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Mac left the shelter for good. The attorney who had handled Cassie's original adoption testified that she believed Alice was a horrible mother. Grace testified that she had found Cassie living alone with Millie. Victor and Ramona got help at a clinic.
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Monday, May 31, 1999

At Gina's, Marissa has efficiently gathered all Diane's paperwork and they talk as she waits for Jack, who is late for their lunch date. She and Jack plan to go look at potential properties this afternoon. Jack's first priority seems to be work but Diane's is planning their home. She feels like Jack has no time for her and Marissa reminds her that Jack loves her very much. Diane knows this but wishes they had more time together.

Dressed in casual clothes, Brad finds Jack at work in his office putting the finishing touches on their restructuring plan. Doesn't Jack know this is a holiday, asks Brad? Brad tells him he should be relaxing but Jack reminds him that the Newmans think that Victor is alive and well and may be returning to them at any moment. Jack doesn't understand why Victor is delaying his return and wonders if it's part of some plot. The two are interrupted by Diane's phone call. She tells Jack that she could kick herself for even allowing him to go into the office today and is disappointed when Jack has to postpone their afternoon plans and he warns that work might go into the night. When he hangs up, Brad questions the sincerity of his plans to marry Diane and tells Jack that if he didn't need her vote, Jack would never even consider it. Jack tells Brad to mind his own business. Brad doesn't know how Jack feels about Diane, Jack retorts. Brad tells him he's only going on instinct and right now, Brad's instinct tells him that Jack's not too hot on the idea of marriage.

Seeing how disappointed Diane is, Marissa encourages her to go to Jack's office. After all, Diane's much more persuasive in person. Diane says she's taking matters into her own hands and calls Gina over to their table. Later, Diane bursts into Jack's office with a large bag of food expecting to find him hard at work but the office is empty. She wonders why he didn't call if he finished up early or was it that he just didn't want her to know?

Jill calls Nina and gets the answering machine. It's obvious that she's miserable and finds herself mooning over Phillip's picture. She remembers their short-lived marriage and the great love she had for him. Clearly, Katherine was able to move on and find that kind of love again with Rex because they were so happy. Jill sits on the sofa and sobs as she holds Phillip's picture to her chest. She remembers when Katherine offered her lodging when she'd moved out of Keith's home. After this flashback, she harbors bitter and vindictive feelings toward Katherine. Her pity party is cut short by a visit from Jack, who brings news that Billy's summer plans have fallen through. He hints that he might be able to influence John where Billy is concerned -- perhaps allowing Jill to spend some time with her son. Jill is ecstatic but wonders if Jack is yanking her chain. Jack promises that nothing is impossible -- if you want it badly enough. Jill wonders what he means and Jack says he'll talk in depth with her later.

Paul waits for a lunch date with Lynne at Gina's. He's tried unsuccessfully to reach Mary and when Lynne arrives, he finds that she's not talked to his mother either. He's worried about her and all the memories this day might evoke in her. Their lunch is interrupted by a call from Carl who tells Paul that he still thinks of Mary from time to time and worries about her. He assures Paul that even though it didn't turn out as Paul had hoped it would, his time in Genoa City was meaningful. Paul asks about Ruth and Carl tells him that they are both fine. At the close of the conversation he reminds Paul that should Paul or Mary should need him, all they have to do is call. This clearly bothers Paul and he sighs, "Should we ever need you."

Mary is visiting the gravestone she had erected with Carl's name on it when he was declared legally dead. She reminisces over the memories she has of Carl but knows the man she calls "Carl Williams" is dead to her. No matter what, she will always love him. Charlie speaks to Mary and she learns that he's visiting Barbara's grave to leave some violets, her favorite flowers. With love in his eyes, he wraps his coat around Mary's shoulders as she cries at the empty graveside.

Rafael orders an iced cappuccino at Crimson Lights and spots Nina alone. When he approaches her asking for the time, she laughs and tells him that his pick up line isn't the most original one she's ever heard. She tells him that he's not from around Genoa City and he jokes that he's originally from Atlanta. They also find out that they both know Cole and Rafael seems a bit disappointed that Nina is neither an ex-wife nor an ex-lover. Nina is intrigued when she finds out how Rafael came to Genoa City and that he's staying at the Newman ranch courtesy of Victoria. When Rafael hears the music from the jukebox, he manages to get Nina out on the dance floor as the other customers watch. Brett and Phillip arrive from soccer practice and tell Nina that they have to be back for the game in forty minutes. Brett's possessiveness of Nina is shown in his body language when he envelops Nina in his arms and holds her tight while they continue to converse with Rafael. Rafael wonders if this is her husband but Nina tells him that Brett is her special friend. Nina introduces Rafael and Phillip asks him if he likes soccer. Rafael informs Phillip that in Spain they call it football. Phillip invites him to the game and Rafael accepts. Immediately, Rafael offers to decline if four is a crowd and Brett tells him that he loves it when they have fans at the game. Rafael offers to buy lunch for everyone and Brett quickly accepts the offer, stating that Rafael must be "rolling in pesetas." Rafael is only slightly amused.

Tuesday, June 1, 1999

Directed by Kathryn Foster

Megan and Tony talk. He tells her that he's decided to stay with Grace because he has no money to pay rent. His old apartment has already been rented out. He makes it clear to her that they are no longer a couple, telling Megan to cut her losses and move on. Megan leaves the apartment and falls apart outside the doorway. Later, she is at Tricia and Ryan's apartment crying when Ryan comes in. She tells him what happened and he comforts her by holding her in his arms.

After Meg leaves, Tony tells Grace he feels like a jerk. Grace subtly comes on to Tony, saying that he's not had the best of luck in love and that she understands. Tony angrily tells her that just because he turned himself inside out for her and got nowhere doesn't mean that he's a loser. He shares that sending Megan on her way will probably make Tricia happy and Grace tells him not to worry about Tricia. She offers her unconditional support, saying that she's truly missed him and wishes that they could be friends again.

Callie and Malcolm meet at Crimson Lights and she tries to drag what's bothering Malcolm out of him but she's not successful. Neil appears and asks Malcolm about Nate. Malcolm is short-tempered and asks if Neil's heard from Olivia. Neil is confused by Malcolm's reaction to him and Malcolm leaves before things get out of hand. Neil begs Callie to tell him why Malcolm is acting so hostile toward him but Callie can't help.

The Newmans are winding down a Memorial Day pool party at the ranch. Sharon, Nick, and Doris discuss the custody hearing, which is coming up tomorrow, and Nick suggests that everyone put on their best faces for Cassie. Nick and Nikki talk about the woman's voice who called with information on Victor and Nick admits that he's heard the woman's voice before but cannot place it. Nikki feels better since the call but doesn't understand why Victor isn't home already. Doris and Sharon talk about Sharon and Nick's relationship. Sharon relays what happened the night before Nick left for New Mexico and says she must have misread Nick's signals but that she wanted Nick to make a move toward her. Unbeknownst to them Nick and Nikki have almost precisely the same conversation. Doris and Nikki even discuss their children's relationship and Doris wishes that they would both do a little bending. Later, Nick lustily drinks in Sharon's essence as she lounges by the pool with a cool drink in her red bikini. As the party ends, Cassie becomes tearful, stating that it might be the last time they are all together as a family since the court hearing is tomorrow. Everyone assures her that the judge is going to grant Sharon and Nick custody but Cassie is fearful that she will have to live with Alice and begs them to please remember her should that happen. Sharon gathers Cassie in her arms as Nikki and Doris tearfully watch the scene.

Mac is almost ready to leave the shelter. When Kay tells her that she could have all the advantages in the world since Mac's grandmother is apparently wealthy, Mac becomes angry. She didn't come to Genoa City to "get on the gravy train." She didn't even know her grandmother had money until she saw the Chancellor Mansion. She shares with Katherine the fantasy she's had about meeting her grandmother and how her grandmother would come to love and accept her. Now that dream is gone since her grandmother has disappeared and is probably drinking again. Just as Mac is about to leave, Ed (one of the shelter directors) gives her $10 and suggests that she wait and tell "Kay" goodbye. Mac isn't big on good-byes and feels it's better this way. She tells Ed that she would have liked for her grandmother to be like "Kay." When Katherine returns and finds Mac gone, she's upset. Ed tells Katherine what Mac said about wishing that her grandmother being the kind of person "Kay" is. Tearfully, Katherine prays that God will allow her to see her granddaughter again.

After Chet plunges to his death, Victor and Ramona crawl to safety and Victor holds Ramona, telling her that everything will be all right. When she calms down, she talks about the dreams and plans Chet had that will never be fulfilled. She doesn't understand why it had to be like this. Victor holds her in his arms as she sobs uncontrollably. Later, she thanks Victor for saving her life. Victor says that he hasn't saved her yet -- they have a long way to go. Ramona tells Victor that she will show him the way and they walk down into the canyon arm in arm.

Wednesday, June 2, 1999

Today's recap was provided by Lorie Ehmer.

Jack goes to visit Ashley at the lab. They discuss Jack's plan to return Jabot back to their father and how Jack needs her support to pull this off. Brad doesn't know that this is what Jack has in mind. Ashley wants to tell Cole, but Jack tells her to wait till he has one more person's support. The phone rings, its Jill, she is in Jack's office waiting for him. He leaves to meet with her.

Grace and Tony are in her apartment talking about how much Grace wants to be friends again when Michael Baldwin knocks on the door and yells "I know you are in there Grace", "let me in." Tony hides in the bedroom. Michael comes in and he and Grace discuss the hearing tomorrow. He reminds Grace that they can't predict the outcome of this hearing, especially since the new judge tends to side with the adoptive mother in such cases. Grace warns Michael that he better lose! He kisses her then leaves, telling her "see you in court tomorrow." Tony returns to the room and asks Grace why she is fooling around with "the enemy." She tells him that she would do anything for Cassie's sake.

Meanwhile, Megan is at Crimson Lights drowning her sorrows in a cola when her friend, Marnie (Tara Lipinski) shows up and asks how she is, "don't ask", Megan says. They discuss Tony dumping Meg. Marnie tells her she will get over Tony in time. Megan doubts it.

Neil and Callie are also at Crimson Lights still talking about Malcolm and Olivia. Callie tells Neil that Malcolm must expect Neil to side with him, not play both sides. Neil says he loves his brother. Callie tells him "that makes two of us." Neil wants her to go to Malcolm and try to find out why he is so mad at Neil.

Nick walks into the living room at the ranch house as Nikki is looking at a picture of her and Victor. Nick wants to borrow some milk and honey to give Cassie to help her sleep. When she goes to the kitchen for the milk, Nick starts thinking back about the conversation with Ramona in the diner in New Mexico. He realizes she may be the one who called Vicki. Nick calls the police department to hear the tape again. Nick tells Nikki that he is sure the woman on the phone and in the diner are the same. Nikki asks him to tell her what this woman was like.

Jack and Jill discuss how he will help her get to spend more time with Billy this summer if she will help him. Jill realizes that Jack intends to return Jabot to John. They recall when Victor stole Jabot from John. Jack has always blamed himself for letting it happen and will stop at nothing to get it back. Jill says if John lets her have Billy for the summer she will help Jack. "If you scratch my back, I'll scratch yours", she says.

Malcolm has tucked Nate into bed and starts thinking back to when he went to Neil's apartment and found Olivia sleeping in Neil's bed. Callie shows up and says she is worried about him. She begs him to tell her about his problems. Malcolm refuses to tell her about it.

Brad comes to the lab and he and Ashley chat. She wants to forget about the takeover and be friends again. She asks Brad if he has a new girlfriend. He admits that there may be someone. She asks if the mystery woman is married? Then asks if it is Diana. Brad tells her "no way!" He says this relationship is a longshot and he can't tell her more.

Michael Baldwin is at Gina's. He orders a double whiskey as Jack walks up. They chat about the hearing, and Ryan's firing. Michael asks about Grace's position at Newman Enterprises and if she could be in line for a promotion. He recommends this to Jack and asks him not to tell Grace that he had a hand in it. Jack agrees to promote Grace and tells Michael that he will owe him a favor for this. After Michael leaves, Jack is finishing his drink and thinks about how he will have Jabot back before Victor can come back and stop him.

After Nick leaves the ranch, Nikki is still thinking about Victor when the phone rings. Nikki grabs the phone to answer it and shouts into it "Victor, is that you?" It's Brad on the other end and he hangs up without saying anything.

Callie is still trying to get Malcolm to open up. She tells him that she wants to be more than just friends. She then kisses him passionately and leaves.

Thursday, June 3, 1999

Today's recap was submitted by Jill Stanton.

JACK IS ANXIOUSLY awaiting Grace's arrival in his office. He is perturbed she is late but when she does arrive, Grace apologizes, telling him that she is late for court; she was preparing with Chris for the trial for Cassie. She asks if it bothers him that she is helping the Newmans and Jack says that he is glad that she is helping them. Jack says it was just yesterday that Grace was standing in an empty office about to quit. Grace gives Jack credit for changing her mind about staying with the company. Jack then tells Grace he is about to take her up on her offer to do anything to help.

Nick is speaking with the search team that now has help from Victoria, who they admit is a natural detective. Nick says that if the team can find the very attractive Spanish woman, that he believes she can lead them to his father. Nikki is coming down the stairs and overhears Nick. She asks him why he thinks the woman made an anonymous phone call and what she was up to. Nick admits he wishes he knew. Sharon and Cassie enter the room and prepare to leave for court. Cassie wants Sharon to stay with her, but Sharon explains that she and Nick have to be in court. Cassie begs Nick again not to let the judge take her away from them. Nikki asks for a hug from Cassie, who is spending the day with her, and Cassie is trembling. Nikki tells her its ok to be scared. Cassie admits that she is scared and runs to Sharon again telling her how much she loves her. Nick assures Cassie that things will be just fine as Miguel comes in to tell Cassie that there's a big surprise for her, a pool party with three of her friends. He tells her that she can help him with a very important project in the kitchen. Nick and Sharon leave the ranch for court.

Back in Jacks office, Jack tells Grace he is building a new company that he feels she could be a major player in. Grace is anxious to leave for the trial, but Jack says go if you want, but you need to grab the "brass ring" while you can. Grace waits to hear what Jack has to offer, and he tells her he is promoting her to Director of Research and Product Development of the Consumer Division. Grace can't believe it, and tells Jack she has no idea how she will repay him and Brad. Jack says that Brad doesn't know anything about the promotion yet. Grace says she owes Jack so much and that she won't let him down, to which Jack replies to himself, "I know you won't."

In the courtroom, Alice comes in and sits by Michael. She has a lot of anger for Chris, but Michael warns her to keep her emotions under wraps for the sake of appearances with the judge. Alice promises to try to remain under control. Sharon and Nick arrive, questioning Chris about whether or not she's received the report from the social worker. She tells them that she hasn't.

At Gina's, Nikki is waiting on the cake for Cassie's pool party, telling Gina she hopes it cheers Cassie up. Brad comes in and asks to join Nikki, who says he can suit himself since she is leaving soon anyway. Brad asks her what is bothering her and they banter back and forth about the take-over, etc. She admits she is also worried about the trial. Brad digs for more information and asks if it could be that she is worried about the young, beautiful Spanish woman being part of the reason Victor is not home yet, given Victor's past track record. Nikki admits that it's crossed her mind, but she's sure that that is not the case.

Court is called to order, with the judge stating she is familiar with the case, and is ready to proceed without opening remarks. Michael asks the judge to allow him to put on a witness out of turn. He calls Ms. Ann Koerner, attorney-at-law, a witness that is, also, a witness for the Newman's. The judge agrees, as does Chris, and Ms. Koerner is sworn in. Michael asks if Ms. K. knew the attorney who handled the adoption proceedings when Cassie was adopted; she replies she did. Later, she took over his practice upon his death. Michael asks if she knew Alice, to which Ms. K. indicated that she did and that Alice was Raymond Becker's girlfriend. "You didn't like her much, did you?" Michael asks. "In fact, you extremely disliked her, didn't you?"

At Gina's, Diane meets her assistant and tells her that it took her all day yesterday to locate Jack. She says that she was tired of feeling like their relationship is unimportant. Diane says that sometimes she feels that she is planning a wedding but doesn't know if the groom is going to show up. She says that she is going to change things right now, once and for all.

In the courtroom, testimony continues with Ms. K stating upon questioning by Michael that she didn't believe that there was anything inappropriate about the adoption proceedings. However, she says that after Alice and Becker broke up, she went to check the background of the procedure and the documents, which were on microfiche, and found them missing. At this point she is Michael's witness to avoid attempts, says Michael, of the Newman's trying to show that the adoption wasn't legal. Chris then questions Ms. K. about her impressions of Alice at the time. Ms. K. states that she had serious reservations concerning the well-being of any child in Alice's care. Alice seemed to be immature and needy and instead of trying to further herself with school or full-time work, she just wanted a child to love her and to fill her own neediness. It seemed to her, that Alice was totally unaware of what it would take to raise and care for a child, and that Alice was not up to the everyday task. Michael loses it and starts to verbally attack Ms. K., screaming at her about her ability to know what Alice was capable of. The judge admonishes him, and calls for a recess.

Diane arrives at Jack's office to again be rebuffed by him and his claims of being too busy to spend time with her. Diane tells him she is tired of not being a top priority and demands they go right then to look for sites for their new home. Jack tells her that regaining the company for his father is the most important thing on his mind right now. Diane asks if that is more important than their relationship. She tells him she can't think of anything else until she feels number one, and wonders aloud what else she doesn't know.

Michael receives a call from Jack informing him that Jack followed through on giving Grace a promotion, without letting on that it was Michael's idea. Michael is pleased and Jack reminds him that he (Michael) owes him one. Chris, Nick and Sharon are uneasy about Grace's testimony; it will be so crucial to the case. Sharon is upset because Grace is late but at that moment Grace arrives and court resumes to find Grace being sworn in.

Friday, June 4, 1999

Grace testifies that trying to find Cassie was just an idea that she acted on because Sharon had just given birth to a premature Noah whom was expected to die. All she wanted to do was share the well being of Sharon's first child, whom she'd given up for adoption several years earlier, and possibly ease the guilt associated with the adoption and the pain of her second child's death. Judge Brainard asks if Grace had given any thought to how it would make the adoptive parents feel and Grace hesitates but honestly answers that she had not. This seems to displease the judge. Michael objects to any information that Grace uses in hearsay statements made by a non-present Millie Johnson. The judge says that she will hear statements Millie made to Grace to establish Millie's state of mind -- not to establish that Alice abandoned Baby Doe. Grace goes on to say that she found Baby Doe well fed but with no playmates. She also tells the judge that she's having trouble referring to Cassie as "Baby Doe" and the judge instructs the court reporter to substitute Baby Doe for any references made to Cassie's identity. Grace tells the court that Millie loved Cassie but she was sick, and Michael again objects to Grace's use of hearsay. Grace quickly adds that Millie told her about her state of ill health and gave Grace permission to take Cassie back to her birth mother. Michael objects again and Grace wonders if he's accusing her of kidnapping and complains that words are being put in her mouth. The judge is not sympathetic and tells Grace that this is normal for court. After several more objections, Michael and Chris come to verbal fisticuffs in front of everyone. The judge informs Michael that if he remained silent during the rest of the plaintiff's direct examination it will be sufficient for her. After Chris finishes with Grace, the judge suggests a recess and Michael asks that the recess be foregone as to not interrupt the energy of testimony. The judge is curt with Michael, telling him that if he wants to maintain energy, he should take a brisk walk during the recess Judge Brainard despite Michael's objection. Thoroughly dressed down, Michael leaves the courtroom during recess.

Outside, Grace jumps on Michael and tells him that she was afraid he was going to object to the dress she was wearing but he explains that this judge is smart and he must maintain the appearance of seeking his client's best interest. He further informs her that it's going to get even worse, which does not thrill Grace. She insists that Cassie's best interest is to remain with Sharon and Nick. Michael assures Grace he's on her side but Grace says that doesn't matter. Either he's on Cassie's side or he's not.

Inside, Chris tells Nick and Sharon that she got all the information they needed from Grace. Sharon asks why Chris didn't ask about how Cassie adjusted to her and the kind of home that she and Nick have provided for Cassie at the ranch. She reminds them that she didn't want to give Michael anything that would open up the pitfalls where Grace is concerned. Nick is positive that Michael is going to go for those pitfalls and Chris tells him that she'll have a chance to smooth things over in redirect.

After the recess, Michael informs Judge Brainard that he has been personally associated with Grace and has given her legal advice on occasion. Chris explodes and demands to know why this wasn't brought to light until now. The judge is also curious of Michael's motives but tells everyone that in the absence of a jury, she will keep an eye on the situation. When he begins his cross examination, Michael twists Grace's words and picks apart her statements about Alice not being present in Cassie's life when she visited the Johnson house in Madison. Did she check Millie's phone records to be sure there were no long distance calls from Alice? Did she look in any closets to see if Alice's clothes were gone? Grace has to admit that she didn't do either of those things and Michael concludes that Grace taking Cassie from Millie and Sharon's subsequent defacto "adoption" of Cassie are the result of good intentions gone bad.

At the search headquarters in New Mexico, Victoria enters and speaks with Cory Mullins. She says that she's spent a rather fruitless day working the area. The terrain is rough, agrees Mullins, stating that Mother Nature often gets exactly what she wants out there. Victoria becomes concerned and asks if he thinks that her father is dead. Mr. Mullins assures that those who have a greater will to survive have a better chance. Victoria points to the map, stating that she had been in sector G-3 today and wonders if she should move over to sector G-4 or move down to sector H-3. Mullins tells her that Nick called and made a connection with the voice on the tape and thinks the owner of the diner knows whose voice is on the tape. At the diner, Mullins approaches Helena, the owner, and tells her that he runs the Newman Rescue Operation. He plays the tape and Victoria watches as Helena tries not to react when she hears Ramona's voice. After Helena denies knowing either of the voices, she asks if "they" had done anything wrong. When Mullins questions her term usage, she tells him not to play tricks with her. Mullins leaves but Victoria stays and talks with Helena, who immediately mentions that Victoria is one of the voices on the phone. "You're not as dumb as you pretend to be," states Victoria. Helena reacts nervously.

Out of coffee in the tack house, Rafael comes to the mainhouse and is welcomed by Miguel. Miguel tells Rafael that Cassie is having a party to distract the events of the day, which Rafael acknowledges having talked to Victoria. Cassie and three of her friends burst into the house but Cassie seems subdued. Rafael introduces himself to Cassie and tells her that he's a "real" artist and he'd like to sketch her because she's such a pretty girl. She hesitates, but when Rafael offers to sketch all her friends as well, the girls get excited and she agrees. Rafael tells them that there is better light by the pool so everyone heads outside.

At Gina's, Nikki tells Brad that she should have known better than to share anything with him because he went straight for the jugular where Victor is concerned. Brad quickly recants his speculation that Victor and this mystery woman are perhaps involved. Gina brings the cake that Nikki ordered bordered with beautiful flowers in bright colors inscribed, "Love You Cassie!" Brad asks about the occasion of the cake but Nikki ignores him. Instead, she leaves and as she's searching for her car keys Nikki tells herself how stupid she was to confide in Brad that she revealed too much. Then she thinks better of it and wonders if she really has said too much. Her eyes widen as she considers the ultimate possibilities. When she finds that her car won't start, she walks back into Gina's and sits down with Brad again. Gina offers to take care of calling the auto club for Nikki. Brad offers to take her home and Nikki accepts.

Victor stumbles into the clinic and the receptionist immediately recognizes Ramona. Victor tells her that Ramona has been poisoned and need immediate help. After Ramona is in a room, the doctor enters and tells Victor that Ramona should be fine but they are checking for kidney and liver damage. The doctor won't release Victor until he's had some liquids and electrolytes, telling Victor that the fastest way is through an IV. Victor allows the doctor to treat him and the nurse inserts the I.V. while he sits vigil over Ramona. When Ramona rouses, she thanks him for getting her to the clinic and he tells her that she showed him the way. When Victor comments on what a wonderful facility the clinic is, Ramona begins to cry because it was Chet that helped her build it. Victor comments that Chet is the kind of person who is either too good or too evil for this world. Ramona says that Victor must be impatient to get back to his family but Victor is concerned about the timing of his return to Genoa City. Victor assures her that she must never blame herself for what happened to Chet. When Ramona mentions that she met Nicholas when she was in town while Victor was being held at the compound, she apologizes because she was too scared of Chet to tell Victor. This information touches Victor and he knows that his family must be so worried. The doctor overhears Ramona call him "Victor" and asks if he is Victor Newman, explaining that there are hundred of people searching for him. Victor begs him not to call the information hotline and the doctor reluctantly agrees.

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