parents. He didn't know that his mother had gone to visit her sister. He and Victor talk about the custody hearing. Victor is surprised that there is a chance that they could lose Cassie to Alice. He says that there is no justice in this world if that happens. Nick says that he is worried about his wife if they should lose. It will tear her heart right out of her chest. He says that there may not be a blood tie with Cassie but she is his daughter just as much as Noah is his son. "That is my little girl!" Victor damns Michael for being the lowest scum of a lawyer but Nick says that he may be that, but he is very good. He knows how to go for the jugular. Victor tells him to go up to the house and get Sharon, Millie and the children and come have dinner with him. When Nick calls the house, he learns that Sharon hasn't gotten home yet. He wonders where she can be.

In the motel, Alice remembers her mother's testimony, specifically the part where her mother explains that Alice doesn't know how to love. She has tears as she relives that moment in the courtroom where Millie says that it was her fault but a child shouldn't have to pay for someone else's mistakes. There is a knock on the door. When she answers, she finds Sharon there. She doesn't want to talk to Sharon but Sharon remains reasonable and says that they have to talk. Alice resists but finally Sharon says that if she loves that little girl the way she claims she will hear her out. She says that she is speaking as one mother to another mother. She says that Cassie's future happiness hangs in the balance.