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Katherine was shocked to realize that Mac was her granddaughter. Megan caught Tony getting out of Grace's shower. Chet set Victor free and hunted him like an animal for sport. Chet fell off a cliff to his death.
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Monday, May 24, 1999

#6633, Directed by David Shaughnessy

CHRIS finds PAUL making lunch plans with a client and Paul invites her to come along but she declines. She discusses her visit with Tony and expresses her concern about his testimony given Tony's current state of mind. Paul agrees that Michael Baldwin would have a field day with him on cross-examination. She surprises Paul when she tells him that she gave Nick the "green light" to ask Grace to testify. Even though Grace has a great deal of animosity toward the Newmans, she loves Cassie and wants what is best for her. Paul tells Chris that he believes Michael was involved in Millie's move. Chris mentions that she still is keeping tabs on Michael for the bar and thinks she should pay Michael a visit to remind him that his future as an attorney lies in her hands. Perhaps after a little talk with him Millie will miraculously appear, Chris ponders. When Chris does visit MICHAEL, she walks in unannounced which Michael finds rude and out of character for Chris. She tells Michael about Al's arrest for extortion and how they had an address that was a sure thing. Then she subtly accuses him of having Millie moved. Michael tells her that this case is pro bono work and that he knows nothing about Millie's whereabouts. Is the reason Chris is harassing him because she's scared? Chris scoffs and tells him they both know where Cassie belongs -- Alice abandoned her. Michael quickly tells Chris that the abandonment has not been proven and he believes in his client. Chris counters by reminding Michael that if he has done anything ethically questionable and she finds that he's crossed the line, his law license is history.

At Paul's office, LYNNE states that Chris is one gutsy lady in her approach to this custody case. Paul says he intends to work on Alice and thinks he's figured out a way to get Alice to open up about where Millie is located.

NICK continues to tell GRACE about Michael and his aggressive moves in the custody battle and how Michael would do anything to win. Grace's initial anger dissipates and she graciously agrees to testify for them. As she leaves Nick's office, she passes NIKKI, who looks upon her with disdain before she enters and closes the door behind her. Grace is in shock. She can't believe that Michael has been lying to her all along. While pouring herself a glass of tea at home, Grace remembers the moment in Michael's office when she asked him if he required her to have sex with him in order to get him to help Cassie. Michael assured her that he truly cares for her. When she calls Michael to invite him over, he tells her that he's too busy. Grace insists, telling him that she'll fix him dinner. After all, he has to eat. Michael agrees, thinking that he's finally gotten through to Grace.

Nikki wonders why Grace was in Nick's office but Nick tells her that it was necessary -- they need Grace's testimony. Nikki doesn't understand. What happened to Tony? Nick tells her that it's a long story and he'll get into it later. Nikki changes the subject by telling him that Victoria has decided to go to New Mexico and also explains the truth about Ryan. Nick is disappointed that Jack and Brad have ousted their spy but mostly he feels bad for how he treated Ryan. Nikki tells him that his father will be home soon -- she's sure of it. Nick states that they must remain positive. Nikki leaves to "take care of something" and Nick calls MR. MULLINS. He asks to hear the recording of the woman who called from New Mexico with information about his father. As he listens, he realizes that the voice is familiar. Where has he heard it before?

NEIL shows up at MALCOLM'S studio and Malcolm immediately orders him out. Unwittingly, Neil makes the situation worse when he says that they need to talk and admits that he may have crossed the line with Olivia. Malcolm thinks he's referring to the two of them sleeping together, not knowing that Neil means he was caught in the middle of the two of them and tried to be a confidante to both. It nearly comes to blows when NATE and JULIA interrupt. Nate is excited that he and Malcolm will be staying together for the week. He wants to go for pizza and invites Neil to come as well. Malcolm quickly tells Nate that Neil has other plans. Nate is oblivious to the tension between his father and uncle and tells his dad, "I'm starvin' like Marvin!" Everyone laughs and Malcolm assures him they will have a great time.

CALLIE stops by to ask GINA for her old job back and tells her that she knows that Gina has divided loyalties. Before they can talk further, Gina is called to the kitchen on an emergency. When she's gone, Callie turns around and finds OLIVIA staring at her. She approaches Olivia and tells her that she is a fool. Malcolm loves Olivia and she's just going to let him go. Olivia reminds Callie that although she and Malcolm are separated, they are still married and Callie's interference is unwelcome then she storms out of the restaurant. Gina has overheard the last portion of this conversation and is extremely angry with Callie for not telling her that Olivia and Malcolm were separated. Callie tells Gina that she can forget that Callie asked for her job. However, she's convinced more than ever that Genoa City is the place she needs to be. No one cares for Malcolm like she does -- not even Olivia. Gina is quite put off by Callie's attitude.

Coming out of the shed, VICTOR is intercepted by CHET who tells him he found his homemade wire cutters. Chet thinks it was quite ingenious and taunts Victor. Angry, Victor approaches Chet and tells him that he can kill him but don't toy with him. Victor asks about Ramona, concerned for her safety, but Chet tells him that he can't come between him and Ramona. She's the one thing that Chet cares about in this world and he would never hurt her. Victor asks again exactly why Chet won't let him go and Chet finally shares what he's been working on -- a computer virus the likes of which has never been seen. Chet plans to release it and shut down banks and corporations like NE so that the world can return to the basics. The world as Victor knows it is going to come to a screeching halt. Victor warns that Chet would be endangering the work he so desperately wants to complete with his plant hybrids, but it's clear that Chet has psychologically passed the point of no return. Once he's alone, Victor recalls the poignant conversation he and Nikki shared once they were remarried when she was shot. Nikki tells him that he saved her life. A tearful Victor wonders if he'll ever see his bride again. Ramona comes to see him and Victor warns her that Chet is volatile. Ramona refuses to talk with him about Chet, but when Victor tells her about Nikki and how they were reunited, Ramona visibly softens and gives Victor the gate code: 663442. She gives Victor a kiss on each cheek and says, "God bless you." Victor heads toward the opening to the compound. Inside, Chet is working on the computer. Ramona approaches him and tries to distract him by sexually arousing him. Just as Chet is ready to take Ramona to bed, he sees the monitor and notices that Victor is at the gate. He guesses that Ramona has given him the code that opens the gate and he grabs her by both arms and shakes her, asking why she would do this to him. Ramona's eyes widen with fear at Chet's unleashed, uncontrolled anger.

Tuesday, May 25, 1999

Ashley comes downstairs and thanks Mamie for taking care of her sick husband. Mamie seems unhappy and Ashley reminds her that she can be a good listener. Mamie talks about how her family is going to pot. The two marriages that she thought would make it are coming apart. She mentions that she spoke to Drucilla just the other day and she seemed happy, but Olivia is in a bad way. Cole joins them and thanks Mamie for her chicken soup, saying that it did the trick. Mamie leaves and the Cole and Ashley argue about how she handled the problem with Raphael. She says that she has apologized enough for not telling him but it wasn' t a matter of not trusting him; she says that it had to do with her father and had nothing to do with the two of them. Cole will not accept any of it; he wants to know if she would do it again if she had it to do all over. Ashley truthfully says that she doesn't know what she would do, but she reminds him that she had a life before Cole just as he did. She says that his life with Vicki has caused more problems for them than hers with Raphael.

Mac says that she is going to her grandmothers home one more time before she leaves town. Kay asks if she wants her to go with her and Mac asks if she has ever ridden on a bus before. Kay says it will be her adventure of the day. However, Mac says she would rather go alone. Just then, Birdie stumbles in and Mac says disgustedly that she is drunk again and will never get her daughter back. She doesn't believe she deserves her daughter. Kay tells her that alcohol is an addiction, that it is more than just stopping the drinking but Mac says that she has no patience with Birdie or any drunk. Saying that she has better things to do than worry about a stupid old drunk, and saying it so that Birdie can hear her, Mac leaves. Later, Kay warns Birdie that if Ellen finds her drinking again, she will have to leave the center. Birdie tells Kay to mind her own business. She drops her bottle and Ellen sees and hears. She tells Birdie that she has been warned and now she has to leave. You give me no choice! Ellen says.

Chris stops by Paul's office and Lynn tells her that Paul had an idea to shake up Alice Johnson. Chris hopes it works because without Millie, she doesn't know what will happen to Cassie. She tells Lynn that Michael is only interested in the competition between the two of them, not what it will do to a human being. The phone rings and it is Legal Aid with some disappointing news. She leaves right away.

Paul goes to Madison to see Alice. When she finally lets him in, he tells her that she has been under surveillance for a long time. He tells her that they know about Millie and the fact that she had her moved. Alice is not easily bluffed and orders Paul to leave. Paul starts for the door but stops almost there. He then tells her that with the note that they found, they can get a judge to order her to produce Millie. He says that one way or the other, Millie will testify. If they have to get a court order, it will be really bad for her. He lists off all the crimes she could be charged with by holding her mother prisoner and keeping her from testifying. He walks out leaving Alice looking worried.

Nikki calls Brad's office and learns that he has gone to lunch at Gina' s. When the secretary offers to give her his cell phone number, Nikki declines. Instead, she goes to Gina's for lunch herself. She asks for a table that will put her in the Brad's view.

At the other table, Brad is quick to let Jack know that he was right about Ryan. He says that Ryan was working as a mole, a spy, in the organization for Victoria. Jack is happy to learn that Brad fired him. Now they have to be careful; it is obvious that they can't trust anyone. Jack wants to get more people in that they can trust. His first suggestion is Grace Turner! She hasn't much experience but she is bright and beautiful. Just then, Diane comes in and interrupts the conversation. Brad excuses himself and Diane sits with Jack. On his way to the bar, Brad sees Nikki.

Diane is all fired up about a piece of property she has found for building their house. She is disappointed when Jack doesn't show much enthusiasm. Jack tells her that he is up to his hips in work but he assures her that he is excited about her plans.

Brad sits at the bar for a while then joins Nikki. He says that things weren't left well the last time they talked. He wants to assure her that he wants Victor to return safely. Nikki invites him to have lunch with her. From the other table, Diane sees Brad and Nikki. When Jack sees her staring, he turns around and sees them himself.

Jill is having dinner at her home with Stan. As they dine, he wonders why she was questioning him the other day about Kay. Jill hints that Kay is playing a mind game with her by disappearing and causing her to worry about her. But she says that she isn't worried at all and she thinks the best revenge is to live well---which she intends to do! Stan toasts Jill saying that he hopes to get to know her better. As they chitchat across the table, the doorbell rings. Esther is surprised to find Mac there again. She wants to know how Katherine is and Mac asks if she is still away. Jill tells Mac to leave but Mac says that if she has to leave, she will talk to the cops. Jill tells her to go ahead; they filed a missing person's report weeks ago. Jill says that she only hopes the old bag isn't on the sauce again. Mac adamantly shouts that Mrs. Chancellor isn't a drunk. Jill only laughs.

Paul finally tracks Chris down at legal aide and brings her up to date on Alice. Chris tells him that she has some bad news. The judge that was handling the case has taken ill and a new judge has been assigned, a female who is known to favor the rights of adoptive parents. "Our job just got a whole lot tougher," she says.

Michael arrives at Grace's apartment and compliments her on the wonderful aroma of food cooking. Grace pours his favorite wine and sits beside him while smiling seductively. Michael says that she is giving him mixed signals and asks what she wants, a business relationship or something different? Grace begins to ask questions about the custody case but Michael tells her that it is confidential. When Michael kisses her, she responds then pulls back. Michael again accuses her of giving mixed signals again. As he begins to leave, Grace pulls him back and kisses him with passion. As he responds the two of them melt together onto the couch.

Wednesday, May 26, 1999

Grace and Michael are going hot and heavy on the sofa bed when suddenly the phone rings. It is Chris who wants Grace to come right over to Legal Aid. Grace tells her that she can't do it now, she is in the middle of something. She says that it will have to be tomorrow early. When she hangs up, she and Michael take up where they left off and he spends the rest of the night with her.

After Nikki leaves Gina's, Jack joins Brad and tells him to stay away from Nikki. Brad says that he is handling things just fine but Jack tells him that Nikki is a one-man woman and that man ain't Brad. He warns that he is just walking into the lion's den.

Ashley and Cole continue to fight about Raphael but Ashley says that she won't apologize or explain any more. They then fight about Jack. Ashley tells Cole that she has talked to Jack and now she has come to his way of thinking. When she says that, Cole says that she is letting Jack manipulate her. Ashley retaliates by saying that she has a mind of her own. She asks if Cole doesn't trust her. Cole answers that he trusts her but he sure as hell doesn't trust Jack. Ashley announces that she has had enough; she is going to the office.

Before Ellen can throw Birdie out of the home, Kay steps in and says that it is her bottle. Although Ellen doesn't believe Kay, she gives her the same warning she gave to Birdie---this is your last chance. When she walks away, Birdie thanks Kay but Kay tells her that she doesn't want her thanks. She asks if Birdie knows what an enabler is and says that she doesn't intend to be her enabler. As she turns away, she relives the time when she signed away her home to Phillip as well as the divorce papers.

Stan hears the commotion at the door and comes to investigate. He hears Jill tell Mac that Kay is a drunk who is probably out boozing it up. He pulls her away and Mac asks Esther if what Jill said about Mrs. Chancellor is true. Esther doesn't want to admit it but she has no choice. She says that Mrs. C. was a drunk many years ago but for years she has been sober. However, she admits that Jill could be right and she has fallen off the wagon. Stan tells Jill that he has to leave and she says that it is early yet. He makes some excuse but before he leaves, he tells her that she was handling that young girl too brutally. Also he says that when he saw Kay recently, there was no sign that she had been drinking. When he leaves, Kay pours herself another drink and "thanks" Katherine once again for ruining her life. Here she is all alone in the home she has always wanted, she says to herself, but in a way that you know that she means the opposite. "Congratulations, Jill. You've won," she says as she downs the martini.

Shirley interrupts Jill's "pity party" to tell her that she is leaving. She says that her agent has lined up some auditions for her in Chicago and since she is no longer needed here, she needs to take care of her career. She announces that she will be leaving tonight!

Mac returns to the shelter and tells Kay that she has tried and failed once again to find her grandmother at home. She lets it slip that her grandmother, Katherine Chancellor, is no better than what she left behind. Katherine is shocked to hear herself named as Mac's grandmother.

Thursday, May 27, 1999

Nick and Sharon have breakfast together and talk about their situation. She tells him that she thinks that Cassie let something slip to make Ted suspicious of their marital situation. The two of them agree that they haven't been doing a very good job of acting. They decide that it is time that they try to work something out. She says that she loves him and really wants to get past his indiscretion. He also wants them to work on it also. He takes her hand and they are about to kiss when the phone rings. It is Grace calling to let Nick know that she kept her part of the bargain. When she hears Grace's voice on the phone, the spell is broken as far as Sharon is concerned. She hands the phone to Nick and walks away. When Nick is short with her on the phone, Grace is offended thinking that he should appreciate her more.

Michael is remembering the hot night that he had with Grace and thinks that he doesn't want to give that up. He decides that it is time to get someone else to take over the case so that he won't lose Grace. Just then, Alice comes into his office. She is beside herself with anger at the Newmans and wants this thing to be over. Michael says that there has been a delay; there is a change in judges so the case will not start as soon as they planned. Alice can't wait any longer. Michael begins to tell her that it will give another lawyer time to go over her case. Alice panics that he is going to walk out on her just as everyone in her life has done. When she lets slip that Paul Williams visited her and threatening her with prison, Michael changes his mind and says he will stay on the case. He will not allow Paul and Christine to strong-arm his clients. He also tells her that the replacement judge is a pro adoptive parent judge.

Jill is suffering a terrific hangover at Gina's. Gina asks what she wants and she says she needs a bit of the hair of the dog but it is too early. Gina agrees and says she will bring her some coffee and aspirin. Jack sees her there and joins her. As they are talking, he realizes that she is trying to fill her house and her life with people because she is so lonely. He suggests that instead of using one-night stands, she should fill the house with family. She tells him that she tried with Phillip and Nina but that was shot down in a hurry. He suggests Billy spend the summer with her. She says it would be the most wonderful thing in the world but John would never agree to it. Also, she wouldn't want to put Phillip in the middle of the two of them fighting over him again. Jack hints that he could help her if she would help her.

Using masking tape, Chet has tied Victor to a chair. Victor tells him to end this now since he is going to kill him anyway. Chet doesn't say whether he is or isn't going to kill him but toys him like a cat with a mouse. Ramona bursts in and is surprised to see Victor tied to the chair. She demands to know what is going on. Victor says that Chet is going to kill him. Chet only laughs at him. Chet and Ramona leave the shed and go back to his place. Later, he is working on the computer when Ramona begins to snuggle up to him. She makes him some special tea but as he begins to drink it, he gets suspicious. He forces her to drink it herself. When he gets to the shed he finds Victor just about to leave. He pulls his gun and makes Victor sit down again. He then asks Victor if he is a hunter. He has a deal for him.

Mac is still talking with Katherine about her grandmother being an alcoholic and Kay tries to explain to her about alcoholism being an addiction. But Mac doesn't want to hear it. He rants on about the crazy people at her grandmother's house. She says that that mean woman, Jill, is as mean as a junkyard dog and she thinks that her grandmother is out boozing it up somewhere. She couldn't believe that her grandmother was a drunk so she asked the crazy maid, Esther, if it was so and she couldn't deny it. She would like to see that Jill floating down the Ganges on a funereal pyre. "The river in India?" asks Kay. Mac says that her mother says that the Ganges is the source of life and death. She says that that is where she met her father. Both of them were there doing good and helping the poor. Her mother got bored and went back to America. Once she got home she realized that she wasn't flying home alone; she was pregnant with Mac! She goes on to say that her dad was a great guy but as far as her mother was concerned, it was out of sight, out of mind. She never got in touch with him again, not even to tell him about the baby. But one thing she does know is that his name is Brock!

Friday, May 28, 1999

Feeling the effects of the herbal tea that was meant for Chet, Ramona slowly awakens and realizes that she must destroy the computer program Chet will unleash. Sitting in front of his computer, she finds she must enter a password to get to the program files. She first tries "RAMONA," which is incorrect and then "VIRUS," which is also incorrect. Stopping for a moment to clear her head, she types in "Y2K" and the files open up to her. The first thing she does is delete the "New Day" virus files. She then closes down the power source in the compound and leaves Chet's house to locate Chet and Victor.

Megan finds Tricia paying bills, which Tricia complains about, stating that it only reminds her of Ryan's situation. Megan wants to talk about Tony and how she might get him out of jail but Tricia is livid. She tells Megan there are more important things to be worried about. Tricia states that Megan has to forget about Tony and wishes she could figure out a way to erase him from Megan's mind. Megan apologizes for bringing the topic up since she knows that Tricia dislikes the topic. Tricia snaps that it's evident that Megan doesn't care about her feelings because she continues to talk about Tony. Ryan, disgusted with his day of job-hunting, enters their apartment in a fowl mood. At first Tricia snaps at him but immediately apologizes. Megan approaches Ryan about possibly getting Tony out of jail and Tricia begins to rant about Megan's timing. However, Ryan disagrees with Tricia and tells Megan he'll think about helping Tony. Megan has a thought about who else might be of assistance and tells the two of them that she thinks she knows someone who can help Tony. After Megan leaves, Tricia and Ryan argue. Tricia tries to comfort Ryan but he blames her for putting him in the unemployment line in the first place. Tricia tells him that he shouldn't have schemed with his ex-wife and he wouldn't be in this situation which causes Ryan to storm out of the apartment. Tricia blames herself for Ryan's outburst and suddenly picks up the calendar, calculating the days. "Oh no," she sighs. "Not now." Could it be that Tricia finally has her wish at exactly the wrong time?

Katherine and Mac continue discussing her biological father, Brock. Brock and Amanda, Mac's mother, met as missionaries in India. They worked together with the indigent people but it proved to be more than "Mandy" could handle. She returned to the United States and eight months later, she gave birth to Mac. Mac's real father knows nothing of her existence. Her mother married Mac's stepfather because Mandy thought he could take care of them. Mac found a letter in her mother's dresser drawer that was written by Brock. She offers to let Katherine read it and she does so, aloud. Katherine pores over the words her son wrote Mac's mother -- words of his love for her and his wish that should Mandy change her mind, she could reach him by contacting his mother, Katherine Chancellor in Genoa City, Wisconsin. He instructed Mandy to tell his mother that she needed to talk to "The Duchess." Tears roll down Katherine's cheeks and Mac tells her that despite what her mother said about it being over between her and Brock, she thinks that her mother loved him more than she let on. Still in shock after Mac leaves the room, Katherine ponders over the fact that this beautiful young woman is her granddaughter. She tells herself that she needs time to become "worthy" for Mac. Mac came to Genoa City looking for a great woman and as far as Katherine is concerned, Mac deserves the very best.

Mac is packing with fervor when Birdie asks what's going on. Mac informs Birdie that she knows that there's nothing for her in Genoa City and she might as well accept it and go on with her life. In fact, just as soon as she can get packed, she's leaving this town for good.

Grace visits Tony in the visitor's area and Tony thanks her for coming. He tells her that he's changed his mind about remaining in jail and is willing to allow Grace to help him. He asks about the custody hearing and tells Grace that he really respects her for testifying on Cassie's behalf despite the bad blood between Grace and the Newmans. He's sure that Nick and Sharon feel the same way. Grace smirks and reminds Tony that Nick and Sharon NEED her and their feelings for her have nothing to do with respect. Tony shares with Grace that he and Megan are all wrong for each other. Grace says that sooner or later he's going to have to tell Megan that.

Later at Grace's apartment, Megan arrives and tells Grace that she's come to ask for her help in bailing Tony out. Grace finds this amusing and before much discussion can occur, a shirtless Tony, still wet from the shower, emerges from the bedroom area. Megan's expression is one of extreme hurt and she is speechless at the sight of Tony.

Chet waves a sharp knife in front of Victor, telling him that they are going to play a "game" in which he is the hunter and Victor is the hunted. He cuts through the tape and tells Victor that if he wins, Chet will allow him to go free. If Victor loses, then Chet will have an unusual trophy for his wall and pantomimes cutting Victor's head off. Once free, Victor quickly leaves the shed and this obvious madman behind, limping away as fast as he can. Chet laughs as he watches Victor go and says, "You've finally met your match, Victor."

Victor is scaling the canyon top when he finds Ramona collapsed between some brush and rocks. He picks her up and carries her fireman-style for some distance. He comes to a resting spot and lays Ramona down so he can peruse the area. Chet has been following them from a distance and approaches Ramona to see how she is. Victor returns and tells Chet to leave her alone. Chet stands and instructs Victor to back off, pulling his pistol and informing Victor that it's time to get rid of him. Victor tells Chet he knows that Chet will kill him and inches closer to him -- close enough to kick the pistol from his hand and a scuffle ensues. Chet picks up a large rock and pounds Victor's injured leg, jumps on Victor, and then they roll around over the canyon rocks. Wrongly estimating the distance to the edge, Chet tumbles over the side of the canyon wall but is saved when Victor catches his hand. Ramona inches her way beside Victor as he lies on his stomach clinging to Chet and urges Chet to hang on. Chet is enraged and tells Ramona that this is all her fault. "See what you've caused?" Chet yells. "Are you happy Victor? You win!" Victor tells Chet to hang on but Chet purposely loosens his grip and Victor cannot hold onto Chet. Chet plunges soundlessly to the bottom of the canyon as Ramona cries out for him.

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