Y&R Recaps: The week of June 21, 1999 on The Young and the Restless
Victor destroyed the newly hung portrait in Jack's office. Victoria tried to convince Nikki to stay away from Brad. Billy paid a surprise visit to Jill. Katherine announced that she was Mac's grandmother.
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Monday, June 21

Victoria returns to the ranch and with exuberance tells Nikki all about the board meeting. Nikki is sure that although Victor didn't regain control today, he will get his company back. Vicki is also sure of this and begs her mother not to do anything to help.

Victor is still in Jack's office ranting about how Jack is a back stabbing coward. Jack tells him that it was a straight business deal. As Victor continues to call him names, Jack tells him to get out of his office. Victor refuses to leave until he has had his say. He tells Jack that he will step on him and grind him into dust. When he is finished with Jack, there will be nothing left. As he is leaving the office, he goes to the portrait on the wall and grabs it. He brings it overhead and with all his might he crashes the portrait down over a chair, breaking the picture and the frame into several pieces. In a rage, he goes to the desk and picks up a pencil which he snaps as if it were only a toothpick. This is what he was going to do with Jack, he said, for stealing his property. Jack wonders if that is how his own father felt when Victor stole his company away from him. With only rage in his face, Victor walks out of the office.

Ashley and Brad are having dinner at Gina's. Brad wonders just whose side Ashley is on. Ashley says that she has always had a problem with how the takeover occurred. Brad lets slip that his own plans have been foiled and Ashley realizes that the woman he has been talking about is Nikki. He tries to deny it but Ashley is certain that she is right.

Malcolm walks up to Jill's office door and is about to knock when he hears pleasurable moaning coming from inside. He doesn't know what to do but finally knocks at the door. When Jill invites him in, he reluctantly enters the office only to find that Jill is getting a massage to deal with the tight knots in her back and shoulders caused by stress. Malcolm shows her some proofs and tries to escape but she has him sit and talk while the masseuse does his job. While they are talking Malcolm gets a call from Olivia who says that she is thinking about staying over for the second part of the conference. This doesn't matter at all to Malcolm.

Mary is walking on clouds as she drops by to see Paul with a pot roast and a book of baby names. She tells Paul that she doesn't want Chris to be working so hard during her pregnancy and she is counting on him to make sure that she doesn't. Paul gladly takes on that responsibility. However, back at the office, Chris has a day dream about having a baby. Sadly, she goes home and tells Paul that she isn't pregnant. Paul is disappointed but says that they will keep trying. This just wasn't the right time, he says.

Diane stops by the office and learns that Victor and Jack has had a confrontation.

At the shelter, Kay convinces Mac that she shouldn't give up on her grandmother. When Mac refuses to go back to that house, Kay convinces her to try one more time. While Mac goes to supper, Kay makes a call to the mansion to find out if Jill is around. When she learns that Jill is still at the office, she gives Esther certain orders and makes her promise to carry them out exactly as she asks.

Later, Mac walks up to the Chancellor estate and rings the bell. Esther goes to the door and smiles at Mac. Mac asks if Mrs. Chancellor is home. Mac is surprised when Esther says that she is in. She invites Mac in and tells her that Mrs. C. will be with her shortly. Looking around the room, Mac decides to leave. Just as she heads for the door, Kay comes downstairs and asks her if she is leaving already. Mac is surprised to find Kay there and asks if she slipped in behind her. Kay says that she didn't slip in; this is her home. Mac is unable to comprehend that Kay is her grandmother.

Tuesday, June 22, 1999

Victor returns to the ranch and tells Nikki about his meeting with Jack. Nikki is shocked when she hears Victor boast that he is going to destroy Jack if it is the last thing that he does. What really seems to frighten her is the calm voice in which Victor makes his threat.

Sharon meets Tony at Crimson Lights to find out how he is doing now that he is out of jail. He tells her that he is staying with Grace, and that Grace is the one who bailed him out of jail. Sharon asks him if he heard about her testimony and he says that Grace told him about it. He says that it wasn't her fault but Sharon isn't buying it. She warns him about getting close to Grace again and that she will only hurt him again in the end. He says that there isn't anything romantic going on with them. He then asks about her and Nick. She says that Nick has been great since the custody hearing started but she still isn't sure where they stand as a couple. She admits that he is still sleeping on the couch but they are acting more like friends now than a married couple. Tony advises her that they need to find out what they have left between them.

After talking about the board meeting, Victoria asks Nick how his marriage is going. Nick admits that he isn't sure where they are at. Victoria advises him to talk to Sharon and try to put the marriage back together before it is too late.

When Sharon returns home, Nick is making plans for a romantic evening. He pours wine and tells her that he wants to talk to her about something serious and important. She wants to talk to him also but when she does talk, it is about her worry over Alice and Cassie. Just as Nick begins to talk to her, the phone rings and it is Tony. Nick has to wait for her to finish her conversation before he can talk to her. When she hangs up, he pours more wine and begins again. Suddenly Sharon stops him and asks if he heard something. Nick says that he didn't but Sharon is afraid that Cassie is having another nightmare. She says that she needs to go check on her. Nick tries to tell her that he really wants to talk but he tells her to go ahead and see to Cassie.

Malcolm and Jill have left the office and are enjoying a beer at Gina's. Jill tells him that she still doesn't feel like she is at home at the estate. She says that it should change soon as she is hoping that her son can stay with her for the summer. She says that there is so much out there for them to do. Jill goes on and on about how much Neil has helped her with her son. Malcolm becomes dead quiet. When she finally notices that he isn't responding, she asks if there has been a falling out between the two of them. She says that siblings are always having little tiffs but they are still siblings. He says that this is more serious. Once again his phone rings and when he answers, it is Olivia. She asks if she is interrupting and he says that she is. She then says that she will be brief. She has decided to stay for the second part of the conference. She says that she will call and explain to Nate. He tells her not to bother; he and his son will do just fine without her. Jill questions his tone with his wife and Malcolm tells her that he and Olivia have split up but that is all that he wants to say about it.

Cole is proud of Ashley for the way she voted at the board meeting. She is surprised since she thought he would have wanted her to vote for Victor. He says that he just wants her to do what she thinks is best. After he leaves the room, Ashley settles down to do some work but Jack comes in furious with her for not backing him up at the board meeting. He says that she turned her back on him and the family just when he needed her the most. She tries to get him to understand where she was coming from but he wonders what their father will say when he finds out that she turned against them. She says she won't stand there and be accused of what she hasn't done and turns to leave. Jack grabs her arm and turns her back to him just as Cole comes back into the room. He demands that Jack take his hands off his wife. When Jack tells him that this is between him and Ashley but doesn't remove his hand, Cole knocks his had off Ashley's arm. Now Jack and Cole square off and are about to come to blows when Diane walks in to everyone shouting. She asks what is going on and they tell her that it is just a family disagreement. Ashley drags Cole away, leaving Jack and Diane alone. When Diane tries to find out what is going on, Jack turns on her and says that it is all her fault. She asks how this could be her fault and he reminds her that since she moved in here, she hasn't tried to get along with his sister and her husband. Diane fails to see how this could cause what she walked in on but also reminds him that it hasn't been easy for her either. She says that he has never once backed her up. Jack talks very harshly to Diane. He begins to rave about how he has to take everything from everyone and he is tired of it. It is time that he began dishing it all out to everyone else. He fails to notice when Diane turns and walks out of the room.

Mac demands answers from Kay. She asks one question another but before Kay can answer her she has another question. Kay finally has her be quiet long enough for her to explain that it was a long time before Mac said the name of her grandmother. There was no way to know that she was that grandmother. As to why she didn't tell her before she left, Kay says that she was in shock. She promises that she will answer all her questions tomorrow after they have had a good nights sleep. Mac admits that it has been a couple of days since she has slept. As she is getting ready to go back to the shelter, Kay tells her that she is already home. She has Esther take her up to her very own room. "This is my home?" Mac questions. Kay tells her that she is family.

Jill comes in ranting about her terrible day and night. She says that she when Malcolm took her back to the Jabot parking lot, she found that someone had let the air out of all her tires. Malcolm drove her home, she says. After Jill goes upstairs, Esther says that tonight was nothing to the surprise waiting for her in the morning.

Wednesday, June 23, 1999

Victor is sitting at his desk while a growing mob of reporters is gathering outside the door. Neil comes in, Victor thanks him for his loyalty while he was gone. Neil says no thanks needed. Jill barely makes it past the crowd and into Victor's office. He thanks her too for her loyalty and says that her and Neil's actions in the board meeting didn't go unnoticed. She tells him that they always knew that he would return, never gave up hope. Victor says it is now time to let the world know that "Victor Newman is back!" Jill opens the door and a large group of reporters, including Leanna Love, pour into the office. "What is SHE doing here?" Victor demands. He wants Neil to throw her out! Neil & Jill both convince him that this would be the wrong thing to do. They don't need to make a scene. Victor has to agree, but tells them both to keep an eye on her! The interview begins with Victor announcing that he fully intends to retake Newman Enterprises. Leanna Love asks him if he has forgotten about the obstacles in his way, namely Jack Abbott and Brad Carlton?

Nikki is staring out the window at the Ranch when Vicki walks up and asks her about the worried look on her face. She says she is thinking about the board meeting and how Victor may need some help "to move things along". Vicki hopes she isn't still thinking about her plan to get close to Brad as a way to spy on him and Jack! Vicki doesn't trust Brad and tells her mother so. Nikki says that she MUST do this to help her husband. They continue to argue the point until Nikki makes Vicki promise not to tell Victor. She agrees as long as Nikki will think about what she is planning to do first and be careful!

Paul and Chris are having breakfast at Gina's. She tests him to see if he is paying attention, as he seems distracted. They talk about their disappointment that she isn't pregnant yet as they had hoped. They will just keep trying. A messenger arrives with a package for Chris. The social workers report and a message from the judge is enclosed. She begins reading the report and tells Paul that it doesn't favor Sharon or Alice as the social worker didn't make any final conclusions as to who Cassie should live with. Chris decides not to tell Sharon and Nick about this since it won't change anything. She remarks to Paul that it is "frightening how even the race appears!"

Nick wakes up, still thinking about last night and how things need to change for him and Sharon. Sharon comes downstairs, says good morning and asks how he slept? Only so-so. She admits she didn't sleep well, too much on her mind. She tells Nick that she had the impression that Nick wanted to tell her something last night. He says he thought the same thing about her! She goes for coffee. The phone rings, Nick picks it up. It is Chris, the social worker's report is back and the judge wants to reconvene the hearing today. Nick tells Sharon about the call. Sharon remarks that at least this means no more visits for Cassie with Alice and they can all get on with their lives, "whatever that means". Nick asks her what she wants it to mean? A secure home for my daughter. Nick acts disappointed. Sharon asks him to tell her what is wrong with him? He reminds her that he loves Cassie too, and thinks of her as HIS daughter also. Sharon asks him if he plans to be in court with her today in view of all that is going on with his dad today. He assures her that he will be there. They go upstairs to dress for the hearing.

Trish and Megan are having coffee at Crimson Lights. Trish is still going on about her possible pregnancy and how Ryan has been in such a fowl mood lately, even drinking! She is "suffering" right along with him. Megan isn't very sympathetic. She thinks Trish should take a pregnancy test and if it's positive, tell Ryan! This isn't what Trish wants to hear. She accuses Megan of not giving her any support and gets up and walks out on her.

Tony goes to Grace's office. He has been job hunting with no luck. As soon as he has to answer the question "have you ever been arrested?" on the applications, the interview is over. Grace offers to loan him money to buy the tools he needs to start his own auto repair business. He thanks her for being his friend. Grace wonders is this will eventually lead to them being even more? When Tony gives her a disparaging look, she demands that he stop denying his feelings for Megan then and asks how the meeting she set up between he and Megan turned out? He tells her that he left before she showed up and that it would be best if he never saw her again.

Megan is still at Crimson Lights when her friend, Marnie, shows up. She saw Trish leaving and asked about the bad mood she seemed to be in. "Tony again?" Megan says it's not, this time. It's just that she couldn't tell Trish exactly what she wanted to hear. Marnie asks about Tony as she is anxious to hear how it all turns out. "At least you have a life!" she tells Megan. "I have to live vicariously through my friends". Megan decides against Marnie's protests that the best thing that she can do is to march over to Grace's office and just confront her regarding Tony!

Michael Baldwin is reading his copy of the social worker's report when Alice rushes in. He asks her how her latest visit with Cassie went. She tells him that she didn't think he cared! He informs her that he is in this case to WIN! He can tell from the look on her face that the visit didn't go very well. Michael tells her that from the report, the social worker believed that she was sincere and really does want to be a mother to Cassie. This is room for optimism. It proves that Alice is not the woman that Sharon portrayed her to be, that Alice has a good, kind heart. He tells her to "hang in there". Alice promises that she will be a wonderful mother!

Paul drops Chris off at the court house as Nick and Sharon arrive. Sharon asks about the report? Chris avoids telling her about it by saying that court is about to start. When the judge calls for the first witness, the social worker, a woman walks up to the stand. Neither Michael or Chris know where the original guy is at.

Trish goes back to her apartment and calls for Ryan as she walks though the door. She is surprised to find him up and dressed! He tells her about Victor's return and how it is only a matter of time till he has his old job back, a job he loves! He apologizes for his recent bad behavior towards her. He is in a hurry to get to the office to see what is going on. After he leaves, Trish pulls a home pregnancy test out of her purse.

Megan is at Newman Enterprises asking for directions to Grace's office. A secretary points out the way. As she reaches the door to Grace's office, she hears Grace and Tony talking inside. They are arguing about Megan. Grace agrees to drop the subject if Tony will tell her how he really feels about Megan. With Megan listening, he admits that he loves her and probably always will. He adds that she is the best thing that ever happened to him!

Back in Victor's office, Leanna asks about his ordeal in the desert. Victor glares at her, and gives a brief description of his plane crash and rescue. He doesn't admit that Cliff actually held him captive. Leanna presses him for details and accuses him of ducking her questions. She then asks about the woman involved, the one he hasn't mentioned. Nikki and Vicki are watching the press conference on the television at the Ranch.

Thursday, June 24, 1999

Megan stands outside Grace's office and hears Tony declare his never-dying love for her and she is happy beyond description. Inside the office Grace says that finally he has admitted his true feelings. She will help him as much as possible and promises never to bring the subject up again. She says that she has a meeting to attend and leaves the office. As she opens the door she comes face to face with a smiling Megan. "I guess you must have come to see me," Grace says. "But I'm sure you would rather see someone else. Here he is; he's all yours!" She leaves and Megan announces that she loves Tony also. She goes to him and kisses him. He tells her that what he had to say didn't mean anything; nothing had changed. She says that she will never give up on them having a future together and walks out of the office with the same dreamy look on her face.

At the press conference, Victor is ambushed by questions from Leanna Love. She wants to know about his time as "captive" in the desert. She asks him about the mystery woman who called his daughter but didn't help him to leave the desert. Victor tries to get the conference back on track and talk about Newman business but all the other reporters take up the chant and have questions about the mystery woman and his relationship with her. Victor finally calls off the press conference. Meanwhile, Victoria and Nikki are home and they are watching the press conference. Nikki is getting more and more rattled as the conference progresses. She doesn't understand why Victor is protecting this woman and admits that her mind has wandered to places she would rather not go whenever she thinks about Ramona. Vicki tries to reassure her mother but it is impossible to completely free her from doubts. After Victoria leaves and Nikki is alone she gets a call from Brad who has also been watching the press conference. He feels that now is the time when Nikki is possibly at her weakest. He asks her how she is doing and when he hears the tension in her voice, he asks her to lunch. Nikki says that with Victor back she can't but he wonders what is wrong with two old friends having lunch together. She agrees to meet him at the Lodge. Hanging up, Nikki wonders what he is up to and decides that she will soon find out as she rushes upstairs to get ready for lunch.

Grace meets with Brad and notices that he looks preoccupied. She wonders if he is worried about his position now that Mr. Newman is back. Brad assures her that they are very well entrenched. He wonders if she is having second thoughts about which side she is on. Grace tells him that she is on his and Jack's side now more than ever. He asks why and she explains that she is still on the blacklist as far as the Newman's are concerned. She tells him about testifying for Sharon and Nicholas in court and that it backfired. Instead of being grateful for her at least trying to help, Sharon still will not give her the time of day. "You did the best you could, didn't you?" Brad asks. When Grace says that she did, he tells her not to worry about it.

In court a woman named Miriam is called to the stand. Both sides of the courtroom are puzzled by her appearance in place of Ted, the social worker. When Michael rises to make an objection, the judge tells him to sit back down; she will give him an explanation to what she is sure he is objecting to. She then explains that Ted suffered a heart attack this morning and will be unavailable to testify for a long time. They are lucky that his associate understands Ted's notes enough that she can testify and interpret his thinking on the subject. She testifies that in order to be fair and start both parties off on an equal footing, certain facts had to be factored out of the equation. First, they had to assume that abandonment wasn't a regular thing as far as Alice's behavior was concerned. In talking with her, he felt that it was a one time thing and she was rehabilitated. Therefore, he proceeded from the point that she was the legal mother and deserved custody. Second, since there was such a big difference in the financial standing of the Newman's and Alice, they had to discount that fact from consideration. Therefore, even though Alice didn't have money, a job or any job skills, she was on an equal footing with the Newman's who could give Cassie everything that she would ever need. Once he had leveled the playing field, there was no way he could recommend one above the other. When Christine cross examines Miriam, she tries to find out why Alice's behavior in the past wasn't used against her. Both Miriam and the judge tell her that Alice had to be treated as if she were the natural mother and so far, the state wanted to keep children with their mothers no matter what the mother had done in the past; the future was all that mattered. They were unable to explain to Chris just how or when this rehabilitation had occurred. Next, Chris tried to bring up the support of Cassie. The judge ruled that inadmissible because the state didn't take children away from parents simply because they didn't have a job or job skills or money to support the household. When Michael questions Miriam, he has her testify that Ted had seen only good in Alice.

Chris next calls Nicholas to the stand and has him testify to his feelings for Cassie. He says that between Noah and Cassie, there is no difference in his mind and in his heart; he is their father and he loves them both. However when Michael cross examines him, he attacks not Nick's love for his children but his marriage. He wants Nick to prove to him that he has a strong marriage rather than just a sham of a marriage.

Once the press conference is over and Victor is alone with Jill and Neil, and John Silva. Victor demands answers to his questions, the first of which is the legality of the takeover. John says that Jack and Brad were very careful to do everything by the book. When Neil and Jill remind him that Jack and Brad had the support of the stockholders, Victor wants to know how they could convince the stockholders that they were doing a better job. They quote the profits to Victor but he doesn't believe that was enough. They tell him about how everyone felt that his, victor's, life was out of control with all the scandal and that he was losing his touch. Neil says that although they were on Victor's side, even he and Jill had to wonder when proof was given about his carelessness. Victor is stunned to hear that Jack claims Victor's deal with Forrester was for $200 million dollars. He corrects them, saying it was only $20 million dollars. They said that they saw the flow sheets themselves. Victor concludes that somehow they got into his computer and changed the numbers. He says that that was an illegal act and he will see them both in jail where they belong.

Jill returns to her office and is delighted to find Billy waiting for her in her office. She grabs him and hugs him tightly. She is so happy to see him. He says that John sent him; John heard that she wanted to see him so here he is. Jill gives him another hug as she babbles on about how excited she is to see him.

Nikki arrives at the Lodge dressed to kill in a little black number. At the entrance she is assailed by doubts about what she is doing there but before she can change her mind and leave, Brad sees her.

Friday, June 25, 1999

In the court room, Michael Baldwin asks Nick how stable his marriage really is. Nick admits they have had problems but they are on the mend. Michael brings up how sexual infidelity might affect the marriage and asks if it isn't true that Nick slept with Grace Turner, Sharon's best friend. Nick responds that it was one time only and not an affair. He insists it was just one horrible mistake. Michael then turns around and says that Alice also made one terrible mistake. Should she be forgiven? Christine objects, but the judge wants to continue. Michael suggests that maybe Nick and Sharon are acting like they are back together to convince the judge to give them Cassie. He suggests that this might be a worse situation than only having one parent. Nick gets upset and tells the judge that he knows how much he hurt Sharon and that it will take time for her to heal. He feels they have become closer and closer because of Cassie and there is nothing phony going on. He then tells everyone that his marriage is the most important thing in his life and how much he loves his wife. Recess is called and Nick and Sharon stare at each other and slowly leave the room. Alice tells Michael how amazing he was. He feels he has made the judge question the honesty of the Newmans. When leaving, Chris stops him. She says she can't believe she helped him get his license back. She implies that she will get the goods on Alice if he doesn't start playing fair. She leaves and he appears very worried.

Jill and Billy reunite and Jill starts making plans for the summer. He tells her to hold on, he's got plans. He is going with his buddies white water rafting. He can stay with her one week now and one week later in the summer. She is disappointed but reluctantly agrees. They start to make plans for the week. Before he leaves he tells her he is sorry if she's disappointed and says he knows all about how busy schedules can mess up plans. She looks guilty as he walks away.

Nikki meets Brad at The Lodge. After hesitating for a moment she joins him at the table. She orders sparkling mineral water and he orders the same. She suggests he might want something a little stronger. They talk about Victor being home again. She is glad he is home but she is upset that he will now have to focus on work so much. Brad brings up the press conference and the fact that Victor was with Ramona all that time. Nikki gets tears in her eyes and wonders what really happened between them. She then asks Brad how she can be sure she can trust him. He says she can't be sure unless she gives him a chance.

Victoria finds Victor at Newman Enterprises and tells him again how happy she is that he is back. The reason she dropped by is to tell him about a program that Memorial has started to help with Aids Awareness. She is making a contribution and challenges him to match it with a donation from the Newman Family. Victor is proud that she is involved with this program. The conversation goes back to Nikki and Victoria says she hopes he doesn't neglect her while trying to get the company back. Victor assures her he won't . She tries to ask about Ramona but he dodges the question. He calls home to invite Nikki to dinner but she is out so he and Victoria decide to go to eat at The Lodge.

After a good nights rest, Kay and Mackenzie meet downstairs at the Chancellor Estate. Mac thanks Kay for letting her stay there. Kay suggests they eat and then go shopping for some new clothes. Mac says she isn't ready for that, she still has to get used to the fact that she is her grandmother. She has never had a family and this is a major scenery change. The conversation switches to Jill and Mac says she just left home to get away from that kind of environment and she doesn't want to get in the middle of this one. Kay begs her to stay. Mac says they should both go back to the shelter, but Kay says she is not a runner, she is a fighter. She shouldn't let Jill run her out.

Nick and Sharon arrive at home and talk about what happened in court. She says that she kept waiting for the "knife in the gut" feeling but it never came. She tells Nick not to let it get to him. She was affected by what he said in court, and he says he wasn't just talking to the judge. She says she was surprised to find he felt that way about her and he is shocked. Neither can believe the other didn't know how they felt. She gets some wine and they talk about all the time they have wasted. They embrace and share a passionate kiss.

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