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 Recaps for Y&R Recaps: The week of June 28, 1999 on The Young and the Restless
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Monday, June 28, 1999

Special Thanks to Judy Hanna for her input in today's recap.

Strange things are happening at Jabot today for it seems the employed are nowhere to be found, and the fired are hard at work. Nina finds Ryan in his Jill's office preparing papers with high hopes that Victor will regain the company and he will have his old job back soon. Nina is looking for Jill to give her Phillip's address at camp but Nina is worried about how Jill's strange behavior lately might affect Phillip. She thinks that running Katherine off has Jill "hearing ghosts" at night but Ryan tells her that her writer's imagination is getting the best of her. Talk turns personal and Ryan tells Nina that she is a great mom and she responds that she couldn't have asked for a better father for Phillip. In fact, Nina's even offers to bury the hatchet with Tricia, which Ryan thinks is a wonderful idea. He asks how things are going with Brett and Nina smiles and replies that things are great. When they return to the discussion of Ryan's employment future, Nina suggests to Ryan it might be time to move on from Jabot. After all, there's too been much bad blood, not to mention the high stress level. It can't be good for family life, Nina assesses, and wonders if Ryan and Tricia might be expecting the pitter-patter of little feet in the near future. Ryan seems appalled at the thought and Nina tells him she's not trying to get into his business, but a new child would affect Phillip deeply. She would need time to prepare Phillip for the idea and Ryan says not to worry, as Nina won't have to do that soon.

Megan and Tricia discuss whether or not she should take the pregnancy test Tricia bought. Tricia snaps that it took a great deal of courage for her to even buy the test and she doesn't need any pressure from Megan. Despite Tricia's foul behavior, Meg insists on being with her sister. Tricia thinks Ryan would be surprised at first if indeed she is pregnant but she's sure that Ryan would love the baby. Megan replies, "If there even IS a baby." Tricia finally decides to take the test. Later, Tricia and Meg are staring at the home test and neither one looks thrilled.

After Megan leaves, Tricia stares out the window. Ryan comes home and asks if he got a letter from Phillip. He's excited because he finds one waiting for him. He mentions his talk with Nina and Tricia seems agreeable to Nina's suggestion of burying the hatchet. Tricia then suggests a change in lifestyle. Ryan wonders if she's going to quit school and tells her that she needn't do that because of his job situation. When Ryan guesses that Tricia is thinking of moving into their first house, she tells him that will probably be the next step and then she drops her bombshell -- she's pregnant. Ryan is shell-shocked.

Jack enters the house and slams the work he's brought home down, clearly mad at the world. Diane comes down the stairs and speaks but Jack is less than civil. When she asks Jack about dinner, he tells her he'll fend for himself and insults her minute culinary repertoire. Diane thinks he's tense and starts to rub his shoulders but Jack stops her. When Diane says she doesn't like having her head bitten off every time she opens her mouth, Jack replies maybe she should consider keeping it shut. He immediately apologizes when Diane mentions that she's supported him in every way -- especially in the boardroom. She suggests Jack should be taking his anger out on Ashley, gets angry and stalks past Ashley who is coming downstairs. Later, from the apartment, Diane calls a mud facial-clad Marissa demanding to see her and orders her to break her impending date, even when Marissa states that she really likes this man.

After Diane leaves, Jack greets Ashley as "Lady MacBeth." Jack decides that he should never have brought Brad in as his partner, siting that it would have made more sense for Ashley to have been in on it from the beginning. Ashley is livid and tells Jack she doesn't appreciate his tactics. In fact, she's worried about Jack's reputation in the business world.

At dinner, Brad asks Nikki if she trusts him. She responds that she doesn't and it should be obvious why after the stunt he and Jack pulled. Nikki starts to leave, but Brad talks her out of it. Meanwhile, Victor and Victoria enter The Lodge. Once they are seated, Victoria makes a pitch for rehiring Ryan, but Victor doesn't know when he'll be able to do that. He promises Ryan will be rewarded for his efforts. Victor rants about Jack running "his company" and can't decide which one is worse, Jack or Brad. Victoria asks about the "mysterious woman" and Victor assures her that their paths will likely never cross again. Victoria reminds his father not to neglect her mother and Victor switches gears and decides to call Nikki but his cell phone is dead. Victoria's breath is taken when she sees Nikki and Brad across the room and she sends her father out to the payphone so she can do some damage control. Brad tries to get Nikki to admit she has feelings for him, but Nikki says it's only friendship. Brad mentions Ramona and what she was doing with Victor all alone in the desert and Nikki tells him he's being cruel. He also mentions that Nikki never had to worry about his loyalty when they were together and Nikki agrees. Victoria arrives and informs her mother that Victor is there and Nikki and Brad are able to slip away unnoticed. Victoria looks both disgusted and intrigued. When Victoria and Victor rejoin each other, Victoria asks about the press conference and Leanna Love's questions. She thinks saving his life must have created a bond, but Victor makes nothing of it. They discuss Ashley being the fly in Jack's ointment and this causes Victor to ask if Victoria still has feelings for Cole. She claims that Cole is history now and she won't make waves. Victor believes that Ashley is the weak link in the Board vote. Victoria remembers her mother and Brad and comments that Ashley may not be the only one. Diane walks in and tells Marissa that she appreciates the fact that Marissa put her plans on hold. She really needed someone to talk to tonight. Marissa looks less than enthusiastic, but before Diane can give Marissa the old "sob story," Victor shows up at their table and asks to join them.

Leanna Love and her cameraman go in the diner looking for Ramona. Leanna tells him to keep the camera out of sight because Helena threw her out when she was here the last time. They order cherry pie alamode and their wait is considerable. Finally, the object of their interest enters and Leanna declares that this is going to be her best piece of work ever.

Sharon and Nick kiss passionately and Nick asks Sharon if she's sure he's what she wants. Sharon, in return, asks Nick if this is what he wants. Nick tells Sharon he loves her so much and Sharon stuns him with a request to make love. They ascend the stairs hand in hand. Candlelight and music set the scene for their anticipated passion. Slowly and erotically, Nick and Sharon undress each other, stopping frequently to murmur, "I love yous." The two make torrid love, covering every inch of the other's body. In the afterglow, Nick tells Sharon nothing will ever tear them apart again. Sharon replies she loves him now and forever. Again, the two make love, this time more slowly and deliberately. Sharon asks Nick if he really meant it when he said forever. "More than you'll ever know," Nick assures Sharon. Nothing will ever come between them again. He would rather die than live without her. The depth of his words re-ignites Sharon's passion again and she becomes the aggressor for what seems to be yet another session of lovemaking.